The Price to Pay Ch. 01


This wasn’t supposed to happen Jason thought to himself. It was just an easy job. Get what he needed then leave, but it wasn’t working out that way. All the work, all the plans, and all the hours spent in surveillance of the place would be lost if he didn’t get his act together. He ran his fingers through his thick black hair. She wasn’t even his type. Then why was he so attracted to her? She was on his mind constantly and that wasn’t good. Someone could get hurt and it might be her.

He couldn’t remember a time before her. There had been other women. Plenty of them, but they weren’t like her. Women who would throw themselves at him. Clamor to be in his bed. He had his pick, any number of them and sometimes more than one. Now that seemed like a distant memory. This one struck a nerve in him. She was in his head as well as his pants. He got a hard on every time he saw her and he had never wanted to make love to a woman more than he did her. Damn! He sounded like one of those perverted stalkers you hear about on the news or some made up detective show on TV. He was better than that he told himself as he watched the Price International Import Emporium from the protective cover of the van that held his surveillance equipment. For the last month, he had staked out the business sometimes in the van or sometimes as a passerby pretending to be waiting for a bus on the street corner. Once he even entered the emporium pretending to be lost and looking for directions just to see what the place was like. That’s where he got a close look at her. There she sat at a desk hair pinned back at the base of her neck dressed in a navy blue suit, white pearls, tall heels, and comfortable in her own skin looking professional and demur at the same time. He tried not to stare, but there was something that drew him to her. He had left that day wanting her even more.

The reason for the surveillance was that there were rumors of drug trafficking worth millions being laundered through the business and it was Jason’s job to get that proof. The only problem was the woman who entered the building at 8am and left at 5pm Monday through Friday was in the way. One afternoon just before the sun went down he was across the street leaning against the pole of a street light smoking a cigarette. The weather had turned cool so he pulled his coat about him to keep the chill from going through him. It didn’t help much then lost all thoughts of the weather when he saw her. She opened the door to the emporium and closed it tightly behind her. She had long dark chestnut colored hair that was swept away from her face by the breeze and cascaded over her shoulders not like the girls on the upside of town that straightened their hair or turned it six different colors just to get attention. Hers was soft and natural. The kind of hair he wanted to run his hands through. She had a face that needed little makeup and deep set brown eyes that he could get lost in and full lips that needed to be kissed, but only by him. She wasn’t reed thin, but had a fullness to her figure where a man could lose himself in exploring every inch of her body. She wore a red overcoat that was cinched at the waist with an open collar and fell just below her knees showing her legs that were long and slender with her calves tight and firm from the tall black heels that she wore on her feet.

Jason couldn’t help but watch her as she began to walk down the sidewalk as was her usual manner, except this time she waited at the cross walk for the light to turn, stepped off the curb and crossed the street to where he was standing. She was no more than three feet from him when she stepped up onto the curb and stopped. He could smell her perfume in the air. It was light, but spicy just the way he liked it as if she had worn it just for him. She smiled at him and he knew she had him.

“Hi,” she said warmly. “It’s a little chilly tonight.”

“Yea, the weather’s turning,” he managed to say.

She eyed him carefully, “Haven’t I seen you before?”

Jason dropped the cigarette he had been smoking onto the pavement and stubbed it out with the heel of his shoe.

“I could swear I know you,” she continued.

Jason scrambled for an answer, “I stopped in to your place to ask for directions. I was looking for an old friend. I had just got into town and didn’t know exactly where he lived.”

“Oh,” she said. “Did you find your friend?”

“Yea,” Jason lied. “It worked out well. I’m actually staying with him.”

She smiled at him again, “That’s good.”

It was now or never. escort bayan şişli He knew it was wrong and he would probably regret it, but he had to make a move.

“My name is Jason and I know we’ve just met and you have every right to turn me down, but can I buy you a drink? That’s of course, if you don’t have other plans.”

“Well Jason,” she began eyeing him carefully. He was a very attractive man, well-mannered and intelligent. Those attributes alone in her world were hard to find. “My name is Christy and I don’t drink, but you could buy me a cup of coffee at the diner just around the corner,” she said easily.

“Maybe a bite to eat as well?” he pushed.

“We’ll see how much I like the coffee,” she smiled at him.

Jason chuckled, “Fair enough.”

They turned and walked towards the Brick Oven diner where Jason opened the door for Christy to enter. They found a corner booth and were immediately asked what they wanted from a heavy set waitress in a blue uniform with the name tag, “Annie” written on it.

“Two coffees,” Jason replied to her question of what they would have.

“Cream?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

Christy removed her coat and laid it across the bench seat near the wall. Her two piece suit was a deep pink and when she leaned forward to look at the menu, he could see the crevice that was her cleavage inviting him to come closer. His mouth watered with desire as his eyes strained to see how deep it went. She was toying with him. He knew it.

“You know I think I am a little hungry,” Christy said. “I think I’ll have the blue plate special.”

