Brides First Time


It was perfect weather for the first day of their honeymoon in Florida. They were the only people on the beach so far but they knew it would soon be filled. They walked hand-in-hand down the coast to the cliff where they noticed an alcove not far into the water, they would have to walk knee deep to get to the alcove. John glanced to his beauty and gave the wicked smile that won her heart the day they met. She smiled back and they both strode over to the alcove and saw it didn’t run very deep into the cliff but deep enough not to be disturbed.

They walked in and John sat down on a ledge that without being mistaken looked like the size of a single bed. Maggie walked over to him and made a gesture for him to open his legs where she sat between them and leaned back against his chest where he was very sure she could hear his heart beating. This was bliss, alone with the water lapping at their legs, cool and very refreshing. He didn’t want this moment to end but he wanted Maggie. He wanted to turn her around, kiss those beautiful lips of hers, to cup her beautiful breasts that he only has seen but has never touched. It was her decision to not make love until her wedding night and he understood that. He loved her so much that if she mentioned the word moon he would get it for her.

Now that the wedding was nine hours old he could finally make love to his absolutely sexy wife. Wife, his wife, finally, he thought. As if she had read his mind she lifted her head up and to the side and placed a kiss on his cheek and whispered that she wanted to give him herself. He smiled and tilted her head a little more and kissed her lightly, his tongue on her lips. He felt her move a little and soon felt her lips part only to invade her warm mouth with his tongue. He found hers, soft, inviting and it drove him insane. He needed her and if words weren’t obvious then people should only look down to see that he couldn’t go one minute longer without being inside her.

Maggie was a little over the chubby part but she was still very beautiful at five foot and three inches, brown hair and eyes but John wasn’t the type to go for that, when he stepped into the diner and saw her smile to one of the other waitresses he knew, there she is. He asked to be served by her when another waitress appeared to take his order. She walked over and gave him a smile of innocence and placed the menu before him. He asked if she was new because he has never seen her in the diner before. She replied saying that she was and that this was her first day. He asked for a coffee and while she was gone he considered taking a chance at asking her out. As soon as she reappeared with his coffee, Kolej Escort he placed his order and asked her if she would be interested in going out with him for dinner that night. She had shrugged and he noticed that she was the shy type.

He coaxed her and said she had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen and he would do anything to see that smile that night; even if he did all the talking to make her smile. She said she would think about it while she took his order. Ten minutes later she came back and placed his order in front of him and said yes, that she would like to have dinner with him that night. He then asked for her name and complemented on how beautiful her name was. He gathered her shift would end not late at all but he still asked. Later, as he got back into his car he picked up his car phone and made a reservation for seven thirty at his uncle’s restaurant. Never had he taken a woman to his uncle’s restaurant before but he knew deep down that Maggie was the one.

Later that night he picked her up at the diner and they drove in silence to the restaurant. He had told her as they walked inside and was shown to their table that his uncle owned the restaurant and that he only came here for special occasions. Conversation over dinner was kept light and it was heaven to see her smile whenever he told a joke. After dinner, they had walked along the beach both holding their shoes and saw an ice cream shop starting to close but John reached him just in time and asked for two ice-creams with chocolate sauce. He wanted to see her lips around something soft. He started thinking of how those lips would feel upon his member and found he now had a hard on. He needed to sit before she saw the bulge in his jeans.

She thanked him and both sat on the nearest beach. Her scent, what was it; it was almost as if it smelt of the ice-cream they were enjoying; vanilla. She was lovely. Later, he drove while she gave him directions to her place, it was a beautiful Victorian style boarding house. He asked if he could see her again and saw a smile in her eyes, she nodded and asked for her number. They had been going out as friends at first, as she had asked if they could take things slow and he understood.

After a lengthy friendship had she decided to kiss him on arriving at her place. He had gotten out with her and walked her to her room in the boarding house. She invited him in and his eyes fixed on the bedroom, the door was open and the bed was made, wondering if he would get up, close and personal with that bed. She seemed to have read his mind, took him by the hand and sat him down on Sincan Escort the sofa and explained that she was a virgin and that she wanted to wait until her wedding night. He nodded, saying he understood because he loved her and would do anything. She kissed him lightly on the lips and just as soon as the kiss grew hungry he pulled away, doing as she wished.

