Girl Friend and I Become Step…


Girl Friend and I Become Step…Girl Friend and I Become Step…Before I was old enough to go to school, my mom and dad divorced, and then when I did start school, I had a hard time making friends with any of the boys in my class, and got bullied by them, but with the girls it was different, so I never really went through the stage of not liking the girls like most boys do.In junior high school (what is called middle school now days) I still had trouble making friends with the boys, which at dinner time I would eat alone at a table by the double doors in the cafeteria that lead back out to the hallway, that took us to our classrooms and wall lockers and the school offices. By the first day of my third year in junior high, I noticed a girl sitting at a table by herself across from me on the other side of the double doors, and she looked pretty hot to me, and it was strange that such a good looking girl as she was, to be sitting alone while she was eating her dinner.I went home after school let out and when my mom got home from work, I told her about seeing the girl sitting alone eating her dinner and how strange it was to see her alone, and not with some of the other pretty girls, or with some of the football players there.Mom told me that maybe she was having trouble with the girls like I did with the boys in trying to make friends with them, so maybe I could be her friend, which with everything mom said, made since to me.The second day I saw the girl sitting alone again, but was to nervous or scared, I’m not sure which it was, so I didn’t go and try to be friends with her again, which mom told me that evening that she maybe felt the same way with trying to do the same with me, or some of the other k**s in school too.The next morning mom told me that most real men face their fears and go into the fight with full force and caution, depending on the fight they are about to face. At dinner time I saw the same girl sitting alone again, and in remembering what mom told me that morning, I walked over to the girls table, and asked her, “May I sit with you, to keep you company while we eat our dinner?” “Yes, that would be nice I guess.” she answered in a whisper, just loud enough for me to hear.“Thank you. By the way, my name is Roger. May I ask you what your name is?” as I sat down in the chair across the table from her.“Nestlé.” she whispered again.“May I ask why you are whispering?” before taking a bite of the food on my tray.“I am afraid that you will be like everyone else and tease me about my name, and then maybe start being a bully to me, like everyone else around here wants to do.”“I have the same problem with the other k**s too, and it is no fun after a while for sure. I’ve tried to laugh with them when they would tease me, but after a while it does get old, and then the boys wouldn’t let me play with them when they play ball, all because I didn’t know how to play, which I never had anyone to teach me how to play those games. They all ways say, I throw or run, like a girl.”“The girls say I’m too much like a boy in the way I play, and I’m not that much into dolls, even thou I do have dolls to play with when I was younger, but I would rather be outside doing something, rather than to be playing with dolls all day.”“Sounds like we are in the same boat to me, and if you want to be a tomboy so let it be what it is, which you may have more fun than any of those snobby girls over there at the other tables.”“I like to think so.”Every school day after that, Nestlé and I would sit and talk while we ate our dinner, and then a month later I saw Nestle standing by the vending machines, just outside the double doors of the cafeteria, “Is something wrong Nestlé?” “Since it is a nice day outside today, would you mind eating dinner out there with me today? I have enough here for both of us to eat.”“Yes let’s do it. I was wishing we could take our trays out there to eat myself.”“I asked dad to help me pack a picnic dinner for two this morning, so that we could eat out there today, since it is such a nice day to eat outside in.”“Cool, let’s go.” then Nestlé and I went to the door leading out to the back of the school grounds, next to the vending machines, and stepped out, and then walked over to a tree and sat down on the grass, under the tree. “I was afraid you would say no and want to sit inside at the table like we have done all month, and it will be cold weather soon, and then we will have to sit in there.”“There is no way I could say no to you because you are so beautiful and nice too, I really like sitting and talking with you, and eating dinner with you.”“I feel the same way with you too.”“I’m glad. In a way, this is like a date to see how we feel about the other, all thou it would be a better date if we didn’t have to go back in for class’, when we are done here.”“We can call it a dinner date, like people do in those big businesses office buildings.” “I’ve heard of them, but usually they are talking about business I think.”