A Night to Remember


A fair number of years ago, I was about 19 or so. I had recently finished school and got myself a handy job. Making money and being young, I of course began heading into town (Dublin) on the weekends for some very enjoyable nights out. This night, was one to remember.

I had been drinking with some friends in a pub. Last orders were called at bout 2:00a.m. We finished up our drinks and we all left to head home. I was on my own as I was going in the opposite direction to my friends. It was about 2:30a.m at this stage and crossing the road near Dame St, I decided to take an interesting detour.

There is a very famous Gay Bar near Dame St that has its entrance and exit situated down a long, dark laneway, good for promiscuous behaviour if you’re feeling a little naughty. I decided to take a stroll down the laneway as it was closing time at the Gay Bar and there is always interesting activities going on down this laneway.

I got to one end of the laneway and could see it was full of people. I slowly began to make my way down the laneway. There were guys everywhere, on their own standing by the sides, guys kissing with hands down each other’s pants!

I actually thought all of this raw, sexual excitement was pretty hot. I am not Gay as I love Girls, however I do love some cock from time to time and get super turned on by Crossdressers, Shemales and traps!

As I was walking through this sexually charged laneway I caught the eye of this guy staring at me. He was same height as me at 5’9 or so, same build, slim athletic body and about 145 pounds. He invited me over with a smile and a gentle head gesture. Nervously, I walked over. We began chatting and he offered me a cigarette. He then asked me would I like to come back to his place for another beer.

“Fuck it, I’d love another beer, why not,” I said happily.

We were in agreement and we made our way back to his place. It was only about a 10minute walk. We got to his building, up the elevator and got to his front door. I wasn’t really nervous because I was just coming in for a beer. Or so I thought!

He took out his keys, turned the lock and went inside. He had a nice apartment, nothing too big but cosy. Living room, kitchen and table in the one good sized room, a separate bedroom and separate bathroom.

He told me to go into the living room and grab a beer from the fridge and that he would be in to join me in a few minutes. I went in, got a beer for me and one for him and sat down on his L shaped couch.

I was expecting to have a few beers, maybe listen to some music but I was also aware there was a chance something more could happen and I was happy to go with whatever the evening had in store for me.

After a few minutes, the living room door opened further and the guy came in. He looked büyükesat escort at me, comfortably sitting on his couch enjoying a beer.

“Can I do anything else for you,” he asked.

I smiled back at him and that was all he needed. Without hesitation he walked over to me, stood in front of me and got onto his knees. Now I was nervous, my heart started racing, I was so caught up in the moment and excited.

He ran his right hand up my leg, over my thigh and onto my crotch. He could feel my Cock building and getting harder and harder as he stroked my Dick over my pants. After less than a minute of this I couldn’t help myself, I unclipped my belt, undone every button, raised my Ass from the couch and slid my pants and underwear down around my ankles as if they were on fire.

My Cock was throbbing now and his eyes lit up with excitement.

“Fuck, this guy is about to Suck my Dick,” I said to myself and I could not wait.

He put his hands on either side of my thighs and started moving his wet ready mouth towards my pulsing Cock. The closer and closer he got, the more and more I was getting turned on. What felt like an eternity he then opened his mouth and put my Cock in! He kept his mouth open until about half of my 7inch Dick was in his mouth and then he locked his lips around my shaft.

“OH FUCK YE,” I moaned and quivered in pleasure.

He then pulled his head all the way up my Shaft and over my Head while keeping his lips firmly fastened and tight.

“You like that?” he asked with a grin on his face.

“Yes I Fucking Do,” I responded.

He then opened his mouth again but only slightly and lowered his head towards my Cock. He took out his tongue and ran it from just above my balls all the way up my shaft. Then he put the tip of my Dick in his mouth and started swirling his tongue on it. Fuck, it felt so good; I began gripping the cushions I was sitting on as it was so intense.

After a minute or so of pleasing my head with his tongue he began to suck my Dick up and down. Going about half way down every time and sucking up, to the point of my Cock nearly coming out of his mouth, but it never did. He was so methodical with his Cock action. He sucked and sucked me, lathering my Cock with spit every time he went up and down, and from time to time he would tease my head with his tongue. I was in heaven.

He had to come up for air after about 10 minutes of this. He took my Dick out of his mouth, took a massive breath in while looking and smiling at me and then went to work on my Balls. I had just freshly shaven my balls previously before I went out, so they were more sensitive to the slut on the end of them. First; he licked and caressed either Ball with his mouth. He cebeci escort then took my whole left one in his mouth and started sucking on it like it was his favourite sweet.

