From Girl To Womanhood


Laura was a beautiful 20 year old girl who was perfect in every sense. She was at University where she scored the highest mark in her first year, and now she was taking the time off in the summer holidays to lie on the beach and work on her tan. She was very self-conscious about her body but she shouldn’t be, for she had a model body and a face that was both stunning and sweet. Laura was 5 ft 5, a blue eyed brunette with a very voluptuous figure with 34D breasts and long legs that were smooth and firm. She certainly emphasised her curvaceous body in the light blue bikini that she had on today which left little to the imagination. A lot of men had tried to woo Laura as you’d might expect but she was not interested because she was so diligent and concentrated on her studies. Her mum had told her that men were to come later, but now is the time to obtain your qualifications. Laura held that look of innocence about her and you could instantly tell that she was a virgin.

Laura was lying on her side with the sun beating down on her most gorgeous body, inhaling the cool sea breeze and enjoying the feeling of the soft silky sand beneath her. She was reading this women’s magazine and in it was this article on female masturbation. Laura was getting very aroused by this and without realising that she was in a crowded beach, her fingers automatically reached down beneath her bikini and she started to slide two fingers, in and out of her already moist opening.

Tom and Alex were both walking down to the beach hoping to have a good swim in the warm sea when they spotted Laura. They instantly felt their cocks move in their tight speedo swimming trunks. Tom and Alex were both firemen and they had the typical ‘iron-man’ body with the six-pack and pecks, broad shoulders and strong muscular legs. They had come to the beach for the weekend and had set up their own tent in a quiet area of Dikmen Escort the coast. The two stood over Laura for a minute and watched as she aroused herself, but she jumped up when she saw the two men watching her. Tom said hello to her and then apologised for frightening her, and Alex just stared at this amazing woman and was totally speechless.

The two men could not help but notice the wet patch that was growing between Laura’s thighs and this just made their swimming trunks tighten even more. Although Laura was quite shocked at this direct approach from these two strangers, she was so aroused that she knew she could not resist any longer and that the time had come for her to encounter her first sexual experience. After talking for 10 minutes, Alex suggested that all three of them go back to the tent that they had erected at the quiet end of the beach. Laura agreed to this knowing full well what she was getting herself into, but she could not resist these two muscular men who were fairly handsome anyway. Her mind told her to resist their offer but her body yearned for sex and in the end, her hormones got the better of her.

The three of them walked down the beach to the tent and then got inside. Tom unzipped the entrance to the tent and without a word, Alex undid Laura’s bikini top to reveal two massive tanned globes with the nipples already erect and waiting to be sucked on. Tom tore off the thin material that was protecting the virgin hole and began to spread her lips apart with his mouth whilst rubbing his fingers on her clit. He could smell the strong scent of the female sex whilst he sucked and penetrated her pussy with his tongue. Laura was hot down there and didn’t Tom know it! Laura was on her back now whilst the two of them poured all over her body. She undid Alex’s trunks and a thick 8″ cock sprang out Eryaman Escort nearly hitting her in the face. She placed a hand onto it and it was so thick that she could only just get her dainty fingers around it. Tom at this point suggested that it would be best to have Laura on her hands and knees and she unduly obliged. Laura guided Alex’s thick cock into her mouth and began to suck the head of it. Slowly at first, and then she took his penis deeper down into her throat. In the mean time, Tom withdrew his thick erect penis which was massive, standing at almost 10″ from his trunks, and touched the entrance of Laura’s pussy.

Laura, with a mouth full of cock said in her dainty voice, for Tom to be gentle with her as it was her first time. Tom heard this but he paid no attention because he was just so aroused that all he had in mind was to screw this girl senseless. Tom gripped her firm ass with both hands and then in one sharp motion, he forced his way deep into her warm, wet, tight pussy until his balls were slammed up against her passageway. Laura let out a huge scream and bucked backwards with her head moving swiftly upwards. She couldn’t believe the pain at first and she felt something go inside her. Tom had popped her cherry with his monster cock and it felt as though he was splitting her in half with his weapon. Alex, seeing that Laura’s mouth was wide open, held the back of her head and plunged his penis into her mouth and down her tiny throat until he too was deep in her.

Laura was in a state of both pain, pleasure and excitement. Her nipples were rock hard and her pussy gripped the intruder tightly. She could feel herself reaching an orgasm. The two men both slid into and out of Laura with force, hardly believing their luck at making out to this beautiful girl. Alex forced his cock into Laura’s mouth Esat Escort and then seeing that she was choking and gagging, would remove his cock from her throat but then pushing his way back into her. Laura enjoyed the intensity in her mouth and her lips were gripping onto his moving and pulsating cock, although she was gagging from the size of his penis. She could taste his pre-cum on her tongue and this excited her even more. Tom loved the feeling of her tight pussy, gripping onto his big cock every time he penetrated her. Every time he moved backwards, ready to assault her pussy again, he felt her pussy lips tighten around his meat like as if to say that she was unwilling to let his big cock disengage her. He drove his manhood in and out of that tight, moist, slit as he felt the fire building up in his balls.

Laura felt as though Tom was tearing her apart with his giant cock but she loved the sensation that it was bringing. Suddenly, her body began to tremble and she could feel what seemed like electricity running from her clit along her spine to her head and then back again. She began to shake and then let out a huge gasp as she spasmed into a joyous and sensational orgasm. Alex, still working away at her mouth and throat could not hold on any longer. With one more movement, he forced his cock all the way down her throat so that his balls were touching her chin and deposited a huge wave of cum with great velocity. Laura could feel it trickling down her throat and loved the sensation. Then Tom could no longer hold on.

Seeing the pleasure on Alex’s face and the contractions of Laura’s pussy around his cock as she orgasmed was just too much. His balls clenched tight, his toes curled and he shot his load, deep into Laura’s pussy. Thick, creamy cum, flying from his cock head and into the warm welcome slit. Laura felt the cum firing into her pussy and it seemed like a flower was bursting into life within her. It was wonderful. The three of them collapsed onto the floor, absolutely drained from the experience. Cum was seeping from Laura’s mouth and pussy and her hands were touching the men who gave her so much pleasure. She drifted off into a sweet dream, with her innocence being taken away by these two strangers.

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