“Sometimes they are, but there are a few that are talking about other things, and if it is a man and a woman, it usually maybe something else they are discussing.”“Okay, I can figure that out for sure.”I found out more about Nestlé than I did all month, and one thing I found out is, her mom was killed by a drunk driver one evening on her way home from work, when Nestlé was pretty young, and she lives on a farm with her dad, and they happen to live about a mile from my mom and me, and her dad is a veterinarian that has a clinic in town, and she rides the bus home every day, which she is on one of the buses that goes past me when I am walking home, and she has thought about walking home herself, since some of the k**s want to tease her, which I told her I would walk her home if she chooses to walk home every day. As soon as school let out, I rushed to the bus loading zone to meet Nestlé there, just outside of the doors, shortly after I stepped out through the doors she walked out of the doors, and stepped over to where I was waiting for her at.“Here let me carry your books for you.”“Are you sure? You might get teased for carrying my books for me.”“If I do I do, but I was told a gentleman does things like that for a woman.”“Okay. Thank you.” then she handed me her books, which wasn’t much, just a couple of them, then we started out toward the school gates.After school each day I would walk Nestlé home to her place, then we would help each other out with any homework we may have to do and needed help with, if it was easy for the other to do, otherwise we would have to wait till my mom was home from work to help me, and Nestlé would have to wait till her dad was home to help her.One Saturday evening my mom had a date with some guy with the last name of Tomson, which I didn’t put the name to anyone I knew since I never asked what Nestlé’s last name is, and I never told her my last name either, so she wouldn’t be able to connect the name of my mom to anyone, if her dad had even told her what mom’s last name is.When the guy came to the door of the house to pick mom up for their date, him and I were introduced to each other, and since I have never seen the guy, I still had no idea as to who he was.Another month went by and things got a little more serious between Nestlé and me by becoming girlfriend and boyfriend, but we didn’t go as far as sex with each other, but we did talk about it some, and decided to wait and see how things went between us first. During that same month I guess things got really got serious between mom and Mr. Tomson too, and a couple of times I know they had sex because I could hear them in mom’s bedroom through the wall, since my bedroom is right next to mom’s bedroom, and Nestlé did say something to me about her dad was having sex every so often again, since meeting his new girlfriend. I told Nestlé about my mom was having sex too with her new boyfriend at which time she said, “The woman that dad is seeing looks familiar to me, but I can’t put the name with her face.”“What is the woman’s name?”“Alice Johnson.” then it clicked with me.“Is your last name Tomson?”“Yes, how do you know since we never told each other what our last names are?”“My mom’s name is Alice Johnson, and she is dating a man by the name of Tomson.”“Larry Tomson is my dad’s name, and he has the a****l clinic with the name of Larry’s a****l Clinic, in the old part of down town.” “I never was told his first name, but then I didn’t ask either, but mom did say he is a veterinarian as well as he has a farm and a daughter.” “I was told that Alice has a son and that they don’t live far from here, but he never told me right where she lived, and said that Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort if things got to where they might get married, then he would tell me more about her, and so far he hasn’t said anything about asking her yet.” “So far my mom hasn’t said anything about getting married yet either, but the farm that he has is not far from where we live, so I would say our folks are dating each other, which if they do get married, where does that put us at, as far as dating like we have been doing?” “How about we ask them about it, but the question is, do we ask them together or separate, like you ask your mom at your house, and I ask my dad here?”“Let’s ask them together at the same time.”“Okay. When and how do we ask them, and get them together to ask them?”“I know, how about you and I fix a supper for them, say on Friday evening, and you try to get your dad to ask my mom over for supper, because you want to show off how good a dish you can make.”“Okay I can do that, I can make my casserole dish that dad likes so much, that my mom and him taught me to make, before she died, which dad has me make from time to time, so I don’t forget on how to make it.”