Anita tries a second round after first massage


Anita tries a second round after first massageAnita tries a second round after first massageThe next day after the massage and the incredible fucking session that Markus had given to me, my cunt was really sore. During the morning the pool area was deserted, so Victor and I decided to lay out in the sun for a while. When my loving husband went to the bar for some drinks, I saw Markus approaching me; he was smiling…“Babe you look hot! Let me take you into the pool to cool off”. He said laughing. I accepted and we dived into the pool.As we played in the water the huge black man started touching my ass, but I grabbed his hand and asked him to stop.Then he whispered in my ear: “Why would you want me to stop? You know you want my dick.”I smiled and put my hand on his shoulder but he picked my hand up and moved it onto his crotch. He was hard. I weakly whispered: “Oh my… Markus, you make me so hot!”He just smiled at me, saying he would love to fuck me in my ass…The memory of his size had me turned on. I had my hand on it, feeling it. It felt so huge and heavy. I teased him: “Your cock is so huge. It might be too big for my asshole.”Markus returned the tease: “Don’t worry baby. I will be gentle.”He said as he laughed. “Your beautiful hot white ass is making my dick grow bigger. You did this to me so you have to fix it.” I was getting so wet and turned on. I asked him: “How am I supposed to fix it?”He answered. “Just take my black cock and put it into your sweet tight white asshole”I turned around and he started moving his finger in circles over my back. He attempted to get his hand under my bathing suit but I pushed his hand away. I knew I would lose all control if I let him get that far …I had to put some distance between us or I wouldn’t be able to stop him from fucking me in public.I got out of the pool but I then got cold. Markus Kolej Escort noticed my nipples were erect, so he suggested we go up to his room for some hot rum. He just took me by the hand and led the way. I obediently accompanied him and my dear Victor simply followed us. We enjoyed the drinks Markus prepared and soon we got very comfortable.Suddenly the black man said we could be more comfortable and then he and I took our damp bath suits…I gasped when I saw his erection; it looked really like a horse… It would not fit in my asshole for sure.Markus smiled as he could read my mind and said: “Oh yes, it is too big for a lot of women” “Do not worry; I think It is not too big for me. It’s perfect for me”That was all Markus needed to hear as he took my hand and led me to his bed. I looked at Victor sitting on a chair besides the bed and told him: “Honey, he wants to butt fuck me”.Victor just smiled and said it was good for him, if it was fine for me…I got down on my knees and began to suck that magnificent huge black cock. When it grew really hard, Markus pushed me and positioned on my back, between my open thighs.He whispered in my ear I was the most beautiful white woman he had ever met; the sexiest one and thebest slut wife he had ever had in his bed…I felt him grabbing my hips and my ass cheeks pressing against his crotch.I was now facing my husband in all my naked glory and my black lover was going to fuck me in my ass…“Markus, do you like my husband looking at me as you fuck my ass?” I asked him.”What does he want to see?”, He asked smiling.”He wants to watch you fuck me in the ass. He wants to see as you destroy my ass with your huge black cock”Markus looked directly at my husband`s eyes and he thrust forward between my ass cheeks. I felt his huge black head entering Rus Escort my rosebud and gasped in pain.”This is what you really want?” He asked to Victor.To my delight, Victor answered: “Please ¡, Markus, fuck my wife in her asshole, as you own her”Then Markus pushed deeper in my rectum, filling me up to the hilt.He started pumping me faster and harder, making me grunt and scream in pain.“Push over my black cock, little white slut; I know you love it” He ordered me smiling.I did as he asked and got most of his hard cock in me. I then began to gyrate myself on him. He said,”Look at your slut wife pumping herself on my dick” He said looking at Victor.With that he grabbed my hips firmly and pushed his hard black cock even deeper into me. He fucked me good and hard for several minutes as I came very hard with his cock buried in my rectum.He mauled my breasts from behind, his fingers digging into my soft flesh. I groaned. The delicious heat of his fingertips was electric and my nipples grew tighter against his palms. My back arched, pushing my body up into his brutal embrace. His hips now began to slowly thrust his hard cock in and out and I knew he was about to ejaculate inside me. Suddenly he slammed his cock deep into me for a last time and I shrieked as I came again; my body shuddering against his invading erection. He increased his tempo again, thrusting faster and deeper, heightening my orgasmic climb. His grunting grew loud and sharp as his thrusts became even more intense. He grabbed my hips and pulled me up off the bed, stabbing himself down into my stretched asshole again and again, driving deeper and deeper each time, pounding harder and harder into my rectum.Then his back began to tense and his buttocks grew tight as his body prepared to shoot his cum into me. Yenimahalle Escort I felt his cock grow tighter inside my asshole as it swelled, getting ready to fill me with his warm seed.He let out a long low groan as his back arched and he rammed his cock in deep, painfully ramming the tip hard into the bottom of my battered rectum. Then I felt the sudden impact of his hot cum spurting into me. His climax seemed to go on forever. His pumping cock swelled and throbbed inside my rectal canal over and over, shooting more and more of his cum into me. My body shuddered under him in delight…Markus rolled off me. He was exhaust after his shooting.I barely could whisper: “Markus, you have the biggest black cock I have ever had in my asshole”He smiled and said he knew it; he knew that a lot of women did not want to be butt fucked by his black cock…Victor said: “Honey, he’s so fucking big! I can’t believe that thing fucked your asshole”And addressing to Markus, he added: “From now on, Markus, my wife`s ass is yours whenever you want it”I smiled and then slipped down from the bed and approached my dear husband. I mounted him in a lap dance straddling him and rotating my hips around as my ass cheeks brush against the head of his hard rock cock. Victor placed his hands on my hips as I moved on his lap, occasionally dipping to allow his to rub my wet labia. I smiled at him and slipped my pussy over just his cock head before pulling away teasing him again. Then I saw what I was trying to achieve. Markus black cock was getting hard again. I smiled at him as I slipped my husband`s cock head in my pussy, making him so horny he can hardly stand it. I finally sank my pussy down full onto his rock hard dick I rode up and down on his hard dick, driving myself toward orgasm, I tried to keep it slow and easy but knowing how much pleasure I was giving my dear Victor made me just go wild bouncing up and down. I finally had an intense orgasm, as I grounded my clit into his pelvic bone as he thrust up to meet me. I continued riding my husband’s cock for over ten minutes when we exploded in orgasm together. When I opened my eyes, Markus had disappeared again from the room…

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