The Indecent Proposal Ch. 03


The next day, Kim came to work and everything was fine. We were professional, but clearly friends. I don’t think anyone would realize that there were side benefits to our friendship, but we knew. I guess it’s just that we are both mature enough to keep our hands to ourselves when we need to.

I had a lunch with some clients, and I didn’t get back to the office until about 3. Everything went great at the meeting, and I got the news that we were going to be getting a huge new contract.

When I walked into the office, I asked Kim to join me for a quick meeting. She followed me in with her notepad. She was beautiful, as usual. She had on a cream linen skirt that fell to her knees, and a pink linen jacket that was buttoned to the top. No blouse underneath, probably. Also hose and short-heeled cream pumps. It looked like Annie had already been at work.

“Kim, I need help. I just had a meeting with a new client, and we agreed to a deal. It’s a nice deal, probably $20 million, so that was time well-spent.”

“Wow! Congratulations!”

“Thank you. However, we need to go to New York next week for a couple of days to sign the contracts. I need you to get tickets for the two of us, and rooms at the Peninsula for 2 nights. We’ll leave Monday night and return Wednesday morning. If you look in Mandy’s notes, you’ll find the details for New York, the people to call, etc.”

“We? You and me?”

“Yes, it’s time for you to get immersed in the work. This is a perfect opportunity.”

“Ok, John, I’ll get right on it.”

“Thanks, Kim. I appreciate it.”

She started for the door, but then stopped and turned back to me. “John, I think we probably need to work late tomorrow night, don’t we? To get ready for the trip, you know.” She smiled, a sneaky little smile that told me that she had other ideas.

“You know, Kim, we do need to go over some paperwork and contracts. Tomorrow evening would be perfect timing. Thank you so much for thinking of that.” I gave her a similar conspiratorial smile, just thinking about what kind of trouble that we could get into together. “But I don’t really like working in the office too late. It’s bad to get into that habit. Would you mind meeting me at my other place?”

“Your other place? You mean at home?”

“No, I keep a place in town that I stay at when I need to get away. It’s quiet and private, and we can certainly get some good work in.”

“Sounds perfect. What time should I meet you there?”

“Let’s say 6:00. I’ll bring dinner so that we won’t be hungry.”

“Wonderful. I can probably only work until 9, if that’s ok. I do need to spend some time with my family, especially if I’m going to be gone a couple of nights next week.”

“I think we can squeeze everything in by that time, don’t you?”

She suddenly grew serious. “John, were you thinking that I would get one room or two in New York? I don’t want to assume either way.”

“Well, they have a nice suite with separate bedrooms but an adjoining entertaining room. I thought that would be fine, if you do. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. If you want a separate room on a separate floor, that would be fine. Your choice.”

“I’ll check on the suite. Have you, um, had similar arrangements with your former assistants?”

I laughed. “Well, we have gotten that suite before, and it is convenient, but it has always been totally platonic. It’s just nice to not have to wait in the lobby for each other every morning, that’s all.

“And by the way, I told Jenny that I hired you, and she was really happy about it. She loved the idea that I was helping your family, and she also likes the fact that I didn’t hire a leggy young thing. We will have to do dinner with our spouses sometime.”

“Wow, that’s wonderful. I don’t like keeping secrets, so it’s nice to know that she approves. Although something tells me that she probably wouldn’t like the entire package.”

“Yeah, probably not. Probably better left unsaid.”

“Tom is also very happy that I’m here, and is fine with you and I working together. I think he is just glad to have the pressure off.”

With that, she turned and left the office and I went back to getting my emails done.

Chapter 2

Thursday was a normal work day for us. Nothing romantic at all. In fact, I barely saw Kim because she was gone with Annie for a few hours, getting together some clothes for the trip. I had told her that she should probably take some work clothes and maybe a “semi-formal” dresses, so she thought that she should work with Annie. I agreed. Besides, I was buried under a pile of contracts, trying to make sure that I understood what I was signing next week.

Around 4, she called and said, “Do you mind if I just meet you a little early instead of coming in to the office? It seems silly to drive to the office and then drive back to the apartment. I’ll grab some chicken if you like.”

“Sounds great. I can get away from here soon, so I’ll just meet you over there. Avcılar Escort Chicken sounds great.”

