Avery’s Desire Pt. 02


It was after noon before Avery woke. He had gone to bed nude and sometime during the night managed to kick the blankets off so that he lay on the bed exposed, and a bit chilly. He jumped as the room was suddenly bathed in the soft glow of the lamp that was sitting on his desk near a window, that had long ago been covered with thick, black drapes.

“Brian?” He murmured groggily.

“No, it’s Mikey.” was the response from across the room. “Brian Mueller’s flight left early this morning. I am sure he told you.”

Avery sat up and looked across the room to Mikey’s stern but grim face. He was dark, unshaven and had a look in his eyes that sent chills up Avery’s spine.

“What are you doing here?” Avery asked, ignoring Mikey’s previous statement.

Mikey shrugged. “I’ve been trying to call you all morning but there was no answer. I just wanted to make sure that you were ok.”

“Yeah?” Avery narrowed his eyes, “Well I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Rick told me…” Mikey said softly, casually. “About Brian Mueller coming here last night. He said that when he and Trash left, you and Brian were all alone here.”

“And what business is that of your?” Avery glared at Mikey now.

“I was worried about you Avery. You don’t even know the guy. You have all his CD’s, you listen to him sing on TV and have his posters plastered all over your walls but you don’t really know him. Do you know how foolish it was for you to spend the night with him?”

“He didn’t spend the night.” Avery said suddenly, growing angry at Mikey’s accusations. “He left around four this morning.”

Mikey nodded, he started grinding his teeth and Avery knew that he was getting upset. “He didn’t spend the night…” He breathed the words low and menacingly as though that statement were nothing but a joke. “You slept with him though, right?”

Avery watched Mikey carefully for a moment, he was suddenly under the impression that the next words he spoke should be chosen very carefully. Finally he nodded, then said in a low careful tone, “Yes, I did”

Mikey groaned angrily then turned and suddenly punched the wall behind him. “Mother fucker!” He hissed.

“Knock it off!” Avery yelled at him and Mikey turned, shocked at Avery’s outburst. He stared at Avery angrily but Avery continued. “You and I are over Mike. We have been for quite some time now, you saw to that remember?”

“But I didn’t want it to end.” Mikey growled. “Not like this. Not at all.”

“But it did. It’s over.” Avery cried, “How can you even pretend to be angry now after what you did to me?”

“I told you that was a mistake Avery; I told you that it didn’t mean anything to me.”

Avery looked down at the floor and shook his head sadly, “But it meant something to me Mikey. It meant that you had absolutely no respect for me or my feelings because if you had you would never have even looked at that girl.”

“And if I hadn’t…” Mikey asked, “If none of it had ever happened and you and I were still together, would we still be having this conversation?”

Avery looked up and bit his bottom lip as he often did when he was nervous. He thought long and hard for a moment then shook his head. “We would be talking about how Brian Mueller came by and how you and I stayed up to talk to him because we’re great fans and that after he left to go back to his hotel room you and I would have headed off to bed where we made love all night. That, Mikey, is what would have happened if you and I were still together but we’re not. I don’t even need to ask whose bed you were in last night. I am sure your little girl friend kept you nice and warm.”

“I slept alone Avery, I have every night since then and I will continue to sleep alone until you are in my bed again.”

“Then…”Avery sighed, “You will be alone for a very long time.”

Mikey walked to Avery and gently took his hand in his own. “Don’t say that Ave. You are my life. I may not have realized it before but now more than ever I know it. You are all that I want in this world and without you…Avery…I’m nothing.”

Avery slowly pulled his hand away from Mikey and sighed. “Don’t do this to me Mikey. I have a real chance with Brian. Don’t mess that up, I think I may be in love with him. Really in love with him not just his posters and music.”

Mikey rolled his eyes, “And you think that he is in love with you too?”

Avery nodded. “I think that he may be. He said that he would be back, after the tour and that we would find some way to be together.”

“If you believe that, Avery, then you’re a bigger fool than I though. Brian Mueller doesn’t care about you at all; you’re just another notch on his belt. He has a girl friend in LA and I doubt that Demetevler Escort he is going to dumb her for some wanna be rock star in a fucking ‘Asendin’ cover band. He’s probably laughing about you right now to his buddies, telling them how easy it was to get into your pants.”

