The Start of Taking Lou’s Innocence


Life with the Mrs was at an all time low. No sex, no talking for that matter.

Then, fate threw us a lifeline. We come into a lot of money.

Once the money had been sorted. I was away like a shot, and I never looked back.

At first I stopped in a hotel, until I found a short term place to rent.

After a lot of searching I found my dream home. It was too big for me I suppose, but it had everything that I had always wanted.

Once the internet was installed I went back onto social media.

Word had spread that I had a few quid, and “friends” appeared from all over.

Nearly all were deleted, but one caught my eye. Susan had been best friends with the ex, and funnily enough they had fallen out over money.

Now she wanted to meet up.

We arranged to meet at a coffee shop in the city centre in a couple of days.

Sue was already there when I walked in.

I had always fancied her, she is very attractive with an hour glass figure, long dark brown hair, dyed dark brown. I once dyed her hair a few years before.

Now sitting there looking smart as ever, she got on about how short of cash she was.

“I would do anything” she looked serious.

The ‘anything’ bit started a stirring in my boxers. I resisted asking “how much for a fuck.”

Instead I opted for “I need a cleaner at my house.”

“How often?”

“Two or three times a week I suppose.”

“That’s great how much?”

I took a moment and thought that if I offer her low money, then I could offer to double it if she was a naked cleaner. I had seen an advert somewhere quite recently.

Fuck it! I just came out with wanting a naked cleaner, as I was going to arrange for one anyway.

Sue must have seen the same thing and thought that I was going to pay her what the agency charges their clients.

I got her down to a third of what she wanted.

“Want to start now?”

“I’ll have a look first.”

“If that’s ok?”

The traffic on the way doubled the journey time, but we caught up on everything during the trip.

Once inside, she had a good look around.

“It will take at least three hours a day, for the first few weeks to get this place sorted.”

“Nine hours for two weeks then.”

“when can you start?”

“Now if you have the time.”

“Okay, now then.”

With that Sue went upstairs.

A few minutes later she appeared, stark naked.

Standing there a couple of feet away, she showed no sign of nerves and she didn’t try to hide any bits of herself. She was proud of her sexy body.

Her hair was now tied back, big breasts, a bit of a belly, full hips and leading on to neatly trimmed pubes. Her outer pussy lips hung lower than I had ever seen on a woman. Something that I had suspected when her and the ex were friends. Sue often wore the tightest fitting leggings, which left nothing to the imagination. She always wore a bra, I could never guess what her tits were like.

I was hard. I hoped that it wasn’t showing.

“Where do you want me to start?”

“That’s up to you.”

“The cleaning stuff that I have bought is under the sink in the kitchen.”

As she made her way there I followed, mesmerised with her arse. For a woman galloping towards middle age and having kids her arse was still perfect. I knew that she didn’t workout. Lucky I suppose.

Sue knew I was close, and when she opened the cupboard door, she bent right over, giving me full view of her pussy and her little starfish.

With her hands full of dusters, wipes and polish she turned round and smiled. She knew that I wanted her.

Sue started cleaning in the kitchen, I sat at the little table there, with my phone out trying to look more interested in that, than her.

When she was bent over her tits hung down, looking like cannon balls swinging away. Only then did her arse look its age it seemed more skinny than before, but it was still a wonderous sight.

She started on the table where I sat, she was so close as she wiped it down, I tried so much not to ogle her. But once I had noticed her nipples and how hard they were I couldn’t stop looking. Almost drooling.

This was so weird. An ex friend of the Mrs stood totally starkers beside me, working for me even, and I cant touch. I could however smell her. There was no perfume, just an aroma that turned me on even more.

Luckily it was not long before she moved on.

As hard as I tried to play it cool, Sue kept on appearing. Bending over giving a perfect view of her from behind, or those tits hanging.

Was she an exhibitionist? A tease? Or just after more money?

I did wish that this hard on would go away, I was positive that it would be clearly noticeable to Sue.

Eventually she said that she was done for the day. I felt that I had to say that the place looked better already.

“Do you want coffee before I take you back?”

“Go on then you’ve twisted my arm”

I thought that she would have gone and put her clothes back on while the kettle boiled. But she just sat down beside to where I sat.

