Fun with the Au Pair


Fun with the Au Pair

Our best friends are out of town this weekend and have asked us to stop by and check on their place. They live in a sprawling single-level home on a wooded lot at the end of a cull-de-sac. We pull up in front of the house early Saturday morning and let ourselves in with the key they provided. The foyer is quiet as we step in – as is the rest of the house. We place the newspaper on the kitchen counter – and take a quick look around before turning to leave. As we are at the door ready to let ourselves out, we hear something coming from one of the back bedrooms.

I tell you to stay near the door while I walk softly down the hall to check it out. The master bedroom door is ajar slightly and I push it open a few inches. To my surprise, there, lying on the bed, completely naked and stroking himself for all he is worth, is our friends’ au pair. He’s an 18-year-old Swedish boy who has been looking after our friends’ two children. He was supposed to have the weekend off, but clearly, he has decided to enjoy the empty house on his own.

He doesn’t notice me, so I slip quietly back down the hall and find you in the front hall with a quizzical look on your face. I take your hand and whisper: there is something I want to show you. You follow me down the hall and I lead you to the door and motion for you to look in. You do, and I see a smile spread across your face. You look back at me and then turn to watch the boy again. He is still at it and he is getting more vocal as he is getting close to coming. He is holding a pair of women’s panties in his other hand and soon he is shooting stream after stream of warm cum into them. He lies there panting from his exertions – but he is still erect and ready.

I nudge you a bit; you look over your shoulder, smile and then enter the room. The boy sees us immediately and is clearly embarrassed. He tries to cover his cock with the panties and only succeeds in spreading his own cum all over himself. You smile at him and say hello. He is not quite sure how to react, but you try to put him at ease by handing him a robe from the back of the door and telling him it’s OK – it’s our little secret and he needn’t worry about his employers finding out. He slips on the robe and relaxes a bit. We talk and while his English is a bit broken (something you seem to find very endearing) we quickly learn that he just turned 18 and misses his girlfriend very much.

You gesture to the panties he is still clutching in his right hand and ask if they are hers. He blushes and says no – then realizes that you must now know that they belong to the lady of the house and he blushes an even deeper shade of red. You ask when was the last time he made love to his girlfriend and he blushes yet again and says he never has. All they have done is kiss and touch each other, he says. You ask if he has ever made love to any woman, and he shakes his head sheepishly. You ask if he has ever seen a woman Ankara Escort naked; or touched a woman and he shakes his head again. You look at me and smile. I know what you are thinking and I find myself intrigued by the idea of watching you “school” this boy in the art of making love to real woman.

You start to unbutton your sweater and his eyes widen as the tops of your breasts come into view. You stop and ask if he would like to see more. He nods and watches closely as you unbutton the rest of your sweater and pull it aside to reveal your black lace bra. It’s sheer and he can see your erect nipples pushing against your ample cups. Would you like to touch them, you ask. He looks at you and then at me. I smile, nod and step back to take a seat in a nearby chair, content to watch and stroke myself.

Knowing now that I will not object, he reaches forward and begins to softly squeeze your right breast, lingering on the nipple with each stroke. You reach behind yourself and release your bra and it falls away. Now, he can see both of your breasts as they rise and fall under his eager hands. You ask if he would like to kiss them and he immediately buries his head between them and eagerly begins sucking your nipples. His robe has fallen open now and we can both see that he is fully erect again. His penis is long and hard, with a bulbous head, and at the tip a drop of pre-cum begins to slowly run down the head onto the shaft.

You ask if he would like to see more of you and he says yes, please. You step back and unzip the zipper running down the back of your shorts. You wiggle your hips and they fall away, revealing your black panties. He smiles – anticipating what is to happen next – but you leave your panties on and ask him if he has ever brought a woman to orgasm with his tongue. He shakes his head no and says he doesn’t know what to do. You tell him to lie back on the bed. You swing your leg over his head in a 69 position and slowly lower the crotch of your panties onto his mouth. You tell him to lick and suck you through your panties. At the same time, you tease the tip of his cock with your tongue, running it around the rim and licking away the drops of precum that continue to flow.

He begins to lick you eagerly, and you have to instruct him on where to lick and how you like it. When your panties are soaked from his licking and your juices, you slip them off and lower your wet lips onto his waiting mouth. You tell him to go slow and to insert his finger into your anus as he licks and sucks you. As he does so, his cock seems to rise and fall on its own – rock hard and ready. You continue to tease it with the tip of your tongue and each time you make contact, it jerks back a bit in response yet. You are about to come, but you pull away before that happens, turn around and give him a deep French kiss – taking in the taste of your own juices as you do so. He is panting and flushed now as Balgat Escort you ask him if he would like to fuck you now. He quickly nods yes.

