Cockatoo Part 2

Group Sex

Cockatoo Part 2I had no idea how long I had spent under water but I could see a brightlight above me and I thought it must be the sun shining through thewater as I clawed myself towards the surface. But, I thought, ‘No, thatcan’t be. It was dark when I fell in.’ The light grew brighter andbrighter and I wondered ‘Maybe I’m dead’. I tried to open my eyes but itwas so bright I couldn’t force my eyelids open. I heard sounds from along way off and it sounded like voices, but they were muffled and Istrained to hear but couldn’t quite make anything out.I tried to move my arms to cover my eyes from the light but I couldn’tmove and I felt myself get angry that I was this helpless. Iconcentrated hard and forced myself to try and move my fingers. ‘Aaah,’I heard myself say as I felt a finger move a fraction. I coulddefinitely hear voices now and they became less muffled. I heard someonesay something that sounded urgent in a language that sounded familiarbut which I couldn’t place. I concentrated hard again and I felt myeyelids flicker and then I thought if I push really hard I might be ableto open my eyes. I strained to force open my eyelids and with a rush myeyes were open but I had to close them quickly as light flooded in.I felt my hand being lifted up and someone was holding my wrist. Imanaged to open one eye a fraction and gradually it adjusted to thelight. I couldn’t focus for a moment; all I could see were shades oflight and dark. I could now hear different voices and they were excitedabout something. I seemed to be lying on my back, still unable to moveand my side began to ache.I finally began to focus as a face appeared over me and a bright lightshone again into my eye which made me close it again. ‘Oww,’ I moanedand felt someone touch my eyelids and gently moved them apart.‘James. James, can you hear me?’ I heard a female voice say.‘Of course, I can bloody hear you, I’m not deaf,’ I wanted to scream,but all I heard was ‘Eunff,’‘He’s definitely coming round,’ the same female voice said to someoneelse. I managed to force open my other eye and I could now see that Iwas in a room with sunlight streaming through the windows. I found Icould now move my arm a little but something tugged on it and I felt alittle sharp pain.‘Try to lay still, James, you have a drip in your arm and I don’t wantyou to pull it out.’ I heard the female voice say. Drip in my arm,that’s very funny I thought and started to giggle, but stopped as myside began to ache once more. I raised my head a fraction and then itflopped back again as if my neck muscles didn’t exist.‘James, do you know where you are?’ The voice sounded American and thatconfused me. I tried to speak but my mouth was so dry and my tongue feltstuck to the top of my mouth.‘Meriga?’ I managed to mumble.The female voiced laughed gently, and said, ‘No, you’re in hospital inThailand.’‘Oh, how did I get there?’ I managed to say, ‘I live in England.’Another small laugh. ‘You’re in hospital in Koh Samui, James. You’vebeen hurt but you will be OK. Your side might be sore but I’ll give yousomething for the pain if it gets too bad.’My mind finally began to clear and I managed to raise my head to lookaround. I saw the woman who had been speaking to me, dressed in a whitecoat with a stethoscope around her neck and in the background anotherwoman also dressed in white.‘I’m Doctor Wichasak, and this is Nurse Taksin,’ she smiled down at me.Both looked Thai. But the doctor spoke with an American accent.‘How did I get here? I asked, ‘was I in an accident?’‘James, all in good time, I want you to get some rest, and later on wewill tell you what happened.’‘Okay, dokey, that’s fine, thank you very much…’ and I dropped back tosleep.When I woke up the next time, the room was dark but with a small lightdimly illuminating the room. I came round more quickly this time and Iwas conscious of the ache in my side as well as a raging headache. Itried to raise myself off the bed but the drip in my arm tugged the skinand I just lay back. My other arm was free and I managed to rub my eyeswith my hand and felt a bandage on my shoulder. I must have been in abig accident I thought. It was then that I began to get jerky flashes ofmemory; I could remember a boat, and being at sea and falling intowater. Small jig saw pieces of memory started to return and a picture ofAreeya lying bleeding on deck and Alex with blood all over her flashedinto my mind. I thought, ‘Oh my god, what happened to them?’ I went coldand started to shout for a nurse.Someone came into the room and I started to shout.‘What happened to them, what happened to the girls?’ I was yelling atthe top of my voice.‘It’s OK, sir. I’ll get someone to come.’She vanished and I fell back on the bed. ‘Christ, please let them be OK,please let them be OK.’I heard the door open and the nurse said, ‘I have someone who wants tosee you,’I looked up and there was Alex, smiling nervously and looking anxious.‘Alex, thank God, you’re alright.‘ I was almost weeping with relief.‘I’m fine, I’m fine James, and more to the point how are you? You lookbetter than the last time I saw you,’ she said. She held my hand andgently squeezed it. ‘You had us scared you know.’‘Is Areeya alright too?’ I said.‘James, I’m fine too, thank you,’ Areeya was standing on the other sideof my bed and she picked up my other hand. She had her head wrapped in alarge white bandage that dipped dramatically over one eye.I squeezed both their hands and I could see tears in Alex’s eyes. ‘Wethought we had lost you, baby, but it’s OK now, sweetheart.’ She leantdown and kissed me on the lips.‘What happened?’ I asked.‘That’s enough for now, I think,’ and I could see Doctor Wichasak at theback.‘I promise you we’ll tell you, in the morning,’ Alex said as the Doctorshooed them out of the room.‘You have two big fans, there James. They haven’t been away from thehospital since you arrived.’‘How long is that, doctor,’ I asked.’‘It’s been five days, now.’She gave me some water and a painkiller and I drifted off to sleepagain.I woke once more and the room was again full of light. I looked acrossto the window and I saw Alex and Areeya dozing in chairs. I took thechance to watch them for a bit and both looked very tired. Areeya wasstill wearing the bandage and had what looked like the remains of themother and father of a black eye.Alex stirred and opened her eyes.‘Hello, sweetheart, I’m so glad to see you.’ I said. She stood, cameover to kiss me and started to cry again.‘Ssshh,’ I said and tried to hold her but the drip stopped me. I reachedover my other hand and stroked her hair. ‘It’s OK, it’s OK.’She stood up and holding my hand, said, ‘I thought I had lost you,James, and I couldn’t bear that, and then I got you back and I neverwant to lose you again.’‘Tell me what happened.’ I said.‘Wait, let me wake Areeya, she has to do this with me.’ She turned andgently woke Areeya who smiled and came across and held my other hand.‘What do you remember? Alex asked.I told her that I could now remember most of what had happened to thepoint where I had fallen into the water.‘Well, after you and the pirate had gone over the back, I was screamingand Areeya was still out of it, but her bleeding had at least stopped. Ilet the tender loose and threw out all the life jackets and cushions Icould find just in case you could grab something. The pirates droppedthe tow and came back to see what had happened. I grabbed the rifle thatthe pirate had dropped and let off a couple of bursts at them. I musthave hit someone because I heard a scream and their boat backed off. Ithink they must have panicked because they disappeared into the dark andnever came back.’I looked at Alex with new respect.She went on, ‘I was frantic with worry about you but had to look afterAreeya. We must have drifted for a couple of hours and then we heard ahelicopter approaching with a searchlight underneath. The emergencytransponder you set off had worked and it had gone through to Areeya’sfather and he called the coastguard to come looking for us. Just aboutthe same time a coastguard boat appeared and hove to alongside. Theysent over a couple of guys and a medic who looked after Areeya.’I squeezed Areeya’s hand and said, ‘I am so glad you are OK,’ Shesqueezed back and said, Thank you, I too am thankful you are well,James.’Alex went on, ‘I told them about you and they radioed the helicopterwhich went off to search for you. I heard later that they were about togive up when they spotted you in the water. It seems you had managed tograb a cushion and hung on to that. They managed to pluck you out of thewater but you were pretty far gone with blood loss and they flew youstraight to Samui and into hospital.’‘So you saved my life by throwing the cushions into the water, thank youfor that.’ I was tearing up myself at this point.‘But you saved all our lives, James, by doing what you did, that was thebravest thing to do.’‘I didn’t think we would have lasted long with the guy with rifle so Ijust thought I had to do something. Going over the back off the boatwasn’t in the plan.’ I smiled grimly at the memory. ‘I can’t rememberanything after going over the back of the boat.’‘After Areeya and I got back to Samui, she called her father, who wasabout to leave to fly here and he organised for Doctor Wichasak to flyover with him as she had lots of experience with gunshot wounds fromtime she spent time in the US.’At the mention of the gunshot, I felt the throbbing in my side flare upagain.‘You had lost a lot of blood and they weren’t sure you would pullthrough,’ her lip began to tremble and I squeezed her hand, ‘You neededa lot of blood to stabilise you but you hung in there and by the timeDoctor Wichasak got here you had a fighting chance. She said that youhad an enormous will to live and that helped pull you though.’I squeezed both their hands and said, ‘Well I have a lot to live for,and a lot to be thankful for.’ I think by now we were all in tears.Alex said, ‘You’re pretty much up to date, now. You’ve been out cold forabout five days, as they kept you under to help the recovery from thegunshot.’I asked Areeya, ‘How are you? That looks dramatic.’She said, ‘He hit me hard with the gun as he came aboard and I wasu*********s for a long time, Alex stopped my bleeding and I was onlyjust conscious when you tackled the pirate. It looks worse than it feelsnow; I should have the bandage off today or tomorrow. Thank you forbeing so brave, I think that saved all our lives.’‘Can I thank your father please, Areeya?’‘I rather think he wants to thank you,’ replied Areeya.‘Oh my God, what about my work? I need to let them know’‘Calm down, James, it’s all in hand. We told them and it’s fine. Theyflew over a temp for your project so it’s all good. They told me thatyou should take the time to recuperate and contact them when you feel upto it. I’ll tell them you are awake again.’I lay back as I suddenly felt exhausted. I think the truth about whathad happened had just hit me and it shook me up how close I had been todeath and to losing the two people that mattered most to me in theworld.‘Alex said gently, ‘We’ll leave you to get some rest. If you’re notcareful I’ll bring you in some Lucozade tonight.’‘Don’t you dare, I hate the stuff.’ I said.‘I know,’ she said. She grinned and I knew Alex was back on form.As they left I heard Areeya say, ‘Lucozade? Is that some kind of d**g?’‘Yea, sort of…’ replied Alex.I smiled and fell asleep.I stayed in hospital for another three days. The bullet had enteredthrough my right side under my ribs and exited a bit higher on my back;a few more centimetres to the left and I would not have survived. Therewould be a scar but it could have been so much worse. Every day I felt alittle better and the second day after I came round I was walking with alittle help. I was weak more than anything and although the wound itselfwas sore and the dressings had to be changed regularly, I was feeling somuch better.On the third day they were happy to release me and Areeya had come tocollect me. Doctor Wichasak had flown back to Bangkok with Areeya’sfather on his company plane and I thanked everyone else who had lookedafter me at the hospital. Areeya said her father would be flying down atthe weekend to visit all of us.I collected my painkillers and walked out with a cane to support me, asglad as I had ever been to breathe in the fresh air and to feel thesunshine on my skin. Areeya said that Alex was waiting for us so we gota taxi and headed off. It was early evening and I expected us to go backto the flat but we drove straight past Koh Samui Blue and pulled upoutside Cockatoo 2. It was only as I got out that I noticed a big newbanner outside the bar. I said to Areeya, that looks new, what does itsay?She smiled, ‘I will translate. It says ‘Welcome home James, You braveand fearless warrior.’You’re right; I blushed, this time down to the soles of my feet.‘Areeya, that’s crazy, I am none of those things.’‘James, we disagree. We think you are and we wish to say thank you foryour courage.’I kissed her and mumbled a thank you in return.Alex stood outside the bar beaming from ear to ear. She took my arm andhelped me up the step into the bar itself. ‘It’s just a little party towelcome you back,’ she whispered. ‘Just a few friends and so on.’I spotted Pao who waved happily, came across and gave me a kiss. ‘Weglad to see you Mister James.’‘Thank you Pao, I am very glad to see you too,’ she beamed and glancedquickly at Alex who smiled back at her.Alex led me across to a seat at the bar and a glass of scotch appearedfrom somewhere.I looked concerned. ‘Don’t worry,’ Alex, said, ‘I checked and so long asyou don’t drink a bucketful it’s OK.’As it seemed almost to be on doctor’s orders I took a healthy slug. Theparty was in full swing and I was introduced to many of Alex andAreeya’s friends. Pao had taken it upon herself to be my bodyguard forthe evening and kept people well away from my bad side. I was very fondof her, especially as she kept my glass topped up with scotch.The TV was not playing either the usual mix of sports and music videosbut what appeared to be a loop of film taken from a helicopter. Irealised with a start that I was watching footage that had been shot bythe coastguard helicopter which rescued us.Areeya materialised next to me and said softly, ‘it’s been on the newsever since it happened. Do you mind it playing here?’I shook my head and she squatted down beside me, took my hand and Iwatched fascinated as the footage played on the TV. There was commentaryin Thai but you didn’t need it to understand what had happened. Fromabove it showed the arrival of the Coast Guard cutter next to theCockatoo and crew jumping across. The camera zoomed in for a moment andyou could clearly see Areeya being treated by a medic and Alex smearedin blood urgently talking to the crew and pointing out the back of theboat. The helicopter then turned and flew off. The film was edited sothere were a few shots of the searchlight across a dark sea and then ashout from a crew member and the camera zooming in on a figure in thewater hanging onto a cushion. It was with a jolt that I realised it wasme. A rescue swimmer plunged into the water, swam across to me, turnedand gave a thumbs up to the helicopter. He dragged me into a harness andwe were both winched up into the air.It was only then that I realised the bar had gone quiet and people werelooking at me. Someone started to clap and then the whole bar joined in,everyone clapping and cheering. I felt myself going red and tried tomake myself disappear. Alex was half crying and half laughing and Areeyawas in bits too. The three of us gathered together for a photograph andsmiled for the cameras, our arms round each other.Everyone was happy and smiling, so why did I feel such a fraud?Eventually, I began to tire so we said our goodbyes and left the partystill going strong. I went over to Pao and thanked her for looking afterme and gave her a kiss. She smiled shyly but looked very happy.Alex was watching and said under her breath, ‘I knew I would have tokeep an eye on that one,’I turned to her and said, ‘Pao is sweet, she means no harm,’Alex laughed and said, ‘I didn’t mean her, I meant you.’We got a cab back to the flat even though it wasn’t far but I don’tthink I could have made the walk. They both had to help me up the stairsto the flat and by the time I had reached the top I was bushed. We had alast drink on the balcony watching the sea lap onto the beach and it wasstrange to think that these quiet waves were part of the same ocean thathad nearly claimed my life.Alex asked quietly if I wanted to sleep alone tonight and I told herthat I had enough of sleeping by myself for a while. She nodded andsaid, ‘Let’s get you to bed first, shall we? Do you want to showertonight?’