Fitting In Pt. 02


There was about four inches of snow on the ground when I left the highway and made my way into the scenic overlook area, I was on gravel about fifteen feet off the road, far enough off the main road to be safe and close enough to be seen. Before I texted Brook I took a piss writing my name in the snow as I’d done so many times as a young boy, then called Mr. Bremmer, the owner of the feed mill to let him know I was safe and what my plans were. He was glad to hear from me and happy to know that I was not only safe, but that I would remain safe along with the truck. With the engine running and the clearance lights on I settled into the passenger seat to text my soon to be bride.

Me: Hi, it’s 12:44 and I’m stopped for the night, gonna have a sandwich and attempt to sleep. If the snow wasn’t so disastrous to drive in it would be beautiful, big nickel size flakes softly floating to earth. Wish you were here in my arms right now.”

Brook: I wish I were in your arms as well, I know ways to keep you warm, we could have quite a make out session in that big seat. Will you wait for the county trucks to go through in the morning before you head home?

Me: Yup, once they plow and salt I’ll be right behind them, it’ll be slow but it’s better than putting this rig in the ditch. I let Mr. Bremmer know, he’s good with everything and told me to take my time getting back, he doesn’t have any more feed deliveries scheduled until after the holidays. That means I can spend more time with you. (I sent along a kissing smiley face)

Brook: Here’s three kisses and a hug for you, going to bed now, text me when you leave there in the morning.

I dozed on and off throughout the night, the snow began to let up just after three, I noticed two four wheel drive pickups with plows and yellow lights flashing as they creeped along toward Princeton around four fifteen, more than likely local guys with contracts to plow parking lots and driveways in Princeton. With seven inches on the ground an early start was imperative for them. I’d taken a leak and was standing at the front of the truck as daylight filtered through ever so gently, from my left was a familiar and welcome sound, a plow truck making his way through.

I inched my rig next to the road and as he drove by waving at me I slipped in right behind him, we weren’t exceeding twenty- five miles per hour, but we also weren’t in the ditch. Going south from Princeton the roads changed dramatically when I crossed over into Buffalo County, they had obviously been plowing much earlier than Green County where I had been parked. I had my phone on Blue Tooth, when Brook called, I was able to keep on driving uninterrupted while we talked.

“Hey how come you didn’t text me when you hit the road?” She asked.

“The county truck popped up so fast that I only had enough time to jump in the drivers eat and get in behind him, I wanted to wait a little bit before I called.”

“I’ve been up since five thirty Frank, mom has scolded me twice for pacing the floor. Now that I know you’re okay and on the way home I think I’ll go back to bed, don’t do this to me anymore, it’s too stressful.”

I laughed, “Sure, like I have something to do with the weather, I’m okay Brook, if the roads stay clear I’ll be back in town by one, wanna have lunch with me?”

“Got a better idea, I’m home alone until about four, I’ll make lunch and we can eat together. You know, like playing house. Tee heehee.”

She had opened the metaphorical door, I was gonna walk through, “Is that all we’ll do if we play house? I’m having withdrawal pains after no kisses last night.”

She giggled, “I know what you have in mind dirty boy, but my panties are staying on, even if your hand is in them as long as I keep them on I’m okay, because the minute you get them off me I won’t be able to say no. So … panties stay on, alright?”

“Okay hon, panties stay on, for today. I would like to touch you inside them though.”

“Stop it Frank, you’re making me damp and horny. Call before you come over and I’ll have everything ready. Ham, eggs, hash browns and toast sound okay?”

“Perfect babe, perfect.”

I had called my folks the night before shortly after Brook and I stopped texting, I figured it was time for an update. While we talked I told mom I was going over to Brooks for lunch, the line was silent for several long agonizing seconds.

“Frank, you be careful, don’t be foolish since you’re so close to asking for her hand. I know her folks and sister aren’t there because we saw them headed out of town this morning. You behave you hear me son, you’ve held out this long, don’t take advantage of an opportunity that might lead to heart break.”

“You don’t need to worry mom, we aren’t having sex, at least not yet anyway. We’ll behave, we always do.”

When I backed the truck into the heated bay it was covered in salt residue and slush. The kid who took care of washing the trucks was pissing and moaning about how dirty Cebeci Escort it was when Mr. Bremmer tapped his shoulder from behind.

