The Passions of Brianna


Brianna had the kind of looks girls envied and males loved, she was petite slim and leggy with long red hair, blue eyes and pale skin. In Summer she loved to wear short dresses and short skirts that showed off her legs to perfection especially when she wore black stockings to go with her black suspender belt.

Brianna had two main passions in her life one was her love of lingerie the soft sexy kind where she felt so very decadent when she wore them out under her clothes and she loved it when she went commando out in public and know one knew about it but her.

Her other big passion was for her sexy boyfriend Nicholas whom she loves and who fulfills her every need. He is around 6’4 with muscles in just the right areas and has enough chest hair to keep her happy.

One night Brianna decided to dress up for her guy in one of her stunning outfits and give him the loving he deserved. She slowly put on her black suspender belt stockings and when that was done she put on the black leather cutout bra that was studded and tied it up, she had already decided to go knickerless that night and she slid her hand over her pussy to make sure it was all smooth for him then she slipped on her white satin shirt which she left open at the front. She finished it off with her high heel black cowboy boots and her cowboy hat now she was ready to party.

Nick was out in the lounge room waiting for her wearing just a robe and as she put on some slow hip moving music she slid into the room and did a teasing dance for him which he loved with bit of a lap dance now and then to whet liseli hikayeleri his appetite. She sat on his lap facing him with her legs straddled either side of him and she ran her body up and down him slowly tantalising him with her feel and scent.

Brianna ran her tongue over Nick’s lips to tease him and then she licked his ear and gently blew warm air into his ear and made him shiver she loved nothing better than to kiss him and make deep passionate kisses that would turn her whole body on.

As the kisses were getting more exciting Brianna could feel her shaved pussy get wetter and she was feeling very hot wet and horny so Nick got her off his lap and laid her on the floor and started to lick her bare stomach and tease her taut nipples with his fingers and tongue with very gentle soft licks that turned her body to jelly and made her jerk all over the place with his touch.

Every time he ran his fingertips over her body she would practically jump out of her skin with the feel of it and he loved licking and teasing her very sensitive nipples and try to make them even harder than they were just before, after a while he went slowly down her stomach with his tongue licking places and making her body squirm with pleasure and his fingers would run up and down the inside of her legs making her moan and throw her head from side to side.

Suddenly his tongue found just the right spot and she nearly left the floor for the ceiling in her excitement, he found her pussy so wet with cum juices he wanted to spend hours there kadın hikayeleri just lapping up the juices, he alternated the rhythm on her clit with his tongue and his fingers and every so often would stick his fingers into her wet tight dripping pussy and make her squirm even more, her moans were getting louder and her body temp was so hot she thought she would get heat stroke from it.

He kept licking and sucking as she felt her body start to go rigid with the build up and her moans were so loud now with mounting pleasure he kept the pressure up on her clit and she could feel her body getting ready to explode with hot cum juices. Just as she was about to cum Nick put his face down there so he could get covered with it and he licked it all up.

They rested in each other’s arms for a while so that Brianna could get her breath back again, then it was Nick’s turn to have his pleasure.

Nick stayed laying down and Brianna got up on her knees and ran her fingers over his hairy chest and licked and played with his chest hairs, she ran her fingertips down his stomach and just around his hips teasing him with her touch but not going any where in particular, after a few minutes of this play she ran her fingertips over his hard shaft and made him quiver with pleasure and she ran her fingers over his balls and held them firmly enough to give pleasure but no pain. Brianna leant down and put Nick’s cock in her mouth and sucked and licked him with her tongue and mouth and she held the bottom of his shaft with her hand while she teased erotik hikaye oku the tip of his cock with her tongue, she could feel Nick’s whole body jerk in response to her actions and she loved knowing she could do this to and for her man.

Brianna kept the pressure up on his blow job enough for him to cum but just stopping short of it to build up his pleasure even more and then when he couldn’t stand it any longer she stopped doing it and got on top of him and slid his hard cock into her wet tight pussy so they could ride together.

She sat up straight and moved her hips slowly so she could feel him right up inside her and the angle was perfect for her to cum again this way and Nick would run his fingers over her hard nipples and make her more excited than she was before, Brianna put one of her hands behind her and grabbed hold of his balls and played with them as she jerked her hips back and forth over his groin, the moans were so loud from them both you wouldn’t know which one was the loudest.

After a while they decided to change position and went to the doggie position which they both loved to do, Brianna went on all fours with her bum up in the air and Nick came up behind her grabbed hold of her hips and slid himself into her tight very wet pussy and he slowly started to thrust back and forth while Brianna pushed back onto him. Nick pushed and pulled on her hips as his thrusts were getting stronger and faster and they were both panting by now. After just a couple more quick shoves Nick blew his hot load into her wet pussy and it would have been hard to know who made her pussy wetter Nick or herself.

They both collapsed in a heap from exhaustion and over heating and lay in each other’s arms for the afterglow all lovers do after a hard nights loving.

They have a bit of a rest and start all over again for hours just like they do every night.

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