Backdoor Service Pt. 01


Her phone vibrated on the nightstand, she smiled slightly and her excitement grew from her groin to her chest. Ashley knew before looking what this email was about.

[RE: Service my Backdoor]

I hear you have a backdoor that needs to be drilled and stained with white cum. My tool is hard and my stain is thick. I’ll enter from the back and have you cumming from the front.

Cupping her shaved pussy with one hand, her fingers playfully rubbed her clit. Ashley emailed back:

[Cum over, I need your tool inside my ass NOW. My address is attached, come around the back…]

Ashley had hornily planned this for months, she posted her ad discretely online just last night and was surprised at how quick and fast the responses rolled in. She had her pick from men and women, all wanting to play on her terms. Ashley thought back to her friends calling her a reckless nymphomaniac, and rebelliously thinking “If my pussy is off limits for cock, my ass and mouth are more than willing to take their pleasure.” The backdoor service club was born. “I’ll show them…” she thought determinedly.

Notified by her motion sensors, Ashley saw the stranger walk up the path to her backdoor. He was tall and handsome, just like his email photo. His name was Evan or something, she cared more about what he was going to do to her. This was going to be fun…

She opened the door, wearing only white stockings a frilly garter belt and a wicked grin. Before Evan or something could do or say anything, Ashley kneeled to the floor and aggressively undid his belt, zipper and dropped his jeans – revealing a 7 inch shaved cock fully at attention for her. She quickly pressed her lips around the base of the cock, sliding her mouth upwards to meet his head. Her braided blonde hair fell around the sides of her face, she had done it that way so she would have maximum visibility when going down on her stranger.

She let him enter her mouth slowly she bobbed her head up and down, swallowing him deeper each time. She couldn’t fit him all the way in, so she stroked the base of his cock while she deepthroated the rest of his tool. Gagging only a little from the pressure, she had him covered in a mix of her saliva and his pre-cum. It was time…

With a trail of blowjob saliva dropping from her lips, she looked up at him from her knees and said: “Fuck me in that room over there.” She then crawled seductively on her hand and knees to the adjoining play room where she kept erotic pictures of herself and various toys on the walls. She loved looking at herself in print, and knew boys loved looking at her pictures while fucking the real thing.

Evan’s astonished face quickly turned to determination as he watched Ashley’s ass sway back and forth as she crawled to the room full of sex toys and accessible furniture. Particularly the handcuffs and body harness hanging from the ceiling, strategically placed in front of a large wall mirror. Evan stood Ashley up, feeling her soft breasts and tight ass on Eryaman Escort the way up. He locked her wrists with the hanging cuffs, attached the harness to her should and midsection, leaving her tits hanging out for his pleasure. She motioned to the wall control to hoist herself up, Evan quick understood and raised her several feet off the ground. Just to the perfect height for sucking and fucking. Supported in mid-air, Ashley was face down to the hardwood floor, her ass angled up for this perfect stranger to gaze into. She was unable to move her hands or her legs… She was his to play with, and that’s just what Ashley wanted as she moaned in anticipation.

Evan swung her around to meet him, her mouth positioned directly in line with his penis. She looked at him directly in the eyes as he grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth onto this cock. “Suck my dick, make it sopping wet. It’s going in your ass next.” He started thrusting, fucking her mouth. Without her hands, Ashley’s mouth was at his mercy – his cock slid down her throat and in her inner cheeks relentlessly until her mouth was full of saliva bubbles and drool. She couldn’t complain, she enjoyed being used, and loved hard meat in her mouth.

Holding her deep on his tool, Ashley felt a different kind of pulsing… He wasn’t cumming, but what was he… Ashley’s eyes went wide with shock and surprise! She felt his hot piss rushing into her throat, it quickly overwhelmed her mouth and poured off her chin onto her floor. Her lips held on instinctually, she never backed down from sucking cock. She felt embarrassed…dirty…hot…sexy…she wanted more! Thirstily, Ashley sucked and swallowed every drop of piss she could, reveling in the new experience as she remained immobile, hoisted in the air.

“You’re a thirsty bitch.” Evan noted.

“I can’t believe you pissed in my mouth… I’m such a slut… I need your cock in my slut ass.” She replied, egging him on.

Even spun her around once more, her ass floating in the air – a perfect angle to be man-handled. Ashley saw her reflection in the wall mirror, drool and piss falling from her pink lips and chin. She loved the look. She saw Evan reach forward, and felt his thumb rest on her asshole while his index and ring finger rubbed and entered her wet pussy. She moaned “Don’t tease me like that!” He responded back by fingering her deeper, and forcing his thumb into her tight ass. “You’ll need to beg me you dirty slut.”

Ashley needed more, Evan’s thumb was such a tease – rolling and stretching her rim. She’d do anything for more. “PLEASE Fuck my whore ass, I need your dick pounding the shit out of me!”

“That’s more like it, you’re my whore now.” Evan pulled his thumb from her ass and fingers from her pussy, walked around, and inserted them into her mouth – alternating pussy fingers and his ass thumb. “I want you to taste the best parts of you before I finish.” Her pussy tasted sweet, and her ass like the coconut Sincan Escort oil she used regularly when she masturbates with her anal toys. The taste lingered in her mouth, mixing in swirl on her tongue.