We talked and laughed eryaman escort about times gone by, I began to relax more. Better still my cock had calmed down.

“I should get going soon, time for Lou’s tea.”

“Is she not old enough to fend for herself now?”

“Yes but if I’m not in, she would send out a search party”

When we neared Sue’s house I asked her if she fancied going out for a drink that night.

“Sure. It would be nice to get out.”

The time and place was sorted. Going on a sort of date, where I have already seen her without her clothes. It could only happen to me.

We had a great time.

Even managing to arrange her cleaning days. To make sure that we wouldn’t forget, the days were stored in our phones and we exchanged numbers.

There was a queue at the taxi rank, as we waited. I felt Sue getting closer and closer to me, every time we moved forward.

I turned to say something to her. She was on her tip toes, so when we were face to face she kissed me. Not a full on snog she pressed her soft lips onto mine, I couldn’t help myself but kiss back.

We gave each other these tentative kisses, waiting for each other to make the first move for a full on kiss.

Too late Sue’s taxi rolled up.

We said goodnight, and she was gone.

While I sat there in my cab I thought about sending a message. But decided not to. It was a strange situation.

Two days later I picked Sue up, as arranged. It was a bit awkward during the trip.

There’s me thinking “should I say something about the other night?”

“She started it, so she should speak first.”

“Fucks sake, bet I’m going to need another cleaner.”

However, once through the front door all my questions were answered. Simply with another sweet kiss off Sue. I kissed back this time with passion and an urgency, our tongues finding each others. Stroking and feeling her. Pulling me as close as I could get her to me, to feel her body, let her feel my hard cock pressing into her.

“Lets go upstairs.”

We fell onto the bed pulling and tugging each others clothes off.

I cupped each breast in turn, squeezing her soft flesh gently tugging on her nipple, then took turns sucking at them, kissing them.

Before moving further down, on the way giving little kisses. Until I reached her pubes, Sue opened her legs wide, her glistening lips slowly parted to reveal her clit. I kissed her there, and all around before lapping away at her clit, occasionally dipping my tongue inside her, to taste her tangy juices. When I sucked on her clit she gasped and writhed, I wished that I could have breathed through my ears to keep the suction going.

Letting go of my oral grip. Her clit was a little swollen. I licked away a little more before clamping my mouth on her clit again and sucked away. It took a couple more goes like that before Sue’s breathing got faster, her hips spasming as her orgasm took hold, there was a little squirt. I tried to lick up her juice and then went back to her clit, gasping she told me to stop. Its too tingly.

I lay back, and Sue rose up and kissed me some more, she would have been able to taste herself on my lips and tongue.

I felt her take hold of my cock and begin to gently wank me. Before moving down and take me in her mouth. I pulled her hair to one side so I could see her with my cock in her mouth. Sliding up and down my shaft, leaving it slick with her saliva.

It was no good I had to be inside of her. I said “fuck me please.” Thinking that she would torture me more. But she kissed the tip, and moved herself on top and guided my member into herself.

We quickly got into a rhythm, I lay there trying not to look at her just enjoying feeling her tight wet pussy gripping my cock. Her grip changed and she fucked at me harder and faster I could feel more juices leaking out. This was too much for me and I began spurting my cum into her pussy as far as I could push.

Sue was spent too, and she flopped forwards and kissed me. I tried fucking her some more but it was me this time who was too tingly. We rolled onto our side still coupled together I moved her hair that had covered her face and we kissed some more.

I lit us each a cigarette. As we lay there.

“If you had asked me to do this when I was here last, then I would have.”

“I don’t know how I didn’t ravish you when you took off your clothes.”

“You know that I have always fancied you”

Another kiss.

We lay there talking and kissing for ages.

It turns out that her ex husband had left them in debt. But not as much as I thought. There again if you owe hundreds and you have nothing. Then you might as well owe hundreds of thousands.

I thought that things must have been really drastic for her to do cleaning. Naked.

Turns out that although she does need money, she was testing herself to see if she could do it, with the possibility of being an escort.

“So I’m just a trick for you then?”

“No you are something that I have wanted for a while”

” I couldn’t go and let a stranger fuck ulus escort me”

“What if he was a repulsive fucker?”

“Would you pay to fuck an ugly escort?”

“I wouldn’t pay for sex.”

