A Beautiful Taste


It all begins with a beautiful taste.Kneeling at the bed like an altar,palms gliding along bare thighs,caresses cascading as you beginto open yourself to me. You begin to drizzle your secrets, parcel out the darkest needs one aching flick at a timewhen my tongue slides inside.Your taste is everything beautiful to me,sweet summer rain showering dark afternoons, crashing and intermingling all sugary dews,licking the brief glow of a violent ember touching Ankara Rus Escort a face almost lost in the winter’s eve.My tongue and fingers become seamless,testing the delicate flexes of tight wet walls,probing the furthest reaches discovered,holding you deep inside of my lungs as you exhale my name syllable by syllable.Our demanding bodies soon begin to shiftlike planets Yenimahalle Escort meeting in lust’s mist,licking the innermost fiery channelas your lips seal to the very root.Tongue cascading hard sensitive inches,mouth imprisoning this hard needthrobbing forcefully at your commandas I rise without cease for you.As my secrets begin to trickle out,you taste the way I quiver,one aching drop at a time when your tongue swirls the trickling tip.I taste everything beautiful in you,the very end of heartache, the fever that surrounded after a kissintermingled two curious young mouthscrashing together for the first time,licking the temporary nectar that escapedwhen I never hesitated to envelope another.Our tongues communicate seamlessly, pushing far beyond what thresholdswe once believed could never be ignited,drowning in your delicious essenceas you make me tremble by hummingevery syllable of my name one by one.Our demanding bodies inevitably seize,writhe together in eruptions and floods,souls cascading into one beinggreedily devoured without abandon.It all begins with a beautiful taste,with you opening to me.

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