Avery glared at Mikey, furious. He wanted to scream at him, he wanted to call him names, hurt him, anything…something but his mind was so overwhelmed with rage and humility that all he could think to do was slap him hard across the face.

Mikey took the blow full force on the jaw. He teetered on his left foot, nearly falling over but managed to steady himself enough to stay standing. He looked back at Avery, his eyes wild with anger. It was too much to believe that Avery, little pathetic Avery had the balls to hit him, and hard too. Mikey reached up and wiped at the blood that was now pouring down his chin. Avery had busted his lip open. Avery stared at Mikey with pure terror as he waited for that terrible blow to come and knock him on his ass, maybe even kill him but to his surprise, Mikey suddenly grabbed him and subdued him in a passionate lip lock.

Avery fought against him but it was fruitless, Mikey was way to strong and he held Avery tight against his massive, muscular body. Avery could taste Mikey’s blood as Mikey shoved his tongue into Avery’s mouth.

Mikey pressed his erection against Avery’s crotch and then he began to grind his hips against Avery.

Avery could feel himself growing harder and he suddenly let loose with a low drawn out moan.

“Make love to me.” Mikey whispered, “Make love to me again like we used to Avery, if only for one last time. I can’t stand not having you, you’re the greatest pleasure that I have ever known.”

“And after that?” Avery asked, “Would that suppress your desire or would you come back again and again wanting more?”

“You’re like a drug, Avery.” Mikey kissed his neck and then his throat. He kissed him hard all over, pressing his body even closer against Avery’s so that Avery could feel every muscle in Mikey’s body tensing up. “I wish to God I knew how to quit you.”

“Don’t.” Avery Struggled against him, “Just leave, please just go. I can’t do this.”

“Tell me you don’t love me.” Mikey pressed his lips against Avery’s mouth. The taste of him was so intoxicating. “Tell me that you never want to see me again Avery, tell me that you never want me to hold you in my arms like this again. If you can tell me those things, then I will leave.”

“I can’t.”Avery whispered, defeated. He could feel the tears rolling down his cheeks. “I do love you Mikey and I hate you at the same time. You’re so bad for me but you feel so damn good.”

Mikey smiled, “You never could resist me Avery, no matter how hard you tried.”

“I’ve never tried hard enough.” Avery whispered.

Mikey held him close in a tight embrace; he slid his fingers into Avery’s soft black hair and caressed the back of his head with his palm. Avery shoved at him hard, he dug his finger nails into the flesh of Mikey’s chest but Mikey held him that much tighter.

“Let me go Mikey.” Avery pleaded, “Brian…”

“To hell with Brian!” Mikey snapped suddenly, “You belong to me and only me!”

Mikey suddenly gave Avery a hard and violent shove backward. Avery stumbled then landed on his back on the bed. Mikey tore his shirt off, then his pants and climbed on top of Avery.

Avery pushed him hard, and then beat with his fists against Mikey’s chest. Mikey grabbed Avery by the wrists with his left hand and pushed his arms up over his head, pinning them down against the mattress. Avery gasped in pain as he struggled against Mikey, “Please.” He cried out in horror, “Don’t do this. Not like this Mikey, please not like this.”

“You belong to me.” Mikey whispered again, the look in his eyes was of pure madness. “I will NEVER let you go Avery, Never!”

He kissed him again hard, almost violently, on the mouth and Avery bit him.

“Get off me!” He screamed.

Mikey touched his lips then looked down at the blood on his finger tips. “That’s the second time you’ve made me bleed today.”

“It won’t be the last either if you don’t get off of me.” Avery glared at him hard. “I mean it Mikey. If you do what I think you’re planning to do, I’ll kill you.”

“You don’t have the balls little man.”

“Try me.” Avery growled.

Mikey pushed Avery’s legs apart with his knees then slipped his hands beneath Avery’s hips and lifted his ass up off the bed and pulled him hard against him. Avery closed his eyes and gasped as Mikey drove his cock, full and hard, inside of Avery and began to thrust Otele gelen escort his hips back and forth in a rapid and fierce manner. He held Avery’s hips so tight that Avery was sure he was going to have bruises left on them when this was all done and over with.