Jason pulled himself together long enough to scan the menu and order the same when the waitress delivered their coffee then watched Christy’s delicate hands stir the cream into it until it was a golden brown. She brought the cup to her lips where she took a sip as if it were a fine wine and sighed as the warm of the brew slid down her throat.

“Mmmm it tastes good,” she commented.

Jason cleared his throat and focused on his own cup of coffee adding cream and sugar to suit his taste. He took a gulp of it giving him the few moments he needed to clear his mind.

“So what type of work do you do?” Christy asked.

“Investments,” he blurted out without thinking. It was his usual pick up line.

“Investing in what?” she asked.

“A lot of things,” he gave her an impish grin.

“Oh,” she said. “So that’s how it is.”

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s legitimate.”

“I have no doubt,” she said sipping her coffee again.

He was losing her. “You don’t believe me.”

She put the coffee cup down and looked him squarely in the eye and didn’t blink.

“I thought you were going to tell me why you are running surveillance on Pride Imports and Exports.”

He sat back in the booth and sighed. She was smarter than he thought and he had been found out. Now what?

“Oh don’t worry Jason. I won’t say anything to anyone. I just want to know why you are surveying us.”

“I can’t tell you,” he said in a soft guilt ridden voice.

“No,” she sighed. “I suppose you can’t, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.”

The blue plate specials arrived and saved Jason from having to explain further. They both ate their meals in relative silence and when the bill was slipped to Jason, Christy grabbed it from him.

“I’ll get this,” she said pulling out a credit card from her purse and placing it with the bill on the table for the waitress to pick up.

“You don’t have to do this,” Jason said.

“My pleasure Jason. It isn’t everyday a woman gets to dine with a spy,” she gave him a smirk.

“At least let me walk you to your car,” he said feeling deflated.

“I don’t have a car. I live two blocks down at the Crestmont. I have a condo there,” she replied.

“Then can I walk you home?” he asked.

“Yes, I that would be nice,” she replied.

With the bill paid, Jason helped Christy on with her coat and left the diner onto the cement sidewalk. Darkness had come along with the wind and he placed his arm around her, not to make a move on her, but to keep her warm. A sudden urge to protect her came over him. He didn’t know what to think. She confused him especially when she leaned into him for protection against the wind. No woman had done that to him before and he liked it.

He walked her to the Crestmont, entered the elevator with her, and within moments they were standing in front of her condo. She opened the door and to escort beşiktaş his surprise invited him in though he hesitated.

“Don’t worry,” she began. “I’m not upset that you’re surveying the company. You have a job to do. I get it. Would you like coffee?”

He shook his head, “No, not really,” he said in a soft voice.

She removed her coat and stood before him and he could smell her perfume as if it were drawing him to her.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” she asked.

With all protocol lost, he instinctively drew her to him. She felt good in his arms. It was so natural and exciting at the same time.

“I need to kiss you,” he said and before she could answer he had drawn her up to him and kissed her lips. “I’ve been wanting this for so long,” he whispered in her ear then kissed her again.

He had half expected her to pull away, maybe even slap his face for being so forward, but she didn’t. Instead she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his. His cock filled and swelled and he felt as if it would explode in his pants if it weren’t released.

“So what are we going to do about this?” he asked as he kissed her neck.

“I don’t know. Where do you want it to go?” she managed to say as his touch sent chills through her.

“Where’s your bedroom?” he asked in a gravelly voice.

She pointed to the room off the living room.

“Good enough,” he said as he scooped her up in his arms and led her through the door and to the bed where he gently placed her with her head on the pillow.

“Shouldn’t I get undressed?” she asked giggling.

He shook his head, “No, let me do that for you.”

He surprised himself. With the women he was used to, they couldn’t get their clothes off fast enough for him. There was no hesitation and the act which was quick and intense soon ended with each going their own way. Now as he looked down at Christy, he wanted to savor every bit of her. He didn’t want to rush, but to make it last. It might be the only chance he would have and he knew it.

His fingers almost trembled as he unbuttoned her top sliding the pieces of fabric to either side exposing the lushness of her breasts covered by a black lace bra. He could see her chest heave as he touched the mounds with his hands. Gentle but firm caresses that made her breathing come in short spurts. He reached up and slid the straps of the bra off her shoulders so that he could lift her breasts from its lace confines to expose the milky white mounds to him. He let out a guttural sigh as his fingers massaged them and pinched the nipples until they were firm and taut.

“Do you like this?” he asked.

“Yes,” she gasped as his touch felt like magic to her.

“I want to suck on them,” he said lowering his lips to hover over one of the nubs. “Can I suck on them?”

“Yes,” she said leaning her head back. “Suck on me.”

He ran his tongue over the hardened nipple and it sent an electrical current throughout his body causing his cock to twitch in his pants. He drew the nipple into his mouth and sucked on it drawing as much as he could into him.

“You tastes so good,” he said lowly as he released his mouth from one of the nipples and drew the other into his mouth to suckle.

