First Time Fantasy

Fuck Hard

Part fiction, part memory … all dreams. Of things I’ve seen, or done, or, imagined.

“What the mind can see… the body can feel”

I’ve always fantasized. I always really thought that everybody dreamed about things just like I do. It wasn’t until I was older when I realised that I’m unusual. I crawl inside my dreams. Drift smoothly into another time, into another place or even into another body.

I always love to surprise you. When I see a shocked look of delight bringing your sweet face to life all my fantasies suddenly seem so plain in comparison. The truth is no matter how hard I try I can’t ever stop wishing I could turn off the screen forget about my silly story and be where I really belong in your arms.

Falling in love with you was the most beautiful journey of my life. I knew it was special and I wish everyday that it never, ever ends.

This is how it is. I’m wrapped up in the warm love you have given me and aching for you to be with me again.

……….It gets late……..

……….It gets dark…………

……….I can’t sleep………

………..I have fantasy nights………

Fantasy Nights

I invited you to watch a film with me, something non threatening and we could both use the screen as an excuse not to speak. My room is small and with the giant bed taking up most of the floor space there’s no place for chairs, we had to sit at the top of the bed together. Nerves had me up and down. Fussing to make sure you had enough cushions… If the volume was ok… Could you see the screen. Making an excuses for the cold nights I had pulled down half the canopy, the heavy material did trap our bodies warmth and I instantly felt closer to you. The flickering screen gave enough light to see but I wanted to make you feel comfortable. Its true I love dark smoke filled rooms, but I was out to make a good impression.

I love candles too. Flames for light, flames for warmth. The first flames of our passion ignited.

Flicking channels I found cartoons


Leaving you with Homer I went to find the wine. A red I’d been saving. Candles and wine… Was I really being so obvious? I worried, although never really attracted to alcohol in nervous situations I drink quickly and can get plastered before I know it. I enjoyed the feeling of you laying so close beside me. We shared a joint and couldn’t help moving closer together. Being able to feel your legs touching mine…the gentle weight of your head resting against my shoulder. I don’t really know how to describe the feelings of attraction. I forget about the tv, couldn’t concentrate on anything other than how hot and horny you had made me.

Who made the first move? I can’t recall. One moment we were just watching the screen the next we were kissing. Mmmm and oh how good it felt…the energy crackling between us. Kisses growing fiercer as my arm reached out, fingers trembling as I touched your hip. You felt so warm were so receptive to my Ankara Escort every move. Lifting my arm up over my head I pulled you tighter against me… Bent my neck down and felt your wonderful lips touch mine. Each kiss made me want more. Your taste, your smell, your touches, your tongue playing against me. I couldn’t stop, I hadn’t wanted to rush things, didn’t want to take advantage. I couldn’t stop kissing though.

Kissing deeply then drawing my wet lips over your soft cheeks. Kissing along your chin, nuzzling my lips against your neck. Something so sexy about your scent, and tender aroused moans. One moment all I could feel was your skin beneath my lips, the next I couldn’t get enough of your hot electric kisses. First me then you taking over, I could feel your hunger for me. Reaching up with your small hand you felt my chest, took my cheek, and drew us into the deep kiss that left me breathless. Your hand slipped back down over my chest as you began erotically sucking on my tongue. I couldn’t breath. I certainly couldn’t move. You’d captured me.

The kisses kept on coming, neither of us wanting to be the first to stop. I was in heaven, a gorgeous dark girl grinding harder and harder up against me.

“Oh don’t stop, please, please don’t stop”

I could feel your body, firm and hot under my palm, you had kept squeezing and stroking your hand against me, continued to press, rubbing down over my nipple rings, fingers stretching out over my stomach. Moaning deeply as our tongues met again I took the initiative drew my hand slowly up from your hip. So slim and so sexy my hand slipped higher, fingertips grazed your bra.

“Do I stop now?”

“Should I not push so far on the first night?”

So many questions were running through my mind but I couldn’t stop. I could feel blood rushing through my veins. Could feel your lips working slowly to my ear.

Licking and nibbling on the lobe, breathing ragged, hot tongue making me crazy that night

‘Don’t stop, please don’t stop?’

I was fighting against so many What Ifs.

Slowly my hand moved to cup and squeeze your breast, you have delicious curves I never understood why you dislike your body. You are beautiful. I was shivering. Nerves. Excitement. Opening up my hand your soft breasts are just the right size to fit under my palm. Feeling no resistance I kept feeling out the shape of each breast. I felt you body trembling and a soft moan when I began rolling your nipple under my palm.

My head fell forward and your kisses had turned to playful bites, slim fingers tugged my collars open and your mouth moved down my neck… Emotion, tension, fear they’d all been building. I swear I thought I was going to cum right then. You’d hit the magic spot and my back arched. The passion in that kiss sent a riot of sensation tingling down my spine, shooting down my arms and legs I writhed and moaned, you crawled up over my twitching body and began grinding your hips Balgat Escort against mine. Digging my fingers into your back I lifted one leg up… Knee rubbing up over my obscene bulge with your thighs opening around my thigh I instantly felt the heat of your sex.