“Sounds like a plan, and I will fix something that can go with it, with your help on figuring out what will go with it, like some kind of salad or an appetizer of some kind.” “I’ll see what I can come up with that you can make, that will go good with it.”Two days later mom told me at supper that she was invited to supper at Mr. Tomson’s Friday evening, so I didn’t have to make anything for her, and the reason for her to go over there to eat supper is because her daughter wants to make a dish, that she has mastered.“Cool, because Nestlé wants me to go to her house for supper that night, if it is okay with you.” “Okay, that sounds like a good idea, as long as her folks don’t mind you eating with them.”“They told me to come on over anytime that I wanted to.” I hated to lie to mom like that, but I didn’t want her to know what was going to happen just yet.Friday evening I left the house one and one half hours before my mom’s date would pick her up, for the supper that Nestlé, and I, had planned out to make for the meeting, which Mr. Tomson did ask mom to marry him and mom told him yes she would, which made this supper all the more important to Nestlé and me. As Nestlé and I were setting the table and getting ready to pull the food out of the oven, Mr. Tomson and my mom walked into the front door of the house, “Baby I’m home, and Alice Johnson is here with me.”“Okay dad, you’re just in time to clean up, and I will have it on the table for you when you are done.”Once the table was set and all the food put on the table, Mr. Tomson escorted mom into the dining room and pulled out a chair for her to sit down, and then he sat down, then Nestlé stepped into the dining room just ahead of me with the drinks, and I had the garlic bread, and as soon as mom saw me, she asked, “Roger, what are you doing here?” “We will explain as soon as we are all seated, because Nestlé and I have a few questions too.” I sat the garlic bread in the middle of the table, and then pulled Nestlé’s chair out for her, just as she was sitting the last glass of ice tea down in front of her sitting place, then she sat down as I pushed the chair in under her as she sat down, then I took my place next to her, putting me across from mom, and Nestlé across from her dad. “I must say Nestlé, it smells really good. I take it you helped, to make this good smelling food?” looking at me as she asked the question. “Yes mom I made the sides, Nestlé made the main dish there.”Mr. Tomson took a plate and dished up the casserole onto the plate, then passed it to mom, then he passed one plate full to me, then one to Nestlé, then each of us took a side dish closest to us and put some on our plate, then passed the dish to the next person, for that one to put some of the food on their own plate. “Now is Nestlé here, the young lady you have talked about so much, and told me you are dating?” “Yes mom she is.”“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”“We just figured it out the other day, when we got to talking about the two of you. I also want to say I’m sorry about that little lie I told you the other day too.”“I want to say I’m sorry too dad, for the little lie I told you the other day.”“I think that little lie you told me will be forgotten by the time you two tell us or ask your questions, that you must have now, that I see what Alice here sees too.” “Yes, we do have a few questions, and we didn’t want to wait for my mom to get with you, and see how you feel about what we ask, or Mr. Tomson to get with mom here, about the questions that Nestlé has, so we wanted us all to be together at the same time, so that we are not dragging this out for the next week or two. I do hope you two understand all that.” “I can see what you are saying for sure. That is called good business since, or you may lose out on money that could be made had you had all the answers to begin with, before someone else jumps on the deal, that already has the answers.” “I understand and I agree with Larry too.”“Now, who is going to ask the first question?”“I believe we both have the same question, so I will let Roger ask it first, if that is okay with you?”“Sure I’ll ask it first. Since you two are dating and planning on marriage, we are wondering where it leaves us two, since we had started dating before you two did, or about the same time maybe, but it was before we knew, you two were dating anyway.” “I do not see where it has to stop you two from dating, because you two are not blood related for one, and none of us knew who belonged to who, since I didn’t know Nestlé’s last name, which you never told me that much, and I take it that Nestlé never told Larry your last name either.”“I didn’t tell you Nestlé’s last name, because I didn’t know what it is, till just the other day.”“And that goes the same with me as to why I didn’t tell dad, Roger’s last name too.”“How do you feel about that Larry?”“For one I will agree with you Alice. The second thing is, we have two young people that done something that no other couple has ever done, I think, and that is to jump into a relationship without knowing the other one’s last name first.”