38 Floors

Big Tits

I took his hand and bumped him playfully with my shoulder, smiling up like an idiot. He smiled back down – a half-cocked, indulgent smirk that told me he thought I was cute. I straightened and lengthened my high-heeled stride, trying to act a little more adult. All around us, vacationers, business travelers, and hotel staff bustled through the lobby – adults going about their adult business, doing adult things, saying adult things to other adults. And here we were, sneaking away from the reception like teenagers desperate for a dark corner to make out.It had started as a dare – a playful, half-hearted bluff while we killed time by the open bar sipping champagne and waiting for the bride and groom.“No way!” He swallowed a gulp of champagne. “You think you could?”“Oh, totally,” I replied over-confidently. “Thirty-eight floors? What is that? A minute and a half? Two minutes?” I drained my glass and tried my best to look confident and sultry. “Easy. Sometimes I think you forget how good I am.”He thought about this and set his glass down on a passing waiter’s tray. “Okay. You’re on. Let’s see.”“Wait, really? Now?” I tried to keep the sexy edge to my tone, but I was surprised he had called otele gelen escort my bluff. “Are you serious?”“Yeah. Aren’t you? You said it’d be easy.”So, half-tipsy on free champagne and giggling like teenagers, we headed for the elevators. It felt like sneaking off behind the bleachers, risking the prying eyes of teachers or fellow students for just a few moments of the dizzying taste and feel of his lips on mine. Or like watching your parents’ SUV pull out of the driveway, counting the seconds until you could sneak your boyfriend in through the back door and up to your room. The giddy, stomach-flipping anticipation was almost as good as the feeling of his hands all over you. Almost.The butterflies really hit me when we stepped off the plush carpet in the lobby and onto the tile that led to the bank of elevators, my heels clicking loudly off the marble walls. I looked over my shoulder. We were the only people around.My boyfriend pushed the call button and we watched the numbers descend, my heart beating fast as I tried to gauge the relative speed of the elevator. Can I really do this? Honestly, I wasn’t sure, but I wasn’t balgat escort sure that it mattered anyway. It was worth it for the rush, for the sexy silliness of it. It felt good to play again.The elevator dinged and we stepped in nervously, glancing to see if any last-minute passengers might spoil our fun. But the door closed and we were alone.“You sure about this?” he asked, tone incredulous, as he reached for his zipper.I answered with a cocky smile. Thirty-eight floors, I told myself. Two minutes. The door bumped shut, drowning out the sounds of the busy lobby. Before the elevator could even move, I was crouching in front of him, his already hard dick in my hand. I gave it a single stroke before plunging down with my mouth.I felt the warm, guilty flush that comes from doing inappropriate things in inappropriate places and I briefly flashed back to those high school encounters and the electric volt of feeling hot, smooth skin for the first time. But I knew I didn’t have time for that now…As I bobbed up and down, I angled my head and strained my eyes to see the digital numbers slowly ticking up….6… 7….Yeah, I got this, I elvankent escort thought, settling into a quick, steady, up-and-down rhythm. I focused on the sensation of his smooth, wet shaft sliding over my tongue, flattening it as it filled my mouth….14… 15…Why wasn’t he cumming yet? Was he doing this on purpose? I glanced up at him. No, he was feeling it. I could tell – his head pressed back against the wall, his breath ragged, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the handrail….22… 23…My calves were burning from crouching in heels, so I shifted to my knees. It was more vulnerable, more risky. If the doors opened, I wouldn’t have enough time to get up, but I could concentrate better without the strain on my legs….29… 30…Oh, shit! I was beginning to realize that I might not make it.I pumped frantically, my jaws aching, my hand cramping and my knees scraping on the tile floor. I gave it everything I had, ignoring the clenching sensation in the back of my throat as I plunged too far down on him.He let out a low moan and gripped my hair and…Ding!The door opened in a flash.I scrambled to my feet just as the door opened, my boyfriend frantically trying to tuck himself back in his pants but ultimately just able to cover his still-wet cock with his hands.A man – tall, handsome in a perfectly tailored suit – glanced at both us as he stepped, hesitating, into the elevator. He seemed confused, but was he puzzled about our sudden scramble or about why we didn’t seem to be getting off the elevator… or had he seen everything?

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