Apollo Country Club


*** The first chapter is a little more drawn out to paint the story line. The following chapters will have more action and less dialogue. ***


It is a fine, sunny day in the month of September as I sat at my usual table waiting for an old school friend of mine. He should be arriving soon to join me for lunch here at the Hail Ale in Westminster City. It has been five years after the First World War and the city is looking well. It will be too soon for a second one to come along while I am alive.

“Old chap! Over here, Archie!”

“Ahh good day, old friend.”

“Did you have trouble finding the place?”

“No. I was fortunate that there was not too many people to crowd the streets. Did you order anything yet?”

“I had some hot tea ordered a few minutes ago for us. What are you in the mood for?”

“Surprise me.”


Not usual for you to want a surprise. I guess it will be more exciting for me to join in too.”

I call for our waiter to bring out the specials of the day and pick a good, first course for two. He was quick to do so after pouring us some tea.

“You seem in a good mood, Archie. What has you in bright spirits today?”

“I was able to close a deal this morning with a client and I know he will stay with me as his supplier for a while. Lunch will be my treat today, Beau.”

“Why thank you kindly.”

“You are most welcome. Least I can do when you usually treat me to lunch every time I am in town.”

“No no. Least I can do for an old friend who can offer me a great deal on fabric. You supply me with everything a tailor dreams of when it comes to fine fabric. How I love being one of the few to get the best variety and selection before anyone else.”

“My clients should have the best. I am only doing my job.”

“Cheers to good friendship.”


As I sip my tea, the dining room quickly becomes a chaotic scene of the lunch crowd coming in. The echo bounces off the floral designs of the Terrazzo floor. The crystal chandeliers sparkles from the rays of the sun. There is the smell of fresh bread to hover the room. How warm and sweet the aroma is.

Then Archie leans over to me knowing the room is too loud for most to hear our conversation.

“Do you go to country clubs, Beau?”

“Why yes I do. There is a particular one I like to go to.”


Tell me more about this place.”

“Gladly. I should take you there after lunch. It is only for members and those with invitations by members.”

“It is a private club.”

“Yes, indeed. In fact, you would have to get out of the city to find this place.”

Before I was able to share more about the club with Archie, our waiter has come with our food.

“Here you are, gentlemen. This is our triple delight Cebeci Escort first course. The golden brown cheese is melted over sausage and herbs. The smoked salmon is accented with some capers and shallot. The square brioche is filled with a ham and pea mousse. Enjoy.”

“Thank you kindly, Bradley.”

“You are welcome, Mr. Ashdown-Poynter. I will bring out your main course when you are finished with this first one.”

“It is obvious you come here often, Beaumont.”

“Yes. They have a good chef here. I like my food consistent. Enjoy the food, old chap.”

“I definitely will. As you were saying before our food was served.”

“Yes. Members of the club call it the A.C.C. of Dek since the owner is Dominick J. H. Dekeyrel-Toulson VI who is the sixth generation owner of the family estate. The family owns several vineyards and a winery.

The club has been around for a while, but has always been kept secret. There is more to the family business than the wine alone. Much of the clients are members. The funny part is all the other clients who are not part of this club are completely clueless of what goes on the estate.”

“This sounds more exciting by the minute. Tell me more. Mmm… This is a very nice brioche.”

“Well I have been a member for a few years now. I should have mentioned to you before, but it never seem to be a good time with your work schedule and relationships.

How free are you these days?”

“I would say other than work, I am quite free. It has been a few months since my break up with Gillian. I try to stay within my age range, but I am starting to think I need to try something new. Perhaps a young fellow half my age that can appreciate an older gentleman in his 40’s such as us.”

“Hmm… Maybe I can help you with that. I will not tell you the full details of this club yet. It would be most interesting to see your facial expression to find out what type of club this is.”

“Oh you sly devil, you. You love teasing me.”

“What are friends for?”

We did not waste any time getting a ride to the estate after a delightful lunch on a beautiful, Saturday afternoon. Archie was full of excitement as if he is a little boy about to go to a candy shop. I was proud to show him this secret club that I know he will enjoy.

The same with every client, we would go through the main building. Then we would walk down the hall and make a right turn from the business office. Once we go in, there is someone there to check that we are members. The room is a fancy office with book shelves, a desk and so forth. Then the man knocked against the wall in a certain pattern. Someone on the other side would knock a certain pattern. This went back and forth a few times before the wall would Kolej Escort open.

We would walk down the hidden hall and go pass the kitchen. The hall had a door that led to the kitchen office in case the members had to go out a different way. As we walk around, I would whisper to Archie’s ear that we were going across the estate to another building.

Once we have arrived, the older gentleman would open the door for us. Then we were in a small room with someone sitting at a desk to greet the members and special guests.

