Anal Sex


By TxRad

With my morning prayers and offering to the Great Spirit finished I turned away from the rising sun and relaxed. My eighteen year old Granddaughter had accompanied me this morning and I was pleased. Watching Kylie wandering among the sandstone shapes on the high mesa was glorious. Her sun bronzed body glowed in the morning sun.

I smiled as I watched her caress and then stretch against a round stone column of granite. Her hands were as high up as she could reach as she stood on her toes. Her arms stretched out like that lifted and separated her firm breasts beautifully.

My eyes wandered on down her nude body studying her strong straight back and pausing on the round fullness of her ass. I sighed as I remembered her Grandmother and her Mother. That very fine rear end ran in the family, at least the female side of it.

Watching my Granddaughter was like watching poetry in motion. She moved with a feline grace that was above and beyond the norm even for my people. She was special and I had high hopes for her, her Mate when she picked one, and her off spring.

Johnny Rae sprang to mind as I thought about her possible Mates. He was a good one. I smiled as I let my mind wander back to my first days with Kylie’s Grandmother. I was much like Johnny and like him, I hadn’t had a clue what I was getting myself into.

Being young and brash, I considered myself powerful and in control of my life. Little did I know, how wrong I was. Kylie’s Grandmother had turned me every which way but loose. It was rough at times but I was a better person for it and a very much happier one.

I let my mind wander down the path of memories as I continued to watch my granddaughter.


Irene, Kylie’s Grandmother, had picked me as her Mate and lover. I had been surprised that such a beautiful woman would even consider me, much less pick me. Word had come through my Mother as was our way and I had been as pumped up as a strutting Prairie Chicken.

To say that I had the big head was clearly an understatement, especially when I was around the other young braves. The older braves just grinned at me and whispered among themselves. I should have gotten a clue right there.


The morning before the full moon found me in a sweat lodge with my Grandparents and my Mother and Father. It felt odd that I was sitting on the guest side of the lodge and they were on the family side. The fact that we were all naked didn’t even cross my mind; it was a normal thing.

I asked my Grandmother about my place in the lodge.

“You are still family but tonight you leave us and join your Mates family. Your first choices will then lie with them and they will be your first family. We will be second but all our love goes with you.”

“This sweat is to cleanse and purify you so that you may go to them with a clear head and a clean body. You will also be shown the way of love and loving,” my Mother said as Grandmother finished speaking.

“I know….” I started to say but my Grandfather held up his hand.

“Yes, you have played the love games and yes you have known the urges of lust and the satisfaction of release but you know not the Etlik Escort true meaning of love,” he said in his whispery low voice.

“Love between Mates is a different thing. It is an opening of the mind and a mixing of the body. It is a bonding that goes all the way to the Spirit,” my Mother told me.

My Father said, “It has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with it at the same time. It is a giving, a complete giving without expectations of receiving. It is a receiving of fulfillment that transcends life itself. It is in all things that the two of you do from that first mating on.”

“The pleasure you give her must be complete. It must be soft and gentle to start and forceful at completion. It must encompass her whole body and being. You must give completely and accept what is given in return,” my Grandmother whispered.

“How do I do that?” I asked in a like whisper. I was beginning to get the idea that this mating stuff was different from anything I had ever done before. It was very seldom that my family was this somber and focused.

My Mother moved to the center of the lodge and lay down on the floor. “That is what we are going to show and explain to you.”

My Father moved over and lay down on his side next to her. “The art of pleasing a Mate is a slow and tender job but the rewards are beyond belief.”

His hand moved to my Mother’s belly and caressed it gently with a circular motion. “This is the center of a woman. You feed and nurture her on this end.” His hand moved to her face. My Mother kissed his fingers as they passed over her mouth.

“And she returns that kindness with this end.” My Father’s hand caressed the dark black hair above my Mother’s sex. “She also gives you children from here also but that is more woman’s business.”

My Grandmother nodded and said, “When that time comes, your Mate’s Mother will tell you all you need to know. Pay careful attention and treat her with as much respect as you would your own Mother.”

I nodded but before I could speak my Father said, “That is for later, now we have much to show you and very little time.”

His hand went back to caressing my Mother’s belly. “Touch is important as it draws the two of you closer and allows you to be familiar with each other. How is almost as important as where in the touching.”

My Father’s hand ran up and down my Mother’s body from the soft hair of her sex to her breasts. “Gentle touching is an invitation and or a show of affection.” He paused to smile down at his wife. “Although sometimes a little roughness is enjoyable.”

Mother smiled back at him. “Especially, when you have been gone on a long hunt or a raid. Welcome home’s can be very rough and tumble on both sides.”

My Father pinched and then rolled one of Mother’s hard nipples. She sucked in a sharp breath. She sighed as he caressed her breast and ran his hand over the nipple.

“I hope you are paying close attention,” my Grandmother said to me. “Remember your Mother’s reactions to what your Father does. It will be of great value tonight when you lay with your Mate.”

My Father did the same to the other Keçiören Escort nipple and breast with the same reactions from Mother. When he leaned over and suckled at the nearest nipple, Mother shivered. He caressed the other breast as he continued to suck on the first. Mother had closed her eyes, a faint half smile on her lips.

