Hollywood’s Underdog Ch. 01


Author’s note:

This story is a fictional making and was not intended to offend anyone.

I hope you like it and drop a comment please!


I had to admit, the scenery was nice. The sun was slowly setting as I took another drag from a cigar.

An Audi A5 pulled up on the set and the chauffeur hurriedly opened the backdoor.

Out came a sexy girl, who wore heels around the size of her boyfriend’s dick, that’ll be three inches.

I smiled at how everyone was throwing themselves at her.

Her name was Vanessa and she was an international celebrity. She was pretty much born into this life, being a child star, then an actress and then finally a platinum recording artist.

She was looking extravagant today with slim black jeans and a cropped black top. Her hair was long and beautiful and it contrasted with her olive skin.

My eyes travelled down her face and onto her tits. Having seen a couple of her bikini shots, I knew that she had an amazing rack.

What a Latin beauty she was.

She went into her designated trailer where she will spend hours to prep for the shooting today.

Me? I am a nobody.

I was at the bottom of the class system, literally. I was just a double and stuntman, doing the dangerous jobs that the actor was too much of a pussy for.

I could’ve become as successful as her if I wanted to, hell I had the looks. But it was the dangerous stunts that I loved more.

Speaking of the main actor, he came into my view as he got into Vanessa’s trailer.

Somehow the cigarette wasn’t as appealing to me anymore and I chucked it over the rail and into the plants that were situated below me. I really didn’t like Danny. He was arrogant and stuck up and made my life a living hell the last couple of weeks, ever since we started shooting this movie.

Just like Vanessa, he was a teen heartthrob. But that was all he was, a teen, a boy.

In my opinion, Vanessa needed a man, someone who handles her and who knows exactly what she wants. She needed someone who can handle himself and protect her if things got dangerous, not someone who constantly embarrasses her through the media.

Their fights were surreal, and they were constantly at it. He cheats on her with pretty much every single model and she always forgives him. She really deserves someone better, especially because I like how she was a genuine person.

She wasn’t one of them fake celebrities who say one thing in front of the camera then say the complete opposite behind closed doors. That was more like Danny.

Had to cut him some slack though, he fucks Vanessa and fucks hot models all the time. He was living the life.

Still, he didn’t act in Vanessa’s best interest.

I had a couple of hours before shooting started. The next two scenes will be shot at the middle of the night, so we didn’t expect to get home anytime before sunrise.

I moved to a trailer that was open for anyone on set, and lay down on the big couch.

I was deep asleep when a knock on the door woke me up. After hours of sleeping on a couch and waking up to a fist banging against sheer metal, you become grumpy and that was what I was, grumpy. I got up and moved to open the door.

“Your scene is next, get ready.” The executive director said to me. He then left me alone and I shut the door again.

I pulled out my pack of cigarettes and lit one up, enjoying it while it lasted.

The scene I was in involved a bike chase, me being on a bike and being chased by a couple of police cars. Honestly, that wasn’t a big deal. Danny could pull that off.

However there was a particular stunt, which Danny could only dream of performing. I was going to ride my motorcycle at full speed over a ramp. Mid-air time was around 20 seconds. That was fucking long, but whatever, no big deal right?

Fuck yes. I hand picked the ramp, cleaned it making sure no objects will interfere or risk puncture one of my tires. It was going to be epic.

I already felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

The leather jacket that I had to wear for the scene was of shit quality, clearly not meant for bikers but more for style. I put on bandages underneath my shirt to add an extra layer of clothing in case I grind against the ground. I put the leather jacket on and left the trailer.

It was quite bright with all the staging light and my eyes adjusted to the brightness. I saw the director come my way and got myself ready for the stunt.

“You okay son?”

I always liked him. He was good to me, unlike the other stuck up bitches that thought they were better than me.

“Yes sir. I am all set.” I answered truthfully as I put on my leather gloves. My outfit was all black; faded black jeans, black trainers and a black leather jacket.

I looked up and saw the director studying the set.

“You know, I always wondered. Why are you doing this?”

“What do you mean sir?” What was he referring to?

“Stop calling me sir, it’s Johnny for you.” He briefly looked bursa escort at me and then directed his eyes back onto the stage. “The stunts, with your looks and your attitude I could get you a real acting job you know, one that pays better than this.”

