Anita at Jerome´s basement


Anita at Jerome´s basementAnita at Jerome’s basementMy loving wife finally confessed that her black lover Jerome had moved to L.A., just few miles from us.A Saturday afternoon Ana told me Jerome had called her, because he was willing to fuck her in his own house; then my sweet wife pleaded me to go there. I could watch.When we arrived to his home, he invited me a glass of bourbon and showed us the nice house.Anita was delighted with the master bedroom; it was really a very nice place, but then Jerome said he had in mind some different for my wife in this occasion…Smiling, he led Anita and me down a flight of wooden stairs which led to the basement. As we reached the bottom we looked in the surroundings. The walls were bare bricks, the ground was concrete and the ceiling was black. It was dank and dark and a smell of damp lingered in the air. On the left side was a wooden table in the corner with tools on it. On the right wall was a large metal pipe with chains attached near a metal cage.I looked at Anita and by her surprise expression, I knew she was thinking maybe she would not agree to this but I also knew part of her was secretly excited. She had confessed me one of her many twisted fantasies had included being used and abused in a situation like this, in a cold, dark dungeon…Jerome sensed her doubts and kissed her on her forehead as he fondled her ass:”Don’t worry, Anita, it will be just a bit of fun, you will enjoy it, my white slut”. He said.But then some noise in the stairs made us all to look up. There was a large black man standing there, a very handsome one, all dressed in black Çankaya Rus Escort leather.Jerome introduced him as “the Master” and added he would conduct the party now…The Master looked at me with a light smile in his lips; then approached to my wife and put one of his huge hands down Anita`s skirt; she squirmed when he fondled her pussy lips between his large fingers. He smiled again, saying to Jerome:“The bitch is wet and ready for us…”Then he ordered Anita to take her clothes off; so she slipped out of her black short skirt and pulled off her white tight top. She stood there shivering in just her lace bra, because she was no wearing panties, as usual when she was going to meet Jerome…I saw her nipples became erect quickly as she looked down at herself. “Good girl; I love that kind of white sluts” Said the Master as he walked over to the table and picked up a small knife. He carefully pressed it up against her chest and started to cut off her bra. I saw the cold steel instantly turned her on.He put again his fingers inside her cunt. Then took them off with her sticky juices; holding them up his nose. “I love the smell of this white bitch…” He pulled Anita towards him and led her over to the metallic pipe. Then he shoved her to the ground. She let out a cry whilst the Master and Jerome grabbed the chains which were attached to buckles and started to tie her wrists and her ankles.Once she was securely chained up her, Jerome and the Master both undressed. They were both extremely hard and I was shocked to see how Keçiören Rus Escort large the Master was. At least his black cock was almost eleven inches and had an enormous girth.He suddenly grabbed her by her head and pulled her face towards his throbbing cock.She knew the fun had started.The next ten minutes included her deep throating and gagging on her Master’s cock. She kept choking on him and every time he penetrated her mouth the back of her throat was aching. He slapped her round the face hard when she resisted to choking. “Don’t be silly, take it all, like an obedient bitch” The Master shouted at her. Suddenly he took his dick from her mouth, giving way to Jerome, who approached to put his giant cock in my sweet wife`s throat.Meanwhile the Master picked up a leather whip off the table and whipped her tits. She started crying and with every muffled cry that left her lips Jerome pounded into her mouth even harder. She looked at me with tears in her beautiful eyes.”Now is my turn” The Master said as he threw down the whip. He turned her over until she was on was on all fours. He kneeled behind her and entered her pussy with such violent motion that she cried out. But soon my loving Ana enjoyed every minute of it. Jerome went over to the table and picked up a spiked metal paddle. He began to spank my sweet wife’s ass cheeks, her Master fucked her cunt. She cried out in pain. Soon her arse was reddish. They stopped and stood up to admire her. “Let’s leave her for a bit. She needs a chance to recover before we Etimesgut Rus Escort continue”.As her master was talking, Jerome left a dog bowl full of water beside Anita. They both disappeared upstairs. Anita was laying there battered and exhausted. She was thankful for the water but could not use her hands to pick up the bowl and drink so she brought her face to the bowl and sipped at it. A few minutes later both black men reappeared.”The poor bitch was thirsty” Jerome laughed. It was time for round two. Anita did not resist when her Master fitted a red ball gag in her mouth…”She will be very noisy during this so I thought I would rather shut her up”. He said.Anita looked at me again. She knew what was coming from now on. They made her stand up between their naked black bodies. Jerome entered her pussy and the Master shoved his huge dick in her arse, very deep, just one single motion.”This white bitch is so tight; do you do anal often?” The Master asked me smiling…Ana screamed painfully into the ball gag but it just came out as a loud muffle. It felt like her Master was ripping her ass apart. Both of them at the same time were fucking and sodomizing her, using and abusing her tight holes.Jerome suddenly stopped and got up and found a large knife on the table. He handed it to the Master, who continued sodomizing my wife putting the knife by her throat. He was very close to cutting her soft skin and she seemed to be truly scared. After a heavy load of cum had been emptied deep inside her rectum, her Master pulled out and threw her down to the ground, like a ragged doll…The Master dressed up again and left without speaking a single word.Jerome approached Anita with a large blanket and unchained my exhausted wife.He wrapped her up with it and lifted her up into his big strong arms.”Don’t worry baby, your Daddy is going to look after you now” He whispered in her ear, as he carried my exhaust loving wife to the table.Then I knew it would be a very long and dark night…

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