“I would say they really care for each other a hell of a lot to do that, like they did.”“I’ll say. That makes me have a question now before you ask your next question. Have the two of you had sex or even talked about it any?”“No dad we have not, but we have talked about it, but we had decided to wait till we knew for sure, that we are going to be together for the rest of our days.”“Okay how do you two feel about that right now?”“I want to be with Roger till I die, but since it has been a while since we made that decision, and with you two dating, we haven’t talked about it since, so I do not know how Roger feels toward me.” “I feel the same way toward you too Nestlé. That was a question on my mind too.”“I had the same question too.”“How will it set with everyone, if Nestlé and I want to get married, and have k**s, after we graduate from school, and college?”“And have sex before we marry, like you two have been doing?”“With us getting married we will not be able to stop you from having sex, since you will be living in the same house with each other, which I would say you need to take precautions to keep from getting pregnant, before you finish school, or you will be the talk of the town.” mom commented.“That is another reason we have held off too, but it is getting hard to hold off, with us loving each other the way we do.”“Is it that way with you too Roger?”“Yes sir it is.”“Can the two of you hold off till next weekend, or whenever the doctor says you should hold off till, to make sure the pills go into effect?”“We’ve managed so far.”As the four of us finished eating supper we talked things out, and even talked about when Larry and mom would be getting married, which they set the date to have the wedding the weekend that spring break starts, so that I can help Nestlé feed the livestock and other chores around, that she would have to do while her dad and my mom are on their honeymoon. When we were done eating supper, I helped Nestlé clean up the dining room and the kitchen, and put the dishes in the dishwasher, and then wash all of the pots and pans that we had used to cook the supper in, then we joined my mom and Larry Tomson in the living room, to find them sitting on the couch making out, and when Nestlé and I saw them we stopped in our tracks, “Ahh…” both Nestlé and I gasped at the Yenimahalle Rus Escort same time. Larry Tomson had my mom’s dress tail hiked up around her waist, and she had no panties on, and I didn’t see her panties anywhere around them, and Larry was sucking and licking one of mom’s tits with the strap pulled down off of her shoulder and arm, with the other strap still on the shoulder and the one tit still covered, and mom had Larry’s shirt opened all the way down the front, with his pants unfastened and stroking his dick, that looked to be a bit longer than mine is when it is hard, which at this time it was hard as steel, seeing my mom like this for the first time in my life. When mom and Larry heard Nestlé and I gasp at seeing them and stopped in our tracks, they both stopped kissing and they were both breathing pretty heavy from their making out session, “Come on in and have a seat over here on the love seat, and we will tell you what we know, and talked about.” while keeping his hand on mom’s pussy.Once Nestlé and I were seated on the love seat, next to each other, “Do you want to go first, or do I go first?” Larry added the question then.“I guess I will let you go first hon.”“Okay. Nestlé I have heard you in your room masturbating every night, and when you do I have heard you call me by either my name, or by dad, which I knew then, you was masturbating with me being the one you wanted to have sex with, and after a while, I got to wanting you to have sex with, and since you are my daughter, I was thinking it was so wrong, and I was about ready to just act on my wants, but then Alice and me met, and at that time if you wasn’t calling me, you were calling Roger’s name out, while you was masturbating. Now be honest. Am I right?”“Yes dad you are right. I still want you as much as I want Roger, which I love both of you so much, I cannot look at another man or boy, and if I do, they do not excite me in any way as the two of you do.”“That is the way it is for me toward you and Alice here. I believe I need another drink.”“I’ll get it because I could use one too. Does anyone else need another drink?” Nestlé piped in. “Yes babe I could use another.”“Same here Nestlé.”“I will let you and Roger both have a beer, if you both want one.”“Yes I would.”