Freshman Week Ch. 05.5: Sharing


Author’s Note: Welcome to Freshman Week’s second decimal chapter. What does the decimal mean? These are chapters that are shorter than full chapters and take themselves less seriously. This chapter probably could have been a full one, but I’ve become obsessed with making this story symmetrical, and since Ch. 5 marked the halfway point of this mini-saga I needed another decimal chapter to mirror 4.5.

Not that any of that really matters. I just felt like explaining my system. Please rate & review!


January 10th:

Snow was still on the ground when Charlotte returned to campus. Break had been fun, but she couldn’t pretend like she hadn’t been anxious to come back. Canterbury U had already earned a special place in her heart. It was the only place in her life where she had even the smallest taste of independence. And it was where she had met her first real friend, Sarah.

And this semester they were sharing a dorm.

Charlotte arrived pretty early in the afternoon, so it was by herself that she moved all of her belongings down the hall to room 315. She didn’t own anything too heavy, but it took a couple hours nonetheless. The sun was setting by the time she was done, and Charlotte decided to do some decorating.

The room had belonged to Sarah first, so maybe she should have waited and asked about her opinion. Charlotte was willing to bet though that it would be a fun surprise. She had seen on Pinterest how some girls decorated their rooms with Christmas lights. Technically the holiday season was over, but it was really cute and she thought it would make the place more homey. Not to mention it would make the room feel different, and that would make Charlotte feel less like she was stealing Nadine’s place.

She didn’t go overboard (hadn’t brought enough lights to), but she strung one string of yellow LED bulbs across the wall over her bed and facing Sarah’s. She had some fun putting them in different arrangements and patterns before she used tape to stick them in place. Even without the main lamp on, the lights provided enough calming illumination to see. It was like having candles, minus the fire hazard and violation of dorm policy.

Charlotte had finished with the lights and was organizing her stuff when she heard the dorm’s main door slam open.

“Chaaarrr!” Sarah’s too loud voice cried from the living area.

Sarah turned the corner and ran into the bedroom, and into the waiting arms of her friend.

Sarah was a little bit taller than Charlotte and had light brown hair that she kept in a bun. She had relatively tiny tits but a fit physique. She was wearing her usual black hair band, an oversized blue sports jersey which reached halfway down her thighs, and tiny black shorts that exposed her toned legs.

“Oh my God I missed you!” As Sarah threw herself into Charlotte’s hug, she failed to at all slow the momentum she’d gained running into the bedroom. And she did throw herself. When the pair embraced, Sarah lifted her legs off the ground and wrapped them around the smaller girl. (A habit she had cultivated from greeting her boyfriend.)

Thanks to the exercises Sarah had convinced her to do, Charlotte had put on a significant amount of muscle since the two became acquainted. She was still a slim young woman though, and the sudden impact plus having to support her friend who outweighed her by at least twenty pounds sent her tumbling onto her bed.

Suddenly Charlotte was on her back with her best friend clutching onto her for dear life. She could smell Sarah’s lavender shampoo. Charlotte tucked her nose close to the other girl’s hair and took a good whiff.

Sarah loosened her grip so that she could rise up and look Charlotte in the eyes. “Sorry,” she chuckled, “I may have had one too many.”

Charlotte smiled. She could smell the beer on her friend’s breath. She didn’t hate it. It reminded her of another night, after her first party. The first time she’d had beer herself, and the first night the two of them had shared a bed.

Charlotte found her eyes drawn to Sarah’s mouth. With their chests against one another, she could feel as Sarah’s breathing changed. They were both thinking about it. That time, in November…

Someone in the doorway cleared his throat. “Uh, hey Char.”

Charlotte looked over Sarah’s shoulder. A tall boy with broad shoulders and messy hair stood in the bedroom entrance holding a mostly depleted twelve pack of beer. He wore a jersey identical to Sarah’s, but his muscular build made him look more like an athlete than a fan. It was Ross, Sarah’s boyfriend.

Charlotte gently pushed her friend off of her to sit up on the edge of the bed, smoothing out her skirt as she did so. “Ross, hi!”

This was the first time Charlotte had seen Sarah’s boyfriend in many months, and the reunion was a tad uncomfortable. They got along fine, but since their last in-person meeting the friendship between the two girls had become increasingly intimate. During that time Charlotte knew the Keçiören Escort boy had seen pictures of her body. And she knew from Sarah that he did not find their situation to be disagreeable.

