After Room 117 Ch. 02


It was a week after my first trip to the adult bookstore that I went for the second time. I had attended a frat party on campus, and as those things usually go, there were about ten times as many men as there were women at the party. I was more than a little buzzed from beer and ganja when I arrived in the parking lot of the bookstore.

Unlike my first two forays into this taboo world, I was not the least bit nervous. I suppose the dope and drink had eroded my inhibitions effectively to the point that all I felt was horny. In fact, I had massaged my stiff cock through the material of my jeans all the way across town.

It was just after 1 a.m. when I entered the store, which I was glad to find, was open 24 hours. The parking lot, while not full, had contained enough cars that I was certain that I would find a playmate or two inside the establishment.

This time, instead of the peeps, I chose to enter the theater section. I paid my five bucks to the clerk. The pregnant female, I noticed, had been replaced by a rather spaced out looking guy of about my age with a mohawk and lipstick. I acted like his look was ordinary, as I paid, took my receipt and heard the spiel about no leaving and returning without another payment. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought, as I turned and slipped in the swinging door to the theater area. Once inside, I found a wide, dimly lit hallway with black walls that had three doors. Two of the doors were on the left, spaced about 20 feet apart. The other was at the far end of the hall. The moans of the three different sets of actors and actresses gathered in a cacophony in the hallway. I headed to the third door.

Past the third door, I found myself in a small theater area that was far darker than any mainstream theater. The contrast of the bright, flickering screen and dark theater made me pause along a back wall in order to get my bearings. I stood with my back to the wall, almost inadvertently bumping a short, older guy who, I figured was doing the same thing. It would be several moments before I realized that there were a total of about ten men in the back of that theater, standing behind the seven rows of theater-style seats with an aisle down the center.

Between where we were standing and the seating area, there was a five foot high wall that parted at the aisle between the seats. I looked over to my right, as the flick on the screen moved to an office setting that was part of whatever plot existed in the movie.

It was then that I noticed that, while there were probably only about four people seated, there were ten or so of us standing. In a corner, I saw a man facing the back wall. Leaning forward, I saw that he was feeding his cock to another man on his knees in the corner. Two other men were standing around him stroking their cock, as they watched—or perhaps waited their turns.

When the diminutive man I had almost bumped saw me look over, he smiled up at me, as he rubbed the crotch of his trousers. I returned his smile, and he leaned closer. “That looks like fun, huh?” he whispered. I nodded my reply and looked down at his hand, as it slowly moved rus escort on his crotch.

Normally, I would likely have not made the first move. Had I not been high, I probably would have been too nervous. Thoughts about cops, gay bashers, sadists and all other manners of bad things and people would have kept me from doing what I did at that moment. However, I was stoned and in need of cock. This time, I did not just want to be sucked. I wanted to suck. I wanted to once again experience the thrill of a cock pulsing on my lips, so I made that move. My hand covered his at his crotch.

I smiled down at him; the guy was barely as tall as the wall in front of us. In fact, I am certain he could see little of what was going on upon the screen. He moved his hand, so that I could rub him through his pants. His hand guided mine in a gentle circle over his crotch. “Niiice,” I moaned softly in his ear. With that, he stepped back slightly and unzipped. He slipped his cock out and I slowly stroked it, as I looked into his eyes. I felt precum ooze onto my fingers, as I moved my hand along his fairly small, yet tantalizingly stiff cock.

Without another word, I was down on one knee. I flicked my tongue out over the head of his engorged meat. It jumped a little in my hand, and I slipped my lips slowly over the head. His hands dropped to my shoulders, as I took him in inch by inch. With little effort, I was able to press my lips all the way down to his zipper. I felt his pubic hair tickle at my nose, as I twisted my head. My tongue feathered at the underside of his cock, before I drew my lips slowly back up the shaft. He moaned. His breathing became heavy, as he started to move with me. His cock was small, but felt perfect on my lips. The taste of his dickflesh was extraordinary.

As I sucked, I felt eyes on me. Men watching us, as I slowly gathered speed up and down the cock of a man who earned such pleasure merely by being there. I felt his hands playing at my soft, blonde hair, which at that time, was long enough to rest on my shoulders. I felt them leave my head only to unbutton his trousers and push his trousers down. They fell about his ankles, followed by his boxers. My hands instinctively moved to cup his ass. I pulled him to me each time my lips pushed their way to his pubis.

My eyes had closed while I sucked. I opened them to slits and out of the corner of my eyes; I saw a pair of men jacking off beside us. The fact that they were enjoying watching me suck this lovely cock almost made me cum in my jeans.

I started moving faster and faster. It was almost like I was raping his cock with my mouth. Fuck, I wanted his cum. I needed it. I hungered for it. I squeezed his ass, as my mouth slipped back and forth on his glans. I felt him tense. His hands holding my head in place, as he fucked my mouth like a cunt. The wet sound of his saliva coated cock punching in and out of my mouth was loud enough for those close to us to hear over the movie. Truth be told, at that moment, all that existed was his cock and my mouth. I had totally forgotten about yenimahalle escort the movie or the men about us.

I heard him grunt, as he slammed hard into my mouth. His cock rewarded my efforts with a hard, healthy stream of spunk at the back of my throat. I eagerly drank his load down. As he released his grip on my head, I milked the last of his load.