“Okay, four beers then.” then Nestlé walked into the kitchen. Nestlé was out of the room for just a very short moment, and as she gave Larry and mom their beer, “I guess it is my turn now before Larry goes on with anything else as far as what him and Nestlé just said. Like Larry I have heard you son, masturbate, and I also know you think about me when you are masturbating, because you call out mom or Alice, and after you have met Nestlé here, you call both names out either one night it is her and another night it is me and some nights, it is both of us like in a three-way, and I have found your cum in my dirty panties when I go to wash them, and a few times I found your cum in my clean panties, which I washed them out at first, but then like Larry here, I thought about you when I would masturbate, and how wrong it is for a mother and son to have sex, but I could not stop myself, and, I was thinking about letting you have sex with me as well, but then I met Larry here, and like you, I think of three-ways with the two of you and me. Oh by the way, just before meeting Larry, when I did find cum in my clean panties, I would wear them if it was fresh cum that I would find in them. Am I right or wrong?” “You are right as far as who I think about when I masturbate, and at first I tried to think of someone else other than you, but I couldn’t think of any other woman or girl that I wanted to have sex with, and after a while I just thought what the heck, I love you and I know you love me, and sex is supposed to be fun and with someone that you care about the most, to make it more pleasurable, so it was you which made it all okay till I met Nestlé, then being in love with both of you, I cannot stop myself.” “Wow! You’re right about sex should be with someone you care about and love.”When Larry Tomson removed his hand to open his and mom’s beer, while mom was talking to me, I saw that mom had a very thin landing strip from the top of her pussy slit up, and I could see that her pussy lips are wet, from her pussy juices. “How do you feel about family members having sex with each other Nestlé?”Nestlé swallowed the drink of beer she had just took, while Larry asked her the question, “I really do not see why it is wrong, because family has a love for each other that you usually cannot find outside of the family, because you may find some kind of jerk that all they think about is sex ,and telling their friends about how many girls they have taken to bed and fucked, and then have nothing to do with the girl they just screwed, unless they cannot find another girl to fuck them.” “You do have a point. A lot of the boys seem to like the idea of the three Fs, and then go around bragging to their running buddies, which then gives all the girls a bad reputation.” “What’s the three Fs?” Nestlé asked. “Find them, fuck them, and then forget them.” I answered before anyone else could answer. “I would say your son is a very smart young man.”“Yes he is. At times I think he is too smart for his own good.”“I understand what you mean there. Roger, I take it that you feel the same way as Nestlé feels, with what she said about having sex with a family member?”“Yes sir, I do.”“Here is what we have decided as far as the two of you are concerned. We will let you two have sex with each other, and not stop either one of you two from doing so, and if Nestlé does get pregnant, which even with the pill, you could still get pregnant, but what we will do is find someone to home school the two of you, which we will work on doing between now and the time that you start to show, so that no one will know that you are pregnant, as long as the two of you do not go around telling it, or talking about it while you’re outside of this house, or your house. Whatever happens inside this house or Alice’s house stays inside the houses. Do we all agree with that, and promise not to say anything out side of this house, or Alice’s house?” “I agree to keep it inside the houses. I do not want to spoil a good thing.” I answered.“Same here.”“You know that I will not say anything I hope, even thou we haven’t known each other all that long.”“Now what you two need to decide is who gets your cheery, and who gets your cheery. Do I get your cheery, or does Roger get your cheery?”“I would really like Roger to have it to show him my love for him myself.”“How about mom helps me out, so that I can make sure it is as good for Nestlé as it will be for me, and Mr. Tomson can help Nestlé out, to make sure she is ready for me, and help her where she may need help, to please her man.” “I didn’t think of that, but I would love to do it that way to start out too.” “Since we are about to do this you can just call me Larry. I would love to help my daughter out that way.”