“Kevin, while you were tucked in your warm fuzzy bed last night Frank was battling a snow storm over ice, while mommy was making you supper Frank was holed up in the cab with lousy convenience store sandwiches and chips, while you waltzed in here this morning all chipper and raring to go Frank was happy to be anywhere but a ditch. Those are but a few of the reasons you’re going to clean this truck top to bottom and inside, oh, and if that doesn’t suit you don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Now shut yer yap and get busy.”

After turning in all my paperwork and the receipt for the fuel I was ready to head out, Mr. Bremmer wasn’t having it, he wanted to know the cost of everything I’d purchased. I gave him the receipts and turned to go, Mr. Bremmer’s voice stopped me where I stood.

“Hold on Frank, I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you did yesterday from making sure everyone got what they ordered to being willing to sacrifice your comfort to get the rig home unscathed. Guys like you need to be rewarded.”

Pulling a hundred-dollar bill from his wallet he handed it to me.

“Take that pretty girlfriend of yours out to a nice dinner on me. I’m sure she had as hectic a night as you did worrying about you. There’ll also be a little extra in this year’s Christmas bonus as well, now get outa here, get some sleep and I don’t wanna see your mug until the 27th. Oh, and Frank, you’ll be paid in full for these extra days off, consider them comp time.”

With Christmas on Friday I would have three extra days off. Brook was waiting for me on the porch as I drove up, a sweater wrapped tight around her and a smile on her face. When I was three steps up the five she launched herself into my arms damned near knocking me backward. Kisses and a soft *thank you Lord* was all I heard for the next two minutes, picking her up cradling her in my arms I walked to the door, she reached for the handle and we were inside. More kisses, more tight squeezes, more whispering it was so good to see her.

Breakfast for lunch was perfect, it hit the spot and put me half to sleep. Laying on her bed we necked and touched a little, but I was exhausted, kissing me she told me to nap and she’d wake me later. Around three I heard a ruckus in the living room, it was her family. Jerome was the most vocal.

“I see Frank’s truck at the curb, where is he?”

I heard Brooks voice, “He’s in my bed.”

Jerome’s voice raised about five octaves, “In your bed, what the hell is going on here girl? That boy needs his ass kicked if he thinks he’s going to take advantage of my baby girl while we’re out of the house.”

I then heard Alice, “Jerome be quiet, Brook why is Frank in your bed?”

She went on to tell them of my night and subsequent morning, how she’d made us lunch and I fell asleep on her bed on top of the duvet fully clothed, she put a blanket over me and closed the door. Tracy piped up down the hall, “Yup, he’s dressed, it looks like he’s awake. Can I go in?”

Tracy had no more than asked the question when she pranced into the room.

“Hi Frank, pisser of a night huh? So, sleepin in my sister’s bed? Good thing Brook aint in it as well or daddy would be beatin yer ass right about now.”

Alice grabbed her arm and spun her, “Close your mouth you sassy thing. Be glad you’re 18 or I’d wash your mouth with soap. Where do you learn trash like that?”

Tracy smirked as she left, Brook was seated on the mattress at my feet, Alice was standing mid-room and Jerome was standing in the doorway trying not to glare. I felt like I’d messed things up.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Ellory, I was so tired, I didn’t mean no harm.”

She smiled as she sat next to Brook, “Shush, you’ve done nothing wrong lad, do you want to sleep longer?”

“No ma’am, I think I need to go home and sleep in my own bed. Mom will wonder where I am, I told her Brook and I were having lunch but that was a while ago.”

Alice patted my leg, “That’s a good idea, mom’s like to know where their kids are. Say, why don’t we get together with your folks Christmas Eve after church service, we could have hot chocolate and dessert at our home. I’d like to get to know your parents.”

“I’ll ask mom, I’m sure they would like that, they want to be better acquainted with you and Mr. Ellory as well. They’ll likely go to the evening service at St. John’s Lutheran, they could meet us here afterward.”

Alice smiled, “Us, are you coming to church with Brook?”

“Yes ma’am, she asked if I would and I said yes, maybe I’ll like your church better than St. Johns, it’s mostly old people and as exciting as watching paint dry.”

Brook reached for my hand helping me sit up, “Come on wayward traveler, you need to go home and sleep.”