“You wouldn’t pay to fuck me?”

“How much do I owe you so far then?”

Sue looked up and began counting on her fingers. “So far, a cup of coffee milk and two sugars ta.”

I really wasn’t looking for any commitment, yet I could feel myself being drawn to Sue.

Things remained pretty much the same for the next few weeks. Except I would pick up Sue the naked cleaner, (she didn’t want any handouts) and then I would have Sue the lover.

Then as usual, we left it late to get Sue home, when we pulled up outside her house her daughter Louise watched us from the front room.

“Better be careful here. No kisses with her watching, she’s already suspicious.”

“What’s her problem?”

“Does she think that your going to get back to her daddy?”

“No. She has always had a thing for you, and I couldn’t be bothered with the tantrums”

“Could you not point out to her that she is far too young for me”

“So you wouldn’t would you?”

“Granted she is very cute. But she is also your daughter, and I couldn’t”

“You couldn’t anyway – she’s still too young.”

“Well that was a bit pointless then.”

“See you in a couple of days” and I made an x on the dashboard.

“Take care” she done the same.

I had the intention of buying Sue a cheap runaround, it would have saved me picking her up then dropping her off. What would Louise make of that one now?

Fuck it we will call it a company car, or something.

Sue was not herself when I picked her up the next time.

“What’s wrong?”


“You sure, you don’t look too happy.”

“Nothing its just her.”

“It was like the Spanish Inquisition the other night.”

“Who is the adult and who is the child in your house?”

“I know.”

“She accused me of stealing you from her.”

“Let it go, she’ll want some boyband hunk next week.”

“Anyway I got you a present”


“Don’t want a present off you.”

“You cant buy me.”

“I’m not buying you or anything, this is more of a practical kinda thing.”

“Ok what did you get?”

“Wait and see.”

Sue tried to play her excitement down when I gave her the keys to the car.

But I knew that I was in for a special treat.

Sure enough. While Sue tidied around, she must have thought about giving me something ‘special’.

In the shower, Sue was washing my back when she asked “What would you like to do that we haven’t already done?”

“There’s loads of things.”

“Name them.”

“Well, there’s, up your bum, shave you, leave your pits hairy, watch you play with yourself and cum in your mouth.”

“Oh is that all?”

“For now.”

“No. There must be other things, if you say for now.”

“Just leave it for now, please.”

“I don’t know about the hairy pits, people might think that I’m a nutter”

“So you agree to the rest then?”

“Wait and see.”

In bed I thought we would go doggy style, so I could have a good play with that starfish of hers. No penetration just some light rubbing and playing. Judging by the moans. I felt I had a chance if there were some lube and condoms about.

“Thought you wanted to fuck me there?”

“I would if there was any lube, trust me on that.”

“Lie on your back, you can have a play while I’m in you.”

“A bit bossy aren’t you?” Sue lay on her back, legs wide apart. I got onto my side and my cock glided into her lovely pussy. With her legs over me.

As I slid in and out, Sue went to work on her clit. With her left index finger she sort of pulled back at the top of her clit, and rubbed at her clit in a circular motion with two fingers of her right hand.

Sue was very quiet while this was going on, looking at her she had a corner of a pillow in her mouth.

Her whole body shook as she brought herself off, her pussy walls gripped and released my cock so quickly and they way it become so wet tipped me over the edge and I started to cum too.

I just lay there afterwards. Little tremors still went through Sue, my cock now soft slipped out, with our juices.

Sue let the pillow go.

“What gives with that?”

“It started when I lived at home and I didn’t want my folks to hear, or our Terri.”

“Now I don’t want our Lou listening.”

Talk about asking a stupid question.

“Should’nt we not be making tracks?”

“Not we anymore, you have a car now.”

“You don’t expect me to jump in and drive away without some training.”

“Its insured, and taxed and you have a license. Why not?”

“I haven’t driven for ages and it would be better if someone was with me for a bit.”

“Ok we can go to the shops.”

“We want condoms and some K.Y. jelly.”

“For what?”

“For up your bum”

“Think I forgot?”

While we were shopping we got some wine and a few bits and pieces along with the necessities.

Sue eryaman escort reckoned that she was still a virgin there. To be honest I couldn’t tell either way. Didn’t care anyway. Soon it was going to be mine.