“I think you should call me Alice while we are doing this myself, and then you call me mom any other time we are not in such an aroused state.” “You two need to get more comfortable by kissing and stripping, while Alice and I finish stripping each other here.” then with that Larry started kissing mom, and she kissed him back.I turned and faced Nestlé some as she did the same toward me, then we started kissing too, using our tongues with me putting one arm around her shoulder and behind her placing my hand on the backside of her other shoulder, while I put my other hand on her arm up where her arm and shoulder come together at, and then after a moment of kissing each other, she rubbed one hand down to my crotch and started rubbing my dick through my pants, then the hand I had on her arm I rubbed it down onto her chest and stopped on her tit, then I squeezed the tit, which I could feel the bra she had on under her blouse. After kissing and running our hands over the other one’s body, Nestlé started unbuttoning my shirt, at which time I started unbuttoning her blouse, and once I had her blouse off, and she had my shirt off, I reached around and unsnapped her bra and helped her pull it off of her, then we started unbuttoning each other’s shorts, and then I pulled her shorts off first, then she pulled my shorts off along with my undershorts, and since she had no panties on, we were both nude, and went to kissing again, running our hands all over the other one’s body again.When Nestlé rubbed her hand back down on to my dick and started stroking it, I rubbed my hand down from her tits to her bald pussy, and rubbed around on the pussy lips, and then I felt the lips part a little with my middle finger, which I then stuck it inside her pussy lips, and felt how wet her pussy is, and after rubbing my finger around a little bit, I then pulled it back some and started rubbing her clit with my wet middle finger. As I rubbed Nestlé’s pussy and clit, she went to moaning in my mouth, and then mom and Larry were right beside us with mom putting her hand on my hand, and showing me how much pressure to put on her clit, “I see that Nestlé is loving what you are doing to her, so just keep it up Roger, and suck on her tits, like you would if you were trying to get milk out of those beauties.” “That’s it baby keep stroking his big cock while he finger fucks you.”Nestlé went to flexing her hips like she was trying to fuck my finger, and I was finding it hard not to flex my hips too, which I didn’t try very hard to keep from flexing them. “I think you two should get down on the floor so that you can be more comfortable. Roger you lay on your back, and Nestlé, you lay on top of him, with your legs on each side of his head, so that he can lick your pussy, while you suck his cock for him.” I stood up and held on to Nestlé’s hands and pulled her up onto her feet and stepped back away from the love seat, then I sat down on the floor letting her hands go, and Nestlé let my hands go as she turned around, and then placed a foot over my head to the other side of my head, then she kneeled down, then she leaned over and scooted back some, to straddle her pussy over my face in a sixty nine, then I felt her hand on my dick again, just before she went to licking, and then sucking on my hard dick. I went to licking in and around Nestlé’s pussy, getting a good taste of her pussy juices, and mom telling me where all to lick at, then she tells me, “Stick your finger in her pussy and give it a slight bend and stroke it in and out, like you will be doing with your big cock in a few minutes here, and at the same time lick and suck on her clit there. Now don’t scratch her with your nail, just rub the pad on your finger there, where you feel the ripples at, which will be where her G-spot is at.” I could hear Larry telling Nestlé what to do and how to do it with the blow job she was giving me, and as I went to doing as mom had told me to do, Nestlé went to moaning, and then I heard her say, “Ah… I’m about to cum.” “Just let it happen, don’t try to stop it. Keep doing what you’re doing there Roger baby. Make her cum, like she has never done before in her life.” I kept doing as I was doing with my finger, and tongue, and sucking on Nestlé’s clit, and a few seconds later, “Ohohoh, I’m cumming, ohhh fuck…” I gave a few more strokes in and out with my slightly bent finger, and Nestlé’s cum was flowing freely down my hand to my arm, and then dripped off of my elbow onto the floor beside us, and Nestlé went to gyrating her hips to where I couldn’t keep my mouth on her pussy, to suck up as much of her cum that I could, and then she fell forward and down on top of me, at which time I let my finger slip out of her pussy, and watched her have little convulsions while laying on me, as she rode out her orgasm. My mom then bent over and started kissing me, using her tongue, which I kissed her back the same way, and then mom broke the kissing off, “How did it feel to make your new girlfriend cum like that?” “It felt good knowing I made her feel so good.”