The next thing Ashley felt was Evan returning to his position of power over her ass, slowly sliding his saliva and piss covered cock into her ass. She gasped in excitement, she felt his dick stretching her rim as her ass began to swallow his head and shaft. She had tingles in her spine, and her fingers clenched in response to a foreign object entering her asshole. Relaxing her ass, she allowed his massive tool to slide further, deep into her anus. The sensation was incredible, hanging in mid-air, her mouth abused, her pussy ignored and her ass being raided by this stranger she accepted into her home. She squeezed her cheeks as he pumped in an out, giving him a tighter experience. Evan fucked her ass hard and fast, relentless in his rhythm. Ashley’s hair exploded up with each thrust, her pussy dripping as her ass took his 7-inch cock balls deep to her root.

Ashley lost control of her body whenever Evan rammed his cock up her ass. Her fingers twinged, her toes curled, her eyes rolled back into her had and she had the most incredible moans and screams of pleasure. She felt his cock playfully almost exit her pulsing anus, allowing her to catch her breath and plead for more. Enjoying the power he had over her, Evan slowly pulled out every inch of his dick from her ass, until his head popped out – leaving her ass gasping and winking at him. Ashley heard the click of a camera and saw in the mirror that Evan had been taking pictures and video with his cell phone. Helplessly tied up and at his mercy, she felt a wave of embarrassment rush over her, a wave that quickly turned her on even more. “You like what you see? I’m your fuck toy. You better get your batteries back in me.”

That did the trick, Evan forcefully breached Ashley’s bleached asshole once again – and grabbed a fistful of braids in each hand, forcing her head up so she could see what he would do to her. “I’m going to ride you like the hot bitch you are.” With force and a second round of energy, Evan’s sculpted biceps and strong grip pulled her hair while his abs and powerful legs thrust in between her crack. Ashley felt the power he used to fuck her course through her body. Her ass open and wet from her mouth juices and his pre-cum, it was the perfect hole to be used by this handyman. Evan rode her body like a fucking stallion, her hair gripped like reigns and her ass his saddle. Her body quivering with each pull and thrust, she felt her pussy convulsing and poised to explode with its own juices. Evan must have seen this, and while pulling her hair with one hand, used the other to rapidly rub her clit as the continued his brutal jackhammering of her gaping ass.

Overwhelmed by the sensations, Ashley couldn’t focus on any one spot for pleasure, prolonging Evan’s pillaging Etlik Escort her body, everything blurred together into one incredible feeling that originated in her ass and ended in her pussy. She felt Evan release a primal yell as he came, his cock shot thick fresh cum deep into her ass while his fingers clenched her pussy inside and out like a vice. A rush of passion flowed through her body, her eyes rolled back, her leg’s quivered and her salivating pussy squirted her orgasm in gushes that splattered Evan’s chest and pooled on the floor. Her body convulsed for nearly a minute as Evan clenched her pussy tightly while maintaining his anal dominance with his still rock hard cock in her private hole. Slowly, he released his grip on her genitals and pulled his cum covered cock out from her anal mixing pot. She felt her ass filled with his hot cum, when his cock-head popped out from her still winking ass she felt his seed leaking out, dribbling down her taint and over her pussy, trailing down her legs and landing on the floor where the piss had leaked from her mouth and her ejaculate had already mixed.

Evan, exhausted, stumbled backwards to the hoist controls on the wall and used the last of his energy to lower Ashley to the floor and deactivate her handcuffs. He slid down the wall until he lay sitting and spread on the floor, clearly wiped out and unable to continue.

Ashley’s body surged with energy, her orgasm invigorated her and the cum dripping out of her ass turned her on like a dog in heat. She seductively got on all fours, keeping Evan’s gaze with her eyes as she lapped at the pool of cum and piss that had escaped her mouth, asshole and pussy. She hated leaving any drops behind…

Yearning for more, she crawled to him on the floor. “Who’s the bitch now Evan. I’m not done yet.”

“My name’s Blake.” He responded with a weak gasp, in-between heavy breaths.

“Whatever. I’ll lick your cock clean and blow you until you’re hard again.” She replied, his name didn’t matter, only her overwhelming need to please and be pleased. She wasn’t about to let any cum go to waste, especially knowing it was in her ass just moments before. She reveled in the cum still leaking from her taboo hole, exalting in how dirty and horny it made her feel.

She leaned into his crotch with erotic intent. Even deflated, his penis was large and enticing. She wrapped her mouth around his dick, surrounding it entirely. The taste of his cum from her coconut oiled ass was enthralling, she sucked and licked it clean, swallowing nearly all of it and leaving choice amounts to drop from her lips to cover her chin. A girl had to have the right make-up for the right situation.

Watching from the other side of the two-way mirror, Ashely’s twin sisters turned and toasted to their girlfriends in unison, a mix of 18-35 year old blondes, brunettes and redheads. These were the kind of friends who bonded over something entirely different. These girls were each nymphomaniacs, voyeurs and exhibitionists, gathered to share their experiences and to create new ones to fulfill their insatiable needs.

“Fuck that was hot… We’ll each get our turn.” The girls only acknowledged with a glance, they were too pre-occupied with fingering themselves and each other to be bothered. The backdoor service club was just what they needed.

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