Becoming a Sex Pig Pt. 01


I was lying down on my side on the bed in my room at the bath house when he walked by the door. He was maybe 6′, average build, longish blond hair, blue eyes, glasses, bushy stache and goatee, lightly hairy chest with beautiful puffy nips which I wanted to latch my lips onto immediately.

He saw me, walked in, smiled, and when I returned the smile he closed the door behind him and walked over to me. He touched my side, sliding his hand down to my (generously sized) butt, then ran his hand back up my side and started kneading one of my nipples…and I freaked. Whatever he was doing to my nip–kind of kneading it beneath the base, under the skin, though I couldn’t tell how he was doing it–it was sending waves of pleasure through my chest and right down to my dick, which jerked and dripped a little precum.

He smiled again. “Ah. Sensitive. Just the way I like ’em.” And he brought his other hand over to start manipulating my other nipple. I felt my dick start a slow drool, which was highly unusual for me. Still smiling, he said “I bet you’d like me to work these puppies until they could be milked, wouldn’t you?” A groan and a nod was all I could manifest in reply.

He whipped off his towel to reveal a hefty dick, probably 6″ around and 7″ long, cut, with a large drop of precum glistening in the piss-slit. He moved towards me, inserting his dick into my mouth, which was already at just the right height. I closed my eyes, and experienced a weird sort of psychedelic light show as I greedily sucked out every drop of precum he produced, which turned into a slow stream, almost like he was pissing…but this wasn’t piss. Not yet, anyhow.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about 3 minutes, he pulled back. “Not so fast, little piggy. We’ve got some preparations to handle first.”

I felt a pinprick on the side of my neck, and was suddenly woozy. “Nothing harmful,” he said, “just a little something to chill you out while I inject a few things.”

Inject? What the fuck?

I saw him pick up a small black case that he’d brought into the room with him and laid at the foot of the bed. He removed a small syringe which was already filled with some sort of milky-white liquid. Expertly, he swabbed down each of my nipples with an alcohol pad before injecting half the contents of the syringe. The needle-sticks didn’t really hurt. They felt more like mild pinches. Weirdly, they felt good.

He replaced the small syringe into his case and brought out a second syringe. He injected this into the head of my dick, then into several places along its still-erect length, and into the base. These injections felt like tiny pin pricks; annoying, but not painful enough to make me jump or cry.

“These are going to be painful,” he said, “and there’s not much to be done about it.” And then he brought forth a third syringe, which he injected into each of my balls.

At this Demetevler Escort point, inside my head I was totally freaking out, but somehow I wasn’t able to say anything. He saw the wild look in my eyes, and spoke.

“Calm down,” he in a soothing voice, and I felt my entire body start to relax. “These will invoke some changes that will make things more pleasant for both of us. The changes will revert themselves within 72 hours unless the shots are re-administered. Now, flip over on your stomach.”

Somehow, I managed to flip on my stomach, as if my body wasn’t quite my own. I felt him insert something into my butt. “Good, you DID clean out your hole before coming here. That will make this a lot easier.” My hole started expanding, and I realized he was using some sort of speculum. I felt a sharp pain in my butt which came and went so quickly that I didn’t even have time to react. “That was your prostate I just injected. It’ll take about an hour for things to start moving along. Go to sleep now.”

And I did.

I was awakened by a gentle shaking, “Wake up, little piggy; time to play.”

I opened my eyes, and felt remarkably clear-headed. My blond master was sitting next to me on the narrow bed, still smiling.

“I’m a medical researcher, and I stumbled across some compounds with interesting properties. They’ve allowed me to make a few temporary biological alterations,”

He reached out and gently kneaded my left nipple…and I nearly leaped off the bed. My nips had never been this sensitive before, nor had they ever provoked me into a near orgasm. “These are now super-sensitive, and they will be until they’re fully milked.” He placed my hand onto my nipple, which was at least twice the size it was before I went to sleep, and squeezed my fingers around it, garnering another moan from me as waves of pleasure echoed through my entire body. Before I knew it, my other hand went to my other nipple, and I was frantically kneading each of them, seeking some sort of release.

“They can’t be satisfied that way,” he said with an evil grin, “but only with someone else’s mouth. Like mine.” And with that, he leaned down and took my left nipple into his mouth, and started chewing and sucking on it. If I thought I’d experienced pleasure before, I was sadly mistaken. I felt as if I were having a…nipplegasm? I moaned and writhed on the bed, being careful not to dislodge his mouth. Suddenly, I felt a flash of what I could only describe as a cold heat, and I felt something coming out of my nipple!

“Oh yeah,” he moaned while sucking and swallowing, “That’s it. Give me your milk, little piggy. It’ll make me nice and hard for you…”

I felt his dick harden against my thigh, feeling nearly red hot, dripping precum as he humped my leg. “Time for the other nipple, baby…” and he shifted his mouth to my right nipple. Otele gelen escort Once again, a few minutes after the initial burst of pleasure, I felt a cold bolt of lightning surge through my nipple, and liquid started pouring out. “Here, try some,” and he deep-kissed me, spitting a load of milk into my mouth, as if he were snowballing me.