You position yourself over him cowgirl style and guide him into you as you settle onto him. He groans with the pleasure of feeling his cock buried deep within a beautiful woman for the first time in his life. That first time is a “once in a lifetime feeling” for any young man, and you make it more so by squeezing your vagina muscles as you work your hips up and down on him. He reaches up and grasps your breasts. They are swollen and tender. You are lost in the feel of him buried deep in you pussy and his kneading and sucking only add to the pleasure. You ask if he would like to see and feel you come. He groans yes as you begin to fuck him harder. Soon, the feel of his young virgin cock in your pussy is more than you can stand and you begin to come – very hard. You gush out onto him, soaking him and the bedding below. He remains hard throughout and every last spasm only intensifies the feel of his hardness deep within you. You roll away – your legs open – and push his head down onto your throbbing wet pussy. He licks and sucks until you come yet again.

After a few moments, you ask if he has ever come in a woman’s mouth. He says no – so you bend over him and begin to softly lick his shaft and swollen knob. Precum continues to dribble from him and you lick up each drop as it comes out. You know he won’t last long, so you stop every few seconds and kiss him deeply so that he can taste his cum as well. You take his whole shaft in your mouth and let it slide all the way deep into the back of your throat. Then, you begin to work it in and out of your mouth – gradually increasing the speed and intensity until you can feel his balls harden and fill with his come. He reddens and tells you he can’t hold it back any longer.

You say “that’s OK baby – let it go now – come in my mouth so I can taste you”. He explodes in your mouth at that point and you are amazed at the volume and intensity of his ejaculation. Despite your efforts to contain it, it runs down your chin and drips onto your breasts. You take as much as you can and then lean over and let it run from your lips onto his, where you both share it – back and forth – until it is gone. You are both on the verge of exhaustion, but he is still hard, so you take his cock in your hand and being to stroke it. You bend over and lick it to make it wet and tell him to wet your anus with his tongue; He does so as you lie face down on the bed with a pillow under your hips.

“Fuck me in the ass,” you command! He seems shocked at first, but doesn’t hesitate long before he positions himself between your raised cheeks and begins to slide into you. You tell him to go slow and do exactly as you say, but once he is buried deep into you, you urge him to fuck you hard and fast. He obeys and with each thrust you moan and Çankaya Escort urge him on. Your right hand is buried between your legs and you are massaging your clit – using the same rhythm as his thrusting. You both come at the same time – loudly. As he pulls slowly out of you, a stream of his white cum runs down between your legs. You tell him to lick it up and he does.

All this time, I have stroking myself in the chair across the room. Now, I decide it’s my turn to have some fun. I join the two of you on the bed, where you are lying next to him, gently stroking his now semi-erect penis. He seems uneasy with me joining, but does not draw back when I place my hand over yours and we both stroke him back up to full hardness. “Does that feel good, baby” you ask him. “Yes, yes,” he responds. You lean in to give him a long wet kiss, and as you do so, I replace my hand with my mouth. His cock is very hard now and I can feel it throb in my mouth as I suck it. I place my other hand between his legs and, find his virgin anus and slip my finger inside of him. I can hear him gasp, but he does not draw back.

“Do you like what he’s doing to you baby. Does that feel good?” you ask.

“Yes, it feels wonderful,” he responds.

“Have you ever tasted another man’s cock, baby?” she whispers into his ear. After some hesitation, he answers


“Would you like to baby?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he says uncertainly. I shift my position on the bed. I am now lying next to him, my hips aligned with his head. My erect cock is mere inches from his face. You whisper something in his ear and turn his head to my waiting cock. You put your hand at the back of his head and push it toward me. His moist lips open as the head of my cock presses against them. Soon, I am thrusting in and out as you continue to hold his head and I continue to suck his cock in turn. I can hear him moaning as he approaches another orgasm. Mine is close as well.

His young mouth is warm and he is using his lips and tongue is some very creative ways. I decide not to warn him. Instead, I just let myself explode in his mouth. I hear his muffled cry of surprise, but you hold him fast as I empty myself into his mouth. “That’s it baby, take his cum – take all of it. Don’t swallow though – I want you to share it with me.” Now, I feel his cock throbbing and I know that my reward is near as well. I push my finger deeper into him and suck hard on the head as he cums. I am surprised at how much cum he is able to muster given how much he has already expended, but then I am reminded of one of the advantages of being a young man. His cum is salty sweet and I savor it bit before I swallow. As I do so, I look up and see you both swapping his cum back and forth until finally, it disappears in your mouth as you too swallow.

As we both collect ourselves and dress, you ask him. “Are you going to be here all weekend, sweetie?”

“Yes,” he says as he pulls on the robe to cover himself. He can’t quite believe what just happened, but he knows he would love for it to happen again.

“Did you enjoy yourself, darling?” I ask.

“Yes – it was wonderful,” you respond. “I think we may have to come back later tonight and check on things. Would that be OK with you?” you ask the young man. He smiles, nods and watches us depart.

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