“Lay down!”

My eyes flicked up to the television screen the strange voice somehow managing to break through the sound of my heart pounding in my ears……

On screen the camera looked over a womans shoulder… I’ve always found that part of a woman’s body so sexy, the thin strap of her red satin teddy only making the image more erotic for me… The focus moved past the woman and the shot widened to take in a luxury apartment. Flames crackling in a massive modern fireplace. A young man lay down, stretched out, toes wriggling as he turned his body to face the fire. His lean naked body bathed in the yellow orange glow of the flames. The next thing I see on the guy is his erection, he’s huge.. thicker and longer than me and he had the body of an athlete.

The camera view panned back, now the woman in red was on her hands and knees crawling slowly towards her man. It was as if the director had been reading my thoughts and the view swang back to follow the woman as she stretched out and slid gracefully over the polished floor to towards her lover. Long blonde hair obscured her face but her movements were hot. Provocative red satin clung tight to a super models curves, her skin was tanned and flawless.

Reaching her lover, her naked knees almost touched the top of his head. Gently she took his face in her hands, delicate fingers.. long crimson nails trailing across his scratchy designer stubble. Her lips were glossy with a vibrant red lipstick outlining a wicked smile … she bent down to lovingly kiss him.

Instead of the kiss the camera pulled slowly back. Leaning forward had pulled the teddy tight over her round ass and suddenly the screen was filled with an explicit view of her sex. Pouting outer lips barely covered by the dark strip of a tiny red thong.

Your leg pressed down on my painful erection and your lips still sucked tight against my neck. It felt amazing. I groaned again. My skin tingled and turned dark as blood rushed to the surface, your wicked lips had left a deep crimson love bite on my pale skin. For days after it reminded me of the look of lust on your face as you lifted your head up and away from me. Your fingers pressing firmly down onto my chest to support your weight as you gasped for a breath of air. Really you looked so hot in the flickering light from the tv screen, pouting lips that had kissed with so much lust were wet and full, a trail of saliva ran over your blushing hot cheek. I think we were both caught off guard seeing something so pornographic. Yeah I’ve taken a few pics off the net, kept the odd magazine as a teenager but I’d never seen anything like this. I guessed you hadn’t either and we both remained still eyes Çankaya Escort fixed on the scene developing in the film… Our hot bodies heaving, using this brief pause to recover from that initial hot rush of excitement.

“Ohhh Yessss Yessss Yessss”

The woman was still on all fours, her hands gripped the rug, and I saw a line of lipstick kisses down over the mans washboard stomach Head down, long hair teased, scratching over his smooth chest and hard nipples. It was her voice moaning though not his. He had been busy, each hand had slipped the teddy from her shoulders as she had moved over him. The red silk now creased and gathered around her slim waist.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm Ah Oooohhhhhhh”

His strong hands were cupping and squeezing firm round breasts. Rubbing each together so his mouth and hot tongue could switch from one dark nipple to the other. Tongue rolling around her sensitive buds until they stood out like bullets. Squeezing more of a breast into his mouth the man was devouring her.

Then she took control, pushing his hands away firmly and squeezing her hot body against him. She started to drag her nipples across his face. Moans turning to naughty laughter as he began chasing her breasts with his lips.

I felt your hand slipping lower over my chest and stomach. Palm stretching down over the belt on my jeans… Your hand cupped the tight bulge in my jeans… Fingers beginning to grip and define the outline my swollen member. It felt like I didn’t just rub my cock back up against you, it was as if I was pressing my whole body up against your tender grasp. My eyes screwed tight closed as a jolt of pure lust ran through me.

I was too excited, tried to focus on pleasing you, tried to forget about how your hand was stimulating me more and more. I pushed up your top, felt your hot skin shiver under my palms… my hands and fingers had bought both of your nipples to an achingly hard state. The gentlest touches now making you moan. Teasing through your bra made each sensitive bud so big. Leaning my face down I started licking over the white lace, each dark nipple showing through the translucent material.

With his hands pushed away from her breasts he first held her chest, tried pulling her body down against his tongue. Then as she began moaning again his slipped his hands to her waist. Fingertips hooked under each side of her thong, and then instead of dragging the damp string away he pulled up. With the thong pulled tight the red lace had disappeared … taken between pink shaved pussy lips.

Our bodies were twisting together, a clinch I wished would never end. Struggling to be gentle I began tugging your bra away my lips eager to feel your bare breasts. You’d rolled almost on top of me and I finally found the clasp in the middle of your back, fumbling with the hooks my mind was distracted. Another hot rush from my prick and any sense of frustration was blown away as your used both hands to pull at my belt. One hand still gripped and squeezed me whilst the other had opened the buckle. I felt you pop the top button and my head raced again. You slipped back onto your side, hands pulling at the next button. I arched my back up, pressing myself against your hands, opening my legs wider and feeling you reach down between my thighs, drawing your fingers along the length of my shaft and then squeezing my balls.

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