Charlotte felt suddenly more aware of her body language and what she was wearing. She had on a white, spaghetti-strap top with a short blue skirt. The top was meant to be worn beneath a jacket, but she had taken that off during the strenuous work of unpacking. Seeing as the girl was very well endowed, it showed off more cleavage than she normally would in a boy’s presence. But he had seen more than that already.

Ross took a seat on the bed across from Char and Sarah followed him. He handed her a beer as she sat down, cuddling up to his side. Sarah popped the tab of her beer and took a drink. “You already got everything set up! If I’d known you were going to work on decorating I would’ve been here to help.”

Charlotte shook her head. “It’s cool. I knew you two would be at the game. I wanted to pull my own weight. Get things off to a new start.”

“I like the lights,” said Ross. He took another can from his twelve pack and gestured to the girl. “Want a beer?”

“Um, okay.” He tossed it and Char only barely stopped it from slapping into the wall. “We’ve gotta be subtle though. I still have two months before I’m twenty-one and Sarah’s only nineteen. If the RAs catch us, we’ll get tossed out for sure.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “That’s a little dire. Calm down. I think we both have plenty of experience keeping things quiet.”

Sarah spent the next thirty minutes explaining a game which Charlotte had no knowledge of or interest in as the two girls demolished the last six cans of beer. Ross abstained since he would be driving home.

As Sarah talked, Ross continued to enjoy her proximity. Quite actively too. Charlotte watched as his hand lingered on his girlfriend’s breast, absently squeezing. This did not interrupt Sarah, but the girl wasn’t oblivious to his advances. She pressed her body closer to his, rubbing her hand up and down his thigh.

“Well it sounds like it was a good game,” said Charlotte, finally interrupting Sarah’s spiel.

Sarah stopped and laughed at herself. “I’m sorry. You’re right, I’ve been on this way too long. What’s been happening for you?”

Charlotte answered, but barely heard herself. She was too busy watching Ross slide his hand down the neckline of Sarah’s jersey. Sarah shook a little bit as the boy’s hand stopped over her bra. His arm around her tightened, dragging the girl even closer to him. Ross lowered his head and kissed the side of her neck. She purred.

“-and other than that it’s been okay,” Charlotte finished.

“…Uh-huh,” Sarah said. Her eyes were closed as Ross continued feeling up her chest, tonguing her neck. He’d give her a hickey if he wasn’t careful.

Sarah moaned and suddenly it was off to the races. Ross tore his shirt off and began lifting the hem of Sarah’s jersey. She lifted her arms to help and was left in only her pink sports bra and tiny black shorts. Ross pushed his girlfriend onto her back, eliciting a gleeful laugh. He began to kiss her again, starting at her neck and slowly working his way south.

Charlotte was enthralled. Not only by the flesh on display (she found Sarah immensely attractive, and Ross proved to be well formed too), but also by the rhythm and synchronicity to their movement. When she and Sarah had sex, it was two young woman writhing and groping at each other. When Sarah was with Ross, it resembled ballet. Beautiful.

And erotic. Charlotte could feel herself getting wet. She felt the urge to pull her panties aside and enjoy the sights before her. But somehow that felt like a violation, and the girl was too nervous to disobey her instincts.

After Ross had moved down from the neck, over the curves of the breasts, the valley of a toned stomach, and reached the promised land of Sarah’s waistband, he slowed his movements. Gently he pried down the garment’s edge. He planted a sensuous kiss on the skin that had been concealed, just above the woman’s still hidden sex.

With the sound of his kisses muted, Sarah’s breathing was far more audible. Her exhalations were husky and desperate. She looked down at Ross’s head the way a lost sailor looked at dry land. Hungry.

“Baby,” she whispered. “Oh baby I love you.”

Still watching, Char repositioned a little on the edge of her bed, sliding back a few inches. Her skirt rode up some in the maneuver. It occurred to her that, since they were lying horizontally, the couple might be able to see her panties should they look that way. Charlotte chose not to rectify this.

Slowly Ross began to pull off both her shorts and panties. Sarah moaned as if this itself were penetration. Char squirmed in her seat. When the panties came off, she got a look at Sarah’s crotch. The girl was perfectly shaved. At least from afar. Char wondered, if she were to crawl Etimesgut Escort back between her friend’s legs, if she would find the persistent little bristles that had tickled her tongue and lips on a previous occasion.