“Welcome to the Apollo Country Club, gentlemen. I am Julius Bolitho-Turpin, one of the managers here at the club who will always be at the service of our members.”

“Good day to you Mr. Bolitho-Turpin.”

“Good day, Mr. Ashdown-Poynter. I see you have brought a special guest.”

“Yes. I would like you to meet an old time friend of mine. This is Mr. Archibald Herold Sorin-Alden.”

“A fine day to you Mr. Alden. Please come this way.”

We would follow Mr. Bolitho-Turpin into another room. He had asked me if I want to give my friend the full treatment on his first visit. I had told him yes.

“Allow me to give you a partial tour for the time being Mr. Alden.”

“Thank you kindly, Mr. Bolitho-Turpin.”

“The honor is all mine, kind Sir.”

After showing us a few halls and rooms, he would lead us to a private room to undress and put on a bath robe before walking through another set of doors.

“What are we doing, Beau?”

“You will enjoy this, old friend. Let us first have a quick shower before we soak in the hot pool.”

“This sounds relaxing.”

“Indeed. It will be more relaxing I assure you.”

At the second set of doors, we are greeted by one of the friendly staff members at the club.

“Good day to you Mr. Ashdown-Poynter. Glad to see you again, Sir. I see you have brought a special guest today.”

“Yes, Benson. He will love it here. Here are our clothes.”

“I will take care of this for you, gentlemen. Nice to meet you, Sir. I hope you enjoy your stay. My name is Benson if you need anything, Sir.”

“Thank you, Benson. I am Mr. Sorin-Alden.”

“Please, go ahead and shower, gentlemen. Would you like your usual drink, Mr. Ashdown-Poynter?”

“Yes. That sounds lovely. Archie, would you care for some tea, wine or liquor?”

“What are you having?”

“I enjoy a good Scotch.”

“That sounds good. Benson, do you offer any brandy?”

“Yes, we do, Sir. I shall get that for you if you desire.”

“Yes, please. That sounds relaxing.”

As we proceeded to take our shower, Benson went into the other room to put away our clothes and prepare our drinks to be ready for us when we soak in the pool. My old friend does Yenimahalle Escort not have any idea what he is in for. I can not wait to see the expression on his face.

There were a few other members to join us in the pool. Some would keep their short towel on and some did not. This gave Archie a bit of a shock. I had assured him everything that happens here stays private and nobody here would judge one another. After our soak in the pool and a drink, I had asked if he wanted a massage. He said that sounds wonderful. Oh he does not know how wonderful it is.

Once we went into another room with our bath robes on, there were two, younger men with chiseled bodies in nothing more than a towel waiting to service us.

“Welcome, gentlemen. Please remove your robes and lay on the table”

They each held up a huge towel in front of them to let us remove our robes and laid down before covering us up. We would lie on our backs first. About an hour after massaging us fully, they would end it with something memorable.

“Archie, old chap.”

“Yes, Beau?”

“They are almost done with our session. I want you to relax and let them do what they do best. Do not be alarmed. You will enjoy it. Just relax and enjoy their kind service.”

“I have enjoyed their service so far. What ever is to happen next can not be bad. Go ahead and do your best, young fellow.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I was grinning and looking over to see Archie’s reaction. The young lad had asked me quietly if I want my friend to be tied down. I had told him yes.

“Relax, Archie. What they are doing will please you. Do not be alarmed.”

“I am relaxed, Beau. I am starting to wonder what you have up your sleeves.”

“Well for now, I am sleeveless.”

The two, young lads would walk over to Archie quickly cuffing his wrists and ankles.

“What is this?”

“Relax, Archie. They will not harm you.”

As soon as he was cuffed, they would continue with their warm, lip service on our manhoods.

“Aaahhh… Oh my. Oooohh… Beau… Oooohh…”

“Relax, Archie. Enjoy the kind service you are receiving.”

“This is not the typical country club, is it?

Ooooohhh… Mmm…”

“I am so glad you have figured that out, Archie. Ooooohh…”

I know that my friend is enjoying himself as well as speechless to find out what type of club we are in. He will be in for more of this treatment after we take another quick shower.

“Ooooohh… I am ready to burst. Oooohh…”

“Please relieve yourself in my mouth, kind Sir.”

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh… Oooooohh… Mmmm… Oooohh…”

“Thank you, kind Sir for your generosity.”

“Oh, thank you. Thank you for what you have done. Oooohhh…”

I was able to relieve myself soon after Archie and then the young lads would smile at us and leave the room.

“Come on, old chap. Let us take a quick shower again before we have a little more of this club treatment. The best is yet to come.”

I gave Archie a sly smile as he walks along side me still speechless not knowing what will happen next. This will be a Saturday he could not forget.

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