I had given her a key to the place already, and she was there when I arrived. She greeted me at the door, but it wasn’t the outfit that I was expecting. She was wearing a purple nightgown and robe that came up to about the middle of her thigh. The robe was tied tight, but I could see that her tits were moving around a lot as she moved.

“I’m so glad you could come early. I have been waiting for this all day!” She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth. More than a sisterly kiss, but not a full-blown, suck my tongue down your throat kiss either. I was still holding my briefcase in my hand, so I couldn’t really hug her, but she held me close anyway.

Her body felt good next to mine, and she was in the mood for some love. I’m always in the mood for Kim, so this was going to be a fun evening.

She finally let go of me long enough for me to put my stuff down, and I left everything on the counter. My hands now free, I pulled her back to me for a long, tender embrace. We kissed, gently at first, and then more passionately. My hands we all over her, and her hands were on me.

She said, “Would you like to go take a shower and get comfortable? I can put a plate of food together for you while you are getting ready.”

That sounded wonderful, so I went and took a quick shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist and came back out to the kitchen. Kim looked at me like she had seen a ghost.

Surprised at her reaction, I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, really. It’s just that I have never seen a man in a towel, undressed like that. It surprised me.”

“Wait, what? You’ve never seen your husband in a towel or undressed? Are you serious?”

“No, never. He’s very modest and would never come out of the bathroom unless he was fully dressed. He’s never seen me either. You’ve seen more of me than he ever has.”

I was so shocked that I almost dropped my towel. “How do you, um, make love if you’re never naked together? Don’t you have to be naked?”

She handed me my plate and we sat at the counter to eat. “Well, I only wear a long nightgown to bed, and I always, ALWAYS wear a bra. He has never seen my breasts at all. That’s just not done.

“When we make love, the lights are off and we can’t really see each other. After we have prayed the pre-intercourse prayers, I just lay on my back and, when he’s ready, I pull up my nightgown and pull off my panties, and then he lays on top of me. He just, you know, wiggles it around until it goes in. I usually put some lube inside me so that it’s easier for him. I’ve never done it before without lube, at least not until you and I, um, met.”

She looked embarrassed, and I didn’t want her to feel more uncomfortable. I put my hand on hers and held it. “Kim, I’m so sorry that you haven’t had the chance to really have a full sexual relationship with Tom. It can be so much better than that. With me, you have the right to try almost anything that you want to try. The only boundaries are that I won’t hurt you, and we both have to agree to try it. If I ask you to do something and it makes you uncomfortable, we won’t do it. The same is true for me. I do have some limits, but I’m guessing that you won’t hit them. But Kim, I do really care for you and want you to have the freedom to try anything you want. You don’t ever have to be embarrassed about this. I want you to enjoy me as fully as you can.”

She was clearly embarrassed but finally said, “John, you are more than I ever could have hoped for. I don’t even know what to try. I’m really, really happy with what we have done, and I can’t imagine what else we would do.”

Finished with the food, we gathered the dishes and I put them in the sink for later. I washed my hands quickly to get rid of the chicken. She looked at me and winked, “But I really did like it when we used our mouths on each other. That was fun. I could do that again anytime.” She blushed.

I laughed. “I’m always willing!”

She moved to the sink and washed her hands, and I moved behind her. While she washed her hands, I let my towel drop and pulled her tight against me. My hands moved to her tits, and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was having trouble concentrating, and I didn’t help because I was kissing her neck and her ear. Her body melted into me, and her ass involuntarily moved against my cock. I humped my cock against her robe and nightgown, and my cock found the cleft of her ass. My left hand found her left tit and I fondled it gently, feeling the nipple harden under my palm. My right hand moved to her hips, and I pulled her tighter to me and kept thrusting my cock against her ass. I could feel that she was wearing panties, but they weren’t keeping my cock from sliding against her.

Her breathing was getting ragged and her hips started humping against my ass. I slid my right hand Beylikdüzü Escort up to the belt of her robe and untied it. My left hand moved inside the gown, back to her tit. The fullness of her tit felt so good in my hand, and I felt its weight through the nightgown.