“Now that is called true love. Now you need to get her ready to have your big cock put into her pussy, by rubbing her butt, and even in between her legs up right against her pussy lips, and when she is able to recover enough to get turned around, you kiss her and play with her tits, and give them some licks, light nibbles, and suck on the nipples, and even go back to licking her pussy, but be careful of her clit, it may be to sensitive to be licked and sucked on, or even touched, at this time, but you can still tease her in other parts of her body, to get her juices to flowing again, so that it will not hurt her to much when your cock slips into her pussy, and it would be best to let her sit on you for the first time, and do not be surprised if she has a little bit of blood with this first time, from having her cheery broken.” Nestlé managed to get turned around and we started kissing like the lovers we are, as we ran our hands all over the other one’s body, and I even squeezed her tits and lightly pinched her nipples, and then worked my way down, by kissing and licking, to her tits, and sucked one into my mouth, then did the same to the other tit, while squeezing them with my hands, and lightly pinching her nipples, either in the palm of my hand, or my fingertips.As I was kissing down Nestlé’s belly to her belly button, like mom was telling me to do, and Larry was playing with one of Nestlé’s tits, and sucking on it, “I need your cock in my pussy baby, I need you to fuck me.”“Hon would you check and see if she is as ready as she says she is?”Larry then reached down and used his finger to feel around in Nestlé’s pussy, to see if she was ready for my dick or not, “I believe she is myself.”“Okay Roger lay back on your back again, so that Nestlé can ride cowgirl.”“You will straddle Roger again baby and lower yourself down on his cock, but before you put his cock in your pussy you might want to rub the head of his dick around between your pussy lips to get it wet, or you can give it a few more sucks with your mouth to make sure it is wet, then put it in your pussy.” I heard Larry tell Nestlé as I got on my back again. Nestlé got between my legs and gave my dick a few more sucks and licks, and when she had it good and wet again, she got up on her knees and positioned herself over my cock, and then got her hand wrapped around it, and then she gave it a few rubs back and forth between her pussy lips, and slowly lowered herself when she had the head of my dick lined up with her pussy opening.It wasn’t long till she was sitting on me with my dick in her pussy all the way to the hilt, “I didn’t feel any resistance.”“I broke my hymen with a hair brush handle one time when I was masturbating, I was so damn horny, like I am now.” “I know just the feeling, I did the same thing when I was younger.” mom commented.“Oh I feel so full with his cock in my pussy.”“I think he does have a big cock for being so young.”“Yes, his cock is big as his dad’s was.”“Give it a few years, and he will be bigger than mine is right now.”“Who will be thicker thou, you or him?” While mom and Larry went back and forth about the size of my dick and all, Nestlé went to lifting up and lowering herself up and down on my dick, and after just a few strokes, I had to start flexing my hips, it was feeling so fucking good, to be finally fucking the girl of my newest dream, and hopping to be doing the same with the woman, I have fantasized about for so long now. “Oh fuck I’m about to cum myself.” “Yes cum in my pussy so that I can feel what it feels like, to have my man fill my pussy up with cum.”“I want to make sure you cum too.”“I am cumming fuck it feels fucking good too. Cum with me.”That was it, I could not hold back any more, “Oh fuck, I am cumming Nestlé baby.” The first rope of cum then shot out of my dick into Nestlé’s pussy, and as it shot out of my dick, I pushed up into her, as she put all of her weight down on top of me, “Yes, I can feel your cum filling my pussy up, and it made me cum toooo.” When Nestlé calmed down some from her orgasm, she collapsed down over me and went to kissing me, leaving my hard dick stuck up in her pussy for a little bit, then she broke the kissing off, “That felt amazing. I do hope it felt as good to you as it did to me.” “It felt good enough to do it again some time.”“Good, because I will want to do it again. I think that we may want our parents to fuck us now, so that we can see what it feels like with someone, which has experience.” “Are you two sure about that?” mom asked.“Yes, why wouldn’t we?”“I asked that because if you two do it with us, you may not want to be with each other again, since you don’t have the experience yet.”“The way I see it, the two of you will teach us something that we can pass on to the other of us, that will make us as good as I’m sure the two of you are, if not better.” “Your son may have a point there Alice.”“Yes he does make since for sure. I know Larry is ready, are you ready Nestlé? And what about you Roger, are you ready or do you need a little bit of a rest first?”“He is still hard and stuck in my pussy Alice.”“I think you need to clean his cock off with your mouth, so that your cum is not on his dick, when he sticks that hard thing in my pussy or my mouth. Now are you still ready to have Larry’s cock put in your pussy?”“Yes I am Alice.” then Nestlé lifted up off of m, and got turned around, with my cum dripping out of her pussy, and started sucking on my hard dick with her mouth.

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