Ross ran a finger down her slit, feeling her wetness. Making sure she was ready. Then he slid one in. Sarah took a deep inhale. When he pulled his finger free, the girl made a soft whine. “Baby… Get your cock out, now.”

Ross stood up. He slid his jeans off without a word. Looking at Charlotte, he smiled.

The young man had a prominent bulge in his shorts. To say it left Char speechless would be an exaggeration, but it did throw her. The sight before her suddenly became more real. He was going to fuck Sarah right in front of her, and Charlotte hadn’t even seen a dick before.

Ross climbed back on top of Sarah and began to kiss her deeply, all the while grinding his cock against her pussy with only the fabric of his boxers still between them. “Make me believe you want it,” he demanded in between kisses. His girlfriend groaned and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him close. She lifted her ass off the bed and began to forcibly hump him from below. It was an impressive display of abdominals.

The boy humped her back and they moaned together. Charlotte could imagine this being performed on stage, maybe in a Dancing with the Stars-esque fashion.

As the pair continued to writhe, Sarah turned her head and looked at her best friend. Charlotte’s skirt had ridden up so far it might as well not have been there. Sarah could fully see the girl’s thighs, her panties, and the wet spot just over her crotch. Charlotte was unconsciouly hovering a hand over her sex, barely stopping herself from self-stimulation. Her eyes were wide as she watched the couple, taking in every detail as she breathed slow and heavy breaths.

Ross was kissing Sarah’s neck and beginning to pull down his boxers when the girl of his dreams cleared her throat. In a reluctant but firm voice, Sarah said “Stop.”

The boy sat up and pulled his hands off of her as though he’d been touching a lit stove. “What is it? You okay?”

Smiling, Sarah gently pushed him away and sat up. She was completely naked except for her sports bra, and still clearly wet. But the energy about her had entirely changed in seconds. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on her beloved.

“We’re okay, lover. I just got a new idea. Something fun you might like to share… with us.”

“Us?” asked Ross.

Charlotte blinked. Her best friend had woken her from a stupor and she was slow to pick up on exactly what the girl was saying. Still slightly faster than Ross though.

“Are you talking about me?” Charlotte asked.

Sarah sat beside Charlotte, put one hand on her thigh and the other arm around her neck, and pulled her close to whisper in her ear. “Are you still a virgin?”

“No. You and I-“

“Right, sorry. I mean, have you been with a boy yet?”

Charlotte shook her head.

“Do you wanna?”

“I think so. But he’s yours.”

Sarah kissed her on the cheek. “He is. You’re mine too. I want this to happen. If you don’t, say so.”

The hand on Charlotte’s thigh pushed upward to her crotch. Sarah slid the fingers of her hand underneath her friend’s panties. Tenderly she felt the girl’s sex. Charlotte took a deep inhale of breath and put a hand over her pussy to hold Sarah’s fingers in place. The girl didn’t say a word.

Grinning, Sarah withdrew her hand and stood up. “Ross, get over here.”

The boy obeyed with a dumbstruck expression. When he reached the two girls, Sarah grasped his erection through the material of his boxers. “I’m borrowing this cock. It’s mine. And I have decided that I am going to use it…” With her other hand, Sarah pointed at her friend’s still covered vagina. “…To fuck this beautiful little whore.”

Charlotte and Ross loudly exhaled at the same time. They met eyes. Charlotte could see how the boy moved from her eyes to check out her chest, the wet spot on her panties, and then moved to her lips. She found her own gaze drawn toward his impressive chest, abs, and the package in her friend’s hand. All at once, she realized how much she wanted this.

Ross turned to Sarah. “Babe, are you sure about this?”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Are you questioning me? I told you, this cock belongs to me, and I will fuck who I want with it.”

Her boyfriend’s mouth broke into a slow grin. “Well, if that’s the way it is…”

All at once, Ross dropped trow. And Charlotte dropped her jaw.

She didn’t know what she had expected, but this was astounding. The way his glistening head stood up, extending away from his body in a way that almost seemed to break physics. Where her education about sex between men and women had been concerned, the process had sounded medical, almost mechanical. But this member before her twitched and pulsed with blood vessels and was obviously, Demetevler Escort joyously alive. At that moment it seemed like there was Ross and then there was his Cock, The Animal.

Or was it Sarah’s cock?

Sarah grabbed Ross by the shaft and studied his member with a cold expression. “As you can see, Charlotte, we have a disobedient beastie on our hands.” She gently flicked her boyfriend’s cock, causing it to bobble comically. “But I believe that magic cooch of yours is up to the task of taming it.”