Mikey pounded himself into Avery, harder and harder. Avery grabbed the head board and held on for dear life, his finger tips turned white from how hard he was holding on. He moaned with pleasure but turned his head when Mikey tried to kiss him again.

“Open your eyes.” Mikey demanded. “Open them; I want to see your eyes.”

Avery leaned his head back against the mattress and moaned again but he would open his eyes. He refused to look at his assailant and most certainly was not going to give into his demands.

“Look at me!” Mikey hissed.

“Go to hell.” Avery growled deeply, between gasps of pleasure and deep moans.

Mikey leaned forward and kissed Avery’s throat then he gave Avery’s hips a hard, violent jerk and groaned loudly. Avery knew that it was over now; he recognized Mikey’s orgasm at once.

Avery was relieved when Mikey pulled himself out of Avery’s body but also a bit disappointed that it was over already. Of course he would never confess this to Mikey; it would give him too much hope for an encore.

Mikey collapsed onto the opposite side of the bed and exhaled, breathlessly. “No way could that Brian Mueller do that to you.” He said sharply.

Avery turned away from him and buried his face into the pillow. “Get out.” He mumbled.

“I need a shower.” Mikey said as he sat up. He waited for a response from Avery but when none came he slid off the bed, walked naked into the bath room and got into the shower.

Avery turned back over and sat up when he heard the water turn on. He picked up the phone and dialed the first number that came to his mind.

The ringer buzzed and buzzed for what seemed like forever then finally a voice on the other end said, “Hello?”

“Rick?” Avery whispered into the phone.

“Yeah. Ave what’s up, why are you whispering?”

“Can you come over?” Avery asked. “Mikey’s in the shower… He just raped me.”


The door was unlocked when Trash and Rick arrived at Avery’s apartment. Avery had told Rick over the phone to “Just come inside” when he got there so Rick pushed the door open and stepped in without a moment’s hesitation.

Avery was sitting on the couch wearing a pair of gray sweat pants and nothing else. His hair was an uncombed mass of long sable tangles that snaked down his back and over his pale white shoulders. He looked even paler at that moment than Rick had ever noticed before, maybe due to the fact that he had really never seen him without a shirt.. but he wasn’t sure.

Avery looked up when he heard the door open. He exhaled a cloud of clove smoke and nodded to his fellow band members as they walked in.

“You ok?” Rick asked as he looked Avery over.

Avery shrugged, “More or less.” He whispered.

“Where’s Mikey?” Trash asked, his usual wise cracking personality was put on the back burner for the moment. Avery had never seen Trash so serious before, it made him a little uneasy. Never the less, Avery pointed a finger to the hallway behind him.

“Bed room.” He said quietly, “He’s getten dressed.”

Rick looked towards the hall, it was dark, and save for the light at the end that he supposed was Avery’s bed room. He nodded to Trash and Trash acknowledged the nodded.

He started down the hallway while Rick sat down on the couch beside Avery.

Avery glanced from Trash to Rick nervously. “What’s he going to do?” Avery asked.

“He’s just gonna have a little talk with Mikey.” Rick said.

Avery’s eyes went wide suddenly, “Oh no…I just wanted you to come over here and make him leave. Trash is going to get killed if he starts shit with Mikey. I think Mikey’s gone off the deep end; he was acting a little out of it.” Avery attempted to stand up but Rick pulled him back onto the couch.

“Don’t Ave. Let us handle Mikey ok. We have known him a lot longer than you have and we know what we’re doing. I actually kind of saw this coming. I mean, no way did I think it would go as far as it did but I have known for a while that Mikey can get pretty possessive but I just thought his thing with you was a phase that he would get over soon. I didn’t know that he cared so deeply about you.”

Avery narrowed his eyes as he shifted his gaze to the floor. He pretended to study his bare feet for the moment then said in a soft low tone, “He didn’t act to me like someone that cared deeply about me. In fact Balgat Escort it seemed the exact opposite.”

“You talking about that girl he was fucking?” Rick asked.

Avery’s gaze shot back up to Rick and he shook his head emphatically. “No, I mean what he did to me…today…in my bedroom! It was like some demon took over. Rick, he scared the shit out of me!”

