Good morning, my love


“Good morning,” I whisperIt is a good morning as I slide the sheets down and kiss your soft bellyMy kisses wander upwards and find their way to your breasts. They linger there, sucking your nipplesYour body begins to move, you sigh in your sleep as Ankara Rus Escort I suck harderYou slowly wake up and slide your hand over my hardening cock “Yes, it is a good morning,” Yenimahalle Escort you whisper as you stroke meI moan and then pull you on top of me, my stiff cock still in your handYou push it down between your thighs as your lower your swaying breasts to my mouthI pull you closer, feeling your body come alive, kissing you passionatelyOur tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouth, never enough My cock presses against your wetness and heat, it is going to be a great morningYou gasp as my tip disappears inside your velvet lipsYour warmth envelopes me as your breasts beg my attention once againSucking, thrusting, as our bodies merge into oneUntil our climaxes explode, greeting a beautiful morning.   

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