A Birthday Greeting For Him


The limo pulls up in front of your beautiful home at precisely 9:00 pm as expected. Your wife kisses and hugs you farewell, excited that your friends have arranged a special surprise for you. You hold her close; appreciative of all the amazing times you enjoy together.

In your mind you ask yourself what your mates could possibly have in store for you. It doesn’t take long to find out. Sitting on the lap of one of your mates is a beautiful brunette with a voluptuous body, nice big tits and a brilliant smile. You notice how long and lean her legs are in her netted fish net stockings.

As the limo trolls the city your friends laugh with you remembering fun times shared. Trixie, the brunette, keeps smiling at you and running her hand up and down her sexy legs. While you watch, she dips her finger briefly into the soft folds of her pussy, then licks her finger. The showing was a private one just for you. None of your friends noticed; they were too busy talking.

You all file out the limo into the first strip club. So many sexy, hot, women gyrating starts to make your head spin. One in particular is using the pole as her sensual lover. Her moves are so tender and exquisite that you’re fascinated and smitten.

Then she turns and smiles at you mouthing the words Happy Birthday Sexy.

They announce her name. It’s me. Luscious Linda.

As I start to dance to the raunchy tunes on the speaker you feel a tightness in your pants. I’m drawn to you and very turned on. I can’t help but dance closer and closer to you. I know I’ll get fired if I don’t move the floor like I’m suppose to, but I can’t stop myself.

Then I lay down and do a slow and sexy bicycle Sex hikaye exercise to the beat of the music. You watch me snap my legs open, revealing my jeweled thong.

I make sure it’s you that gets the best view. Other men call me over but I can’t stop wanting you.

The attention you’re receiving, my sexy birthday boy, is being noticed by your friends. Your attraction to me is evident in your eyes. My red corset, black fishnet stockings and incredibly sexy body stimulates your senses.

It’s at that moment that one of the boys in your crew decides to get everyone to pitch in for a private party for you and me. While you watch me seduce you, Trixie strolls up behind you and grinds her pussy into you from behind. Her fingers then caress your sexy ass.

The dance is over and another less attractive tart emerges on the dance floor, taking my place. The boys whisk you away to the private room. At the last minute Trixie slips through the door to the room. You find yourself with two amazingly beautiful women who crave you, who want you, and who will do anything you say to please you.

The feeling is heady and you love it. It’s your birthday and you know you deserve to be treated and spoiled and pampered.

Immediately you kiss me and play with my succulent cleavage. Trixie grinds into you as you do that. Before you know it you’re in a very attractive, hot, little sandwich. You kiss the brunette, then me, then her. Slowly we circle you and take off your clothes seductively. You loosen my corset and unhook her tasseled bra. In front of you now are two sets of amazing tits. We guide your sexy, nude, body to the bed Sex hikayeleri and you watch us.

I turn on the music and we both start dancing and shaking our tits to the seductive tunes of soul music. Trixie slides up to you on the bed. Her big tits press into you, as her mouth finds yours. You feel your legs being spread. You feel my wet mouth taking in your nice hard cock. Lindddaaa, you moan as I stroke you and rub you while sucking your cock to perfection.

The brunette feeds you her tits now while I continue to suck your amazing cock. My finger finds your tight hole and I press gently while sucking you. I love hearing the way you suck and lick her tits. I start playing with your balls while smothering your big cock is wet, french, kisses. The pleasure we’re all experiencing is written on our faces.

Trixie slides off of you and joins me in sucking your beautiful cock. We lick up and down your hard rod and then kiss while you watch. Now we’re taking turns, almost like a contest, who can suck you the best and make you moan the loudest. I lick your balls while she inhales your big cock. She licks your thighs, as I cup your balls and fuck your cock with my mouth.

You tell me to lie on my back and tell her to get on all fours. You get on top of me, kiss me wildly and then you slide your gorgeous cock deep into my very, wet, pussy. Long strokes followed by short ones. Then lots of short strokes. You feel me orgasm around your cock. It’s making my pussy soaking wet.

You pull out and stand in front of us. I watch as you take your wet cock and slide it inside the Trixie’s tight pussy from behind. You fuck her hard. Ensest hikayeler I see and hear her orgasm on your cock while circling my clit.

I want you to fuck my ass so bad I can hardly stand it. You sense this. Your cock is so hard still and you’re ready to fuck me like a wildman. And you do. You tilt me over and slip your wet cock deep between my cheeks pounding into me like you can’t get enough. I greet each stroke with a satisfied moan. Abruptly you pull out noticing Trixie wants some of that too. I realize I will have to wait my turn.

Your cock is throbbing before you. You look so handsome. So virile. So ready for anything. I think about how age is just a number and how your sexiness will always lure beautiful women to crave you.

I watch the skillful and kind way you enter between Trixie’s sexy cheeks making sure you don’t hurt her. Then I watch you ramm her full force.

I’m so turned on Handsome. You see the look of rapture in my eyes. You watch me play with my tits. Our eyes lock while you ramm her sexy ass. Then you watch me play with my pussy and bring myself to a noisy orgasm. As I begin to pulse, you release your big load of hot cum right between her cheeks. We orgasm together. Loud and wild.

The sounds of our orgasmic pleasure fill the room. Slowly we come to our senses. You pull out and lay on the bed. Each of us snuggle in beside you on either side. We kiss your sexy body, lick your perspiration, massage you, caress you and adore you with our hands and lips. Gradually we all get up.

Before I know it, I’m joining you and your friends in the limo ready to find some more fun places to enjoy. Then us girls start singing Happpy Birrrrrrthdayyyyyyy to Youuuu, Marilyn Monroe style. You start to feel your cock getting hard again and wonder where the boys will take you next. You kiss me. Then her. You see in our eyes how hungry we still are for the birthday boy. Happy Birthday Handsome! Enjoy your celebration you sexy, sexy, man xoxo

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