Although I found that offer very appealing, I refuse.

“Johnny, I am not really big on being in the spotlight. I prefer staying in the back. Besides, I’m not doing this for the rest of my life, just need to pay my way through engineering.”

“Engineering?” Johnny cocked an eyebrow at that. “Didn’t take you for a numbers guy Nero.”

Yep, I know what you’re thinking, Nero like the roman emperor? Unfortunately yes. My mom was obsessed with history and wanted me to become someone noble, so she named me Nero.

“What gave it away? The tattoos?” I chuckled a bit. I knew Johnny was just getting my mind off the stunt I was about to pull, to make me less nervous. That’s why I rate him. There aren’t many directors that actually care for you.

We bantered back and forth before I had to get on the bike. I turned the keys and started the bike, loving the sound of this beauty.

“Good luck son. Be careful will ya’.” Johnny shouted over the sound of the bike.

I nodded and gave him the thumbs up. Behind Johnny I saw Danny talking to Vanessa. They were both covered in blankets and had each a cup of tea I assumed.

Danny was ignoring me and kept talking to Vanessa, but Vanessa was looking straight at me. Was she interested in how I was going to end it? I smiled at her and she smiled back.

That motivated me enough to put on the best fucking show.

And boy I did. I broke my personal record, driving at the fastest speed. I jumped and landed the bike beautifully, and bringing my bike to a halt by drifting a little. The whole crew cheered on and I got couple of pats on my back as I pushed my bike back to the set.

“Really well done son. I don’t think we need another one.” Johnny praised me.

If another one wasn’t required, it meant I could go home and sleep for another couple of hours before my early lecture.

I was back in the trailer, getting changed when I heard the door open and close. In came Charlotte. She was the other female actor who had a supporting role. Her and me had gotten pretty close over the last weeks and I enjoyed her company.

“That was really cool what you did.”

“Thanks. You’re a pretty good actor too.” I didn’t know what else to say and I wished I kept my mouth shut, cause she giggled at me.

“I better be. Are you going home?” She asked.

“Yeah, got an early lecture tomorrow.”

“Lecture? You go to college?” Suddenly interested in my life story.

I nodded, studying her face. Her expression saddened. I couldn’t help myself but found myself staring at her tits. They were at least double D, if not bigger.

“I wanted to go to college too, but my mom said that instead of studying I could shoot more movies and become more successful.”

“Well, that sounds rather plain to me. If you want to go to college, just do it. What is your mom gonna do? Kill you?”

Her smile returned and I was glad this wasn’t as awkward as I thought it’d be.

She looked at me, a determined look on her face and stepped closer to the couch I sat on.

“You know, I noticed how you look at me.” Oh shit. Did she catch me? “I know that you sometimes can’t help yourself with these babies.” She cupped her tits knowingly and I nearly shot my load right there and then.

Was she seducing me?

‘Two can play this game’ was the thought that flashed through my mind.

“I am sure they are too big to handle for your boyfriend, aren’t they?”

“Ohh, you’re naughty.” She opened my legs and crawled onto my lap.

Her scent was sweet and I was in heaven when she started to grind her ass against my groin. I slid one hand on to her tit and squeezed. They were firm and fit perfectly into my hand. I felt her nipples harden through the material and she started moaning. I put my other hand on her rear and squeezed her left cheek.

Fuck was she sexy.

I looked into her eyes and she looked back at me. I moved in closer, hoping to steal a kiss but she moved back abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered, still in euphoria with her grinding.

“No kissing baby, that’s only for my boyfriend.”

Ehm, Okay? It was clear I was going to fuck this girl, and if I apply my skills I’ll even get her ass, but she doesn’t want me to kiss her? Whatever.

I pulled on the straps of her sundress and pulled the top of her dress down, revealing her bra-cupped tits. Fuck me they were big. She quickly unclasped her bra and I had one nipple in my mouth before she could even get rid of the bra.

I was licking furiously, my left hand now slowly squeezing closer to her pussy.

She moaned loudly and I had enough of foreplay. I pushed her off me and she had a startled look until I put my hands on her shoulders and lowered her onto her knees.

“Mhmm, do you want bursa escort bayan me to suck your cock?”

“Fuck yes.”

She unbuckled my jeans and slipped my boxers down.