My milk tasted slightly sweet, and shortly after I swallowed, I felt my dick get so hard that I bet it could cut diamonds. I reached down to grab my dick…and my hand grabbed empty air. “What the fuck–?!” I shouted after my initial shock. He grinned even more evilly, watching as I dropped my hand down to my crotch, finding not my dick, but only a small nub, maybe an inch and a half long and half that wide. Somehow, he’d given me a micropenis. My balls felt like very small, hard peas swimming in a vast (unshrunken) scrotum. Touching my new dicklet, I shuddered all over, because it was ultrasensitive.

“Yeah,” he said, “The same number of nerve endings, but in a smaller surface area. I bet I can get you off just by licking you like you were a woman…” And with that, he moved his head down between my legs and started licking. The feeling was incredible, better than any blowjob I’d ever experienced. I saw lights flashing behind my eyes, and I couldn’t even talk, I was so overcome with sexual sensations. My whole body started vibrating and I started screaming as an orgasm raced from my crotch throughout my entire body. I’d heard about whole body orgasms before, but had never experienced one.

Finally, I had to push him away from my crotch, because each lick or caress produced so much pleasure it was nearly torture.

“Flip over,” he ordered gruffly, “I wanna play with your butt”. I felt myself moving to obey even as my mind was trying to tell him to fuck off.

He started licking my hole, then inserted his tongue. I’ve always loved being rimmed, and this was no exception. He inserted his finger, and suddenly I started shuddering again in a full body orgasm.

“Perfect”, I heard him say, “The shrunken prostate is also oversensitive. You are now the perfect fuckhole.”

I felt his hard dick line up at my hole, and was mortified to feel my hole relaxing and my butt pushing back almost by itself. I wanted to feel that cock on my prostate. Slowly, agonizingly carefully, he slid his rod home and as soon as it started rubbing against my prostate, I saw stars again and started orgasming…only this time it didn’t stop. Every thrust produced a new wave of pleasure, and I was incapable of protesting, it all felt so good. Eventually, I felt him climax, and I swore I could feel every spurt of his seed onto my throbbing prostate.

He pulled out and moved up to my head, where I automatically sucked him, cleaning his dick of cum and my buttjuice. He started to soften, and I felt Balgat Escort the first spurts of piss, which tasted like a very weak tea, incredibly warm and soothing. I greedily started sucking again, doing my best to pull every drop of piss out of his body and down my throat.

Finally he had no more piss to give, and he slowly withdrew his semi-soft dick from my mouth with a quiet popping sound.

“So, you like what I’ve turned you into?” He said.

When I just stared at him, he started, as if remembering something, then said “Oh yeah, I forgot; you’re ultra-submissive and can’t speak up in the presence of alpha male pheromones. It’s OK for you to speak freely now. Answer me.”

“What have you done to me?” I asked in a wavering voice.

He grinned. “I’ve turned you into the perfect fucktoy; not a man, not a woman, but a little sexpiggy with attributes of both. Your breastmilk acts as both a male aphrodesiac and rough analog of Viagra. Your dicklet is super-sensitive, and too small to really play with yourself, but just right for someone else to lick you to orgasm. That’s the only way you can achieve penile orgasm now, by the way. You’ll find jerking off is impossible due to the high sensitivity, and it’s too small to fuck anyone with. Your prostate is also shrunken–not as much as your dicklet–and more sensitive than before. You’ll achieve full body orgasms just by getting fucked or fisted. The muscle spasms induced by the full body orgasm act like a natural vibrator on the man fucking you, giving him a more pleasurable experience. There’s also a mild hypnotic component to the injections, which increases your bottom tendencies into full submissiveness. You’ll want to do anything someone else tells you, doubly so if there are any strong male pheromones around.”

I just…stared at him, unable to say a fucking thing. He waited, then grinned evilly. “Ah. You have permission to ask me another question.”

I was on the verge of fainting. Or screaming. Or maybe some of each. “So…what happens now?” I asked him.

“Well, this is Friday night. The injections will wear off by Monday morning, unless I renew them. You’re going to come home with me to spend the weekend being my perfect piggy sextoy until the effects wear off. Your dick and prostate will revert to their respective normal sizes within a week, though your nips may still be sensitive and give milk for a few days longer.”

There was nothing I could think of to say except yes, With every fiber of my being, I wanted to be his sex toy for the next three days, yes, I would do anything he asked, just as long as he didn’t stop using me sexually. I was appalled at my own mindset.

“One more thing…I’m not going to renew the injections. I want you to spend the weekend as my sex slave, and then you get to think about it for a couple of weeks. I’m betting you’ll ask me for a new series of injections within a week.”

I was still appalled enough at myself to sputter “Never!” at him.

His expression hardened, and his smile turned grim. “They always say that. I will tell you now that you will need to BEG me on your hands and knees for more injections before we’re done…and you WILL beg me. They always do. Now get dressed, we’re going to my place, little piggy.”

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