Charlotte had never heard her friend talk like that. With her distant and cold expression, she seemed like a whole different person. It felt like she should be wearing a lab coat or a power suit, despite the fact that in reality she only had on a sports bra. Without any bottoms, Char could still see how light gleamed off of the wetness on her crotch. Was Sarah getting off on being in character?

In any case, Ross wasn’t phased. “Should we get right to it, Doctor?” he asked.

“Don’t get impatient, young man. It is your cock I’m using, not your tongue. For now.”

Releasing her boyfriend, Sarah approached the edge of the bed where Charlotte lay. Without asking, she hiked up the girl’s skirt and began to pull off her lacy underwear. Char found herself blushing as both Sarah and Ross stared at her slowly unveiled sex.

When the panties were off, Sarah slid two fingers across Charlotte’s naked opening. Char could only shiver. Sarah grinned. “You should say something, babe.”

Ross cleared his throat. “Um, Charlotte… You are really, really beautiful.”

Char had trouble breathing.

“I think that’s enough foreplay,” said Sarah. “Come here, Cock.”

Ross stepped toward the bed and in-between Charlotte’s legs, which Sarah had kept splayed for him. Char could see how his wide, shining eyes fixated on her vagina. She suddenly got the feeling that nothing she could say or do would change what was about to happen, even if she wanted it to. Ross put his hands on her hips. He pulled back. And just before he could enter-

“Hold,” said Sarah. She had stepped behind her boyfriend, and had her own hands on his hips. Her body was pressed up behind his, and he could feel her wetness against his ass. “I will be fucking Charlotte with this cock and we begin at my command.

“Char,” said Sarah, her voice losing its authoritative edge. “You said you’re a virgin. Is your cherry still intact?”

Mutely, Charlotte nodded.

“Okay. This can hurt to start with. I need to know, do you seriously want this?”

The girl nodded.

“I need to hear you say it.”

Charlotte could feel tears forming in her eyes. She was so horny, so desperate for release.

“I do, Sarah. I need it so bad.”

Sarah grinned with mischief. “Then I’ll give it to you, baby. Give it to you so bad.”

She pulled back Ross’s hips, and with the whispered word “gentle,” she drove him in.

Charlotte made a sound she herself didn’t hear. Too much of her attention was on what she felt. A rushing fullness she had never experienced closely followed by a sudden, shattering pain. Both sensations felt overwhelming for an instant. But the instant passed, and slowly her senses returned.

Sarah watched the girl’s progress from over Ross’s shoulder. When she saw Charlotte breathe again, she began to ease him out. “Slow,” she ordered.

Charlotte moaned as she felt the fullness leaving her. Ross shivered as the girl’s walls squeezed his member. “Oh my god,” he muttered. Her flushed, unabashed face was sweet and hot at the same time. He could remember Sarah’s first time. She’d been so different. His girlfriend was confident and forward. He liked that, but he could appreciate something new. His mind skipped back to those pictures of the two girls together. The combined mental and physical stimulation made him-

“Ow!” he yelled.

Sarah’s fingers unpinched his scrotum. “I know that face, mister. You aren’t finishing yet. I need that cock to stay solid a little longer.”

The girl smiled, returned her hands to his hips, and began pushing him back in.

Charlotte squirmed and shuttered as the boy entered her again. She offered no resistance as he -or Sarah -picked up the tempo. Char felt as though she were losing track of her body, astral projecting to view the situation from afar. She couldn’t fully wrap her head around her body being used this way, or on the fact she’d allowed it. She could only accept that whatever was happening felt very good.

She jarred to reality when the boy leaned forward to put his mouth on hers. She met Ross’s tongue with her own. Her eyes met Sarah’s, and the other girl offered a wicked grin.

It was while gazing at her best friend that Charlotte fully succumbed.

Sarah watched with glee as the other girl’s body contracted, as a small, high pitched noise fled her mouth.

Of course, she wasn’t the only one to notice the orgasm.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum,” said Ross. Her good little soldier. For minutes since she’d scolded him, the boy had pounded her little friend without complaint. He’d brought her all the way to the finish line. He was always such a gentleman. He deserved a reward.

“It’s okay, baby,” said Sarah, “You’ve done great. Go ahead. Cum inside her. Fill up that pussy.”

“Wait, what?” asked Charlotte, suddenly alert.

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