‘No. Just to use the loo, I can shower in the morning.’I managed to get to the loo with not much trouble, took a painkiller andmade it back to the bed on my own. Alex was in the bathroom and Areeyahelped me to remove my jeans as I was still unable to bend much. I feltno embarrassment in front of her now and she gently helped me onto thebed. Alex came out of the bathroom in her robe and Areeya passed her onthe way in. She sat on the side of the bed and for the first time had achance to look at the wound. There was still a small dressing coveringit and she traced the line between the entry and exit wounds with herfinger.‘Were you frightened?’ she asked.I thought for a moment, ‘After I fell in I honestly can’t remember athing, but I’m sure I would have been.’‘And when you went for the guy with the gun?’‘I was more scared of not doing something, I think. I thought we wouldbe dead if we just stood there and I was scared of dying that way, sodoing nothing wasn’t an option. I wasn’t brave, just desperate.’She shrugged off her robe and this time she was naked underneath it. Sheslipped into bed on my bad side and snuggled as close as she couldwithout touching. She sat up and kissed me.‘I’m so glad I didn’t lose you. And what you did was the bravest thingthat any man could have done,’ she whispered.Areeya came out of the bathroom at that moment and headed for the otherbedroom.‘Areeya, wait,’ I called out to her. ‘Would you please stay with us,please? I want us to be together tonight.’Areeya looked at Alex and she nodded her agreement. I squeezed Alex’shand to say thank you.‘James, are you sure?’ Areeya said.Areeya, it would mean a lot to me if you would.’She dimmed the lights and dropped her robe to the floor by the bed. Isaw she too was naked as she slipped into the bed beside me. She cuddledup to me and she reached out for my hand and we kissed.‘My turn to say thank you,’ I said.I lay there between the two of them and listened to them as theirbreathing gradually slowed and they drifted off to sleep.I found it difficult to fall asleep; for what I had not told the twogirls was that ever since I had come round in the hospital I would wakeup in the night with a nightmare. I was the one left on the boat thistime and Alex and Areeya were in the water drifting off into thedarkness. They were looking right at me as they slowly disappeared fromsight but I was rooted to the spot, unable to move my arms or legs oreven to cry out. As they finally were lost from sight, I would wake upcovered in sweat.I hoped that having them close tonight would bring some relief.I woke to the sound of the waves outside, and the smell of coffee. I wasalone in the bed and I had no idea what time it was, but the sun wasalready strong through the blinds. It was a few minutes before Irealised that I had slept through without waking up and for the firsttime for a long while I was feeling refreshed.Alex was sitting at the desk using the MacBook and Areeya was nowhere tobe seen. She had her robe on, her hair was up in a knot on her head andI was surprised to see a pair of elegant glasses perched on her nose.‘Mmm, ‘ I said, ‘I like that high powered woman executive look.’She started as she heard me speak, and whipped off the glasses. ‘Steadytiger, we don’t want to pop our stitches this early in the morning, dowe? I see someone is feeling better today.’I smiled, yawned and stretched and then winced.‘OK, not so much a tiger, more a raggedy arsed tom cat by the look ofit,’ she grinned as she walked across, knelt by the bed and gave me apassionate kiss.‘Mmm, nice, but what’s that for?’ I asked.She held her hand up and counted off on her fingers, ‘One, I love you.Two, you’re the best looking bloke in the room. Three, that was so nicewhat you did with Areeya last night. Four, I can dream it’s Hugh Grantwaking up in my bed and fifth, I’m feeling horny.’I laughed and kissed her back. ‘I need a shower, where is Areeya?’‘Out at the boat, she’s supervising repairs to it this morning.’ Alexsaid as she walked back to the desk.‘OK, mind if I head to the shower?’ I yawned again.‘Knock yourself out,’ she said, and then quickly, ‘Oh my God, I didn’tmean that, my mouth works quicker than my brain sometimes.’I said, ‘I know how fast your mouth works.’‘Mmm,’ she said, ‘I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly yours canwork, sweetie.’I laughed and walked slowly across to the bathroom.I had learnt how to shower myself to keep the dressings dry, but with abit of luck they would come off in the next couple of days. I had turnedon the water and was waiting for it to warm up and I heard the dooropen. I turned round and there was Alex in her robe, hair still up onher head and wearing her power dressing glasses.She said in very husky voice, ‘Ever had that fantasy where the mousylooking girl takes off her glasses, lets her hair down and turns into astripper? As she said this she shook out her hair, threw the glasses inthe corner of the bathroom and let the robe drop to the floor.’Hand on hip, she said, ‘Will I do?’I managed to grab her without falling over completely and drew her intome for a very long kiss.‘I take it that’s a yes, then, sir?’‘Oh, yea, that’s a big fat yes.’She led me into the shower which was big enough for about five peoplewithout even touching the sides. It was a big rain forest shower with aglass wall separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Alexled me under the shower head and began to wash me with some beautifullyscented shower gel and a wash cloth. I tell you, it is possibly the mostdecadent feeling in the world to be washed by someone else. Of course,Alex made sure it was an all over shower. She started washing my chestcarefully avoiding the dressings and then over my back.She moved to my cock and then my balls and I had my eyes close andwishing this was a cold shower. Inevitably, my cock decided all on itsown to react and began to stiffen in her hands. She grinned, gave me aquick peck on the lips and turned her attention to my bum. She washedeach cheek in turn giving each a kiss before moving the cloth slowly upand down my crack and suddenly I felt a finger gently rubbing me backthere. This was something very new for me and I started to turn roundand she said very firmly, ‘Don’t turn round. Stay where you are.’ Herother hand came round and started to stroke my cock which by this timewas pointing true north. She continued to rub her soapy finger around myrosebud, still managing to stroke my cock. I could feel her tits upagainst my back and could also feel her cock against the back of mythighs.The sum total of these feelings was literally making me weak at theknees. This was an assault on my senses that was pushing me to mylimits. Her finger, slippery with soap, now slid its way into my hole asshe kept up a steady rhythm on my cock.‘OOOhhhh,’ I heard myself say as her finger slipped just a little bitfurther in and my knees buckled even more. One finger became two, andsomewhere in my head that little dark voice said ‘Stop, this is wrong’and the light voice said ‘It feels so good, it can’t be bad.’Sensing I was close to a climax, Alex withdrew her fingers turned meround and pushed me up against the glass shower wall. She dropped to herknees and took my cock into her mouth. I felt it slide deeper than ithad before as she took the whole length into her mouth. Her tongue wasswirling around the head and as she pulled back she flicked her tongueunderneath and I nearly lost it there and then. She was a master atknowing when to hold back to prolong the pleasure and when to rev thingsup. She focused on the head, sucking and licking it with her lips andtongue. I looked down at her and she looked me straight back into myeyes and that did it for me. She knew and began to stroke my cock and Ifelt that warm sensation come up from my groin and straight into mycock. I came with a grunt and my legs nearly gave way.Alex took all my cum into her mouth and then stood up to face me. Shekissed me hard on the lips, her tongue opening up my lips and I suddenlyrealised this time she hadn’t swallowed and was pushing my cum into mymouth. I gagged a little as I tasted it on my tongue but Alex kept herlips locked over mine until I was forced to swallow. She broke the kissand pushed her middle finger into my mouth and I rolled my tongue overand around it. We stood there for several minutes as she moved herfinger in and out as licked and sucked it.‘Not so bad, is it?’ she whispered.8Alex shut off the water and we dried each other off. Alex slipped herrobe back on and I just wrapped a towel around my waist. We returned tothe bedroom where I sat on the edge of the bed. There was something Ineeded to do and I felt if I didn’t do it now I may never have thecourage again. I asked Alex to come over and she stood in front of mewith a quizzical look on her face. I moved my legs apart so I couldreach out and pull her close to me. Without saying anything I reached upand undid the tie on her robe and it fell open. My eyes locked on hersas I reached out and placed my hands gently on her breasts. I could feelthe nipples harden under my hands and I knew just how much Alex enjoyedhaving them touched. She moaned softly and I played with her nipples fora while, and she began to move her hips in a slow rhythm.Her cock was pretty much level with my face as I sat on the edge of thebed and I could see it begin to harden as she grew more aroused. Idropped my hands from her breasts and I leant forwards slightly andkissed the tip of her cock. She jumped at the touch and that made hercock quiver, but I couldn’t afford to laugh and spoil the mood.‘Oh baby, ‘she cooed, ‘you don’t need to do that.’‘I want to do it, and I need to do it now,’ I said as I looked up toher.Her eyes were full of hope and worry as she twisted her lip between herteeth.‘Just be patient with me,’ I said.She nodded and kept looking down at me.I tried to remember what she had done to me and what had given me themost pleasure. Men should be the world’s best at sucking cocks as weknow what works for us. We expect women to throw themselves withouthesitation onto our cocks yet it’s something that most men would nevercontemplate doing. Yes, we will go down on our women but to do what theydo to us is simply beyond the pale. I loved Alex and if that meantanything, this was something that couldn’t be ignored as it was part ofher. She wanted to give me pleasure and I wanted to give her pleasureback. It was as simple as that. I was as nervous as a kitten but I knewthis was something that I wanted to do and that I had to do it rightnow.I kissed the tip again and Alex almost involuntarily moved her hipsforwards and her cock slid away from my lips and down the side of myface. I heard her whisper ‘Sorry, baby’ and she pulled back a little. Ireached out with one hand and began to gently stroke the shaft and againit twitched and seemed to grow harder so I opened my lips and took thehead into my mouth. I don’t know why but I was surprised at how soft andwarm and spongy it felt. I recalled what Alex had done to me and I beganto lick the head with my tongue and I rocked my head back and forward sothat the head slid gently in and out of my lips. That dark voice in myhead was saying ‘You’re sucking a cock’ and the other said ‘Yeah, sowhat? You love her’‘Yes, yes, please,’ she moaned and her head was thrown backwards as shebegan to arch her back.I was still stroking the shaft and I flicked my tongue on the littlespot under the head which gets me going every time and I was gratifiedto feel Alex twitch as I did so. She moaned again and her hands camedown to rest on my head.‘Baby, that’s so good, I really love that’ she was encouraging me andshe was breathing harder now.I remembered pleading with my ex to keep her teeth out of the way, notthat she always did, so I made sure to be careful with Alex. She was nowgetting seriously aroused and I as I took her cock into my mouth again Icould feel the hardness grow beneath the softness of the skin. I startedto move my head backwards and forwards faster and faster as I felt hercock getting harder.‘Ayyee,’ Alex moaned and I felt I must be getting something right.I kept one hand wrapped around the shaft and she was now thrusting herhips backwards and forwards not always in time with me but it seemed tobe doing the trick. She began to pant and her movements accelerated andI felt her cock begin to twitch. I was scared she was going to come inmy mouth but as her legs buckled, she said, ’Urrggh, I’m coming,’ shepulled out of my mouth and her cum flew out over my chest. She almostfell but kept her feet and I leant forward one more time and kissed thequivering tip and licked the cum that was still emerging from her slit.I looked up into her eyes, smiled and said, ‘You taste nice too.’Alex was about to leap onto my lap but remembered at the last momentthat might not be a good idea and instead pulled me up to my feet, threwher arms around my neck and gave me a huge kiss.‘James, that was fabulous. Are you sure you haven’t done that before?Suspiciously good for a first time if you ask me. Oh, you just made meso very happy.’I had to laugh to see her so excited.‘I’m sorry, I don’t think that was very good, but I seemed to getsomething right.’ I said.‘James, that was perfect, I loved it, but let’s get you cleaned up.’I had forgotten that I still had cum all over my chest. She ran to thebathroom and came back with the cloth and carefully wiped my chest.She said, ‘I’m sorry about that, I was aiming for your face.’ She saw melook and said, ‘I’m joking, I was in no shape to aim anything. It’slucky it didn’t hit the window.’We both collapsed in giggles at that and she kissed me again.‘Was it so bad?’ she asked.I thought for a moment, shrugged my shoulders and said, ‘Well, it wasalright, but I don’t think I’ll be trying it again soon.’Her face fell but I couldn’t keep a straight face and started to giggle.‘Bastard, bastard, bastard’ she shouted and went to hit me and pulledback just in time.‘I am tempted to pull your stitches out with my tweezers,’ shethreatened.She said she had to go do some work in the office downstairs but that Iwas free to use the MacBook if I wished. She dressed quickly and gave mea last kiss and was about to walk through the door when she stopped andlooked back.‘Oh, and don’t forget Kritsada is coming this evening to see us. We’regoing to have drinks up here and then we’ll have dinner in therestaurant.’ With that, she waved goodbye and skipped down the stairs.I made myself a coffee, still with the towel around me, and settled downon one of the loungers.So how did I feel about what had just happened?I honestly didn’t know what to think about what I had just done. Ihadn’t disliked it and I truly enjoyed giving Alex the pleasure she hadobviously had. I knew how much I enjoyed what she did to me so whyshould it be any different for me? I knew I was pushing at my boundariesin a way that would have been inconceivable just a couple of weeks ago.I was slowly beginning to realise that what had happened on the boat andafterwards had changed the way I now looked at life. Life was notsomething that would go on and on forever. Life could change in aninstant, and it could be over in an instant too. Things that I hadpreviously regarded as fixed were, in fact, fluid and I needed toembrace that if I was to enjoy my second chance at life. Plans that wemake can be dashed too easily. As the proverb has it ‘Man plans and Godlaughs.’I began to wonder what further boundaries I was going to challenge inthe future. I also realised I hadn’t blushed at all this morning – thathad to be progress.Alex had remembered to cancel my hotel room and had arranged for mystuff to be picked up and brought over to the flat. So for the firsttime in more than a week I had something more than a pair of jeans towear. So I found a pair of shorts and Eryaman Rus Escort slipped on a fresh t-shirt.I had deliberately not checked my email since the boat trip and nowfound my inbox was crammed. The video of the rescue had gone viral andof course my name was all over it. I googled ‘Cockatoo rescue’ as wellas a few other phrases and couldn’t believe the coverage that the rescuehad received. Alex and Areeya had seemingly screened me from the worstof it while I was in hospital but I had to face up to it now. A lot ofthe mail was from friends saying they had seen the video and wanted toknow if I was OK. Some of it was from crazies who probably stalkedanybody with a little celebrity, even temporary celebrity.There were offers for me to endorse products or requests for money tohelp a sick relative together with several offers from women, and acouple of men, asking me to marry them. There were requests forinterviews from almost everywhere, which I definitely wouldn’t be doing.The dross I simply binned and put together a simple answer to my friendsand acquaintances thanking them for their concern and assuring them thatthings were getting much better now.There was even one from my ex, telling me how worried she was and did Iwant her to fly out to Thailand to look after me. Now, that could makefor an interesting visit. Maybe she could walk in on me in bed withAlex? That would be classically ironic after what she had done. But,imagining what Alex’s reaction would be, I decided I didn’t have a deathwish so politely declined her kind offer.There were a few messages from work assuring me that I should get wellbefore coming back to work. I sensed they were actually slyly happyabout the publicity the firm had got from me being mentioned so much.There was even a press release from them saying how pleased they werethat I was OK and that I had been working in Thailand for them, yada,yada, yada… Typically there was an email from HR griping about thecost of my medical treatment.More importantly, there were a couple from the temporary project managerwho had arrived in Bangkok. She was asking if she could speak to meabout the project if I was well enough to give her a call. I didn’trecognise her name, Samantha White, but it was a big company, so not sosurprising.I decided that was a priority so I gave her a call on the mobile andmanaged to speak to her even though the connection was poor. She wantedto bring me up to date on the project and to agree what to do next. Thiswe weren’t going to do well over a terrible connection, so I suggestedthat as I was not yet cleared to fly to Bangkok, could she should flydown to Samui and have a status meeting over here. She loved the ideaand could she fly down tomorrow? I was a bit surprised that she was soeager, but the sooner the better, so I agreed. She would text me herflight and hotel arrangements later on.Alex and Areeya arrived back together and you know you can always tellwhen women have shared a secret. They have these little looks betweeneach other that mean ‘We know something.’ Either that, or men are justnaturally paranoid. Anyway, I was pretty sure Alex had told Areeya whathad happened that morning. Not that I cared. I knew that Alex keptnothing from Areeya and vice versa.I had moved out to the balcony and was lying on one of the loungers.They came and sat next to each other on the lounger next to mine. Areeyasaid that the repairs to the boat were going well. The engines had beendrained and cleaned of the dirty fuel and the batteries replaced and thewiring checked and replaced too. There had been some damage to thesuperstructure from the burst from the AK47 and that was being done too.She said her father was furious about the fuel and had already moved thecontract to another supplier and was looking into the possibility ofsuing the previous one.Areeya asked me how my side was and I said it was so much better today.Alex, of course, chipped in to say that I had enjoyed a little lightexercise this morning and that must have helped. Areeya smiledenigmatically at this and so I absolutely knew Alex had told her. Sheasked if she could see it so I pulled up my t-shirt and showed her. LikeAlex before her, Areeya ran her fingers along the track of the bulletand her touch on my skin was electrifying. Her fingers were featherylight and she was almost caressing my skin and I shivered from thetouch.I saw a wicked smile come over Alex’s face as she watched Areeyatouching me, and she suddenly pulled Areeya onto her lap and kissed herfull on the lips. Areeya kissed back and right in front of me they beganto make out. This was getting very hot and I started to squirm in myseat as they continued to kiss each other. Alex put her hand beneathAreeya’s t-shirt and began to caress her breasts. Areeya broke the kissand in one fluid move pulled her t-shirt up and over her head. Shegrabbed Alex’s head and pulled her face onto the left breast and I couldsee Alex’s tongue dart out and flick the nipple. I was stunned. Thesight of these two making love right in front of my eyes wasbreathtaking.Alex stopped sucking Areeya’s breast and said, ‘what are you waitingfor? There’s another one of these you can use.’I didn’t need a second invitation and I moved across to the otherlounger and I started to kiss Areeya’s other breast. I felt Areeya’shand on her my head and I started to nip her nipple with my teeth. Icould feel Alex’s face next to mine as she continued to attack Areeya’sother nipple. Alex broke off and turned her face to me and we kissed,tongues instantly duelling with each other. Areeya pulled my head awayfrom Alex and she kissed me as Alex went back to kneading and suckingher breasts. I pulled back and tried to pull my t-shirt off but couldn’tmanage to get my arms above my head.Alex paused long enough to drag my shirt over my head and said simply,‘bedroom, now!’ and literally dragged Areeya and me though the door andto the bedroom. I’m not sure who was kissing who as we stumbled our wayto the bed. Hands were everywhere as we collapsed on the bed; someonewas tugging at my shorts as I was trying to get Alex’s blouse undone.She was kissing me and managed to get her hands inside my shorts andreleased my cock which stood straight up. Areeya had slipped off her ownshorts by now and she pushed me onto my back on the bed. Aleximmediately took my cock into her mouth and started to suck it hard.Areeya straddled me facing towards Alex and moved so that her pussy wasright over my mouth. I raised my head and started to lick along herslit; she was already wet and my tongue found its way between her lipsto where her clit was waiting. Areeya was now moaning and pushing downon me as I teased her clit between my lips and sucked hard on it.Alex was still sucking my cock, using her mouth almost like a vacuumcleaner. I felt her finger rubbing my rosebud and then she slipped afinger deep into my hole. The dual attack on my cock and hole wasscrambling my wits. Areeya suddenly moved off me and ordered, ‘fuck me,fuck me now.’ She got down on her hands and knees, Alex let go of mycock and pushed me behind Areeya. I sank to my knees and lined my cockup with Areeya’s pussy. I was so hard and she was so wet that I slippedstraight into her. I groaned as I drove into her and she began to pushback on me. Areeya’s head was at the edge of the bed and Alex moved infront of Areeya, slid down her knickers and pushed her cock intoAreeya’s mouth.I was driving my cock hard into Areeya’s pussy and she was now suckinghard on Alex. The sights and sounds in front of me were driving me toyet another level of ecstasy. Alex leaned forwards and we kissed overAreeya’s back. I was so aroused that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.Areeya started to buck and groan and I guessed she was ready to come.Alex pulled out of Areeya’s mouth and began to use her hand on herself.I picked up the pace even more and exploded into Areeya’s pussy, shetensed and then her release came and she yelled ‘oh fuck, oh fuck…..’Areeya flopped to the bed and as she did so Alex grunted and her cumsplashed over Areeya’s face. Alex bent down and began licking the cumfrom Areeya; that sight of that made me hard all over again. Alexmotioned me over, kissed me and I tasted her cum one more time today.The three of us lay there trying to catch our breath as we recovered oursenses. In all my life I had not felt such intensity and a****l passion.I had been taken to an entirely new level of emotional and sensualexperience. I had thought my nerve endings were on fire and I had speedracing through my veins.Alex leaned over and kissed me first and then Areeya. We smiled at eachother and then Alex began to giggle which set me off and then suddenlywe were all laughing.Eventually, we calmed down and Areeya went off to get cleaned up andAlex and I cuddled together on the bed.‘Did you enjoy that?’ She asked.‘Are you serious?’ I said, ‘that was just about the most extreme thing Ihave ever done.’Alex laughed, ‘oh baby, you have a lot to learn, we’ve only just gotstarted.’9Areeya came back into the room, gave me a kiss and sat down on the sofawith Alex and me. I wanted to know a little more about her father beforemeeting him this evening. He was flying in from Bangkok on the companyplane and would only be here overnight to have dinner with us. I askedAreeya about her father and she said he was really looking forward tomeeting me this evening. I said that I would be honoured to meet herfather and was there anything I should know about him before we met.There was a little glance between the pair of them that I almost didn’tcatch, but it didn’t seem to mean anything.Areeya smiled and said that we both shared a taste for good scotch andso they kept a bottle of 24 year old GlenDronach reserved for his use. Iasked her for a quick summary of his career. He had left Samui as soonas he could after school and joined the army in Bangkok, had risenrapidly through the ranks in Thailand, spent a year seconded to the CIAin the states and finished his army career as a Major in armyintelligence. Areeya said he had met her mother while he was still inthe army when she had been a traditional Thai dancer and Areeya had beenborn a year later. He had been a keen Muay Thai boxer, now owned atraining gym and also sponsored some kick boxers.Areeya believed that he had built a network of powerful contacts whilsthe was in the army and he used this to build his business once he left.He had been devoted to her mother and when she died in a car accident inBangkok, he became obsessed with protecting Areeya. She said he hadbusiness interests in property as well as electronics and, of course,some clubs and bars. She thought that was probably enough to be going onwith, and anyway, she and Alex had to get ready before he arrived.It would be a relatively informal dinner so she assured me that trousersand a shirt would be ideal. Luckily, I had brought a respectable pair oftrousers and a decent dress shirt with me so I felt I was good to go. Itwas obvious that Areeya was excited to be seeing her father but Icouldn’t fathom Alex’s mood. It was nothing I could put my finger on butshe seemed to regard it with less enthusiasm than Areeya. Both of themhad to get ready and I knew that would take some time, so I had a quickshower and a shave, grabbed a beer and retreated to the balcony to watchthe sunset and to listen to some Miles Davis.Alex was the first to emerge onto the balcony; she had put her hair upin a formal style and wore a beautifully tailored linen sleeveless‘little black dress’, a simple string of pearls around her neck. Somevery expensive looking heels finished off the outfit. She looked sobeautiful standing there in the fading light of the afternoon.She saw me staring and said, ‘what?”You look stunning,’ I said and for the first time I had ever seen, sheblushed.’Yes,’ she said, ‘I scrub up quite well, I guess. But this girl needs adrink. Can you be a love and get me a gin and tonic?’ She still seemed alittle ill at ease, and again I wondered why.’One G&T coming right up.’As I came back out with the drink for Alex, Areeya appeared on thebalcony. I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw her. She waswearing what I can only describe as a combination of traditional Thaidress and western haute couture. It was tailored to show off herwonderful figure yet also appeared demure at the same time. It had along skirt with a sleeveless top, made of rich blue silk with red andgold accents and she wore gold jewellery on her wrist and around herneck.Alex grinned and said, ‘OK James, you can close your mouth now and giveme my drink, please.’I jumped as I realised I had been staring and said, ‘Sorry, but you bothlook ravishing tonight,”Nice save,’ said Alex and Areeya laughed and asked for a juice so Idashed off to the kitchen to get one.Areeya used her mobile to call the restaurant staff and they arrivedwith an ice bucket and a bottle of champagne nestling in it as well as athree quarters full bottle of whisky, which I assumed was Kritsada’sprivate stash of GlenDronach. One of the waitresses for the restaurantremained on the balcony to serve the drinks later on.I felt distinctly underdressed compared to the girls but they said whatI was wearing was fine. Areeya’s phone rang, ‘I guess that’s him,’ andwalked slowly down the stairs to collect her father. I saw Alex breatheout as if trying to release some tension and smoothed her hands down herdress in a nervous gesture. I couldn’t work out why she was acting likethis.’Are you alright?’ I asked.’Yes, yes, I’m fine,’ she snapped and then said, ‘sorry, sorry, I’malways a little tense before I see him. He underwrites our loan for thisplace so it’s important that I keep him happy.”Oh, OK, this is him, I think,’ as I heard the sound of footsteps on thestairs.I had no idea of what I expected Kritsada to be like but as he jumped upthe stairs in front of Areeya I could see that he was very differentfrom her. She was graceful and elegant and he was more like a restlessball of energy that radiated outwards to affect everyone. The comparisonwith Areeya was marked and I can only presume she took after her mother.He was tall for a Thai, his hair cropped short and from his bearing itwas obvious that he had been in the military.You could see he was used to being the centre of attention and thisoccasion was no exception. He strode across the balcony to me and shookmy hand in one of those handshakes using both hands that always make methink someone is trying a bit too hard.Areeya arrived at his side and said, ‘Father, may I introduce KhunJames, and James, this is my father, Khun Kritsada.’He was pumping my hand vigorously and looking me straight in the eye. Itsounds silly but there was definitely a bit of alpha male posturinggoing on here. I kept the eye contact, placed my hand over his, smiledand said,’ Sawasdee Khun Kritsada, it is an honour to meet the esteemedfather of my friend.’He seemed happy that his little challenge had been met and he smiledeven more broadly. He clapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘James,please, it’s just Kritsada and I am delighted to meet you.’ His Englishwas very clear and precise as you would expect from an officer.We all jumped a little as the waitress popped the champagne cork andprepared to pour some into tall champagne glasses.’James, I understand from my daughter that you too are a whisky drinker,no?’‘Yes, that’s true it is a weakness of mine, I’m afraid.’ I said.He laughed and said, ‘never let it be said that whisky is a weakness, myfriend, it shows true character in a man. Let’s leave the froth to thegirls shall we, and have a proper drink.’Areeya nodded to the waitress, who delivered two glasses of champagne tothe girls and then started to pour the whisky.’Make sure, they are proper measures too. I have a brought a freshbottle with me so we won’t run out.’ He was used to command and he wasnot shy about doing so.He turned to Alex, ‘Alex, I am so sorry, I haven’t said hello to youyet.’ He moved across to embrace her and I swear I saw an almostimperceptible flinch as he put his arms around her.’That’s OK, Kritsada. I am always delighted to see you, are you well?’’Oh, yes, Alex, most definitely well, thank you. Now let’s get thiswhisky, shall we?’The waitress brought a across a silver server with two large measures ofwhisky. Kritsada took both and handed one to me and then sniffed hisglass and sighed with pleasure.’Ah, I can smell the peat that was in the water they used to make this.Heaven. Tell me what you think, James. Or do you want some ice or wateror soda?’ The waitress was hovering.’Thank you, Kritsada, I take it neat I’m afraid.’He smiled ever more broadly and almost bellowed, ‘excellent, me too.’ Heturned to the girls and said, ‘I like this fellow more and more.’I held the glass up to the light and it was beautifully clear andbright. I brought the glass to my nose and there was a lovely nuttyscent in the aroma; it was light but with infinite depth. I took a sipand the first taste was as if I was sitting in a pub in the Highlands,with a wood fire roaring in the corner and a howling gale outside. Thesecond taste made me think the flavour of wood smoke from a fire burningsomewhere in the far distance.Kritsada said, ‘well, what do you think?’I turned to him and said, ‘sir, this is just the best whisky I have evertasted. I envy the Angels their share of this.’Kritsada beamed as it’s always nice to be praised for your good taste.‘Well said, James, well said. It’s a 24 year old GlenDornach Grandeur,aged in sherry casks. I love it.’‘Good, good,’ he was all smiles. ‘Now, girls let us drink a toast to ourJames, who was so brave in what he did on the Cockatoo.’ He raised hisglass and the girls followed suit. ‘To James, thank you from the bottomof my heart for saving the life of my treasured daughter and Alex. Iwill always be in your debt.’He drank from his glass and the two girls followed. I felt I had to saysomething.‘Kritsada, I do appreciate your sentiment and I was glad to be a play apart in what happened but I don’t think it’s right to say that I savedtheir lives.’Kritsada laughed, ‘It’s true what they say about Englishmen, they arebrave and modest.’I am sure that nobody says that about Englishmen, but I had to say whatI felt.‘Kritsada, please forgive me for saying this but I don’t think I wasbrave, I was frightened for us all and it seemed there was only onething I could do. It could have all gone horribly wrong. Alex and yourdaughter may have died because of what I did. Alex played as much a partas me by distracting the pirate and then firing the rifle to scare awaythe pirate boat, and if it had not been for you alerting the coastguardso quickly, it might not have worked out all.’ I ran out of steam but Ihad said what I had been thinking ever since the boat trip.‘Young man, I hope you don’t mind me calling you that, but I do have theedge on you in age and experience. You are right; everything may havegone horribly wrong as you said. But it did not, and, therefore, we arespared the concerns of what might have been. Many lesser men than youwould have rolled the dice and decided that the odds would be better forthemselves by doing nothing. You, on the other hand, decided to stakeeverything on action. You risked your life to protect that of mydaughter and Alex. You did not think for your own safety, but onlytheirs. If you had not thought more of them than yourself, then youwould have risked nothing and done nothing.The ability to think clearly and then act under extreme pressure is atalent that few men are privileged to have. I sense you may feel guiltyfor having taken such a risk and then thinking what might have happenedif your action had not been successful. Let us imagine that the worsthad happened and your attack failed; it would have not made you any lessbrave or any more responsible for what might have happened in any waywhatsoever.As a direct result of the course of action you took, the worst wasaverted and you all survived. What you did, James, was bravery of thehighest calibre. You almost lost your life to preserve others. It wasyour courage that set in train what happened. Yes, I, in a small way,and Alex here in a much bigger direct way played our parts, but it wasyou that made it possible. That’s why you must forget any doubts youhave and I am grateful for what you did. I salute you, James.’Kritsada stood and raised his glass, Alex and Areeya both now in tearsstood as well and said ‘To James.’‘Sir, I thank you for those kind words. I will also be eternallygrateful that we all came through it.’ His words had hit home with meand they had lifted a heavy weight from me.‘James, if there is ever any way I may of service to you, please do nothesitate to ask.’He turned to Alex and said, ‘My dear Alex, I am afraid that I am goingto have to drag you away from your friends and splendid business herefor a few days. It seems that we have a few small, shall we say, issues,in Bangkok that require your specialist knowledge. I assure you it won’ttake up more than, say, three days of your time. It does mean, however,that you will have to accompany me to Bangkok tomorrow on our plane and,of course, we will fly you back the same way, when our business iscompleted.’ Kritsada was smiling as he said this, but his voice let usknow that there would be no argument about what should happen,Alex looked down at the table and then looked anywhere else but at me,‘Of course, Kritsada, I am always happy to help with your businessissues.We sat and chatted on the balcony for a while longer. Kritsada was agood story teller and he had us roaring with laughter with stories ofAreeya as a small girl. She apparently had been a real little princessgrowing up and it was obvious that he still doted on her. It wasunderstandable that he would be different with Alex, but even with allthe laughter I was sensing that there was an underlying tension in therelationship. It struck me quite suddenly that there may have somethingpersonal between them in the past, strange as that might seem but whoknows what might have happened in Alex’s days in Bangkok.We eventually moved down to the restaurant and the dinner was evenbetter, if that were possible, than on the first night I ate there withAlex. Here she was in her element as a hostess and it was clear this washer domain. She had real talent in running the restaurant. Every dishthat arrived on our table was beautifully cooked and presented and themeal passed very enjoyably. I had to apologise to Kritsada as wefinished the whisky at the table but he said that he had brought anotherbottle with him and it was a fitting tribute for two people who enjoyedit so much to send it on its way.We finished off with coffee and Kritsada said that it was late for anold man like him and he should go to his hotel now and be ready for theflight back to Bangkok tomorrow. He kissed Areeya and then Alex andreminded her that she was to accompany him on the Flight. Alex this timejust nodded and said she would be there in time for the flight.He came over to me and shook my hand warmly and said again that he wassorry to take Alex away but she would be back in three days. When youare next in Bangkok, James, we will renew our acquaintance over somemore whisky. He asked Areeya to ride with him to the hotel as there wassome family business he needed to discuss with her. She kissed Alex andI goodnight and told us she would see us in the morning.Alex and I sat for a while on the balcony, her head resting on myshoulder, a night cap whisky for me and glass of wine for her. Wewatched the night sky for a while in silence and I asked her why sheseems so on edge with Kritsada.‘Did it show?’ she asked a little anxiously.‘Not to him, I think,’ i replied, ‘but it seemed to me you were a littlewary,’Alex was silent for a while and then said, ‘He’s a powerful man, James.He can be extraordinarily charming as he was tonight but, between youand me, there is a hard street thug beneath the sophistication. Youwould not want to cross him. If you make an agreement with him you needto make sure you understand every tiny aspect of it, because he willmake you stick to it. He will do the same in return but he demands hispound of flesh for sure.’‘Is that why you have to go to Bangkok with him?’ I askedI felt her stiffen slightly as she said, ‘Yes, he has some trouble withthe clubs and bars from time to time and he uses me as histrouble-shooter in them. It is part of the agreement we have for him tounderwrite the loan for this place.It sounded reasonable to me, so why didn’t I quite believe it?‘Anyway,’ she said, standing up and pulling me to my feet, ‘we have toget to bed because I have to fly to Bangkok tomorrow and deliver mypound of flesh.’She kept hold of my hand and pulled me across to the bed. She dimmed thelights and told me to lie on the bed. She hitched up her dress andstraddled my waist. Unbuttoning my shirt she began to kiss my nipplesand as I put my hands out to touch her she said sharply, ‘no touching,either me or yourself until I give you permission, is that clear?’I was surprised by this, and I have to confess I felt a little frissonof excitement as she spoke. I nodded but she wasn’t happy with that.‘Is it clear, I asked, tell me.’‘Er yes, it’s clear, I understand.’‘That’s better, and tonight my pet, I want you to call me Miss Alex, isthat clear?’‘Er, OK, I mean, yes.’‘Yes, what?’ she said and grabbed my nipple and twisted.‘Oww, I squealed, ‘Yes, Miss Alex.’‘That’s better, my little pet,’ she said. ‘Now, do you trust me James?’I looked at her a little nervously, ‘Yes, yes I trust you.’‘Oww, ‘ that was a tweak on the other nipple. The penny finally dropped,‘Oh, yes, Miss Alex.’‘That’s right, my pet.’She leant over to the bedside table, opened the drawer and pulled outsomething which she kept hidden behind her back. ‘Don’t move,’ sheordered, slid off the bed and moved out of my sight. I felt her grab mywrists, pull them together and then a sudden click and I realised with ashock that she had handcuffed me. My wrists were now held together abovemy head as I lay on the bed. She must have fixed the cuffs to somethingbecause however hard I tried I could not pull my hands down. I tuggedand tugged but they wouldn’t move.’What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing, unlock these things.’Alex came back into my field of vision and she had taken her dress off,because she was now wearing just a black bra, knickers and stockingsattached to a suspender belt. I could hear the click clack of her heelson the bedroom floor. For the umpteenth time since I met Alex my mouthfell open as I stared at her and with its usual mind of its own, my cockstarted to respond.’Come on, let me out of these things,’ I pleaded with her.In response she leaned across and gave me another nipple tweak.’You won’t get anything unless you speak to me properly.”OK, OK, Miss Alex will you let me out of these things?’‘Not until I’m good and ready.’She moved to the bottom of the bed quickly undid the belt and pulleddown my trousers and left them down by my ankles. I was now completelyimmobile. The cuffs held my hands and ludicrously my trousers kept myankles together.She slipped off her heels and sat on the end of the bed facing me. Shestretched out her legs until her feet were level with my cock. I barelysee what she was doing as I could only raise my head so far off the bed.I twitched as I felt something touch my cock and I suddenly realised shehad it held between her stockinged feet. She began sliding her feet upand down with my cock trapped in between them.The feeling of the nylon stocking moving against my skin was likenothing I had felt before. I could only lie back and groan with thesheer erotic charge of it. After a few minutes of this exquisitestroking she slid off the bed and moved up to the bedside table. Shetook something out and I felt my head being lifted and then totaldarkness. She had pulled a blindfold over my face and now I was blindas well as tied up. I could her moving about on the floor and I tried toshift the blindfold but I couldn’t do anything about it.I felt something brush my nipples and I jumped and said, ‘Alex, cut itout, this isn’t funny.’She didn’t reply but now I felt something brush my cock and jumpedagain. This time though, my damned cock decided to betray me and startedto get hard. Whatever it was felt soft and was made of strands of somekind of material. She continued to gently brush around my cock with itwhich of course responded and grew even harder.‘I see you do like that,’ said Alex.My traitor of a cock did seem to like it and was now fully erect. I feltAlex’s hair brush my tummy and she gently blew across the tip of mycock. It jumped, then I felt her take the head into her mouth and shebegan to lick and suck around the head. Not being able to move this wassomething akin to exquisite torture as she flicked the head repeatedlywith her tongue.She let it drop from her lips and then there was a sharp sting across mybelly.‘Oww, what was that for?’ I squeaked.‘That’s no way to address me, is it?’ She said sharply and there wasanother sting across my nipples this time.‘What?’ I said. Another sting across my now very sensitive nipples’Oh, I mean, no Miss Alex.’It must have been some kind of whip and she now gave me a slap across mycock.‘Oww that really hurt,’ I squealed. My traitorous cock though decidedotherwise and now stood straight up.‘That Really hurt, Miss Alex, if you please. And if you’re wonderingwhat this is, my pet, it’s a leather tasselled whip, one made especiallyfor me with a unique handle.’As she said this I felt something pushing at my lips and I opened up insurprise and the thing slid into my mouth. It was cold and smelt ofrubber but I suddenly recognised the shape of a cock. I gagged and Alexwithdrew it a little and then began to slide it in and out of my mouth.It tasted horrible and I was feeling a little sick.‘Murrrghh,’ was what I heard coming from my mouth and Alex pulled it outand said, ‘it’s OK but I’m sure it’s not as much fun as the real thing,my pet.’She had climbed on the bed and I felt her sit on my chest and then therubber phallus was replaced with her erect cock.‘Now that’s much better isn’t it?’ as she eased her cock in an out of mymouth. It was true the contrast between the hard cold rubber and a realcock was a revelation. A real cock is warm and soft yet with hardnessbeneath the skin. I started to suck and use my tongue and was rewardedas Alex’s cock twitched and there was a moan from her. Alex moved againand I felt her change position once more and I felt her mouth slide overmy cock and at the same time I felt her cock brush my lips.I took it into my mouth and we began to suck each other. I had almostforgotten about the cuffs but to be honest not being able to move and inthe dark heightened my senses to an incredible degree. I could feel theveins pulsing in her cock and every small movement was intensified inthe darkness of the blindfold. I tried to match her moves with my cockon her own and every time she did something I tried to follow.She let her lips slide over my cock one more time and then moved awayagain her cock plopped out of my mouth.Alex whispered very close to my ear, ‘Do you really trust me, James?’I nodded, by this time unable to speak.‘Remember that, ‘she said and moved down to the bottom of the bed.I felt her raise my ankles and she pulled my trousers down and over myfeet. She moved up the bed and she again took the head of my cock intoher mouth. I was now desperate for some release.My cock popped out of her mouth and I felt her sit up on the bed. Shepushed my legs apart, something cold was smeared over my hole and thensuddenly her finger slipped inside. I squirmed but didn’t protest as shemoved first one finger and then another around inside me.She said, ‘Remember, trust me.’She moved her fingers out and then I felt something much harder at theentrance. I flinched as I realised what this was. Alex began to push thedildo that she had used on my mouth into me and I instinctively began toresist. ‘Relax, my pet,’ she cooed and pushed a little harder. I felt itbegin to slide in and suddenly it want past my ring and was inside me.Alex began to move it gently to and fro and the pain of it entering mefor the first time began to disappear. She moved it a bit faster andthen a bit deeper and I began to squirm as it filled me up.‘Relax, relax,’ she said, which was easier said than done.I felt it pop out of me and there was a sudden sensation of emptiness asit slid out. Immediately it came out I felt Sincan Rus Escort her move closer to me andshe pushed my legs into the air and onto her shoulders. I guessed whatwas coming next and my whole body tensed.‘Just relax, baby, its going to be OK.’ I heard her say and then I felther cock tapping at my hole.Oh my God, I thought, this is really it. If I did this then nothing elsewould ever be the same. There would be no turning back, no, it was onlya joke.‘Push down, baby, push down,’ she said and then she pushed her cockforwards into my hole, and I pushed down.This hurt more than the dildo as she pushed it but it felt a lot bigger.I heard her grunt and then she was in. It felt so much better than thedildo; it was warm and alive and slid much more smoothly. Alex began tomove her hips and the pain gradually eased as she moved in and out.She reached up and flipped off the blindfold and I looked down to seeher smiling at me as she pushed forwards into me.It only really struck me at that moment.I was being fucked.10We woke early as Alex had to be at the airport to catch the flight withKritsada at 7am. He was going to pick Alex up from the flat in his caras he headed off to the airport. I was going to follow a bit later as Ihad to collect Samantha from her flight for our planning meeting. I layin bed and watched as Alex got ready to leave. I didn’t think I couldever tire of watching her as she moved about the flat showering andgetting dressed. She had a bag already packed so when the car arrived,she came across, sat on the bed and kissed me‘If you can’t be good, be careful,’ she said. I smiled as I rememberedthe guy who last said that to me; it seemed like half a lifetime ago.‘Why are you smiling?’ she asked.‘Nothing, someone said the same thing to me a while ago and I ended upignoring it completely.’‘Well don’t ignore it this time,’ she pouted, hit me on the arm, kissedme one more time and disappeared out of the door.I have to tell you, dear reader, that I was sore from last night.Whatever they tell you, anal sex hurts the first time. Now, my backsideand my wound were both aching. I got up and gingerly made my way to theshower.I guess it’s true, Love Hurts.I stood under the hot water for a long time and that began to revive me.Feeling somewhat better, I managed to make some breakfast and textedAreeya asking to find out where she was.She texted back to say she was down at the boat again, supervising thelast of the repairs and would be taking Cockatoo 3 out for a short shakedown trip; did I want to come with her? I reminded her I had to meet mycolleague from Bangkok today but would Areeya be free to join us fordinner tonight? She said she would be delighted to and I said I wouldbook a table downstairs for 8pm.It was now time to head out to collect Samantha. I slung my laptop overmy shoulder, winced as I had forgotten about my side and braced myselffor the taxi ride to the airport.Samui’s one runway airport is small and very pretty with the arrivalsand departures in typical Thai style buildings and open to the air onall sides. It’s a far cry from the usual chrome and glass airports and aperfect way to begin or end a visit to Samui. The flight from Bangkoklanded just before 10am and so there I was, holding a hand written signwith Samantha’s name.The plane pulled onto the apron and the passengers piled into the littlegolf cart affairs that ferry the passengers from the plane to theterminal. As they all came through I realised I wouldn’t have muchtrouble spotting her amongst the returning locals and the shorts andflip flop wearing tourists. Sure enough there was only one potentialcandidate I could see.Samantha was wearing a white dress with a red, single buttoned jacket,and carrying a laptop case and a handbag. She was slender and pretty inthat English rose, girl next door kind of way. Her hair was done in abusiness like bob and she looked every inch the business traveller. Imomentarily regretted that I had just thrown on my jeans and the KohSamui Blue t-shirt. I guess I had slipped into the island way of lifetoo easily. I waved to her and held up the sign. She smiled and walkedover to me having picked up her small bag.’Hi Samantha, I’m James. Pleased to meet you.’She smiled broadly, ‘Hi James, likewise. By the way, it’s Sam. Only mymum calls me Samantha these days when she’s annoyed with me.”OK, Sam it is, welcome to Samui.’We piled into a taxi and began the usual white knuckle ride to herhotel. I had decided that we would have our meeting there and hadpre-booked a small conference room. As we swerved between cars andoverloaded trucks and the ubiquitous small motor bikes carrying entirefamilies, we had a chance to catch up.’How are you doing?’ She asked straight off. ‘You went through quite anadventure.”I’m good, thanks, Sam. The doctors say another week and I’ll be good toreturn.”You shouldn’t rush back too early, you know. Make sure you really arefully recovered.’I smiled to myself as it sounded like Sam was keen for me to stay awayfor a while. I discovered she was a year younger than me and had joinedthe company a couple of years back. She had done her degree at Exeterand taken a gap year travelling in Asia. So she had been familiar withthe area and culture already, something the company took into accountwhen asking her to fly out. There was apparently no steady relationshipback in the UK, so she could come out literally at a moment’s notice. She was clearly ambitious but also charming and funny. I began to likeher straight away.’I’m really glad to have this opportunity to show what I can do.’ Shemust have remembered who she was talking to as her eyes widened and sheput her hand up to her mouth, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, James, that must havesounded awful after what you went through and everything.’ Her facewent a lovely shade of pink.I laughed and said, ‘Don’t worry; I would have felt exactly the same.’Sam checked into her room and I waited in the lobby for her to unpackand return for our meeting. She came back having changed into a pair ofshorts and a loose cotton blouse through which I could see a lacy bra.Right from the start Sam seemed very capable and had picked up theproject quickly and was obviously on top of things. She complimented meon the plan I had put together and the files she had picked up gave hera good grip of what had already happened. Of course, I thought tomyself, the project plan was pretty good in the first place. However, aswas to be expected, fresh issues had come up during the time I had beenaway, and we got stuck into those. It was good to work with someone ascapable as Sam and we made quick progress on problem solving and comingup with some excellent solutions.We broke for lunch and then worked through to about 4pm. I felt myselfflagging by this time and asked if we could call it a day then as I wasfeeling a little tired. I suggested we regroup tomorrow to finalise thedetails of the revised plan. Sam, I think, assumed I was tired from theinjury, but in reality I was really feeling the effects of my sessionsthe previous day and night. She was happy to agree and I told her thatdinner would be at Koh Samui Blue tonight. I asked if she minded that Ihad invited Areeya to join us. Sam said the company would be paying, sowhy not.Sam wanted to know which hotel I was staying at and I told her that Iwas staying with the friends I had been on the boat with. She smackedher head with her hand and said that’s where she remembered the name KohSamui Blue from. It had been mentioned on the news coverage so much atthe time. To be honest the bar and restaurant had seen a sizeableincrease in business after the incident, so I guess maybe there is nosuch thing as bad publicity after all. I told her to take a taxi to thebar and I would meet her there.We agreed to meet at 8 o’clock and I headed off back to the flat. I tookthe chance of a quick nap and then went for a walk to stretch my legs. Iwent up to Cockatoo 2, but Pao wasn’t there so I said hello to the girlswho were there, had a beer and headed back.Areeya turned up at 7 and she was very happy with the repairs. She feltthe old fuel supplier must have been selling bad fuel for a while, asthe boat’s performance, now the engines had been cleaned and with goodclean fuel, was so much better.She showered and got herself ready. I was treated to a wonderful show asshe moved around the flat naked as the day she was born. Frankly, Icould have watched her all night. Precisely at 8, the bar rang to saySamantha had arrived and I popped down to collect her. She had changedinto a white linen dress with a lace vee shaped panel around the neckthat gave occasional glimpses of her breasts. It didn’t look as if shewas wearing a bra either. Out of her business attire, she looked veryattractive.‘Hi Sam, glad you made it, lets have a drink upstairs and then we’llcome back down to the restaurant.’‘Upstairs?’ she looked puzzled.‘Yes, this is where I’m staying,’ I said.‘Oh,’ realisation dawning on her, ‘Oh, I get it now,’I took her out of the bar and up the stairs to the balcony where Areeyawas waiting. She had changed into a dark blue strapless mini dress thatclung to her figure. Areeya said ‘Sawasdee ka,’ and made a wai toSamantha. Sam responded in kind and they smiled at each other. Now, Imay be male and, therefore, considered not in any way sensitive to suchthings but I immediately felt that there was a spark between these two.As I introduced them to each other, they shook hands and it seemed to methat they held the shake a little longer than absolutely necessary.Sam asked for a white wine spritzer and Areeya a vodka martini. Samsaid, ‘Oh, can I change my mind? A martini sounds like a great idea.’ Iwent through to the kitchen to make the drinks and when I came back theywere both deep in conversation on the sofas.Sam said, ‘Areeya was just telling me about the business here. It seemsto be a very nice set up.’Areeya smiled and talked a little more about Koh Samui Blue and then shementioned Cockatoo 2.Sam’s eyes widened as she realised exactly what kind of bar it was. ‘Ohmy, I have heard about ladyboy bars, but I’ve never been to one.’Areeya said, ‘I have to go there after dinner to check up on it, so Iwould be delighted to go down with you.’ Now, I don’t if that was adeliberate double entendre or not, but I spluttered on my scotch andthumped my chest, ‘Sorry, whisky went down the wrong way.’Sam smiled and said she would love to, it sounded fascinating. Watchingthe two of them I could see the little glancing smiles they gave eachother and the slight brush of fingertips on each other’s arm as theytalked and laughed. The way their bodies opened up to each other as theychatted and how their leant their heads together as they shared a joke.I began to feel like a third wheel on a bicycle. Interesting, I thought,maybe someone will get lucky tonight, and I didn’t mean me.We moved down to the restaurant and we went to town on the food anddrinks. It’s miraculous how an expense account changes your dininghabits. The food as usual was superb, and the time passed very quickly.Sam was funny about her gap year travels in Asia with one of hergirlfriends and Areeya was equally funny about running Cockatoo 2.Areeya said that she ran the bars and Alex, the restaurant.Sam said, ‘Alex? Wasn’t she the other girl on the boat with you?’‘Yes, that’s right; she’s in Bangkok on business at the moment.’‘And you all live here?’ Sam asked.‘Yes,’ I said, Areeya and Alex have been kind enough to let me stay herewhile I recuperate.’ I said.‘Oh,’ Sam continued innocently, ‘Only I thought Areeya told me earlierthere are two bedrooms in the flat.’It was Areeya’s turn to splutter on her drink, and tried to signal mewith her hands.‘Yes, well,’ I began to bluster, ‘well, I guess the truth is Alex and Iare in a relationship, and so two bedrooms are enough…’Areeya sighed, smiled broadly and said, ‘I had told Sam that I wasstaying on the boat while you recuperated.’I looked at each of them and then burst out laughing, ‘Well played, Sam.You stitched me up there beautifully.’Both girls roared with laughter and we toasted to love and whatever.Sam was silent for a moment and then said, ‘Wasn’t there a bit ofmystery about Alex?’I hesitated, ‘Mystery? Why?’‘Well, when the story broke in the UK, I had a call from a journalistwho was trying to track down your and Alex’s backgrounds. It was justthat he couldn’t seem to find any trace of a female called Alex at theuniversity it seemed she attended. Just a male student called Alex inthat year.’This wasn’t good news, and I needed to change the subject. ‘bloodypress,’ I said. ‘They can’t get anything right. I wish they would justleave it all alone. I’m sorry, but if you don’t mind, I am beginning tofeel a bit tired and if you’ll excuse me I will slip upstairs. Sam,shall we say 10 tomorrow at your hotel?’Sam said, ‘Yes that’s fine, see you then and I hope you feel rested.’Areeya said, ‘I’ll make sure Sam is looked after tonight, so good nightJames.’ I saw the glance Areeya gave Sam when she spoke and I knew thatdouble entendre was deliberate this time, and so did Sam.As I left I heard Sam say, ‘So, Areeya, are you going to show me yourCockatoo?’I really was tired and after a final nightcap on the balcony I tookmyself off to bed. It didn’t take long for me to drift off into a soundsleep. It was sometime later that I woke and felt the need to go to thetoilet. I had forgotten to close the blinds but there was enoughmoonlight tonight for me not to bother with the lights. I yawned andmade my way to the toilet and relieved myself. It was on the way backthat I heard laughter. I stopped and listened and there it was again. Icould make out Areeya’s chiming light laugh and also a separate deeperchuckle. I turned round and peeked round the corner of the main room andcould see a little chink of light coming from Areeya’s room.The laughter came again and I smiled as I realised it was Areeya andSam. Go girls, I thought. I was about to go back to bed when I heardthat malicious little imp in my mind say, ‘Go on, have a quick look, itwon’t do any harm.’ I tried to shake it off, but now the thought was inmy mind and it wouldn’t go away. I tiptoed up to the door which hadn’tbeen closed fully and there was a small sliver of light shining throughthe gap. I was honestly about to turn round when the laughter wasreplaced by a soft moan. That got me and I gingerly peeked through thegap. The lights in the room were dimmed but there was enough to see whatwas going on.Areeya was on her back on the bed with her head up against the headboardwith Sam astride her face. Sam had her hands out on the wall to braceherself as Areeya was using her tongue energetically on Sam’s pussy.I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I could not drag my eyes awayfrom what was happening in front of me. Sam was driving her pussy ontoAreeya’s face and moaning and throwing her head back. Her breasts werelarger than I had thought and the nipples were huge even in this light.I could see Areeya was now using her hands as well as her tongue onSam’s pussy and my ever misbehaving cock started to react as I spied onthe two girls.Sam climbed off Areeya and started to kiss and lick Areeya’s nipples. Isaw Sam use her teeth on Areeya’s right nipple to pull and stretch itout before releasing it. With her left hand she pinched the other nippleand Areeya arched her back and moaned in pleasure. This went on forwhile and Areeya was getting more and more aroused. Sam moved aroundinto a 69 with Sam on top and I could see Areeya’s hands pulling Sam’spussy onto her face. Both girls were going hard at each other and thesweat was glistening on their bodies in the dim light.I was getting very aroused and found myself rubbing my cock. Samstopped, turned round and said something to Areeya. They rearrangedthemselves on the bed and scissored their legs and Sam began to grindher pussy against Areeya. Sam was now really humping Areeya and she wasgetting more and more aroused as this went on.Areeya stopped and got off the bed. She moved out of my sight but Icould still see Sam lying on the bed using her hand to rub her pussy.Areeya was still out of my sight when Sam looked up at her and a bigsmile spread across her face. At that moment Areeya came back into sightand I could see she was wearing an enormous strap on cock. She stoppedfor a moment in front of Sam who then took the cock into her mouth andstarted to vigorously suck it. Areeya flexed her hips and pushed thecock right into Sam’s mouth.I was now totally hard and getting more and more aroused by what I