She had both hands on the edge of the sink, and I reached to her shoulders and pulled her robe off, and we both moved so that it would fall to the floor.

Her nightgown was a slinky little thing, with spaghetti straps on the shoulders that were barely able to keep her tits covered. Still kissing her neck and shoulders, I could see her tits moving gently as I kept pushing my cock into her ass. She was really moaning, and I could feel the need to fuck her right here, right now. My left hand went back to her tits, but I reached inside the gown and felt the hot flesh in my palm. She let out a little gasp as my thumb found her nipple, and I kept playing with it, rolling my thumb over it again and again.

My right hand moved under her gown and I pulled on her panties. They didn’t want to come down so easily, so she took her hands from the sink and pulled them down for me. She wiggled her legs and hips so they fell, and then she put her hands back on the sink and let me go back to work.

She breathed, “John, please don’t make me wait. Take me now, please. Let me feel your hardness inside me. It’s been too long. Hurry, John, please.”

I flipped her gown up a little and moved my cock down, and it slid between her legs. The head slid through her slit as I humped her from behind, grinding against her clit with the entire length. I wasn’t inside her, but I was sliding the entire length of my cock against her pussy, and her wetness was covering me.

She spread her legs a little and her head fell forward as I moved my hands down to hold her hips. Long, slow strokes against her pussy, her juices dripping all over me, and her moans growing. “Oh God, John, hurry. Put it inside me, please. I want to feel you inside me. I can’t wait any more. Fuck me John, please fuck me.”

I slid my cock back, and on the stroke forward I changed the angle a little bit so that the head went up instead of forward. I slid inside, fully and easily with one long slow stroke. She gasped, and her hands moved back to my thighs, like she was trying to keep me from leaving her pussy.

“Oh fuck John, that feels so fucking good. Oh baby it’s been too long. Oh yes, oh yes.”

Her hips moved back and forth, meeting my thrusts. Becoming more urgent, she was close to the edge of bliss, and I wanted to take her there. I moved my right hand from her hip to her clit, and my left hand back to her tit. I started rubbing her clit and tweaking her nipple, adding to the pleasure from my cock.

The combination did the trick, and she exploded. “Oh God, Oh Jesus, Ohfuckohfuckohfuck.” I could feel her pussy spasming with her orgasm, and it felt like waves of spasms up and down my cock. I was close to cumming myself, but I didn’t want to just yet. I shoved hard against her pussy and my cockhead pushed against her cervix. I held it inside her while her orgasm subsided, and I just moved my hips forward and back while keeping the length inside her all the way. That made my balls slam against her clit as well, and the effect on me was stunning.

She finally came down from her high, and I pulled out and turned her around. She pulled me in and her mouth came hard against mine. She wanted to swallow my kisses. “Oh John, take me to bed. Make love to me. Hurry, my love.” She pulled the nightgown over her head and stood there, naked and ready.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to bed. She was as light as a feather, and she kissed my neck while I went as fast as I could to the bedroom.

Chapter 3

The bed was already turned down, and I laid her down and then followed her. I was over her and I moved right back to her pussy. My cock slid in easily and she wrapped me in her arms.

“Yes, John, don’t ever leave me. I don’t ever want you to take your manhood from me. Leave it inside me forever, my love.”

“Kim, I will never leave you. You are my forever love, and I will always make love to you.”

We continued a long slow fuck, me laying on top of her, sliding my cock in and out of her delicious pussy. She had her legs spread wide for me, and I was giving her the full length. With every stroke I would pull back until only the head stayed inside, and then I would slide it back in until our hips met, and my cockhead met her cervix.

I still hadn’t cum, and her orgasms had subsided. It was sweet gentle lovemaking, and we were enjoying every minute of it.

After a few minutes, I rolled over with her and sat her on top of me. She spread her legs over my hips and slammed down on my cock. She took charge and kept fucking me, grinding her hips against mine, giving her clit more attention. Her movement became more urgent and she moved closer Esenyurt Escort to another orgasm. I lifted myself up so that I could take her tit in my mouth. Instead of just sucking her nipple, I took it like a baby does, sucking the whole aureole into my mouth.

That took her to another level, and she groaned with another deep, hard orgasm. I could feel her pussy explode with her juices. My cock and balls were covered with her cum now, and I knew that I was close to cumming now. It was taking all of my strength to hold back.