He pulled from my lips, and before I could move, another cock was presented to me. This one was immense. Like I said, mine is just over eight inches. This one was easily ten inches long and very thick. In the scant light, I saw that it was heavily veined. Without as much as looking up to see the face of the owner of this lovely tool, I slipped my lips over it. I did it quickly; as if I was afraid he would change his mind and not let me have it.

It was all I could do to open my jaws wide enough to accommodate him. I drew him as deep as I could. I gagged a little, as his thick, bulbous cockhead pushed too far to the back of my throat. His cock was easily twice the size of the cock which had just spilled its seed in my mouth. I reached up with my right hand and stroked the shaft of his cock in time with my oral stroking. I slathered the shaft of his cock with my tongue and descended again.

As I sucked this second stranger, I heard him moan, “Oh fuck man, I’m gonna cum.” With that, his massive cock plunged all the way to the back of my throat. He exploded there, shuddering, as he held my head tightly. “Shit. Goddammnit man, your mouth is so fucking good.”

I held him in my mouth, as long as I could, but I was starting to gag. His cock had plunged farther than I had thought I could handle, but I found that I was quickly learning the art of relaxing my throat muscles. I needed air though, so I rose to my feet before another could replace him. When I straightened up, I could see that he was about my age. He smiled a relieved little smile, as he fixed his jeans before leaving.


I found myself needing a break. I found a seat in the back of the theater and lit a cigarette. I licked a stray drop of cum from my upper lip. As I sat and smoked, I unbuckled my jeans and slid my pants and briefs down to my knees. My cock was raging. The purple head was covered in precum, which I spread over my shaft with my fingertips.

Finishing my smoke, I stoked my cock idly, as I watched the movie. A couple of rows in front of me, I saw a woman’s head bobbing in the lap of her boyfriend. Though the movie had a lesbian scene going (which I find very arousing), I was more aroused by the real action just a few feet in front of me. I guess I was so into it that I hardly noticed a thin, gray-haired gent slip into the seat beside me.

“Need some help with that?” he asked. I moved my hand in mute reply. He wasted no time at all burying his face in my crotch. His mouth wet and warm as it engulfed my swollen cock. As he sucked, another man slipped into the seat on the other side of me. As he watched the old guy gobble my raging hard on, he unbuttoned my shirt and reached for a nipple. I helped him with the rest of the buttons. Spreading open my shirt, he slipped his mouth over my right nipple, and began licking and suckling. I moaned loudly enough that I am sure I was heard through the small theater, as two mouths worked at me.

I felt close to cumming when the old man asked me to stand and bend over in front of him. As good as his mouth was, I could not refuse. I bent, as he asked, with my ass in his face. It was at that moment that he rocked my fucking world. His tongue slipped up and down my crack and then descended into my tight, puckered hole. The wet sensation of his tongue pushing inside me is something I will never forget.

The other guy, who was about thirty, positioned himself beside me. He bent down and with some difficult, was able to slip his mouth around my cock. I rose up to accommodate him, as he began to suck. Mouths at both my ass and my cock were just enough to send me over the edge. I cried out loud enough to draw the attention of the couple in front of us. I could half hear her giggling, as I filled the man’s mouth with an impressive amount of semen.

I suppose I lost track of the old gent, but the next thing I knew, his cock was pushing into where his tongue had just been. I was shocked and more than a little dismayed. Pain shot through my body. I just knew he was tearing me up back there. The thought of HIV entered my mind.

With each stroke, the pain eased. Then it became pleasure. In no more than about twenty strokes of his cock, I was starting to push back. Soon, I was giving, as good as I was getting. “Bend down, baby boy,” the old man grunted. I felt his hand at the middle of my back. I bent over as far as I could, supporting myself by gripping the arm of the seat to one side, and the back of the seat on the other. The guy who had just swallowed my volumous load pushed his cock at my face. I opened my mouth, and he pushed his six inched of meat past my parted lips.

The two men sawed in and out my ass and mouth. I was a fuckhole for them now. I heard them grunting and panting, as the fucked me. I know the old man was getting off to the fact that I was probably younger than any of his kids, as he pounded my ass. He kept growling things about me being his “baby boy” as he pumped his hips into me.

The other guy was starting to fuck with abandon at my mouth. He seemed to be enjoying the “daddy” thing, as he told the old man to “fuck that young ass.”

Meanwhile, I had reached down and was stroking my cock, as these two men used me. I had become reenergized by the pounding at my ass and mouth. I was lost in all the sensations. All worries and pain washed away into pleasure, as I felt the old man tense and pump his load into my ass. The cock in my mouth ejaculated at almost the same time, as I was held at the hips and head to cocks.

By this time, my mind was swirling. I don’t recall pulling up my jeans or even driving back to campus. Somehow, I awakened the next morning in my clothes on my bed. My ass was sore, but not exceedingly so. I did worry about disease, but I was lucky that time. I knew I would have to take better care in the future.

As I stripped off to head to the communal shower, I found a piece of paper in my pocket. I don’t ever remember the old man giving me his phone number, but there it was under the caption, “If my baby boy ever needs a daddy.”

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