Greatfully Tutored


My hands were trembling as I left the house that night. We had been emailing, messaging, having the hottest cyber-sex anyone could have ever dreamed. Now here I was, two months later, going to fulfill my greatest fantasy. I was going to meet Michael.

We met through an internet dating service where I had put one line in my profile about wanting to find someone who wanted to be “tutored”. I was browsing through the young men’s profiles (I am 40, but only looked at the ones from ages 18~24)

when I saw a very literally stimulating profile… words that flowed, made me laugh, made me hungry to find out more. I couldn’t help but respond.

It was so hot when he wrote back, so awkward but knowing full well what he was in for with me. He made mention right away of the “tutoring” comment, and from there we were off, teasing, taunting, masturbating together online, thinking of each other constantly. We couldn’t seem to get enough, and the hunger was growing and mounting. I am wet right now just thinking about it. He was such an…inspiration.

I remember one day when I was alone, certainly a rare occasion here, and we were getting heated up together online… damn, that boy was exciting me in ways I never dreamed possible. My hand reached out ~ I turned on voice and let him listen to me play with myself til I came. He followed very soon after that, begging me to let him eat my pussy, to suck his hard virgin cock.

I stayed up half the night just fantasizing about him… about meeting him… about taking his cock into my eager hungry mouth. It just had to happen somehow, it HAD to.

So Kolej Escort that brings me back to the first time we met. I told myself for days, “This kid is only 19. What are you doing?” But that only made it hotter in my eyes. We planned to meet in a public place, and I anticipated it with such a hunger, such an insatiable desire. This was my greatest fantasy and it was about to come true that very night.

I got into my truck, hands trembling, heart pounding in my throat. I drove on to the town where Michael was going to college (he was a freshman at the time) and to the designated meeting place. I could feel the heat building in my pussy… the moisture and the heat like a furnace, like a sauna. I wore a long black velvet skirt, under which was my favorite garter belt and seamed stockings. I wore no panties that night and that helped the tension to mount. Damn, I was going to meet him! I unbuttoned my blouse one more button, no ~ two, to make sure I was revealing all my 36C’s and push-up bra had to offer. I stepped out of the truck and nearly lost my balance. I was so weak from excitement.

My legs were like rubber as I stumbled to the door of the restaurant. My hair was perfect… long smoothed out and freshly dyed to a sultry red per Michael’s request. My makeup needed attention so I went into the restroom to touch it up. I sat down to relieve my bladder, and when I went to wipe felt how very wet I had gotten. I listened to see if anyone was nearby then I proceeded to rub my clit… faster… faster. Mmmmmm, how good… it felt so good I Sincan Escort nearly came right there, but a couple girls came in very loudly and I figured it best to save it til I could give it to Michael.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity for him to show up. I was sitting in the back room of the place just about to give up when in walks this beautiful dark haired blue eyed boy. I think stopped breathing then and there. I looked up at him and he looked at me. The electricity was astounding, I had never felt such intensity.

He walked over to me and simply said, “Hi, Jasmine”. I could only squeak out a lame ,”Hi.”

I was one big mess of pheromones and raging hormones.

As he sat next to me my mind raced back to all the times we had cum together online. Man, I wanted him like no other. He sat down and I could feel the heat of his body in the booth next to me. He was touching up against my outer thigh with his hip, just enough to put the pressure on. Before I knew what I was doing I was reaching down… under the table, running my nails down his leg… back up again. He just looked at me and tried to not show it on his face, but I knew he was loving it. I ran my finger up between his thigh and his balls. Now I was getting so fucking hot and wet I could barely keep from moaning out loud. I could feel his cock getting harder against the back of my hand, so I ran my hand across it. I felt Michael catching his breath as I took his zipper, pulling it ever so slowly down so I could get to what I wanted.

I reached into his pants, Yenimahalle Escort oh God that boy was so hard. I started stroking him slowly at first and he slid down a little further into the booth. I pumped a little harder, faster and could feel him coming up to meet my hand, pushing against me. We were both so lost in that moment. I felt the pressure building fast and wanted him to feel so good, I couldn’t help myself I just kept pulling, pumping, jerking that kids cock. He started to shake and let out a little soft moan .Oh shit! He was cumming there in my hand. His cum exploded from him so fast and hard that I nearly came just feeling it pulsing from his young body. I looked around to see if anyone was nearby. (I knew there was a reason I took that very back booth).

Then, without even reconsidering, I lowered my head down… under the table… ran my tongue around his belly down to his still throbbing cock. I hungrily licked every drop from him , paying special attention to the spots that made him shake and moan softly. I took his balls into my mouth, one at a time, then ran my tongue flat up the entire shaft of his perfect young cock to the swollen head. I then proceeded to suck out everything that was left in him, every single drop. He tasted so good to me. I then came up and looked him in the eyes… beautiful baby blue.

Then I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Glad to meet you, Michael” I said to him, smiling, his cum still on my breath. “Glad to meet you too, Ma’am”.

Michael and I have met several times since then. We know it’s not realistic to think of a relationship in the traditional sense, but have both agreed that for now this is the hottest thing that could ever possibly happen and we’re not quite ready to give it up. We both have too much to learn and try.

Oh, by the way ~ Michael is no longer a virgin. There was a great deal of tutoring in that department, but I suppose that’s yet another story…

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