When she calmed down again, I pulled out and I moved her so that she was on her hands and knees. She seemed confused, and I knew that she was about to get another lesson in fucking. I said, “It’s ok, just trust me”, and she stayed there on her knees and elbows while I moved behind her.

I got a great look at her ass and her little pink asshole for the first time. It looked so good, and I really wanted to give it a little attention. But I didn’t think she was quite ready for that yet, so I just moved my hips behind her and placed the head of my cock against her pussy.

“Yes, John, give it to me. I trust you, just give me your love again.”

Her pussy was already gaping wide open from our fucking, so I just put the head against her and slid it all the way in. Even though we had already been at it for a while, her pussy was still tight and felt amazing. I just held it in, savoring the sensation of her body.

“Yes, John, oh yes. Oh that feels so good. Fuck me, lover. Give me your seed. I need to feel you cum deep inside me.”

I started slowly, but I was too close to wait much longer. I held her hips and started pounding away with fast hard strokes. My balls slapping with every thrust, her tits flying as i shoved into her. She laid her head down on her arms and her ass angled up. I was rubbing against her g-spot now, I’m sure, and she felt so good under me. She had given up on talking, so it was just grunts and groans with every thrust.

I could feel my cock filling, growing, and I knew that I was close. The head felt so large, like it was twice its normal size. The sensation was exquisite. Finally, I felt the need rising from my balls and I knew I had to cum now. I shoved my cock hard, all the way in and let go the hardest orgasm. It felt like my balls emptied with the first explosion, and my hips kept thrusting, in and out, in and out. I was bathing her pussy with cum, her cervix wide open and taking my semen.

She groaned when I started cumming, and I heard, “Yes, John, give me your seed. I need your seed inside me! Oh God, I’m cumming again. Oh John!” And I felt her pussy spasming against my thrusts. She squeezed me dry. I had nothing left to give.

She collapsed under me, and I fell, exhausted, to her. I kissed her neck, her back, her shoulders, her hair. She smelled so wonderful, tasted wonderful, and I wanted to savor her one more time.

“John, you are amazing. Every time I think that it can’t get better, and it does. You find new ways to thrill me. You are quite a man.”

“Kim, my love, I am the lucky one. I am so grateful for you. You are a gift.”

She rolled over, and we kissed and cuddled, and things started heating up again. I held her tit, she felt my dick, soft now, but happy to have her attention.

I moved my mouth to her tit and she seemed to enjoy my gentle kisses. I was worried about her being tender, so I didn’t want to push too hard.

Finally, I kissed her tummy and then I moved my mouth down to her pussy. She kind of jumped a little and said, “John, no! I’m dirty! I still have your stuff inside me. You don’t want to do that!”

I looked up at her and said, “Kim, trust me. It will be ok.” And I buried my face in her wet, sloppy pussy.

She gasped, groaned and couldn’t help but pull my face to her. My tongue buried itself inside her wetness and I tasted my own cum. I’m not a huge fan of tasting cum, but I wanted to do this for her. I could tell that she wanted me to lick her, and I wasn’t about to let a little cum get in the way of pleasing this woman. I love the way her hands play with my hair while I’m licking away. It is such a turn on for me when she does that.

I did the ABC thing for her. I can usually get to about G or H before the orgasms start rolling, but she started moving when I hit E. By the time F was done, she was holding onto my head and shoving my tongue inside full force. I started tongue fucking her pretty hard, and she had a nice hard orgasm. The taste of her pussy was almost sweet, and I licked up her juices for all I was worth. She had another orgasm right after that, and I was licking that up when she finally just shoved my head away.

“No more, John, please, no more. I can’t take another one just yet.”

I moved myself back up her body and kissed her shoulder and then her cheek. I still didn’t know how she felt about tasting her pussy on my lips, so I avoided it for the time being. We just cuddled for a little while, and it was wonderful to hold her.

After a few minutes of cuddling and talking, she asked me if I could cum if she played with me. “Have you ever done that? Have you ever had an orgasm from, you know, someone’s hand? I mean, I know that you can make me with your hands, but does it work the same way for you?”

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