Next, with my balls in his mouth he took his hand and wrapped it around my Dick and started stroking me. He then changed to my right ball and done the same thing. It felt amazing and after switching between the two for some time he went back to work on my nice hard Dick.

I was oozing with pre-cum at this stage and when he seen it his face lit up, like a kid at Christmas and devoured all of it with a delicious moan.

He continued moaning as my Cock re-entered his mouth. I fucking love it when someone moans with a mouth full of my Dick. He continued to suck me for a long time and I loved every minute of it. It was so raw, naughty, wrong, all that shit, but I fucking loved it!

After what didn’t seem like long enough he stood up in front of me. My Cock glistening with spit and pre-cum, pulsating and shaking it was so hard. Something inside of me made me want his Cock in my mouth. I very quickly and wantingly un-buttoned his pants, slid them down around his ankles and reached for his big bulge in under his underwear. I could tell from the bulge he wanted it!

I lifted the elastic from his underwear away from him and slid them down off his ass, letting his Dick settle right in front of my face. Mmmm, his Cock was so fucking hot, similar size and look to mine. Without any hesitation I opened my wet, ready mouth and put his Dick between my lips and into my mouth. It felt so good in my mouth I crave his Dick to this day.

He gasped in pleasure as his Cock entered my mouth, placing his hands on my head as I began sucking him. I continuously like to spit on Cock as I’m blowing on one, as I did for him. And he loved it. After about 10mins of working on his Dick, I went to work on his sweet, shaved balls. They felt so good in my mouth as I sucked and licked each one!

His body was so hot and he had a sexy, tight little ass and for some reason I turned him around, put my hand midway up his naked back and bent him over. Enough to give me access to lick out his ass. I licked, kissed and caressed his ass before putting my finger in. He jolted forward as my finger initially entered his asshole, however this immediately followed by an increased sexual moaning of pleasure.

After about 5 minutes of my finger and face being buried deep in his hot Ass he suddenly left the room.

“What’s going on is he done,” I disappointingly said to myself.

Confused, naked and unsure of the situation, while being on my knees, I stood up and began to reluctantly get dressed and leave. Before I could put my pants back on, the door swung open again kolej escort and under his arm was a fold up mattress.

“I wonder what that’s for,” I questioned to myself.

In no time I would know exactly what he had in mind.

He placed it on the floor and instructed me to lie down flat on it. I was so turned on and delighted that the experience wasn’t over I gladly placed my naked body face down, ass up on the mattress. I had never properly had my ass fucked at this point in my life but was completely willing to let him enter my Ass with his long hard Dick.

He put a condom on and got behind me, mounting me like a good little slut needs to be. He covered my asshole with spit and his own Cock also for lubrication. He then placed the tip of his throbbing Cock on my asshole.

“You ready,” he said.

“Oh ye, fuck me with that Dick,” I replied.

He slowly began to push his Cock into my tight asshole.

“Oh Fuck,” I yelled, as I felt my asshole stretch the further he pushed into me.

I’m not going to lie, it was pretty damn sore, but I loved that feeling a girl gets when they’re getting fucked. Raw, passionate, submissive and being completely dominated. I love fucking girls, one of the main reasons is how uncontrollable they behave and feel while being fucked. When you’re fucking them the room can be on fire and they wouldn’t even know. That’s the feeling I got when I was being fucked also. No wonder there obsessed!

The pain eased up a little, but after a few minutes I had to stop. As much as I loved it, I needed to rest my stretched asshole and was dying to Cum at this point. I leaned forward, letting his Cock slide out of my ass and I stood up. He knew I wanted to Cum and he stayed on his knees as I knelt over him.

With my Dick in my hand, I started to pump my shaft, I placed the tip of m Dick on his lips and he began licking my head. I was so close at this stage. I could see he was Wanking his own beautiful Dick with one hand as he placed the other under my balls and between my legs, grabbing my ass cheeks and running his finger along my asshole.

I could tell by the Climax that this was going to be one of the best Orgasms I ever had. I continued to pull my Cock as he continued playing with the rest of my body and I could feel my Cum building and building, about to blow like a cannon. It was so good, getting so strong and then, BOOM,

“OHHHHHH FUCK,” I roared, in pure ecstasy as my head tiled backwards.

Shooting and pumping Hot loads of Cum all over his face. It was one of the biggest loads I had ever shot and it lasted for ages. My body was quivering in pleasure afterwards. I was so satisfied, yet felt a little wrong and naughty. I began to get dressed and he asked me to stay the night. I kindly declined, got my clothes on and left with the biggest smile.

It truly was a night to remember.


If you liked this story please comment, if it turned you on, made you touch yourself, stroke or rub yourself or made you cum, let me know too!.

Also leave comment if anybody would like to hear more of my sexual encounters!!

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