The Poker Game Ch. 02: The Big Blind

Self Shot

I sincerely apologize to every human on the planet with Italian heritage (including mine own dear Grandmother) for my awful interpretation of the Italian accent. Just sayin’.


It was another late night and Stephanie was worn out. She loved her new job, even with all the late hours. Working for Mr. Davis came with certain perks and the clout that he earned, she benefits from. She knew she was paid well, treated with respect and that she could learn more at this job than any other, putting her career on a fast track.

She realized her mistake as soon as he opened his mouth. She hated any performance short of perfection, but most of all, she hated the errors caught by Mr. Davis. This one slipped by due to mental exhaustion. Looking up into his eyes as he points out the error, she only says softly and sincerely, “Thank you, sir, for teaching me.”

This immediately seemed to trigger some sort of paralysis in Ben Davis. While unable to move his body, his cock immediately jumped and began to grow. Her eyes went from locked with his down to what seemed like a snake moving in his trousers. The more she tried to look away, the more she realized she was staring, struggling to pull away and look up at his eyes again.

She touched a nerve and he was completely caught off guard. Like a hypnotic suggestion, the words triggered something from deep in his soul that just felt right… felt good… felt dirty. It took a freight train to knock Ben Davis for a loop. This was something more powerful than that.

He always thought Stephanie was attractive, any man would. Never crossing the lines of professionalism, he wouldn’t ever admit to himself, to her or to anyone else what his true feelings actually were. She was a damn good assistant she was hired because of her resume, not her glam shot. He never had a problem attracting beautiful women, so crossing that line with her was never an issue or concern. This was more than attraction. This was an untold connection that he hadn’t prepared for hitting so hard.

She looks down at it again. This time she can’t stop herself from biting her bottom lip before dragging her eyes away again.

Looking down at her inches away from his now obvious bulge, reality suddenly snaps back in for both of them and time speeds back up to normal. He quickly turns away blushing. “Oh my, I’m so sorry Stephanie. I’m not sure what happened there. That was extremely unprofessional and I sincerely apologize. I didn’t mean to…’

“I’m so sorry, sir! I shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t mean to…” Blushing, she stood up and walked to close the distance, putting her hand on his back. She couldn’t believe how fast it got so big and she knows he caught her looking and biting her lip. She worked very hard to maintain a level of professionalism and now feels embarrassed for what her new boss must think of her.

He couldn’t turn to face her, seemingly still very hard he flinched away as soon as he was touched. “No, Stephanie, it was me who crossed the line and I am very sorry.” Breaking from her and taking steps away from her. “I think we’re done for the night. You can go and we will pick it up tomorrow. Thank you for your hard work.” Leaving her alone, feeling guilty and ashamed, Ben Davis entered his private bathroom closing the door behind him.

Once home, Stephanie stepped out of her heels, threw her purse on the countertop, turned on the tub and began to undress.

“It was fucking huge. Did you see how quick it got hard?”

“He’s our fucking boss, don’t even go there”, scolding herself, hoping the slut in her head would just give her a break tonight. She grabbed the bottle of wine from the fridge and a glass, turned on her smooth jazz station, turned down the lights and stepped into the hot tub.

“He’s your fucking boss, not mine. I just want his big cock.”

“We need this job, so he’s your fucking boss too. We are not having this conversation because there is no way we’re risking this job for a hard cock, no matter how quick it got hard.”

“He got hard because of what you said, slut. I’m taking zero responsibility here.”

“You licked our lips. I can’t believe you did that. That is the shit that is going to get us fired.”

“Lol, ok. I did do that. But he liked it, and it’s your job to keep us in line. I’m supposed to be the raging slut. You allowed it to happen. So, really, still your fault.”

“Ok, ok, ok. No matter what, we’re in this together. We have to solve this together. What do you suggest?”

“Suck his cock, make him cum in our mouth, swallow every drop, and then ask for a raise.”

“You can’t be serious for once? What if we go in tomorrow really early and just try to pretend it never happened and see what…”

“…comes up? Ok, I’ll agree to this plan but reserve the right to change our mind at any point in the future avrupa yakası escort and sabotage as I see fit. I’m just saying, without threatening our job, can we… maybe, you know… test the water? We don’t always have to assume the worst case scenario, do we? What about a best case?”