Three months later, at his uncle’s restaurant had he moved from his side of the table, came before her and dropped onto one knee and asked her hand in marriage. She leapt into his arms crying yes at the same time but regained her composure immediately as they heard a round of applause from everyone there. His uncle came out and congratulated them and sent a waiter to bring a bottle of the finest wines — on the house of course — to celebrate. John was the happiest man alive, he had a wonderful, huge heart of a woman on his side and she was going to be his wife and soon at that.

Remembering that night of their dinner, he knew she was the one. He looked at her now realizing she had stood up and was looking at him. She had called his name about three times, he replied by saying he was thinking of the day they had met and the day he proposed to her. She blushed, by God, the woman could blush. Pink face, even her ears went slightly pink. Overweight or not, she was his and no one was going to do or say anything different. It looked as if she was considering something and before he knew it she lifted her t-shirt over her head and started to slide her shorts off.

Oh dam, he thought. He was rock hard and if he didn’t do anything about it soon he would explode all over these walls without feeling her, finally, he thought. He reached out and wrapped his hand over hers and brought her closer where he kissed her lips, soft and passionate at first but the damn animal he was, plundered her mouth with his tongue and devoured her senseless. His hands roaming her body, from waist, to around her back, back to the front and higher up, finding her erect nipples and rubbing them lightly at first. She made the perfect groan from deep inside and he pulled away to place his lips over an erect nipple.

She placed her hands on his head and pulled his head closer to her still, fingers through his hair, urging him on to kiss her hard nipples more but instead she was whispering that he shouldn’t be so gentle, that she wasn’t porcelain. At that he started sucking and biting her nipples. It was when she moaned that he pulled away. He could see hunger in her eyes and thought better of getting her against the alcove wall and taking her like a ravenous Yenimahalle Escort animal, no, he wouldn’t do that, he would take it at her pace. She slid his t-shirt over his head and dropped it down on the ledge where her shirt and shorts lay and started kissing his chest and licking around his nipples. He stood and quickly took his shorts and knickers off.

He pulled her towards him and got her to sit on the ledge where he bent down and opened her legs. He kissed her lips that hid her sex before parting them where he kissed her sensitive flesh, caressing her sex. He lowered his head still and licked over the place where his erection would be soon. He started probing her there with his tongue and slowly letting it deeper into her. He started wriggling his tongue inside; he could feel her squirm a little and placed his hands on her hips. He licked her, suckled and nipped at her tender flesh and sent his tongue into her moist core again. Over and over and over again and he heard her moan and soon he was drinking what flowed from her into his mouth. He suckled and took the last drop of her sanity before kissing her body all the way up.

With a glazed look in her eyes she whispered that it felt wonderful. He said it wasn’t the end and he pulled her even closer till she was completely on the edge of the ledge where he placed the head of his erection against her wet, silky entrance. He slowly pushed in until he felt her lush body tense, ever so slightly and stopped so she could acquaint herself to the man that has invaded her life.

She placed an arm around his neck and he started easing his hard member out of her gently, eased back in, out and in and soon she was relaxed and enjoying every second, he could see it; he could see lust in her eyes too. He started thrusting harder into her, she asked that he go a little faster, he wanted her to be sure and asked where she nodded and soon started thrusting into her, harder and faster.

Without realizing it, he was going in deeper and if she was hurting, she was doing a great job at not showing it. He kissed her neck while thrusting into her and whispering that he loved her. He soon slid his hand down over her breasts, over her stomach, over her navel and parting her fleshy folds and found her hardened bud. The faster he thrust into her, the faster he rubbed that tender spot. He felt her muscles tightening around his member and then the moaning came, louder it grew.

He didn’t want attention being drawn to the alcove so he kissed her and slid his tongue inside her mouth to find her tongue and stroke it like he was stroking her flesh and soon fireworks were exploding behind his eyes. Once he knew he was empty he slid out and looked into her eyes. Happy, content and a lot of love showing from her eyes. They were in love and he was the one man, her husband to show her the erotic side of life now that she was completely his. He couldn’t wait till they got back to the honeymoon suite to make love to her again and again and again.

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