Bar Tails Ch. 02


“Sure.” That’s all I had said to accept his invitation up to his hotel room. Thirty minutes later I had had the best sex of my life — bar none, not mention my first real man-on-man sex. You know how sex is almost never as good as you imagine it’ll be. It’s awkward and messy a lot, and sometimes you just want to head for the door after you cum, which I could have. It was really different this time.

We were just lying there for a long time in the afterglow, kissing some but mostly slowly rubbing our hands and bodies over each other. All those fantastic frantic urges were sated, but I was still horny. In fact I was hornier, but in a different way. Before it was the excitement of the moment that I’m finally hooking up with a guy, and not just any guy; him! Now, it’s a warm lust that I want to slowly explore deeper. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t about to poof out and fall in love. I just wanted to take the sex to the next level.

Anyway, he started pinching my nipples, and I leaned over and started to lick and nibble on his. I was tuned on by the little stands of hair below them. While I did this, I slowly rubbed my hand down to fondle his balls, which had dropped back down, and gently stroke his cock. He was getting hard again, and to know I was making it happen was a real turn-on, and it starting getting me hard again too. None of this was rushed. We just took our time turning each other on. Eventually, I looked up at him and said, “why don’t we go take a shower together.” Again there was no talk, just his big grin.

While he got the water right, I grabbed some body lotion on the counter. We got in under the warm water, embraced and slowly kissed for a while. He took the soap and slowly washed his way down to my waist. He dropped to his knees to soap up my tool area. He just slowly ran both his hands around my balls and pubes, back up my chest and around my nipples, and back down to slowly stoke my dick. I loved looking down and watching him concentrate and work on getting me off. Then he put his hands on either side of my thighs, slowly Cebeci Escort turned me around and then ran his hand up my back to push my head down to work on my ass. I put my hands against the tile and closed my eyes to really feel it and see it in my mind. He lathered up more and washed my ass and between my legs. He’d stop over my asshole and just message it a little and keep working. It was so fucking hot, I reached down for the body lotion and handed it back to him. He knew exactly what to do with it. He used it as lube to gently finger-fuck my hole. It was so intense, my dick starting throbbing. Finally I had to stop him before I came.

I pulled him up to me and planted a long kiss to start my turn. I washed him just like he’d washed me. I turned him around so his back faced me, and spent more time on his firm, round, proud, muscular ass of his. Blonde pubes came up the crack from his balls. I put a hand on his stomach to keep him standing while my soapy other hand ran up and down sideways to feel the crevice and globes on top of each muscled leg. After a while, I pushed his head down so I could work on his hole. It was pink without much hair the last inch around it. The hole itself was a thin vertical slit. I used soap and lotion on him. I wanted his hole clean because all I could think about at that moment was licking on it, which I did. He started sort of moaning low and gently holding my head behind him so I’d stay on the hole. My tongue licked up and down the wrinkly rim and tried to pry into his slit. I was so fucking frustrated that my tongue wouldn’t penetrate but completely turned on. I even started moaning. Finally, we both stood up, his back to me. We pressed together, and he turned his head so we could kiss while my dick stroked up and down his ass crack. We were both starting to breath really hard. Finally he stopped and said, “I need you to fuck me.”

I sort of pulled back from him surprised and stood there looking. But I looked again at that body, and especially at that ass Kolej Escort of his, and the next words that just came from my mouth were, “you got a condom?” He shook his head yes. I never really thought about crossing over some forbidden line, but I guess I had – or was about to. We dried off just leering at each other. He grabbed a condom and small bottle of lube from his kit, and we headed for the bed.

I’d seen plenty of gay porn, but still needed a little help. For one thing I know it can hurt like hell, and I wanted to do this right. I nervously said, “I’ve never done this, so you may need to tell me how. Have you?”

“Yeah, I’ve done it, but not for a long time,” he said. He got on the bed on his knees with his head on a pillow. He spread his legs, and his beautiful ass was fully exposed. He instructed, “loosen me up first with your fingers.”

I sat on the bed, put an arm around his waist and lubed his hole with my finger. That little pink bud was some tight, but as my finger ran in and out and around, he started to loosen up. I slowly positioned a second finger vertically and rotated my hand in a circular motion to keep getting him opened. It wasn’t the main event, but we were both loving the intimacy. After about 5-10 minutes of this, he said, “fuck my ass now.”

I put on the condom and lubed us both. I was so hard. I kneeled in behind him. I ran my cock head up and down a little until I found his hole, and he reached back to help guide me in. When he had it right, I leaned in and pushed. He started breathing in little short gasps as his hole stretched and dick head popped in. That felt so great, and I kept pushing it in further. I could finally feel him relaxing, and as my dick stroked in and out and in and out really deeply, he made this sort of low, quiet, off-key, primordial “unnngghh” sound with my deep strokes. I was so fucking turned on watching my dick fuck his hole in between his muscled legs and ass. He even started pushing back on my dick to fuck himself.

I Yenimahalle Escort don’t know how long we fucked like that, but he eventually slowly moved forward to pull free. He stacked up some pillows and lied down on his back with ass on top so it was sticking up. His legs were spread wide, and he pulled up so that his knees were back behind his hole. I leaned in, and he helped me find the hole again. I penetrated, and we started just rocking deep in rhythm. I’d lie on his chest for a while, then pull up a little so we could kiss, and back down again. I went back vertical, pushed his knees further back and apart and really pump him slow, long and hard. His blue eyes were rolling up in his head, and each time I thrust all the way in, he’d softly plead, “fuck me.” Shit, it was hot. When was about to cum, I pulled off the condom to shoot my load all over him. As I came, it was like my orgasm started in the top of my head and went down until like every cell in my body was having its own orgasm. I made some sort of noise on shooting each rope of jiz. My balls and prostate ached. It was so fucking intense.

He was watching me come and jacking. I don’t know why, but as the blood went up his shoulders to his face as he was about to cum, without even thinking, I just deliberately leaned my head down in front of his dick so he could shoot in my mouth and on my face. This huge, first, long, thick, hunk of cum went into my mouth, and I swallowed it and starting sucking out all the rest, without even thinking. I collapsed onto him, and we just rubbed around in our own cum and kissed, sharing cum. I couldn’t even think. I could just feel, taste and smell all we had done.

* * *

As my mental picture of all this faded and the reality of the moment returned, I looked at Mark, who was motionless with his mouth open.

Mark sort of gently shook his head back and forth incredulously, started smiling and said, “get the fuck outa here.”

I just smiled, shrugged and replied, “it’s all true.”

After a moment, all Mark could manage was a somewhat unfocused though perfectly apropos “mother-FUCK-er.”

As we looked into each other’s eyes to let it all soak in, he having now heard my tale of male tail and I having now relived it for him, we started smiling. Mark asked, “so, you want to come up to my room?”

I just grinned and said, “sure.”

[end Ch. 2]

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