Beautiful Agony – Chapter Six

Big Tits

There was  a pitcher full of the juice of freshly squeezed blood oranges. There was yoghurt, imported directly from Greece and a bowl of fresh raspberries – still wet with dew. Cherries, shiny brightly in a bowl of crushed ice. There were sweet apples, almonds, and blueberries and then pastries, croissants dripping with melted butter, cannolis and rum babas…I was the only guest at this breakfast banquet, me, alone just in my silk cami.  To be honest, there was much dithering as I made my choice, but this girl eventually made her selection and then sat by the open French doors and gazed at the beautiful walled garden. There was hardly a sound, just the wind in the trees and the gentle sound of a farm tractor somewhere in the distance. Miss Jenneke Janssen had an astonishingly beautiful home, I had no concept of how it came to be but I simply did not care. I was happy just sitting here in the lap of luxury and thinking lots about what happened on the roof the night before. I just felt so relaxed. I was blissfully naked and I can’t remember when I had last felt so carefree. So when Zoe held me I felt nothing but happiness. Jenneke had only to touch me a little bit and it just happened, the rush, the realisation and then the orgasm. I remember Zoe kissing me goodnight and I went to my room and fell asleep almost immediately. With the clink of china, the smell of coffee and a discreet cough, a young woman came to my table with a cup Kolej Escort and saucer and a coffee pot. “Americano, Suzy?” she said, “there’s hot milk too.”“Black for me please,” I said, “are you staying here too?”“No,” she said, “I work here, my name is Mila.”She put the cup and saucer on my table and poured the coffee. Mila had beautiful hands. She was about my age and very pretty. Classically pretty. In her black leggings and baggy sweater she looked lovely and I felt no embarrassment about sitting there with my bare bottom and my silky top which hid absolutely nothing. “I have been to London,” she said, “it was amazing…“I must get on. Lovely to meet you Suzy, good luck today!”Then she was gone and, alone again, I sipped the coffee and watched a blackbird tilt its head and then strike with its beak and pull a worm from it’s home under the grass.Time had a funny habit of standing still in this place, I truly wasn’t sure if five minutes had passed or an hour. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and received the full force of those ice-blue eyes.“Good morning, Suzy.” There, wearing a pure white tracksuit (Givenchy I later discovered) and box-fresh white trainers (Also Givenchy by the way) was Jenneke. Her hair was tied back, tightly.“May I join you?” Jenneke’s smile dazzled me.“Mila… more coffee please.”Now, the Dutch have a deep and long standing love of coffee. In any form Rus Escort and at any time of the day, they are sipping what is practically their national drink. Starbucks exists of course but the little bars and coffee houses is where the action is. Anyway, in my opinion, people only put up with Starbucks coffee so they can use the free Wi-fi all day!Mila returned with a cup and saucer for Jenneke. I did not react but I noticed that Mila rested her hand on my shoulder as she reached over to pour the coffee. Once she had been thanked, Mila turned to go but not without giving me a rather conspiratorial smile. I was too happy to analyse anything that was going on in this wonderful word, I concentrated on what Jenneke had asked me.‘Had I waxed and shaved?’ Yes.‘Had I showered very thoroughly?’ Yes, and I knew exactly what she was meaning. I was to go to the main studio and there would be some preliminary photographs taken. Then later, in the natural light of the garden the photo shoot would continue. No make-up would be used, I was to be naked and try to be natural in every possible way.“No posing, no cheesy smiles, no gymnastics,” she said, “and then tonight, your Justyna will be here and Zoe will be here and we will all have a lovely party!”That’s how it began. Jenneke took my hand and we walked down the long corridor and entered her studio. It was a vast space. The walls were a uniform Yenimahalle Escort grey and lighting stands stood around a massively wide paper-roll frame for seamless background work. High above where skylights with blinds to control the sun’s natural light.“Top off please, Suzy, from now on you will be naked until we finish.”A matter of moments and I was in the nude. The blue eyes were a searchlight. I had nowhere to hide and again the egoless feeling of being entirely in this woman’s world. I watched as she drew down a sheet of white paper and brought it out a couple of meters on the floor. Then she brought out an ornate gilt red upholstered chair and placed it on the paper roll.“Come.” She said, and she indicated the chair. Once seated I watched as lights were moved and light readings taken. The Hasselblad was on a tripod and Jenneke stood behind and checked the viewfinder.“Good,” she said, “now I want you to masturbate until you cum.”My ability to be concerned at Jenneke’s requests was long gone. I sat back in the chair and put my heels up by my bottom. Looking into Jenneke’s eyes I began fondling my breasts as I usually did when exhibiting myself like this.”No Suzy, ignore the camera… pretend you are totally alone at home, door locked, phone off.”The shutter kept clicking. I tried to forget the lens. I tried to forget the woman who was sitting on the floor, legs apart, steering her camera lens closer to my hot wet vulva.“Good girl. That’s better. Remember you are alone in your own home.”Now it was getting to me, the pleasure, that point where my own body would assume control and my hands and fingers became simple slaves. The continuous clicking of the shutter faded  into the background. The sound of Jenneke’s voice kept the tempo going.

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