Anything but Glorious


I’ve always been shy and afraid of being social, so I never had any luck with guys.I didn’t even get a date to prom. I guess my b-cups and 130 pound frame weren’t good enough even for nerds to like me. I did great in school, graduating at 18 and eventually went to a college down south.

Before I ever got there, though, I needed to get gas for the trip down. So I made a stop at the gas station to fill up before me and my family hit the road. I went at 6 o’clock in the morning and filled it up. My problem was that I needed to use the restroom, and this gas station only has one building for both sexes. I wasn’t too bothered by going into the same room as men. After all, it was just a bunch of stalls, right?

I entered the restroom door and was instantly overwhelmed by an aroma of musk and a disgusting male odor. I knew I was out of my element before I even saw the stalls. I knew I had to be quick, so I quickly went to the farthest stall on the right wall, away from the sinks, so I would not be found. I spun around and locked the door before turning to lock the stall door shut. When I moved to the seat to wipe up the disgusting remains of the person before me, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.

The gloryhole was right next to the toilet paper Sincan Escort holder. It was surrounded by crude drawings and words written in Sharpie. Directly above the hole were the words “You know you’ll love it” written in red. I was stunned. I had only ever read about those online. I had no idea what to do, so I ended up just staring for what felt like forever. Slowly, I sat down to settle myself and do what I had set out to do. As I pulled my baby blue leggings down along with my underwear to finish my business, I heard footsteps. I closed my eyes and tried my hardest to look away from the gloryhole as the steps got closer and closer.

“Oh, today must be my lucky day, because you’re never this early.” I thought as I heard the stall next to me close its door. I couldn’t help but stare hopelessly at the hole as the man next to me undoes his belt buckle. “Alright Suzzy, do your thing,” he says joyfully as he sticks his shaft through the hole.

My heart stopped like a car crash. I couldn’t believe he would just shove his “thing” through the hole without knowing who was on the other side. Who the hell do you think you are? Who am I to still be staring?

I spoke up. “My name is Serena, sir!” Did Etlik Escort I really just call him Sir? Why didn’t I just tell him off? Why didn’t I scream? My head swirls with questions, but my body still reacts. I approached him, kneeling in front of his flaccid shaft.

Oh, you must be new here. Well then, let’s hope you suck me just as well. Let’s get this show on the road, gal. ” He says this as he pushes his cock farther in the hole and now closer to my face.

My brain is overwhelmed by my senses and I can’t refuse this cock in my face. I stare at the veins and the tip of the cock, at all the imperfections. I grabbed it. My brain was no longer in control. I needed to service this cock. I pull my right hand along the foreskin a few times before putting both hands around it.

“Startin’ slow ain’t my thing, girl, come on suck me,” he yelled through the wall.I knew I just had to do more than a handjob; he wanted me to suck his hard cock.

“Yes, sir,” I whimpered, putting my small mouth over the head of this foul-smelling 5-inch cock. I didn’t react to the smell, but as my head bobbed, I began to actually lust after it. I moved myself up and down it as my tongue swirled the head. The rancid Çankaya Escort smell was turning me on, making me go faster, which made him groan. His cock began to leak delicious precum. I pulled off, only to catch my breath and come back for more. His cock was intoxicating and that feeling only grew the more he moaned. His hips jerked around and his cock spasmed as I sucked it all in. I felt the veins and grime on the cock after each pass, reminding me how much of a dirty slut I am.

Above me were knocks and then a large moan, “Oh fuck Serena, you sure can drain my balls anytime you want.” Enjoy my load, you slut ” Cum flowed into my throat like a fountain. I try to scream, but I only gag on the thick fluids that now rest in my throat. It was salty, gross and watery but I couldnt get enough.

“Tha-nck you, sir.” I struggled to speak as he slid a piece of paper through the hole. It was a twenty-dollar bill with a note. The note had a phone number and the name “Don” written next to it.

I rested on my knees the bottom half of me fully exposed in a public restroom, after getting my throat fucked and used by a total stranger, and worst of all, I loved every second. I couldn’t believe how hard I came without even touching myself. The sensation in my body was overwhelming. My dignity and innocence would never recover after that, but at least I got 20 dollars.

After I cleaned myself off, I went back into the store to get gum so I could clear my mouth out before going home. When I handed the attendant the 20, he looked back at me and said “For you Serena, its free of charge”.

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