A Housewife With A Naughty Mind


Even though we’ve never metI think about you oftenWe both can never forgetOur conversations are always awesomeI have a husband And you have a wifeThere’s never any touchingI’m thankful you’re in my lifeSometimes we have tragediesBut we think about each otherOur spouses Elvankent Escort are a bit needyWe can just be keyboard loversYou’ve made me tapes of your voiceSent me an amazing toyYou always were Beşevler Escort my top choiceYour present gives me joyI write you fantasy storiesTiny morsels to get you excitedMy stories are in many categoriesEach Cebeci Escort one makes you delightedYou’ve said you’d send me ticketsA chance for a real meetingHave a get together that would be wickedA weekend that would have meaningOf course this is just our fantasyOf having a hot love affairA weekend to explore our sexualityAnd not just using our softwareWe both have naughty mindsYou talk to me between meetingsI know that you’re very kindYou’re the one who’s always leavingJust know a housewife thinks of youHer mind thinking of wicked thoughtsThinking of lovers who screwAnd hoping to never get caught 

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