“Oh my fucking god! What the fuck is that?” She referred to my dick; guess she never saw a manly one before. “It’s fucking huge!”

“Do you want to stop?” I hoped she would say no. Every single girl that sees my cock firmly sprints away from it. They’re all scared of it. I was above average, way above average but it was almost like a curse. I had the biggest dick and yet no one wanted to fuck me.

“Hell no, I’m gonna fuck you all night. But please take it slowly, my pussy isn’t used to such a hammer.” She replied and was eyeing my dick standing proudly. I had to admit, the view did look good.

My 11-inch dick pressed against her face was a sight I couldn’t resist.

She grabbed my cock and started pumping it furiously. My head fell back from the feeling. She was a queen at this.

I felt her pop one of my balls into her mouth and groaned loudly.

On a personal note, I was clean-shaven down there, hating the feel of any hair.

She was a pro at this as she sucked my balls and kept stroking me with both her hands now. Before I knew it, she had moved from my balls and slowly licked the underside of my shaft all the way until she reached the head of my dick. She licked the pre-cum off and then took the head into her mouth.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed her warmness. She struggled getting half of my rod into her mouth but that was more than anyone had ever sucked. I grabbed her hair and pulled it out of the way, looking her into the eyes as she bopped up and down on my dick.

“I’m about to cum.” I warned her.

She just hummed and the vibration got me off the edge. I was cumming into her luscious mouth, load after load.

I wasn’t some small dicked guy; I had a huge dick and balls. So to her surprise, after ten shots of my cum there was more. She couldn’t swallow it all and popped my dick out of her mouth and I continued to shoot a load after load, spurting it all over her face. She was cum covered by the time I was done. Her cheeks, forehead and her tits had thick loads of cum.

“Fuck me that was a lot. Do you always spurt that much?” She asked as she licked her lips.

What a sight to behold. This dizzy blond sure knew how to suck cock.


“Oh my god you’re still hard. This is going to be so much fun!”

I was lost in lust. I didn’t care about gentleness anymore. I pulled her to her feet, lifted her off the ground and she slipped her legs around my waist. I pushed her against the wall and slipped her panties down. I held my dick against her labia, stroking it against her clit getting her wet. Without wasting time, I slammed my dick deep inside her pussy. She screamed from pleasure.

“Ah oh my god. Oh my god. Please, slower.”

I ignored her plea and started to seriously fuck her, going as deep as I can. The slap of my balls hitting her ass filled the silence of the trailer.

After a couple of thrusts, I felt her body shake and she came all over my dick. I kissed her neck and bit on it marking her as mine. But I wasn’t going to stop there.

I picked up the pace and seriously pumped into her not holding back anymore. My dick was going deep into her pussy and touched her womb. She moaned so loud that I am sure people outside the trailer were aware of what we were doing.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me you big stud. Ahhh, you fucking stallion, fuck me.”

“Whose dick is bigger, mine or your boyfriend’s?” I demanded an answer.

“Please don’t make me say it.” I stopped thrusting and put my mouth next to her ear.

“If you want me to fuck you you’ll tell me. Who fucks you better?”

“Aaah, you. You fuck me way better. Ah, your dick is bigger. Please baby fuck me, fuck me.”

Satisfied with her answer, I carried on fucking her.

Her nails dug deep into my back and she continued moaning. She looked so fucking sexy, her hair a mess and stained from my cum, her lips a little swollen and open as she screamed my name. I was nearing my orgasm and didn’t warn her as I shot my load deep into her womb.

“Nooo, I could get pregnant.” Was all she said. She better get pregnant, I fucking loved that idea.

I slipped my mouth over hers and to my surprise she kissed me back. We started to make out like two newlyweds, my dick throbbing deep inside her pussy.

I was shooting cum for two minutes and she couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore. Her eyes rolled back and she lost consciousness. I held her for another couple of seconds, me breathing hard against her ear trying to catch my breath. I carried her to the couch where I laid earlier and covered her in a blanket, making sure no cum was flowing out of her. I put my jeans on and grabbed my leather jacket.

I opened the door and felt the cold air-drying up the sweat on my neck. I breathed in the night air and calmed myself. I opened my eyes and looked back at twenty escort bursa pair of eyes, all watching me.

“Well fuck me.” I muttered.