Christy could feel the warmth of his mouth on her, feel it rousing her to wanting him more and more. Suddenly she could feel her skirt being pulled down from her body and off as well as her shoes leaving her pantyhose that covered black lace panties that were drenched with Christy’s desire. Jason ran his fingers over the crotch of the pantyhose and felt the dampness underneath then raised it to his nose to sniff the muskiness.

“I want you to want me,” he said as he slid the pantyhose down her legs and off.

She nodded, “I do want you Jason,” she said with her eyes hooded in a dream like state.

The black lace bikini panties clung to her like a second skin and he drank in the intricate pattern that covered her pussy and the wet cavern that he longed to enter.

“I have to let my cock out,” he said as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and balls from his underwear. “It’s so swollen and hard for you.”

Christy stared at his hard thick cock and reached with her hand to stroke it. Her fingers slid up and down the shaft until precum oozed from the head of it. With her finger, she scooped up the dribble and placed to her lips licking her finger dry.

“Delicious,” she cooed to him

Seeing her lick his precum made esenyurt escort him spurt more and spill over onto her belly. He said nothing, but slid the black lace panties off exposing the thick curly mound of her pulsating pussy. She wasn’t shaven like most women and he liked it. She was a natural woman and it was driving him crazy. He wanted to dive into her, bury his cock inside of her and fill her, but forced himself to wait. He had to make it last.

He placed his hands on her thighs and spread them apart so that he could climb in between them. Caressing the soft flesh off her inner thighs, he could smell her desire for him. Hurriedly he pulled off his pants and shirt, climbed between her legs and hovered over her clit. He leaned forward and kissed her again. This time his tongue danced with hers and his need for her grew stronger.

“Can I have you?” he asked in a husky voice. His mind was beginning to spin with anticipation and couldn’t wait any longer.

She cupped his face in her hands and she kissed him again, “Yes,” she whispered. Take me now.”

It was all Jason needed as he leaned down between her legs and slid his cock into her folds slowly stretching her as he penetrated stopping only to allow her wet pussy to take the full length of his shaft easily. Her life force pulsating against his rod. He had never wanted or needed anything so much in his life than to fill her. She gyrated her hips to accommodate his length and thickness feeling him bury deep inside of her. He was driving her to madness as she desperately wanted him to take all of her.

“I need to fuck you,” he said. His voice deep and guttural with primal desire.

Yes, that was what she wanted too. She wanted to be fucked and fucked hard by him. She needed it as much as he did.

“Do it,” she said. “And don’t stop.”

“Are you sure?” he said as he gazed into eyes while his cock began to slide in and out of her.

She pulled her legs back towards her with her hands to give him easier access, “Yes I’m sure.”

Jason drove his cock inside her until he felt his balls slam against her ass and held it there. This is what he wanted. This is what he needed from her. He pulled out and slammed into her again. Damn! Her pussy felt tight. His muscles tightened, his teeth clenched, and his chest heaved as he dove into her wet pussy over and over again as he got lost in her swollen folds. He could feel her hips gyrate to his every thrust. He could see her breasts bounce as he fucked her and the beads of sweat that formed on her chest. He wanted to go deeper and touch her very being with his cock. Over and over again he slammed into her and she moaned more with each thrust. Her juices dripping down on his cock and over his balls. Those wet juices that smelled of desire that made him want to cum.

Suddenly he heard her cry as her hands gripped the sheets. “It’s close.”

It drove him to keep pumping her, diving into her until he felt her pussy clamp around his cock and explode with orgasmic ecstasy over him.

“That feels so good baby,” he growled. “Cum all over my cock. Give it all to me.”

He could feel his body tense and he knew his cock was going to explode at any moment. When Christy had spent her orgasm on him, he was ready to release his inside of her. He slid back and forth in her faster, leaned forward, and whispered to her nibbling at her neck as he did.

“I’m fucking you Christy. Just the way you wanted me to fuck you. I’m going to cum in you. Do you want my cum?” he asked feverishly. “Tell me you want my cum in you.”

“Fill me up baby. Fill my pussy with your hot cum,” she cried.

It was all he needed to hear. The world began to spin as he lost control. This was the moment he had been waiting for and he couldn’t stop it. He leaned back and roared, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.”

He could feel the orgasm rise within him inching its way up his shaft until the head of his cock split open and stream after stream of white hot cum shot inside of her filling her.

“Blow it all in me,” Christy cried.

He let out a low growl as he leaned forward again and shot the last stream of cum before collapsing on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his back as he shuttered and let go of the last wave of orgasm. The release, the ultimate culmination of his desire for her was now complete. He was lost in her and nothing else mattered. There was a silence in the room and it seemed that the world had stopped. It took several minutes before Jason could catch his breath and roll over on his side drawing Christy into his arms. She felt good there nestled with her head on his chest, breathing softly, contented and satisfied. He had never felt this way with any other woman and now that he had her, he knew had to let her go. He had to let her go for her own good. He just didn’t know how.

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