“Please don’t do this. We will never find another job like this again and I don’t want us to fuck this up. We’re going in early and pretending this never happened. That’s it.”

“If you don’t want this, why are you fingering us? That feels nice. His cock must be so big, I cannot believe how quick it got hard. Pinch the nipple and twist, I want to cum. Why did he get hard so fast? There was something else, no?”

Stephanie knew she was going to lose this fight so she tried to appease her inner slut with a quick orgasm. Her right hand under the water rubbing her clit back and forth, her left is pinching and twisting her nipple. “I saw that too. I’m not sure. It does feel good. What do you think got to him? It isn’t just us. We would’ve seen signs of that before now. It wasn’t about us, it was what we said…”

“It was… submissive. You filthy slut. It got him hard because you were submissive!”

“Oh, fuck. We’re in trouble.”

When Ben Davis arrived at work early the next morning his assistant Stephanie was already there working at her desk as though nothing had ever happened. Ben admired her work ethic. He didn’t want to lose her. To squash the issue quickly and fairly, he planned for his first meeting of the morning to be with Stephanie and a very large elephant. He approached her as he would any other morning. “Good morning. Do you have a minute to meet with me in my office?”

“Yes, sir. Of course.” Stephanie stands and straightens her skirt, then walks over and through the door being held open by her boss. There are two large, comfortable chairs facing the desk of Ben Davis and Stephanie chooses to sit in the one on the right.

After closing the door, he walks over to the front of his desk, standing in front of the unoccupied chair to her left. “I again want to apologize for my behavior yesterday. It was highly unprofessional and I have no excuse for my action. I understand if you feel the need to contact H.R. I would back up your story. I do respect you and I couldn’t be happier with the work you’ve been doing. I would hate to lose you over this I would understand if you requested a transfer. Mostly, as a man, I want you to appreciate I am not like that and I am very, very sorry it happened.”

Knowing that interrupting here would not be a smart choice, she waited for an opening. “Sir. If I may… It wasn’t an action as much as a reaction. I’m not offended at all and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t flattered on some level. I appreciate your candor and do not feel contacting H.R. or transferring is necessary. I really do enjoy working for you and I also apologize if there was something I did that caused you to react that way.”

“No, Stephanie. Absolutely not. You were nothing but professional, doing nothing at all wrong. It was me. It was my fault. Again, I’m sorry.”

“Ok, sir. I promise. I’m a big girl. I get it. I’m fine. If there is nothing else?”

“Thank you, Stephanie. That is all. You may go.”

“Thank you, sir…” Then pausing until they locked eyes… “for teaching me.” This time, Stephanie made sure he knew she bit her lip and again looked down to see if it was growing. And again, it was.

“Stephanie. I’m sorry?”

This time the inner slut just took charge, looking to prove a point. “Sir. I just wanted to see if there was anything else I could do for you. I know you have a big meeting this morning and I would hate it if you were distracted by this incident. I wouldn’t normally speak out of line, but you seem…” looking down at the obvious bulge, then up again… “uncomfortable?” She moves to adjust herself more forward in the seat, then licks her lips. “I was just thinking that if you wanted me to prove that I wasn’t bothered yesterday’s events, was completely dedicated to you… and also obviously to the company, I would be happy to make myself available for anything else you needed.”

He proceeded cautiously, wary of a trap. “Is that correct? The truth is Stephanie, I had considered you in a few positions.” He paused to read her reaction. She smiled. “But obviously, we would need you to prove you can handle the load… and at the same time, not let it interfere with the amazing work we’re accomplishing right now. I need you here, and I would need assurance that this new job I have for you wouldn’t interfere in your work now with our current relationship as employer/employee.”

“Of course, sir. I can assure I can handle it. I can also promise I would never let it interfere with my job, as it is now.” She reaches her left hand out to gently run a nail across the length of the bulges underbelly. It twitches.