The whole crew had witnessed me fucking one of their actresses, and she loved it.

The men all gave me jealous looks, except for Johnny who had a smile across his face, and the girls were hungrily observing me.

My eyes travelled to Danny, who had an angry look on his face and I couldn’t help but give him my cocky grin.

Next to him stood Vanessa and she like every other girl had the same look on her face, one of admire, one of lust.

Honestly, I usually wasn’t this confident, but getting caught fucking a girl senseless and getting all these stares from the ladies got to my head.

I winked at Vanessa and she quickly turned her head blushing.

I got on my bike, quickly nodded to Johnny who was giving me thumbs up, and drove off.


The alarm went off and I quickly turned it off. I jumped out of bed and started my day with fifty push-ups, followed by fifty sit-ups. I went into my bathroom and started the cold shower. As I took my boxers off and the raging hard on came into view, memories rushed to me from the night before where I fucked Charlotte. At the memory my dick had gotten even harder and I quickly jumped into the cold shower, hoping it calmed my dick down.

As I turned to get in the shower, I saw red marks on my back.

“Geez, she didn’t take it lightly”

After showering, and my dick finally calming down, I stepped out with a towel wrapped around my torso. For the first time since forever I looked at myself in the mirror.

I had black hair falling into my piercing green eyes. There was a three-day beard across my strong jaw and my nose was slightly crooked from having it broken in a fight once.

I checked my physique and was glad to found I still sported a six-pack. Between work and exams I didn’t really have time for the gym. However, I was still a muscular guy standing at six feet. I flashed the smile that made all girls weak and hurried to my room to get changed.

I grabbed my bag and left for school.


“Settle down folks. Today we’ll talk about he electric components in industry.” Professor Addison shouted as he walked into the large lecture hall, dropping his briefcase on his desk.

I sat at the far back getting finding blank paper to take notes on. It wasn’t until halfway through the lecture that my phone started to buzz violently.

‘What the heck?’ I pulled it out of my jeans and saw three missed calls from Johnny and one unread text. I was in no position of calling him back, so quickly read the message. It read ‘Call me. It’s urgent.’

What’s so urgent? A few girls sitting in the row behind me interrupted my train of thought.

“Excuse me, are you Nero?”

At that I turned my head and saw a couple of girls trying to stifle a laugh.

“Yeah, who’s asking?”

“Oh, I just wanted to make sure you’re this guy.” She turned her phone screen so that I can look at it and my mouth dropped open. It was a video of me fucking Charlotte, there was no view of me physically ravishing her but her moaning was clear and one could hear her shouting my name. On top of that, whoever was filming had filmed me exiting the trailer.

I was screwed.

I quickly packed my stuff and got up to leave.

“Ahh, Mr. Carlos, this lecture too hard for you?” At that moment, I really hated Addison. I ignored him and walked straight out through the door.

I found Johnny’s number and dialed it, praying he’d pick up.

“Nero, you’re in deep shit.”

“Why? It isn’t a sex tape, just sounds of people fucking. Did it make front news?”

“Yes it fucking did. You aren’t the problem. The media somehow knows it was Charlotte you were fucking and up until now no one knew who Charlotte was. Everyone assumed her to be an actress.”

I tried to get my head around that. “Wait what do you mean who Charlotte is?”

“The owner of the studio which is producing the movie, Charlotte is his daughter.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Could it get any worse than that? I was caught fucking the daughter of the most influential person in Hollywood.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“Nero, he called me this morning. He wants you off the project.”

“What?” I shouted into my phone. “He can’t fucking do that, we’ve got a fucking contract going on.”

“I know son, but his orders matter. I’m sorry but you are fired.”

“Johnny, please. Do I at least get paid for my work?” Accepting fate.

“Yeah, I’m sending you a check. I’m sorry it turned out this way son.”

“Yeah, me too.” With that I ended the call and looked up into the sky.

Chances are very high that I won’t be employed as a stuntman anymore. I was royally kicked out the movie industry.

I had no clue how I was going to be paying the rest of my tuition. Fuck it. Whatever happens happens. I am just going to go with the flow.

Truth was that I could probably make more money if I started to work as an assistant in one of the professor’s labs.

I skipped the rest of the lectures and went straight home.

After another cold shower, I heard the telephone ring and went to pick it up.

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