“Oh I don’t doubt that Ave, but the thing is…he didn’t intend for it to be like that. He loves you.”

Avery stared at Rick as though he had suddenly lost his mind. “So… your saying that what he did was ok?”

“No way Ave! What he did was low some; I am just saying that I don’t think he realizes that he hurt you.” Rick put an arm around Avery’s shoulder and pulled him against him, sheltering him like a little brother. “That’s why Trash and I are here Ave. We’re going to make sure that Mikey doesn’t hurt you again. Like I said, just let us handle this.”

Avery glanced down again, his eyes suddenly filled with tears. “Do you…do you think that this was my fault? I mean, do you think maybe I had it coming?”

Rick leaned back against the couch and sighed heavily, he ran a hand through his thick red hair. “Avery, anyone that gets involved with Mikey eventually gets hurt and it ain’t anyone’s fault. Mikey is just…I dunno…he’s like a scorpion. He may be beautiful but if you’re not careful, eventually you’ll get stung. It’s not his fault, it’s just his nature.”

Avery nodded. He understood completely what Rick was saying. Mikey was dangerous, and Avery knew that, but part of that dangerous persona was what had attracted Avery to him in the first place.

“I’ll tell you one last time, it ain’t any of your fucking business so back the fuck off!”

Avery and Rick both turned towards the commotion down the hall. Mikey came storming out of the bedroom, down the hallway and into the living room with Trash following behind him.

“It is my business when it involves my band, it all of our business!”

Mikey turned and glared at him, “Who’s band?” He asked, growing angrier by the minute.

“Don’t try to make this into some kind of territorial fight Mikey, we’re all friends here, all part of the band and Avery is like a little brother to us. At least to Rick and me. What he is to you or was, is besides the point.”

“Not was.” Mikey growled, “IS! What he IS to me and there is no way in hell that I am going to let you, Rick or some over sexed Irish play boy take Avery away from me!”

“Man no one is taking him away from you Mikey!” Rick stood up and glared at him. “Avery dumped you, he caught you fucking around and he dumped you. If Avery wanted you back I wouldn’t stand in the way but you gotta understand that it’s over Mike. Its over because Avery says it over and that’s all there is to it.”

“No.” Mikey shook his head. Rick was really starting to wonder if Mikey had lost his mind. “No, it’s not over. It won’t end like this, it can’t. I won’t let it end like this…” He turned and looked to Avery who was standing now, but half hidden behind Rick’s back. “Avery, I love you. You have to understand that, I love you and I know that you love me. You told me you did.”

Avery started shaking all over, he was crying so hard now that he could barely see Mikey standing there in front of him. “No Mikey, not anymore. I did love you but I don’t anymore. I can’t keep being hurt by you, I just can’t take it anymore.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”Mikey wiped at his own eyes as tears began to fall from them. “God Avery, I never wanted to hurt you. What can I do to make this better? Tell me please, I’ll do anything…what do you want me to do?”

Avery looked to Mikey, he had never seen Mikey cry before and the sight of it now only made what he had to do that much harder. “It’s over Mikey.” Avery whispered, crying even harder now. “I just want you to go.”

Mikey stared at Avery as though he had just slapped him the face for the second time. “No.” Mikey whispered, pleadingly. “Please no Ave…”

“Time to leave Mikey.” Trash opened the front door and stood there, waiting for Mikey to go.

Mikey looked to the three men in the room. Avery was standing beside Rick and Rick had his arm around him protectively. Mikey nodded, “Alright.” He said softly. He turned, defeated and walked to the door. “You know it’s all over.” He said in a low, dark voice. “The band, everything. I’m done with all of you.”

“That’s your choice.” Trash told him, “We’ll get another guitarist.”

Mikey narrowed his eyes as he gave the room once last glance then he left, ripping the door from Trash’s hand and slamming it so hard that it rattled the windows.

Avery buried his head against Rick’s chest and sobbed uncontrollably. He had tried so hard to hold it all in but he couldn’t any longer. It came now in a great, massive wave of anger, despair and sorrow as though someone had suddenly opened a flood gate.

Rick held him tight and let it all pour out. Avery cried for about an hour, and then fell asleep on the sofa with his head in Ricks lap.

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