Ben continues, avrupa yakası eskort “I’m sure you also realize that you must maintain a professional appearance to your coworkers. Discretion is paramount in such ventures for both our sakes, as I’m sure you realize. We both would have so much to lose, should anyone become aware of your new role.” Ben Davis takes a side step to the left, bringing his belt buckle directly in front of his assistant.

“I understand and appreciate that very much, sir. I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove myself.” By now, his belt is unfastened and she is working on the buttons, with the zipper dropping not very far behind.

“That is good to hear. I believe we make a good team.” His pants and boxers now at his knees and to the floor. She lifts his growing member with her hand and takes a moment to admire its beauty. Without instruction or permission, she directs his length into her warm mouth and swallows as much as she can. “Ahhh yessss…. As long as we maintain a professional standard in the presence of others at all times, no questions asked, we should be able to fully explore your potential here.”

“Mmmuhmm mhum.” Pulling off for a second to shift into a more comfortable position near the front of her chair, look him in the eyes to translate this is exactly what she wants, she resumes her attack.

“Good. Very, very good.” Ben wants to grab the back of her head to control her head motions, but fears messing up her hair so early in the day. Instead, he reaches his right hand onto Stephanie’s left breast for a selfish grope. “Rules. We need to establish rules.”

“Rules, sir?” Ben looks down in immediate frustration, as if how dare she stop her performance to converse with him. Immediately realizing her mistake in the new role and liking it, she puts her head back down and returns focus as though there was nothing else in the world.

“Thank you. Yes, dear, rules… “, quite purposefully said with impact, “Rule number 1 — what we just established, maintain a professional outward appearance at all costs in the presence of others. Never risk it, never show it, never, never, never. Is Rule number 1 perfectly clear, no questions?” Without stopping or slowing down, she slurped in approval.

“Rule number 2 — I expect complete compliance without question. This isn’t up for negotiation. If this is a problem, this cannot work and you should stop right now.” She did not stop. If anything, that one only made her work his cock more, squeezing and sucking harder. This girl has skills and incredible focus and he was not going to last too much longer. He took her slurping as compliance.

“Rule number 3 – No panties. I understand there are times they are a necessity and I do not wish you become uncomfortable during those times. There will also be times where I request you wear something specific because I enjoy it. I will check frequently and if I see them there better be a reason for it. Leave whatever you are currently wearing on my desk before you exit. As far as brassieres, I absolutely hate them. I want to see your big tits swaying. Again, I understand, to uphold rule number 1 they will be a necessity at times and you may never break rule number 1, without my specific consent.” Stephanie looks up to meet his eyes to show her compliance. Turning into a big smile and a wink while she moved her hand from lightly tickling his ball sack to unbuttoning her top and pulling her bra straps off her shoulders enough to show off her perfect breasts. She pulled her body back to briefly show them off, rubbing her moistened hands up each side to tug her nipples in unison. Winking as they snapped back in place, Stephanie dove back onto his cock, stroking with her hand as she sucked.

“Rule number 4 — It is important you understand this clearly. I am not looking for a girlfriend here and you shouldn’t be looking at me as your boyfriend. In this relationship, your role is either that of my assistant or that of my submissive. I am now your Master and boss. Being a submissive isn’t a hat you can choose to put on or leave at home. This is what I expect of you always, good days or bad days. We have a good thing here, I value you as an assistant. No jealousy, no promises, no expectations of more. This is not something that you will get paid for, but I will take good care of you. You are not a prostitute and I am not a pimp. You will have extreme job security with me here at this job, but this role is in no way associated with this job or what we need to accomplish here and has absolutely nothing to do with this firm. There will be benefits, you will be challenged sexually as I expect you to serve me anytime or way I request. You are in this relationship of your own free will. It is your choice to be my pet. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Mghmmm Yes… mghmmm sir…” She is now moaning, looking up at him desperate for any sign of approval. escort avrupa yakası Stephanie understood at that moment she would do anything he wanted. In that instant, she gave up herself and succeeded to the idea of being his completely. Sucking, bobbing and pumping, Stephanie sucked his cock like a porn star. Not because she was trying to show off and impress her new Master, but because she needed him to know that she was the best cock sucker he had ever known and her mouth was his to use on command. She pulled out every trick she could think of, gagging on it, slapping her mouth, sucking and licking the head, slurping on his balls, gently using her teeth, even licking his balls while deep throating. She needed his cum in her belly and she was going to do anything to get it.

