A New Experience


I remember sitting in work one day – it was one of those days that was taking forever to go by. A few of us had decided we would go out that night. I think it was someone’s birthday or something. It must have been just after lunch when I very randomly just had an urge to suck some guy’s cock… It wasn’t the first time I’d thought about what it might be like but it was the first time I gave some serious thought to actually doing it.

I had previously thought once or twice about what it might be like, to the extent where I actually thought I might probably be quite good at it. Sitting at my desk, I made up my mind – “Fuck it, why not?”

For the rest of the afternoon, I hatched my plans to go out that night and get my first experience of having a hard cock in my mouth. Just sitting there seriously considering how I would go about it made me unbelievably horny!

My plan was this – I knew there was a large gay scene in the town in which I live and I knew exactly where the gay bars and clubs were in town. I figured if I left my work colleagues at about midnight (telling them I was just going home) then I’d have a good two hours before kicking out time to find the right guy in a gay club on the other side of town. There’d be little chance of being found out by my colleagues or my friends so I figured that would be the easiest.

It wasn’t until just after one when I gave my excuses to my colleagues and left the club. I realised I was quite tipsy from the drinks I’d put back earlier. This just made me more confident. I started my walk through town to the club I figured I’d have most chance in. Looking at my watch, I wasn’t sure if I had left myself enough time though!

Nearing my destination, I rounded the corner only to see that people were leaving the club already! “Shit” I thought. “Now what?” As I got closer to the club I realised that whilst everyone was coming out of the club, not all of them appeared to be leaving. I slowed my pace approaching the entrance, considering if it would be worth even trying to get in, if everyone was leaving already.

I stopped just outside to make my decision, whether I should bother or not, when an attractive looking guy smiled at me and said Hi. He looked to be in his early 20’s with dark hair and a good body. Almost immediately he raised his eyebrows at me demetevler escort and asked me if I fancied going for a walk with him. Reading the hidden meaning in his question I quickly decided that I’d landed on my feet, and that this would be the best offer I would get all night. I agreed and we crossed the road and took a short walk through a dark alleyway through to a courtyard / car-park that was well hidden from the main street.

I remember feeling like a bit of a slut walking down that alleyway, but then the adrenaline took over. Finding a dark corner we started to kiss immediately. We’d both come for the same thing, so neither of us saw any reason to stall.

The guy pushed his tongue into my mouth and ran his hands down my body. One of his hands came to rest inside my shirt, on my waist, and his other hand slowly started to rub my cock through my jeans. It wasn’t long before his attention had my seven-inch dick stiff and straining to be freed.

I let him work, his fingers undoing the buttons of my jeans, and then reaching in to pull out my hard member. I moaned as he slowly started to wank me, moving his hand up and down the shaft of my cock. I remember he broke the kiss to look down at what he was doing, playfully massaging my balls in the palm of his hand, and then returning to masturbating me. It felt so good.

Then I remembered what I had decided I wanted. I brought my hand over his crotch and ran my palm down the length of his semi hard cock trapped within his jeans. He moaned, releasing his grasp on my cock. I had the impression we both wanted what happened next.

I kneeled down, my jeans undone and halfway down my thighs. My head level with his waist, I slowly began to undo his jeans. Like me, he had no underwear on so I reached into his jeans, and wrapping my fingers around his thick meat I pulled his hardening cock out. Gripping his girth towards the base I wasted no time in wrapping my lips around the glistening head, which was leaking pre-cum already.

I lapped at the smooth head before taking more of his length into my mouth, gently starting a rhythm bobbing my head up and down his shaft. I licked at the bottom of his shaft as I fed his thick cock into my mouth, repeatedly sucking as I ran my lips up and down his otele gelen escort now wet dick.

It felt so good to have this guys cock in my mouth, wanking the base of the shaft with one hand, and massaging his shaved balls with the other. I didn’t let off the pace at all, sucking and wanking him hard, using plenty of saliva to keep lubrication.

Soon I sensed he was ready to come. I moved the hand that was playing with his balls to gently tease his asshole with my middle finger. He moaned and gasped more when I did this and in no time at all I felt his shaft swelling in my mouth and is balls tighten.

He came in my mouth, and I had to swallow quickly to stop from spilling any from the corner of my mouth. I finally opened my mouth and raised my head, licking the head of his cock as I did so.

The guy started to pull up his jeans straight away making his excuses to leave. I didn’t care – I’d got what I had come for. I stood up as the guy left and started to pull up my own jeans.

It wasn’t until I turned around that I realise we had been watched! Not ten feet away a different guy stood, who had obviously enjoyed the show. I started to walk away, but quickly I considered how much of a rush this revelation had been. I hadn’t walked five steps before I stopped, though “what the hell”, and turned back round to the guy who had been watching.

Without even saying a word, I walked straight up to the guy and began undoing his belt. He gasped, leaning back against the wall as I pushed my hand down into his jeans. I moaned myself as I found his stiffening cock.

Immediately I dropped to my knees, pulling his flies open and working his jeans down his thighs. I still remember this guy’s cock as if I had seen it yesterday. It was about eight inches long, shaved, and it had a slight upward bend in the shaft. When I wrapped my fingers around it I let out a moan of my own because it was just so… hard!

I started licking this beautiful cock like an ice cream, just amazed at how stiff it was. It felt like he was about to empty his balls any second and just gush all over my hand. But it didn’t… Not yet anyway.

After a few laps at his cock I move my head down, now lapping at his balls, taking turns to suck one into my mouth balgat escort as I slowly jerked his raging stiff dick. As I licked and sucked he put his hand on the back of my head, obviously enjoying the attention he was receiving. I pumped my hand up and down his hard, hard shaft, his thick cock just feeling so good in my hand. He was moaning and gasping as I wanked him, making some really sexy noises. Soon he was moving his hips, fucking my hand as I tossed him and licked at his balls.

Before long I stopped sucking and just concentrating on jerking his cock. I was anxious to see this gorgeous cock spurting cum from its tip. I was rewarded a few strokes later as his dick erupted, shooting cum high in the air, and landing back down on my hand and face, soaking my still pumping fist in cum. Immediately I leaned in and took a long lick at the tip of his cock, coating my tongue with his seed. I then stood up and we kissed, swapping his salty cum between our mouths as I slowly wanked his now semi hard, wet sticky cock between us..

This guy was in no rush however, and slowly walked round behind me. Putting one hand on my waist, he reached round with his other hand and started to play with my own raging cock. I was so hard by this point and was feeling like such a slut having sucked and wanked two guys to orgasm I was just aching to cum.

I leaned back against him as he stroked me painfully slowly. I remember begging him to get me off as he teased my cock with his long slow deliberate strokes. He started to jack me quicker, listening to my moans of pleasure.

All of sudden I was aware of another presence. Another guy, slightly taller than both of us was standing a short distance away from us, watching. He walked towards us as I was being wanked. He came and stood with us, undoing his belt and pulling a massive cock out of his trousers. Even in my almost delirious state of pleasure I could tell that this guy was at least 9 inches and thick to go with it.

He watched closely as I received my reach around wank, playing with his own cock as he did. I was going to come any minute, and told them both so. Immediately the newcomer dropped to his knees before me, and opened his mouth, as the other guy fucked my cock with his fist. In no time at all I was spraying my cum into the newcomers mouth, as the guy wanking me directed the flow of my spunk.

After a few sucks of my wet cock head, the newcomer made a hasty retreat, leaving the two of us to tidy ourselves up, and say our own goodbyes. We parted ways and I walked home scarcely believing the experience I had just had.

To this day it remains the most debauched, fucked up, erotic night of my life.

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