I still had to pick up Sue.

It was to be the time that she lost her anal cherry, and we thought that some wine might help. So I had to pick her up, and a taxi for her home.

This time when Sue stripped off. I couldn’t help but notice that she had shaved off her pubes, her pussy looked even more delicious and her hanging lips more inviting. I couldn’t have a feel though, “You cant interfere with the cleaner!”

I sat back and watched.

When she was done Sue wanted a shower.

“No you cant, not today – I want to taste you as you are now.”

“Your disgusting.”

“You would have been in the shower before I come for you,”


I was standing by her then, and to stop the protests I pulled her to me and kissed her. I could smell her aroma more today, it turned me on even more.

Sue must have gave up too, as she tugged off my clothes. My hands roamed all over her body. I got to her pussy. It was silky smooth. I couldn’t feel any stubble. Her legs parted slightly and I could slide a finger between her lips,

Sue was never this wet usually.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“It wont hurt will it?”

“I’ll try my best not to, tell me straight away if it does though.”

We went to bed and Sue must have thought that I would get straight to it and fuck her arse. She was on all fours “Is this the way you want me?”

“Not yet silly, lie back, there’s something else that needs my attention”

I opened her legs, the sight of her bald pussy made me pause and admire the view. I began kissing and licking at the top of her thighs inching my way to her honeypot. I kissed her lips before sucking them gently into my mouth, letting my tongue feel how smooth they were, and with a slight salty taste. Then letting my tongue part them into her juicy quim, on the way to her clit. I sucked and lapped away leading her to the edge of orgasm, before moving her legs so her knees were as close to her ears, as was comfortable for her.

Exposing her arse. With my tongue as wet as I could manage I began licking her little hole and all of her crease.

While before, Sue had been moaning at the attention her pussy was getting. She had gone quiet, while I gave my full attention to her ring.

“You ready?”

“Think so.”

“Turn over and relax, I wont hurt you.”

With Sue face down in the pillow and arse up. I began with the lube, plenty on my finger I edged it inside of her. When another finger slipped in she gasped. I worked at her arsehole using plenty of lube. Before putting on a condom and giving that some lube.

I positioned the tip of my cock against her, and gently penetrated her, little by little I was inside of her anus, there was no complaints from Sue so I began gently fucking her, nice and slowly. It wasn’t long until Sue started matching my stroke to her own, little gasps followed. Then “Faster.”

“More.” When I heard “Harder.” It was too much and I started to cum, I did though, slam myself hard into her as my cum started spurting away. Trying to push my cock as far as I could get inside.

Sue more or less collapsed onto the bed taking me down with her, she was gasping. My cock was twitching. “Fucking hell if I knew it would be that good I would have done it years ago.”

After calming down Sue went to the bathroom to tidy herself up.

“Bathrooms free” as she made her way downstairs.

I heard some rattling about as I tidied myself up.

Sue walked back into the bedroom the same time as me. She had with her the wine and glasses.

“Forgot about that.”

“I didn’t but you had other things on your dirty mind, didn’t you.”

The wine was going down quite well, we chatted about all sorts, until I said that, I had thought that she wouldn’t have shaved off her pubes.

“I haven’t shaved there for years, just kept them short.”

“Our Lou walked in on me. In the bathroom while I was shaving them.”

“What did she say?”

“She knows that we are fucking – told her so.”


“Don’t know she’s not speaking now.”

“Stop trying to look at my armpits will you”

“Anyway the hair doesn’t grow that quick. pervert,”

Into the second bottle. A tipsy Sue asked what the other thing was.

I tried putting her off but she become more and more determined for an answer.

“Have you ever been with another woman?”

“Not a woman as such.”


“When I was younger I had a friend, and we used to practise kissing on each other.”


“But I meant more like had sex with a woman.”

“Well it used to turn us on after a while, and we touched each other.”

“Explain please.”

She went on that they used to kiss, which went on to tongues. Then feeling each others breasts. Then rubbing each others pussy, through their panties. Comparing how wet their pussies had become, and a little bit of fingering. Before learning with each other. How to scissor. But no licking, ever. Apart from juice off her fingers.

“What’s her name?”

“Never telling. We promised each other that it was their secret.”

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