Ben Davis has been with many women in his life. He is tall and athletic, carrying a quiet confidence. He never had trouble attracting woman but rarely found one who would keep his interest for long. He was not about to start dating someone he worked with, least of all someone who worked for him. He assumes she will get bored with this before long and he will need to hire some gray hair to be sure this mistake doesn’t happen again. Being the recipient of many great blowjobs, he takes a second to ponder and admire how fucking incredible this one really is. She performs most of her tasks at a high level, but the pride she took in this task was exceptional. Pondering turned into a surreal amazement turned into fandom, which then quickly turned into perversion.

Her mouth was so beautiful. The ruby red lipstick that was meticulously applied to her soft lips was long gone. Her tongue was dripping with saliva and constantly wagging like the tail of a beagle. The power of suction generated from this beautiful woman would make a Dyson jealous. Her eyes changed from wanton to slutty to happy to grateful, but not as a mask. She changed personas to see how he reacted to each, which he liked best.

“Rule number 5…” Ben Davis, realizing he was close to his release, reached back on his desk to better brace himself. Grunting deeply, he deposited his first of many large loads directly into Stephanie’s throat. “… when we’re alone, call me Big Daddy…”

It was a very large load, but she was not going to allow a single drop to spill. Once she completely and efficiently cleaned his softening member of all evidence, she gently pulled up his boxers and pants, tucking and fastening as needed.

Standing up, Stephanie walks around behind the chair she recently occupied to allow for a generous view. Turning her back to her new Master, she unfastens her skirt and drops it to the floor to reveal a bright red silk thong and a perfectly toned and tanned ass. Thumbing the thin string on both sides, with painfully slow exaggeration she bends at the waist dragging her thong down her long legs. Her now naked pussy is obviously moist and on full display. Staying in that position for a few seconds while she steps out of her Master’s prize. On her way back up she drags up her skirt, wiggling her ass back and forth to squeeze back in.

Bringing her panties to her nose to appreciate the scent. “These are plenty wet enough for you. I hope you like the color. I’m going to use your bathroom to freshen up before I go back out there…”

“Excuse me?”

“Your bathroom? I thought you would want me to…”

“Excuse me?? First of all, you do not think for me. That’s your first mistake. Your second mistake is thinking you can ever talk to me in this tone, no matter where we are or who we’re with, this is completely unacceptable. Do I need to teach you to request your Master’s permission to use his bathroom with the decency and respect I justly deserve?”

“No… uh uhm… I’m sorry sir, uhm I mean Master…” This did nothing as he continued to stare at her with disdain while she figures this out. “Big Daddy! I’m so sorry Big Daddy!” He eases his tension but remains silent, still expecting more. “Big Daddy. I apologize for my insolence. It was completely out of line and I now see my rude oversight.”

“The desk.”

Stephanie is confused. She looks at the desk and back at her Master. “Sir?”

“The desk. Bend over the desk and pull your skirt up. You stepped out of line. There will always be a punishment for stepping out of line.”

Slowly, she understood and accepted. Stephanie walked to the side of the desk, again bending at the waist with legs perfectly straight. Ben followed behind rolling up his shirt sleeves. This time lifting her skirt to reveal her perfect ass making no effort to lighten the mood with a flirt or tease, bracing herself for the coming discipline.

One smack of fair strength on each cheek came fairly quick. He has large muscular hands so they both hurt, making her eyes water almost instantly. Bracing herself for a third, for whatever reason they always come in three’s she thought, she instead felt a finger trace the slit of her pussy and find her wet clit. This sends a shockwave through her nerve endings. He takes a moment to thoroughly examining her inside and out. He rubs and circles the nub, then moved his finger deep into her warm moist hole. In and out until she can no longer hold back a soft moan, which is quickly followed by…

SMACK!!! He wanted her to remember this one. She would.

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