waswatching. Areeya pulled out of Sam’s mouth and got up on to the bed. Samrolled over and went down on her hands and knees. Areeya moved up behindSam and teased her pussy first with her tongue and then with herfingers. Areeya finally used the strap on itself, drawing it up and downher slit but Sam was already beginning to move her hips backwards,seemingly desperate now to have the cock inside her.Finally, Areeya lined up and slipped the tip of the cock into Sam’swaiting pussy. She teased Sam some more, just easing it in and thenmoving out again. She did this a few times and then drove the cock hardinto Sam who moaned loudly this time and Areeya threw a nervous glancetowards the door and I stepped back quickly to avoid being seen.I don’t think she had noticed anything and I edged forward again to thedoor. Areeya was now fucking Sam hard with the strap on and Sam wasbucking her hips and pushing back hard on the cock. Areeya withdrew thecock and Sam turned over and they kissed each other for a while beforeAreeya gently pushed Sam back down on to the bed and hooking Sam’s rightleg up in the air, Areeya lay down and slid the cock into Sam from theside. Areeya could now fuck Sam with the cock and kiss her at the sametime. Sam’s hand went down and began to rub her pussy as well. She wasnow on the edge of coming, Areeya increased the rhythm even more and Samtensed, arched her back and groaned as her orgasm shook her body.It was at this precise moment that Areeya looked up, stared straightinto my eyes and winked.11I staggered back in shock. Areeya must have seen me when she glanced atthe door. Either that or she was some kind of a witch. I managed to bangmy knee as I stumbled backwards and it was a miracle I didn’t scream.I made it back to bed and managed to fall asleep but slept fitfully forthe rest of the night. I can remember having one dream where I wasrunning down the strip in Lamai with Areeya chasing me wearing agargantuan strap on. You didn’t need to be Sigmund Freud to understandwhat that was about.I woke late to find Areeya’s door firmly closed and no sign of Sam. Ihoped she had gone back to the hotel because otherwise it might be oneof those slightly difficult conversations over breakfast.I just had enough time to grab some coffee and breakfast before I headedout to meet Sam at her hotel. I arrived just after 10 o’clock to findher in the lobby looking pretty good considering what I knew had gone onlast night. We said hi and I asked how the trip to Cockatoo went and shesaid they had a great time. Sam had met Pao there who she said seemedvery fond of me for some reason. Sam arched her eyebrows and lookedinnocently at me but didn’t say anything.We ordered some coffee and sat down in the meeting room but before westarted Sam said, ‘Look James, it’s none of my business what you do withyour private life. God knows I’m not in any position to lecture peopleon how they should live their lives, but here’s a heads up for you. Yourfriend Alex has been rumbled. When the press get hold of a story theydon’t let go of it. I told you that a journalist from a local paperwhere you went to Uni spoke to me about you, and they mentioned Alex. Ididn’t want to say in front of Areeya last night, but this guy also saidthat they knew that the Alex over here was the Alex from your olduniversity. They also know that you shared a house together at Uni. Hewas convinced there was a funny story – his words not mine – in this. Iobviously didn’t know until last night you were in a relationship withhim, I mean her, whatever.’She paused and as I didn’t say anything, she pressed on, ‘He said thestory got spiked because a bigger story came up, a local councillor gotcaught banging a scoutmaster or something. He did say though that theywould come back to it once they had more facts.’She stopped and I still didn’t say anything.‘I am sorry, but I thought you should know. You are a decent guy andafter what you went through it’s not fair that some shit stirringjournalist should be able to rake up dirt and turn a wonderful storyinto some sleazy little farce. I wasn’t going to say anything until Ifound out you and he, she I mean, are together. Wouldn’t have been fairnot to’‘Thanks for the heads up, Sam. I appreciate it, and at least forewarnedis forearmed. Did you say anything to Areeya?’‘No, nothing, that’s not my place, and I definitely don’t understand thedynamic you guys have going on over here.’Me neither, I thought.I said, ‘Sam, can I ask you to keep this to yourself?’‘Sure,’ she said, ‘but I don’t know if anyone else at the firm knows.The journalist only spoke to me because I was the one coming out here,and I’m going to keep schtum.’‘Thanks, I owe you one.’‘No you don’t, in a way you’ve already done me a big favour.’I decided to let that one float away.We worked on until lunch and then decided that was as much as we couldachieve for now.Sam would have to go back to Bangkok and make the changes we had agreedand then we would see what else needed to be done. I managed to get heron an earlier flight and we went up the airport together. I had reallyenjoyed working with her and she said she felt the same. I asked if shehad enjoyed the island and she paused for a moment, looked as if she wasgoing to say something, but then changed her mind. But her cheeks hadgone a lovely shade of pink. She said she had loved it and had enjoyedthe dinner and meeting Areeya too. She said she was already planning tocome back for a longer stay as a vacation.I managed to keep a straight face.We cheek kissed goodbye and then she was off to her plane. I took a taxiback to the flat realising that I hadn’t heard from Alex since she leftand I sent her a text asking how things were going in Bangkok. I was aloose end and as Areeya was out at Cockatoo I thought I would wanderdown there have a drink or two, get some food at one better placesAreeya had told me about and come back for some time on the laptop.Cockatoo was heaving when I got there, the bar girls were all busy andthere was no sign of Pao. I saw Areeya for a few minutes but she seemedup to her ears in stuff, so I sat on a bar stool with a cold Leo beerand watched the world go by.It gave me some time to think about what Sam had said about Alex. I wasangry that some little scumbag was out there trying to dig up somescandal on Alex. She had deliberately set out to keep her new lifeprivate and to have that violated made me angry. But had Alex known thatit would all catch up with her one day. What was that tattoo she had onher ankle? ‘There is no secret that will not be revealed’.I decided it wouldn’t do any good to tell her now but leave it until shereturned from Bangkok.If it did come out, how would it affect me? Alex was at least out herewhere there was a more tolerant attitude to gender and, I was sure,wouldn’t be a problem. It forced me think again about what I wanted todo, the project would only last at best another 4 or 5 months, and thenwhat? Did I want to go back to England? Right now that was the lastplace I wanted to go. I certainly had no ties there, and then there wasAlex.Being ‘in love’ feels like a form of madness; it scrambles your brainand forces you do wild things whilst letting you believe you are doingthem of your free will. When you are ‘in love’ you make crazy decisionsthat you would never make normally. It allows you to see things in acompletely different way from regular people who aren’t ‘in love.’I knew I would have to make some big decisions shortly and I had no ideahow I was going to decide.I strolled along the strip, politely resisting the bar girls, restauranthustlers and the massage parlour girls. Although I was tempted to have amassage I decided to have some food first. I had a quick meal, headedback to Cockatoo, which was still jumping, for another beer and thenwalked slowly home. I was about to walk up the flat when my phone beepedwith a text from Alex.’hope u wont be lonely tonite. left u gift on bed. tmb if u lyk it XOXO”Thx. will do’ I replied.I was intrigued but, remembering her last present for me was a pair ofThai boxing shorts, I was expecting a joke of some kind. I went up thestairs to the flat ready to text something sarcastic back, walkedthrough the door and stopped dead.Lying on the bed and wearing only a huge smile and a large pink bow onher cock was Pao.’Sawasdee Khun James. Miss Alex say I your present. I have to look afteryou tonight. Give you massage with happy ending.’I was so surprised that I burst out laughing and I saw Pao’s face drop.’You no like me, Mister James?”No, no, Pao, I like you a lot. You are very nice and lovely. I am notlaughing at you. It’s Miss Alex I am laughing at.’I sat down on the bed and Pao immediately put her arms around me. ‘Igive you extra special massage tonight.’I laughed again and said, ‘Pao, OK, I just need to text Miss Alex and wecan start.’ Pao immediately started trying to take off my t-shirt and Ihad to break free for a minute to text Alex.’lmao. Luv yr gift. bow sxci. thx. ilu.’She must have been waiting, ‘ur v welcome. enjoy’I put the phone on the bedside table and Pao got back to undressing me.She was behind me on the bed and finally managed to pull my t-shirt overmy head. I could feel her breasts pressing against my back as she ranher hands over my chest and tweaked my nipples which made my cock beginto stiffen immediately. She nibbled my ear and said, ‘I make you feelgood tonight, Mister James.’She jumped off the bed and started to undo my jeans.I got a good look at her for the first time. She really was very prettywith a girlish face, slim body, beautiful breasts and a small but nicecock bobbling around in front of me. With my help she eventually got myjeans down and the boxers went with them. Pao looked down at my cockwhich was now pointing straight up and giggled, ‘Miss Alex say you havenice cock, I like too.’God, was Alex even capable of being discrete? Probably not on theevidence so far.Pao pulled me up and led me across to a massage mat which she hadalready rolled out on the floor. Pao spread a sheet over the mat andindicated I should lie down and I did so face first. I had enjoyedseveral Thai massages when in Bangkok and they were wonderful. I neverhad the courage to go for an oil massage and the legendary ‘happyending’ but I thought that was about to change tonight.Pao knelt beside me and I could hear her open a bottle and begin tospread oil on her hands.She straddled me over my bum and began to work on my back in long slowmovements with her hands. A good Thai massage is a gift from God and Paowas a skilful masseuse. Slowly and rhythmically she continued to massageme with her surprisingly strong hands. I was beginning to feel verychilled as she continued to work on me with her magic fingers. I feltPao move slightly and I realised that there was something differentabout her massage when I suddenly understood she was using her feet onmy back; if anything that felt even better than her hands.It was relaxing, sensuous and stimulating; she leaned forwards to lieflat out on my back and I could feel her breasts pushing against my backand her cock rubbing up and down my crack. She moved rhythmically up anddown my back and the oil made her slide increasing the eroticism of thescene. Her nipples were hard and I could feel them slipping over my backand her cock was growing and sliding closer to my hole.Her hands slipped up my thighs and into the crack of my bum. I felt herfingers rubbing on the area between my hole and my ball sack and my cockbegan to respond. She moved further down my crack and her oily fingerslipped ever so gently past my rosebud and into my hole. Her fingerslipped in and out and my temperature and blood pressure were beginningto climb.At that moment she removed her finger and told me to move over on to myback. I rolled over only to find my cock now waving in the air; Paogiggled and gave it a quick kiss. Her lips felt heavenly on the tip butshe changed position once more and began to massage my legs. Oh my God,this was so sensuous; I wondered why I had waited so long to get one ofthese massages. She would move up to my groin and circle around my cockoccasionally bumping into it and keeping me in a permanent state ofarousal. She moved up to massage my chest and once again she wouldstroke down to my groin and brush it with her arm. This was torture andas relaxed as I felt I now wanted her to finish the job.She sensed I was at boiling point and said. ‘You want happy finish now?’‘Oh God, yes, Pao.’She moved onto my cock and began rhythmically sliding her hands up anddown its length. The touch of her hands and the oil combined to make mehard quickly. She would bring me to the edge and then ease off to let mecool down again. She seemed to sense exactly the moment when I would beabout to explode and to then take me back again. I said to her, ‘I can’tlast much longer Pao.’‘You want fuck me?’ she asked.‘Yes, I want to fuck you now. Pao,’She produced some lube and smeared it on us both, lay down on her back,shoved a pillow under her bum and pulled her legs into the air with herarms, exposing her hole to me. The sight of her little pink rosebudopening up to me like this was so arousing I nearly came on the spot. Istroked her with a finger around her opening and she moaned a little soI slid one finger inside and started to move it in and out. She wasjerking her hips back and moaning loudly as I pushed my finger into her.I stroked her cock with my other hand and felt it grow and lengthen inmy hand, a beautiful feeling. I pulled out the finger, moved up closerto her on my knees and she lifted her legs up onto my shoulders. Ibrought the tip of my cock to her rosebud and pushed gently into her andpulled back before pushing in once more. She pushed back and her muscleopened enough to let me slide straight in. She moaned again and I beganto shove harder and faster until I was in all the way, my balls slappingagainst her cheeks.She was moving hard back on to me, I felt her tighten around my cockwhich was getting harder with every thrust. I reached out and nipped oneof her nipples with my fingers and she moaned loudly this time. I lookeddown to see my cock sliding rhythmically in and out of her, both of usgrunting as her hips thumped into mine. She was using her hand on hercock which was now fully and beautifully erect. I could see by her faceshe was close to coming and I picked up my pace, driving fiercely intoher, making her buck and thrash as we fucked each other. She gruntedonce, her back arched up from the mat and she came in two or threespurts all over her belly, her cum mixing with the oil from the massage.I was now desperate to come and could soon feel that wonderful warmthgrowing in my groin and I jerked twice, pushed myself all the way intoher and came deep inside. I felt spasm after spasm flood through me andI kept driving into her for a few more thrusts until, fully drained Icollapsed on top of her. She grinned and kissed me gently on the lips,sweat mixed with oil making our lips slick and slippery.I pulled out, rolled over and lay back panting after the exertion.‘You enjoy, Mister James?’ asked Pao, in a worried voice.‘Oh yes, Pao, I enjoy very much thank you,’‘You tell Miss Alex, I treat you well?’I sat up and kissed her, ‘Yes, Pao. I will tell Miss Alex you are thevery best.’She beamed and stood up, ‘Come, we shower now.’This was the gift that kept on giving, for sure.Pao and I showered and we soaped each other clean; it was wonderful tohave her wash my cock so gently and she giggled as I started to get hardonce more, ‘Oh you ready again, Mister James?’She moved close in front of me, her cock and mine now nestlingalongside each other. She wrapped her hand around both cocks sliding upand down them. The sight and feeling of her cock up against mine was soerotic I was hard again in a heartbeat. Pao giggled again and said, ‘Wego on bed this time?’We dried each other and Pao led me by the hand back to the bed. I satthere watching her clear up the massage Etlik Rus Escort mat and I realised again justhow pretty she was.My phone beeped and it was Alex. ‘did u enjoy gift?’‘no not nice at all’She came back instantly, ‘liar.’ then ‘look in corner of room and wave.I can c u.’I spun round and there up on the wall near the ceiling was a smallblinking red light. It was obviously a camera and I guessed she had beenwatching the whole thing.