Jenny and Vicki at the Bar


Vicki is one of my sexy, fun, online friends that I have never met in real life. That was about to change. Vicki and I made plans to meet at a strip club to have an erotic evening. Let me clarify something. While Vicki is exciting and sexy, Victor (Vicki’s real name) is a thirty-three-year-old guy, a bore, well, at least boring and of no interest to me. I enjoy chatting with the cross-dressing, very bi Vicki. We talk about many topics like clothes, shoes, lipstick, and especially sucking cock. From her photos and videos, I expect that she would be somewhat passable in a dim-lit bar. Victor divorced six years ago, has no kids, and presently has a part-time girlfriend that has no idea about his other life as Vicki. I am Jenny, a mid 50’s, happily married mom of four. I have many photos posted online, but to briefly describe, I am tall, fair-skinned, thin-ish with long legs, blonde hair, and D-cup natural boobs. My pussy and ass have been 100% faithful to Nick, my husband, for our thirty plus years together. My mouth is another story. I often get an uncontrollable urge to suck strange, random cock. I never schedule dates, feeling that is truly cheating. Yes. I know my moral compass is somewhat off. Making plans to meet and go out with Vicki was a little strange for me. We were heading out as two rus escort girls looking for some fun. The fact that Vicki had some extra equipment was a twist. From the photos, I know that she has an impressive cock, shaved, the way I like them. While she has expressed that she would love for me to blow her, Vicki is very respectful of my code. Vicki prowls for guys in seedy bars and adult book stores. She loves to both give and receive oral. Vicki pulled in the parking lot of the strip club approximately ten minutes after me. She got out of her car and walked toward me. She is 5’ 10” plus her 6” heels in which she strutted naturally with ease. She wore a tight leather mini skirt and a red light-weight, midriff sweater that hung sexily over her C-cup silicone form filled bra. The jet black shoulder-length wig was, except for the color, a great match to my natural hair. Vicki gave me a genuine, warm hug. As we left that embrace she gave me a gentle kiss on the lips, respecting my rules but also not wanting to mess up my lipstick. By day, I typically wear a clear gloss. On nights like these, I most often wear Revlon’s Red Rules the World, which Nick, my husband, calls, “Cocksucker Red.” The bar was dimly lit, even with the colored strobe lights twirling yenimahalle escort and flashing all over. We chose our seats at the bar at the stage right in the middle between the two brass stage poles. I have been here before on numerous occasions with Nick. The female bartenders and a few of the dancers recognized and greeted me quickly. I introduced Vicki to all. Two of the dancers, both Russian girls, immediately knew Vicki’s secret. The one hugged her and grabbed her cock either to show that she knew or to assess what she was packing. When we settled in, Vicki turned to me, smiled big and said, “This is going to be hot fun. Thank you for this.” For the next hour or so, we watched the women dance seductively. We tipped them often; tuck a buck as they say. Several guys sent us over drinks and shots to the point that we had to turn some down so as not to get sloppy drunk. A few bold guys sat next to us to chat. Two, in particular, managed to get and keep our attention. The way they looked, were dressed and acted screamed that they were successful, young executives.One took a real liking to Vicki. Being that close for that long, he had to know Vicki was a guy. They started making out in the seats right at the bar. Seeing two guys kiss has never been a turn on for me, but this was different. I thought it was very hot. The alcohol and the visual all around me made my body start to tingle. The friend chatting with me was going to get lucky. I needed to suck a cock soon. Just then his phone rang, and he took the call. Whatever it was about, he pulled his buddy off of Vicki’s face and said something to him. Their look of disappointment was apparent as they explained that they had to leave. Vicki wrote her number on a napkin, tucked it in her guy’s pocket while she rubbed his conspicuously hard cock. We were a little disappointed as well, but there were plenty of fish available, actually sausage to be more accurate. Soon after, a guy came over and stood between us. This was not just any ordinary guy. He was massive and gorgeous. He could easily be mistaken for Aquaman, Jason Momoa. He pulled up a chair and positioned it between us. He paid most of his attention to me. While I enjoyed it, that wasn’t our plan for this night. I kept reaching across him to talk to Vicki to keep her involved. Each time I leaned over, I also took the opportunity to touch his bulging muscles including his love muscle, which was also bulging.  One time I grabbed Vicki’s hand and placed it on Aquaman’s cock. She rubbed and squeezed. He did not retreat at first. He adjusted and arched his back, but then after a minute, he turned back toward me, blocking Vicki’s access to his cock. He asked me to go out to his truck. While I would have loved to oblige, I said, “No. Vicki and I are a package deal.”

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