I had forgotten to tell her about the hundred dollars Mr. Bremmer had given me, as we walked Çıtır Escort to the truck I reached in my pocket for the keys and remembered it was there all scrunched up. At the door she had her arms around me as we kissed goodbye, I handed her the bill when we moved apart telling her the story. She smiled and told me she’d tuck it away in her purse and we should do something special with it New Year’s Eve.


I was wishing I’d done more than wrap a sweater around me when I walked Frank to the truck, the cold wind was cutting right through it, I stood on the porch until his truck turned off of Holiday Drive and no longer in sight, shivering I closed the door and walked right to the couch where my folks were sitting. Plopping myself onto dad’s lap and snuggling into his broad chest I broke down blubbering, he let me cry until I had been diminished to sniffles and asked what was wrong.

“I could have lost him daddy, it took so long to find him and I could have lost him. What if his truck had crashed or something like that?”

“First off kitten, he didn’t crash, second he’s a good driver from all I’ve heard, third he had the good sense to pull over and wait it out and last but most importantly, he made sure you knew where he was at all times and that his goal was to get home to you. I’m not saying it couldn’t have been worse, but the way that boy loves you it would have taken a tornado to keep him from getting to you.”

I blubbered, “I love him so much it would kill me to lose him, I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

Mom entered the conversation, “Honey our men leave every day to provide for us, driving is what Frank does and like your dad said, he’s very good at his job. If you two end up being together you’ll need to get past this worrying and fear or it will destroy you.”

I almost bristled when she said *if we end up being together* and it must have showed.

My face stiffened, “Together, of course we’ll be together, I’m going to have his babies some day when he asks me to marry him. There’s no *if we’ll be together*, in my mind and I think Franks that’s settled, no man has ever paid a moments attention to Brook the freak until Frank, who happens to be the same kind of freak I am. We accept each other for what we look like and don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks other than family.”

Mom grimaced when I swore, “Where do you and your sister learn this foul mouthed stuff, you’ve certainly never heard your father or I talk like that.”

I thought to myself, *yeah right, you obviously don’t know how thin your bedroom walls are because I’ve heard you yell far worse when dads nailing you to the mattress* but the better part of judgment took over and I said nothing. Once I’d cried myself out, I went to the kitchen for a snack and turned in early.


Brooks mom Alice was on the phone to mom as I walked in the kitchen, “Yes he’s here, just walked in. Thanks for checking, and tell that sweet Brook how grateful I am that he has her to love and take care of him. Christmas Eve? Yes, that sounds lovely, nine o’clock your house, we’ll be there. Bye.”

Hanging up she pulled me in for a hug, “You, young man, scared the bee-jeebers out of me last night. Don’t you ever do that again you hear.”

“It wasn’t like I planned for a storm to move in ma, it just happened. Besides, I’m home and no I don’t want anything to eat, I’m going to shower and sleep until tomorrow morning. Tell dad g-night for me when he comes in.”

Fresh crisp sheets had never felt so good, with my head on the pillow and the quilt tucked tightly around my neck I remember nothing more than three or four breaths before sleep took over, with sunlight peeking around the curtains I rolled out at 7:20, I hadn’t slept that late in ages. Making my way to the smells of breakfast mom was clearing the dishes and dad was getting ready to go outside for morning chores, with a hug he patted me on the back and left.

“Eggs or pancakes, there’s some sausage left if your interested. By the way, you’d better call Brook, she called twice last night and this morning at six when you didn’t answer your phone, I told her you likely had it switched off.”

While breakfast cooked I called Brook, we had a quick conversation before she had to leave for work, I told her I’d pick her up at the store when she got off at four. Thinking I’d like to start a tradition by getting her a poinsettia for Christmas I went in early, she waved and smiled when I entered the store, because I hadn’t thought of it sooner the plants were picked over except for the scrawniest looking and the very big ones. Remembering I would be getting a bonus I picked out a pink one covered with blossoms, it had to stand over twenty four inches tall and was an easy foot and a half across, at $34.99 I felt Brook was well worth it.

Standing in her lane she was so excited once I’d reached the front of the line, we chatted a little Demetevler Escort as I checked out, she told me she’d see me in about ten minutes. I had that monstrosity of a plant in the back seat when I opened the door for her, as I got in my side she was faced sideways looking at it admiringly.

“Is that for your mom, she’s gonna love that.”