‘pervert.’ I texted.‘me? wat about u?’‘LOL’ I texted back.‘now take pao to bed, I want 2 watch sum more.’I found my boxers and went across to the camera and d****d them over thelens.I heard my phone beep again, ‘spoilsport.’I set the phone to silent and turned round to see Pao waiting for me onthe bed.As soon as I got to the bed Pao grabbed my hand and pulled me down nextto her. She was giggling and we rolled around a little before she got ontop of me and started to kiss and suck my nipples. This gets me goingevery time and it wasn’t long before I started to respond and my cockbegan to harden up again. Pao rolled over on her side and moved down sothat she could take me in her mouth. If there was ever to be a NobelPrize for cocksucking then I would nominate Pao, the way she used hermouth on me was mind blowing. She used her tongue, lips, mouth, handsand even teeth to unbelievable effect. The sheer speed and energy withwhich she did this was getting me harder and harder.She knew I was getting close so she stopped sucking and said, ‘you wantsuck me?’I nodded and she scooted up the bed placed a couple of pillows under myhead and kneeled with her legs across my chest. In this position hercock was pointed straight at me and although I thought it was quitesmall earlier now it was fully erect it looked plenty big close up. Shegrabbed her cock and cheek slapped me a couple of times, rolled it overmy face then put it to my lips. I kissed the tip, which made Pao giggle,and then let it slide into my mouth. It felt different from Alex’s cock,smaller and with a different taste.I used the flat of my tongue to lick the underside of the head and Paoresponded with ‘I like.’I did this a few times and then sucked the whole head into my mouth andkept my tongue working on the underside. I was doing something rightbecause I could feel her getting harder in my mouth. I put my hand onthe bottom of her shaft and moved it up and down. She started to squirmand the she pushed her whole cock into my mouth. Her hands came down andheld me in place as she moved her hips, forcing her cock in and out. Igagged a couple of times and Pao withdrew and reversed her position onthe bed and I found myself looking at her cock straight above me and shegently lowered herself so that I took her into my mouth again.I felt my cock enveloped by her mouth and her head moved up and downdrawing me deep into her mouth and then out again. I tried my best but Iwas a novice at this and I was being sucked by a ninja cocksucker. Iknew it wouldn’t be long and that lovely feeling was building insides myballs and then I shouted, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming.’ Pao instantly rolledoff me and lay on her back and I quickly got to my knees and she usedher hands to finish me off and I spurted all over her breasts.Using her tongue to clean up whatever cum was still oozing out of me,she grinned, looked up and said, ‘Miss Alex right, she say you tastegood.’Was there nothing Alex wouldn’t share?Pao’s cock was still fully aroused and I reached down and started tostroke it. She moaned once or twice so I kept going and within a fewstrokes she twitched her hips and said, ‘I coming,’Her cum arced from her cock and landed mostly on her belly and somestuck to my fingers. Pao grabbed my fingers and licked and sucked thecum from them. She sank back on the bed, her smile as wide as her face.’Thank you, Mister James’’I said, ‘Pao, please just call me James, I think we’ve been properlyintroduced now.’She looked puzzled at what I said, but got the gist of it and happilysaid, ‘OK, James,’We both collapsed on the bed but Pao wasn’t finished yet and dragged meoff to the shower to clean up for the second time that night. We couldboth fit under the overhead shower and it was bliss to stand under therewith her, washing each other and giggling as we cleaned each other’scock and balls. I pulled her close and kissed her with the water pouringdown over us and she surprised me by slipping a little soapy finger intomy hole. I squirmed and she pulled out, ‘you no like?’ she asked.’I like it Pao, but I’m sore there so not tonight.”Ah, OK, next time then, maybe?’The prospect of a next time with Pao was something to dream about.We dried each other off, which involved more mutual giggling, and wentback to the bed.’You want me to go now?’ Pao asked. ‘Miss Alex say OK to stay if youwant.”I would love you to stay, Pao.’ I said.She giggled again and gave me a kiss, then dragged me over to the bedand pulled me down.’You want sleep now, James?”Yes, please, Pao.’I kissed her once more and she cuddled up to my back, threw her armacross my hip and was asleep in seconds. I lay there for a while,listening to her gentle breathing and the warmth of her body againstmine, and I happily dozed off.I woke up to find my ear being nuzzled and kissed from behind. Mmm,that’s a nice way to wake up, I thought. I felt a hand slide over mywaist and begin to rub my cock. Even better, I thought. I rememberedthat Pao had stayed the night and rolled over to see…Areeya’s facesmiling back at me.12If it were possible to jump two steps back when you’re lying down,that’s what I did. ‘My God, where did you come from?’ I looked around,‘and where’s Pao?’‘I came in after you had gone to sleep and told Pao that I would takeover from her. Is that a bad thing? I can call Pao to come back if youwould prefer.’ Areeya had a big grin on her face. I rolled over to faceher and grinned back, ‘Well, both of you together would be nice, but Icouldn’t impose on Pao again.’‘It would be no imposition for Pao, believe me. She has, how you say,the hots for you, James. Let’s save that for another time.’I smiled, kissed her on the lips and wrapped my arm around her and shesnuggled up to me, her head lying on my shoulder. I stroked her hair andher fingers gently rubbed my chest and played with my nipples.I asked her, ‘How did you get on with Sam?’She turned and looked up at me, ‘Sam is great, I like her very much,’she giggled, ‘but I think you know that don’t you?’‘She likes you too, Areeya.’‘Life is very complicated, James. Or, it’s very simple and we make itcomplicated.’I said, ‘Sometimes we have no choice, it’s just what happens.’She looked up at me again, ‘James, what will you decide?’ I knew whatshe was asking and I had no good answer.‘I wish I knew, Areeya, I wish I knew.’‘Choose wisely, James, much depends on your decision.’No pressure there then.She took my hand and placed it between her legs and opened them slightlyso I could feel she was already wet. She laid one of her hands over mineand began caressing her pussy guiding my hand. With the other hand shereached over and started stroking my cock. We kissed and our bodiesbegan to respond to the gentle touch of each other’s hands. Areeyaremoved her hand from mine and I continued to stroke her pussy. Sheshifted position slightly so that I was on my side and she was on herback.She raised her leg over mine so that I could get access to her from theside. My cock by this time even with her gentle stimulation was hard andI slid into her with ease. I began to move slowly in and out and sheturned her head to kiss me. I could also touch her breasts in thisposition and we almost lazily made love. It was the most blissful way tomake love that I had ever experienced; slow, languid and totallyarousing.I felt Areeya getting close to her climax and I increased my thrusts andquite suddenly we came together, her orgasm shaking her body and mineflooding cum into her. Still connected to her I could feel her orgasm asit came in waves, each one getting a little less intense than the last.I had stayed hard and I continued to move gently in and out until Icould feel I had emptied myself.We held each other for a long time, not speaking, just kissing andcaressing each other. I could have spent all day doing just that, butAreeya had work to do in the restaurant as well as the bars, because ofAlex’s absence in Bangkok. I had a hospital appointment later in themorning so I had to get moving too.I headed off to the bathroom planning to have a shave and then a shower.I was shaving in front of the wash basin when the door opened and Areeyawalked in wearing her robe. I was still naked but had long lost anyembarrassment in front of Areeya. She asked if she could use the showerfirst and I said sure, go ahead. I watched in the mirror above the washbasin as she dropped the robe to the floor and walked into the shower.It seemed I was condemned to spy on Areeya in some form or another.I could clearly see her through the glass wall of the shower as sheturned on the taps and stepped under the water. The sight of her withthe water cascading down over her head and down her body wasmesmerising. I tried hard to concentrate on shaving but my eyes wereconstantly being drawn back to the sight in the mirror. The water andthe light made her dark skin glisten as she moved around under theshower.She picked up a wash cloth and shook some gel into her hands and beganto wash herself. I nearly dropped the razor as she worked her cloth upfrom her belly up and over her breasts. Her hands dropped down to groinand I nearly cut my nose off as she washed her pussy. She bent over towash her bum and I almost passed out as I watched that unbelievably pertbackside. My cock was having a field day and it was sticking out like aflag pole at the moment Areeya walked past, she pointed to it and said,‘Please be careful, James, we don’t want to cut that off through notpaying attention, do we?’Areeya eventually disappeared downstairs and I headed off to thehospital. The doctors were very happy with my progress, the wound washealing very nicely and I could at last leave the dressings off. Theywanted me to come back once more to check but it was good to get the allclear from them.This, of course, meant that I was cleared to fly and there would be nomore excuses about not heading back to Bangkok. Alex was due backtomorrow and I had some big decisions to make. I needed some time on myown to think so I decided to head up to the Hin Lad waterfall. It’s notthe biggest waterfall in the world but it is at the end of a twokilometre hike so it’s not that crowded. The exercise did me good as didthe fresh air, and I spent some time at the pool at the bottom of thewaterfall, just sitting and thinking with the sound of the falls as abackdrop. It was the perfect place to clear the mind and do some seriousthinking. It’s a real shame that I left as confused as I had been when Iarrived.I ended up back at the flat in the early evening, did some emails andthen headed out to Cockatoo for a drink and then some food. Alex was dueback in the morning and I still didn’t know what I was going to say toher. Cockatoo was a bit quiet when I arrived and the girls were outfront en masse trying to entice some customers inside. Pao was there andcame over and sat with me for a while. She giggled when I told her howsurprised I was when I woke up and thought Areeya was her. I told herhow much I had enjoyed last night and her face lit up.I decided to head back to the restaurant for dinner as I was still onexpenses. I didn’t relish eating by myself but Areeya was still busyrunning all the businesses whilst Alex was away. After a couple morebeers I walked back and sat out on the deck eating and watching the seain the darkness. I had just finished dinner when, from behind, a pair ofhands covered my eyes and I heard a voice whisper in my ear, ‘Hey bigboy, you wanna go short time wit me?’I whirled round and there was Alex, grinning from ear to ear. I jumpedup and grabbed her for a big hug.‘I’m so glad to see you.’ I said, ‘but you’re not supposed to be here, Imean you’re not due til tomorrow.’‘Oh well in that case, I’ll come back tomorrow.’ She turned as if toleave and I tugged her back, sat down and pulled her onto my lap. Shewrapped her arms around my neck and laughed, ‘Or I’ll stay then, shallI? Did you miss me?’‘Of course I did.’‘Mmm, from what I saw and heard last night you didn’t miss me so much.’‘I should say right now thank you for my present, it was verythoughtful.’‘You’re welcome,’ she said, ‘I hear the swing shift did OK this morningtoo.’God, did these girls have to share everything?She pouted, ‘Don’t I even get a kiss?’‘I can do better than that,’ I said and stood up with her arms stillaround my neck and I carried her across the restaurant and up thestairs. She was squealing and laughing in my arms all the way to the topof the stairs.She said, ’Someone’s feeling a lot better, I see,’ and kissed me hard onthe lips.I managed to key in the number for the door without dropping her andwalked across to the bed with Alex still locked to my lips. We fell ontothe bed in a heap and we were kissing with our hands all over eachother. Alex unzipped my jeans and dived onto my cock which was now veryhard already. She managed to move so that I could get my hands under herdress and pulled her knickers down. She rolled over on top of me so Icould get her cock in my mouth. She was already hard and started tothrust her cock deep into my throat. Alex was pumping her head up anddown on my cock so fast and deep I was as hard as a rock.She pulled her cock out of my mouth and shouted,’ I want you in me,now.’She reached for the lube from the bedside table and got up to my kneesand she smeared it over my cock and her hole. I undid my belt anddropped my jeans to my knees as Alex went down on her hands and knees infront of me and pulled her dress up over her hips. She reached back andpulled her cheeks apart to reveal her waiting rosebud. I grabbed thelube, smeared some on my fingers and teased her by rubbing my fingersover and around her hole. Her head had dropped to the pillow whichthrust her bum even higher in the air. I circled her rosebud with myfingers and then slid one and then two fingers inside. Moving my fingersin and out made her growl in her throat and she said urgently, ‘Fuck menow. I need your cock now.’Pulling out my fingers, I edged my rigid cock to her hole and began torub it with the head of my cock. She twitched and implored me, ‘Now, forGod’s sake, fuck me now you bastard.’I pushed at her and the head slipped in and then I pulled out slightlybefore moving it back in again.‘You fucking bastard,’ she screamed, ‘put it all in me now.’This time I drove my cock straight into her and she grunted as she feltthe shaft fully penetrate her. She pushed back on me and I began todrive my cock deeper and deeper into her. She was moaning loudly now asI thrust myself in and could feel my balls slapping against herbackside. This was not like the gentle loving sex I had with Areeyathis morning, this was raw, a****listic coupling driven by pure lust. Iwas fucking her as hard as I could and we were both grunting as werutted on the bed.Sweat was pouring from both of us and that made it seem even more feral.She reached back beneath her with a hand and squeezed my balls as Ipumped into her. My cock felt enormous in her tight hole and it pushedme to pound her even harder. Her body was rocking as I thumped into her.She suddenly tensed and gasped, ‘I’m coming.’I could feel her cock twitch as she came onto the bed. I pushed evenharder into her and she responded by driving back into me. I felt myclimax build and build from my groin and into my cock and suddenly I waspumping my cum into her. I came and came, more than I could ever believewas possible. I grunted and my legs felt as if they would give way andwe collapsed onto the bed with me still inside her.Alex leant towards me, kissed me and whispered, ‘so maybe you did missme a little bit. I think you’ve been learning a few new tricks too, yourat.’I pulled out of her with a soft plop, and she grinned wickedly at me,‘Tell me when you’re ready to go again, big boy.’13Alex jumped off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. I must havedropped off to sleep as I woke some time later on, to find Alex sleepingnext to me with me spooning up to her back. She was having what soundedlike a bad dream as she was almost shouting in an angry tone, ’No, nomore, I don’t want to do it anymore. Please don’t make me do it anymore,no more.’ I gently stroked her back and she settled down but then, ‘It’snot fair anymore, it’s not fair, you shouldn’t make me do it, everythingis different.’I stroked her back one more time and thought about waking her, but thenshe settled down again and seemed to slip back into a deep sleep oncemore. I wondered what had upset her so much, but who knows with dreams?I must have dropped off again because it was morning when I awoke. Alexwas propped up on one elbow looking at me. She was staring intently atme and I said, ‘What?’‘Nothing,’ she said, ‘except you are so beautiful when you are sleeping.I just loved watching you. You looked so calm and peaceful. You look asif you were in a happy place.’I said,’ Right here and now with you is my happy place.’She gently hit my arm, ‘You soppy old romantic,’ but I could see she waspleased.‘I see you’ve taken off the dressings.’ She said.‘Yes, the doctor was pleased with the progress and as long as I’mcareful it should be OK.’ I replied, guessing what was coming next.‘Does that mean you’re cleared to fly?’‘Yes, it does,’‘What are you going to do?’ she asked, as she twisted her lower lipbetween her teeth.‘Honestly, I don’t know, I have to go back to Bangkok. That’s for sure,but I don’t know when yet.’She turned away from me, put her hand up to her eyes, slid out of bedand walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.I got out of bed too, went to the toilet and when I came out, thebathroom door was still closed. I tapped on the door, ‘Alex, are you OK?Will you come out please?”She eventually opened the door and I could see her eyes were red fromcrying. I reached out for her hand and held it without speaking, justlooking at her. Was there some way I could signal to her how I feltabout her.I said something that I would never have thought to hear me say, ‘Alex,’I was feeling strangely shy and I looked away as I said to her, ‘wouldyou please fuck me?’She reached out a finger to me and moved my face up so that I had tolook at her.‘Oh, baby, if that’s what you want, there is nothing more I want rightnow than to fuck you silly.’ She smiled sweetly at me, ‘are you sure?’I nodded my head and she took my face in her hands, pushed my head backand began to lick my neck with long upward strokes of her tongue like acat. She nipped my ear lobe between her teeth, an exquisite pain. Shedropped her head to take a nipple into her mouth, tongue flicking ithard before using her teeth to stretch the nipple taut. She did the samewith the other one before moving back up to my lips, biting one gentlybefore kissing me deeply, her tongue invading my mouth.We kissed for a while, our tongues fencing and I was squeezing Alex’sbreasts as her hands were caressing my backside. She broke the kiss,grabbed hold of my hand and led me across to the bed. Stopping next tothe bed Alex kissed me again, this time dropping her hands to my cockand she began to slowly stroke me. Alex was taking the lead and I felttotally under her control. She pushed my head down so that I could lickand suck her breasts. Her nipples came alive at the touch of my tongueand they hardened immediately into little points.She took one of my hands and moved it to her cock, which was alreadybeginning to grow in size. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and itbegan to harden under my touch. I could feel the blood flowing into myown cock and it too began to grow. I was breathing heavily now and Iheard myself make a sound deep in my throat as I became more and morearoused. Still kissing me Alex pushed me down flat on the bed andstraddled my chest so that her cock was pointing straight at my face. Ifirst kissed the soft purple tip then opened my lips and took it into mymouth using my tongue to lick and bathe around the head. Alex broughther hands down to the back of my head to ensure her cock stayed in mymouth.Letting Alex take control of me was exciting; allowing her to lead meand make all the moves made everything much more arousing. It feltliberating for someone more dominant to be in charge.She whispered, ‘Turn over, baby, and get on your hands and knees,because I am going to fuck your brains out.’ Those words sent a shiverof excitement through me and although I knew what was coming this time,I wanted it so desperately.I turned over and went down on my hands and knees, it felt kind ofdemeaning and exciting at the same time to be in that position, headdown on the pillow and backside high in the air exposing myself. I feltAlex move up behind me and I jumped as I felt her tongue flick across myrosebud. She spread my cheeks apart, making me feel even more exposedand vulnerable. The feeling that swept through me as she continued tolick all around my hole was extraordinary. I had never known you couldget so much pleasure from there. Her tongue forced its way past themuscle into my hole and I could feel the blood pounding through my headand I felt dizzy with the sensations that were sweeping through me.I felt her tongue disappear to be replaced by her fingers working lubeinto my hole. She pushed first one finger and then two inside me and Ifelt myself wince as she brought a third finger inside. Alex began tomove her fingers in and out and I felt both violated and aroused as shejabbed her fingers inside me. I could feel myself as hard as a steelpipe now and she moved her other hand around to stroke my cock. Thesensations of her fingers in my hole and on my cock at the same timenearly blew me away. I didn’t know whether to push back on her fingersat the back or push into her hand at the front. My brain was at systemoverload.Alex finally moved her fingers out and I felt the tip of her cocktapping at my hole. She pushed gently at the entrance and I tensed. Shestroked my back and said, ‘Relax and push down, baby.’I did as she said and she poked her cock just to the edge of my hole andthen withdrew it and then suddenly she pushed hard past my muscle andshe was in. It was painful this time as well and I heard myself grunt asshe pushed her cock deeper inside me. It felt easier in this positionand the pain eased faster this time. She began to move her cock slowlyin and out at first and then began to speed up as I began to push backon her. I bit my lip as the pain increased again but somehow this feltdifferent, her cock filled me and it felt good to be used in this way. Ihave no words to describe why this was but it just felt right to haveher cock inside me and to own me for this moment.I could feel her cock swell inside me as she moved faster and faster andI could feel her balls against my backside. I felt Alex lean forward andto feel her breasts and hair brushing my back while she was fucking memade me feel delirious. I could hear her grunting as she drove her cockin and out of me and then suddenly she stopped pushing for a moment andthen shoved savagely back into me, pushing me hard into the pillow. Shepaused and then repeated the same savage thrust for three or four times.I could feel her cock expand inside me and then she exploded into me andI could feel her cum pumping deep inside. Alex jerked three or fourtimes as she climaxed and fell forwards on my back and we tumbled downonto the bed. We lay there for a while her cock still hard and insideme. She eventually pulled out and I felt empty as her cock left me.We lay there trying to recover from what has just happened. Alex leantforwards, wiped the sweat from my eyes and kissed me gently.‘I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, baby.’ She whisperedtenderly.I smiled and said, ‘Just let me know when you’re ready to go again.’She roared with laughter stood up and did a crazy little dance, her cockflapping about wildly. It was the silliest and most erotic thing I hadseen.We ate breakfast on the balcony and it was just before 8 o’clock when myphone buzzed with a text. It was from Sam, ‘call me asap’Probably a question about the project I thought. I called and Sam pickedup straight away.‘Hi Sam, What’s up?’‘Oh, hi James, look I can’t talk too much right now, but just wanted towarn you, that bloody journalist has been sniffing around again. He’scalled the company in Cambridge and asked if they knew that, quote,‘their rescue hero IT whizz is living with a transsexual ex hooker in aThai brothel’ unquote.’ The company here hasn’t been involved yet but Ihear they are throwing a hissy fit in Cambridge.’‘Shit, sorry Sam, you’re a star, thanks for the heads up. Not that I cando anything about it from here.’She interrupted, ‘No, but you might want to get across here before theshit completely hits the fan.’‘OK, I’ll think about that. Will you keep me in touch if you hearanything else?’Alex was looking at me, completely bewildered by the conversation andthe look on my face as I listened to what Sam had to say.’What is it, what’s wrong?” Alex was grabbing my elbow as I finishedthe call with Sam.I told her what Sam had told me the other day as well as what she hadjust said.’Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why didn’t you tell me straight away? You should havetold me while I was in Bangkok.”There didn’t seem to be any real threat, I thought that it would dieaway like everything else does. I didn’t think it was urgent enough todisturb whatever it was that you were doing in Bangkok.”Oh, really? And what do you think now?’ Alex snapped, her eyes blazing.’Look, there’s nothing that you can do about it, is there? It’s a grottylittle newspaper back in England and even if it does get published, itwill be a one minute wonder.”Yea, and that grotty little newspaper happens to in the city where wewent to University and will get read by the narrow minded little gimpsthere, whose only pleasure in life is gossiping about who is sleepingwith whom, who will tell all their equally gimpy friends on the internetand it will be halfway round the world before breakfast.’She was now walking around the room and I could feel a storm brewing.’I have worked so hard to keep myself out of the news and here I amgoing to be splashed across the press as, what was it? ‘A transsexual exhooker in a Thai brothel’ I fucking hate them.’I began to get angry too, but with her, ‘well at least you are a longway away, what are you really worried about, it’s no skin off your nose.It won’t even make the newspapers here, and if it did, would it make anydifference to what you are doing here? It might even get you some freepublicity.’ Even then I knew that was cheap shot.’What do you know? You have no idea what you’re talking about.’ Shepaused; a thought had just struck her. ‘Shit, I need to get hold ofKritsada quickly.”Kritsada? What’s he got to do with it?’ I was confused by this turn ofevents. ’Anyway, I’m the one who has most to lose here?’She turned to stare at me, ‘What?”I’m the one who is going to be a laughing stock. When the company getsthrough with me I’ll be bloody lucky if they keep me on as a cleanerafter this.’ It finally struck home what this might mean for me.She shrugged her shoulders, ‘So what, you don’t like the work anyway. Ineed to get to Kritsada.”So what happens to me doesn’t count? What is it with Kritsada anyway?Why is it so bloody important for you to talk to him about this? What isgoing on between you two?’ A thought struck me between the eyes. ‘Areyou lovers? Is that what this is about?’Alex stared at me in blind astonishment, ‘Let’s get this straight, youthink Kritsada and I are having an affair? After everything I’ve doneand said about what I feel for you since you got here, you honestlythink I am having an affair with Areeya’s father?’I was just wild now, ‘It would explain everything, the way you behavearound him. And the sudden trip to Bangkok, the instant he tells you togo. That wasn’t a request from him to go, that was an order and you justwent.’She shook her head, ‘I just can’t believe this.”It explains everything, the loans, the way you’re at his beck and call,everything.’ I was gabbling now.’You need to be very careful what you’re saying now. It explainsnothing, you know nothing, and it would be better if you didn’t knowanything.’ She was holding herself back now, speaking slowly, her angercold and threatening.’What? So I just have to trust you?’She paused but her eyes slid away from mine. ‘Yes, you do. It isn’t anaffair.”Well, if isn’t an affair, what the fuck is it? You tell me you love me,but you won’t tell me the truth?”I told you, you don’t want to know the truth, trust me.”And if I won’t trust you?’She shrugged, ‘Your problem, not mine.’That was it, I just exploded. The words were out of my mouth before Icould stop them. ‘I wish I had never come.’Alex sat down, stared at me, her eyes flashing with anger, ‘What did youjust say?”I wish I had never come over here.’It was like the storm had broken, ‘FUCK. YOU. I put my heart and soul onthe line for you, I was happy here and I risked all that to see if Icould chase a dream.’I began to see red, what she said wasn’t fair, ‘Yes and that was totallyup to you, wasn’t it. It was what you wanted, and I just happened to beon hand and you decided all on your own to take that risk. It’s not onme.’This argument had already spiralled out of control and we were hurtingeach other without even thinking of the damage our words could do; rageand frustration pouring out of both of us. It was two grown up c***drenfighting in the playground and it was about to get far, far worse.‘Do you really want to know what I did in Bangkok?’ she virtually spatthe words at me, ‘I warned you, remember.’‘Yes I do.’‘I was fucking men for Kritsada.’It took me a few seconds to register what she had said.‘What did you say?’‘I said, I was fucking men for Kritsada.’I dropped onto the seat, and tried to make sense of what I had heard.‘What for, I mean, why?’‘It doesn’t matter; I am not having an affair with anyone, itsbusiness.’ She sat down too.I shook my head, ‘What kind of business? I mean, oh, I don’t know what Imean. How can it be business?’ My head just couldn’t bring this alltogether.Alex put her head in her hands and said softly, ‘It’s part of thebusiness deal we have on the loan that Kritsada underwrites for us. Ihad to agree to provide him with certain personal services so that hecan entertain business contacts with certain tastes or I sleep withpeople so he can get information from them. I warned you that you wouldbe better off not knowing. It was a high ranking British diplomat inBangkok this time. The blonde kathoey is still in demand’ she said thelast words with a bitter pride in her voice.My mind just stopped working for a time as I just could not take allthis in. I felt my pulse racing and I thought I would faint.I finally pulled myself together and said, ‘Why do you do it?’‘Simple, Kritsada was the only one who would underwrite our loan forthis place. No-one else would give a crazy farang Kathoey and hergirlfriend a single Baht without it being underwritten. He agreed to doit so long as he could have his pound of flesh. I told you he was athug.’‘Why can’t you stop?’‘Because he would pull out of the deal immediately. He will not break acontract. There are three years left on the deal.’ She sat back in thechair, looking out of the window.‘Does Areeya know?’She snorted, ‘Of course she does. But she can’t get him to change it,she’s tried, but he says a deal is a deal.’’So Kritsada pimps you out, is that right?’ she flinched as if my wordswere a whip across her back.’No it’s not like that.”Then what is it like? Because that’s exactly what it sounds like.’ Iwas raging now; having to drag out everything bit by bit was making itso much worse in my eyes.‘And you won’t stop?’‘I can’t stop. I would lose everything I have worked for, if I did.’ Shebit her lip and wrapped her arms around herself, ‘I have to tellKritsada about this, he won’t like the publicity, he always likes tooperate in the shadows and this will not please him.’‘And that’s what you’re worried about?’ I just could not believe howshe was reacting to all this. I felt like I was a passenger in an outof control car heading for the edge of a cliff and there was nothing Icould do to stop it. In the space of a just few minutes my life hadturned into a car crash. I had to get out.’Fuck, I can’t cope with this. I’m going back to Bangkok, to see if Ican save my career.’She shrugged her shoulders, ‘Go ahead, but if you leave now, don’t evercome back. I won’t want to see you again.’The red mist had descended and all I said was, ‘So be it.’She spun on her heel and walked out the door of the flat and down thestairs. Three hours later I was back in Bangkok.

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