Hello Stranger


“Sara, you have to wear this dress!” Ella, my friend, hurls a piece of fabric across the room at me. I pull the dress over my head and examine myself in the mirror. I like the way the dress looks, but there is a lot of cleavage spilling out the top of the dress. The dress flares at my waist, making it look small and it falls to just below my ass. I’m turning to look at my behind in the mirror, when my other friend, Lacey, walks in the room. “Holy fuck! Sara, you look hot!” Lacey blurts out. I smile at her. I always thought of myself of average appearance. I am on the short side, standing at only 5’2 with long straight blonde hair. I have large boobs that protrude oddly off an average size frame. I am curvy and that makes me a bit self-conscious standing next to Lacey and Ella. Lacey looks like she could be a model with her tall, natural, thin figure. rus escort She has shoulder length, auburn brown hair that naturally curls beautifully around her face. She has average size boobs for her body and legs I would kill for. Lacey could pull off any clothes with her body. Ella has gorgeous, naturally tanned skin with dark brown hair. She has a butt to kill for and a stomach that is firm and flat. Ella is a little taller than average and has an outgoing and radiant personality. The three of us, all very different, made the best of friends. I told them all about my stranger encounter last week and they have been on a mission to find him ever since. “These shoes will go perfect with your dress,” Lacey says, as she hands me a pair of hot pink pumps. I slip them on my feet and I am instantly yenimahalle escort about 4 inches taller. “Oh, I like these!” I say, kicking up on foot in the air. “Guys, I hope it’s okay. I invited my friend that I’ve been talking to this week. His name is Mark. You both will love him; he’s a lot of fun.” Lacey explains. We sit in Ella’s room drinking and talking waiting for Mark. Lacey runs to the door the second there is a knock. A guy walks in and I instantly recognize him as my stranger. My eyes widen as Lacey talks. Lacey and Ella go in the other room to grab their bags. “Hello, stranger,” I say quietly and he winks. The four of us leave, walking the streets to the party. The buzz from the alcohol is spreading over me and I feel Mark’s constant staring. I’m starting to get turned on by him checking me out. I head straight to the punch at the party and when I turn around Mark is there. “You look so fucking sexy. You’re coming home with me tonight. Don’t forget that.” He whispers in my ear. Chills crawl down my back and I bite my lip. I scurry away to the dance floor; I find Lacey and Ella already dancing. I join them dancing to the loud house music playing. Mark returns with a drink for Lacey and she immediately plants her lips on his, grinding her body against him. Ella and I smile at each other as her long time hook-up approaches her and someone is pressing up against me. I turn to see a guy who I recognize from coming to this house before. We start dancing and when I turn around, Ella is gone. I know that is the last time I will see her tonight. The guy I am dancing with, Brian, is grinding his hard on against my ass, hard. I look over at Lacey and Mark. Mark is staring, watching me dance. Brian’s hands are moving up and down my body. At one point he starts pulling down my strapless dress. I was too drunk to care at that point and my bare tits get exposed to the whole party.

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