Pulling her to me I laid on the most passionate kiss in my arsenal, breaking she sort of whispered.

“Dang boy, you really missed me didn’t you.”

“Brook, the plant is for you.”

“Oh Frank, it’s beautiful, you still aren’t going to get my panties off, but I wouldn’t mind if you tried. NO FRANK, not here people can see in the truck you horny bugger. The new Appleby’s just opened, let’s go to supper there, I’ll let mom know so she doesn’t worry.”

Normal payday for me was Thursday, but with it being Christmas Eve day the checks would be ready Wednesday, I stopped in about noon, Edna gave me an envelope and told me Mr. Bremmer wanted to see me in his office.

“Frank, come in, sit a minute. I wanted to thank you again for Monday and into Tuesday, that truck is less than two years old and would have taken a while to replace even though it’s covered by insurance. Here, I want you to have this, it’s a little something extra from the missus and me to say thanks. Do something special with it, something you and your little filly will enjoy. Merry Christmas son.”

I took the envelope, stuck in the inside pocket of my jacket and promptly forgot about it. When I picked Brook up from work she was kissing me hello in the truck with her hand laid against my chest.

“Hey, what’s in your pocket?”

Reaching inside she withdrew the two envelopes opening the thicker of the two first, it was my regular paycheck and three one hundred dollar bills, our regular Christmas bonus. When she opened the other, she gasped.

“Oh my God Frank, you need to see this. Oh my, oh my.”

She pulled a check out of the envelope for five thousand dollars, I knew that the truck was expensive, I mean like a couple hundred grand expensive once it was fitted out, but I had no idea simply bringing it back undamaged was worth the extra money they had given me. She was in tears, I was in shock, never before had I been so blessed by someone outside my family.

“Oh my gosh Frank, we have to send them a thank you card, this is just too much to wrap my head around.”

I ate supper at her house then helped her finish wrapping gifts in her bedroom before we went out to Wally World for more paper, it was only right since we’d used it up and Tracy still had gifts to wrap. While parked at the curb outside her house we took advantage of the fact that her folks were still at the Credit Union party and steamed the windows of my truck with a make out that surprised the hell out of me, taking my hand she put it under her dress tight to her mound.

“Remember I told you I wasn’t going to let you take my panties off, but I wouldn’t mind you trying.”

That was all I needed to hear, as I pressed against the mound her legs opened and she moaned into my mouth, sliding my hand up until it touched the elastic I could smell the damp aroma of her over heated pussy, it was so damned enticing, I now understood why the bulls will sniff a heifer in heat and snort as they roll their head backward. I was experiencing the same thing, it wasn’t like I hadn’t touched her before, but it had always been at the end of a long make out session and then only briefly, it had never been so blatant before, nor had she ever initiated it. With my fingers twiddling in her fur pie her hips lifted off the seat, then came the whisper in my ear.

“Put your finger down to where it’s real wet, uh huh, now up a little until you feel that hard little —- oh my gosh, it feel so much better when you touch it. Use the juice from my pussy to rub that little nub, yes, like that baby.”

In minutes she was writhing and groaning as her hips rocked back and forth, I simply went with the flow and continued to rub her clit. Her breathing stopped, her body stiffened and her abdomen shook, looking in her face I couldn’t tell if she was in ecstasy or pain as she softly made UH sounds over and over. As her body relaxed she put her hand on top of mine holding it still.

“No more baby, no more, it tickles too much. Cup me with your hand, mm-hmm, see how wet you’ve made me.”

My first witness of a live female orgasm, and it had been my finger that had caused it. There was a sweet smelling thick stickiness coating my fingers, I think I surprised her when I dipped my finger into the folds, withdrew it and put it in my mouth sucking it clean. She stared at me wide eyed, then softened her expression and grinned, she knew I was hers as she leaned forward to French me, we had taken our relationship to an entirely new level in less than an hour, a level neither of us regretted.

I put on the defrosters to help clear the windows before anyone noticed, she was adjusting her panties when I offered to help, pushing my hands away she fixed her dress.

“If I let you touch me again tonight after what we just did these panties are coming off and I’m not ready for that yet. I’ve read hot steamy romance novels, but tonight I lived one. Frank, I love you, please don’t think I’m a tease, I want to give you everything but I’m not quite ready.”

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