After a while, my Fathers hand left the breast and caressed it’s way down over my Mother’s belly to the dark hair on her sex. As his fingers combed it and then dipped lower, my Mother’s legs parted. She moaned softly as his hand cupped her sex.

My eyes were on his hand. I had never seen my Father touch my Mother so intimately. I had seen them moving under the blankets at night and knew what they were doing but as custom dictated, I had rolled over and went back to sleep.

Sometimes sleep was hard to find as my Mother’s soft whimpers and moans filled the room. My manhood was as hard then as it was now. My eyes darted to my Father’s manhood and found it the same way. His hand moved and drew my attention.

His finger slipped between the folds of Mother’s sex as he moved his hand up and down. My Mother would tense as his fingertip ran over her clit and then she would relax as it went back toward her opening. Everyone but Mother was watching the finger gliding up and down.

A few minutes later, my Father said, “Getting your Mate in the mood for loving won’t be much of a problem for the first few years.”

He grinned at me and then looked down at my Mothers face. “After that, it will depend on how well you treat her and how good you are at satisfying her. If you can find her tender spots and nurture them, then she will be yours in any and all ways.”

“Tender spots? I don’t understand?” I whispered to my Father.

“The spots on her body that give her the most pleasure. For your mother it is her nipples, her lower lip when I nibble it, a spot behind her ear, and of course her clit and the opening to her sex.”

“No two women are the same,” my Grandfather whispered and then he looked at Grandmother and grinned. “You are different from your Daughter and somewhat different from your Mother. I remember my marriage sweat.”

Grandmother frowned and then smiled as she leaned over to kiss Grandfather on the cheek. “And you were a fine lover on our first night.”

Looking at me, Grandmother said, “You will have to use patience and a tender touch to find your Mates special spots. Don’t be afraid to explore but pay attention to her reactions.”

“Yes, Grandmother,” I whispered as I watched my Father’s finger dip between the folds of my Mother’s sex to the second knuckle. Her hips lifted to greet the finger in her most sacred place.

A moment later, my Father pulled his finger out of Mother and held it up. It was shiny and wet looking. “Even after all these years and three sons, my touch still excites her,” he said before he stuck the finger in his mouth and sucked on it.

My Mother looked up at him and smiled. Then she looked at me and whispered, “Don’t be afraid to use you imagination in Mating, it is a powerful thing. The what, when, where and how, Kızılay Escort all work together to make you both stronger and happier.”

“Be adventuresome in your early years. After children come along, things will have to be kept calmer unless you can slip away occasionally,” my Father explained.

“That is where a strong Mother and Grandmother come in handy. They may be old to you but they have long memories and know what is good and good for you. Take advantage at times. It will be well understood,” my Grandmother said softly with a faraway look in her eyes.

My Grandfather reached out and put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her tightly. “We still slip away,” he whispered with a grin.

Grandmother chuckled and nodded. “Yes, we do.”

I gave them a questioning look and started to say, “I thought….”

My mother moaned softly and my eyes jumped to my father’s hand. Two fingers were disappearing and reappearing from between her thighs. My father was smiling down at his mate. “Right now is the time for thinking only of your mate,” he whispered as he leaned forward.

He licked and sucked on my mother’s nipple. She shivered as her hands came up to the back of his head. One tangled in his hair and the other caressed his back and shoulder as she rolled slightly toward him.

“She is getting closer to ready,” my grandmother whispered.

My father switched nipples and mother moaned deeply as she pulled at his shoulder. He rolled over on top of her and caressed the length of her body with his. His hand had left her sex. He rubbed the two fingers he had used to stimulate her against her lips.

I was surprised when she sucked them in and moaned at her own taste. I looked at grandmother with another question but my attention was drawn back to my parents quickly as mother let out a long deep moan.

My father’s hips started to rise and fall with what looked like full slow strokes. My mother’s hips rose to meet him on each downward stroke. Soon there was a smacking sound coming from between them. It was a sound I hadn’t heard before. Now I understood the remark about getting away.

Their lovemaking went on and on, much more drawn out than I remembered from being in the tent. Mother would lose sync with dad’s hips and he would slow down or stop. When she made a sound of frustration, he would resume. Suddenly mother let out a soft yell and my dad fucked her long and hard.


“Grandfather, those must be some interesting prayers,” Kylie said with a grin. My eyes had been closed. She was leaning against the sandstone wall with one foot raised to knee level.

“Memories are much more powerful than prayers,” I replied.

Her eyes dropped to my lap. “So I see.”

I chuckled as I stood up. “Wedding sweats are informative. At least mine was.”

“Mother has had her talk with me,” she replied with a wink.

“Is there something I should know?” I asked as I flexed my old stiff back.

“Soon,” she whispered and then blushed lightly. “I think negotiations are almost done.”

I nodded and turned toward the trail leading down from the mesa. “Good, very good,” I said softly.

Behind me, I heard my granddaughter chuckle. “I think that is what grandmother will be saying later this morning.”

“I sure hope so,” I replied with a big smile on my face, as I thought about my wife and our long life together. Three kids had slowed us down and settled us down but…. The smile turned to a grin. We still slipped away as often as we could.

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