My Ex’s Best Friend


My Ex’s Best FriendThis is a true story that happened just over 5 years ago . Jenny is now my ex ,she was quite tall but fat with it . She was a lazy cunt who would just sit on her laptop all day and not go anywhere or do anything . She eventually decided at age 20 she would go to college and do a course . A week or so into her course I herd her key in the front door and some muttering a few seconds later she walked into the kitchen with a woman . I was instantly taken with what I saw , my loins and my heart told me so ! . She is a natural looker not supermodel , more girl next door , had an awesome smile and sexy eyes . She is about 5ft10 long mousy / dirty blonde hair and a super tight body . She honestly had the perfect figure . Jenny said ” Oh, I suppose I had better introduce you to ‘im …This is Deliah ..Deliah this is Dave..the thing I live with ” Deliah kind of looked at Jenny like she was not that impressed with what she had said. ” Hi , I’m Deliah but my friends call me Dee Dee or just Dee ” I said that I was pleased to meet her . Jenny soon whisked Dee off into the living room while I make some tea. I took them both a drink and Jenny said ” You can go now , ” flapping her down turned hand at me like I was a butler or something . I went upstairs leaving them to study thinking how rude she was ,showing off to her new friend . I sat upstairs watching T.v thinking how this was MY house she only stayed there because I let her . How she was a greedy fat cunt who never paid for fuck all and I did all the running around cooking and cleaning etc … Things had to change ,but I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know how to change them. A while later I heard the front door close as Dee left. I went downstairs and picked up the cups they had used along with some plates . Standing at the kitchen sink I asked Jenny what they had eaten ” We had the last half of the Birthday cake you made me ” Jenny said from the front room . Well, I had made Jenny a small 7 inch cake a few days before for her 20th birthday. I smiled and felt smug when she said that because she did not know what I had done to her cake. Jenny Enjoyed a good fuck but never gave blowjobs apart from when she was completely pissed and that was rare as I could not afford that amount of alcohol !. So , to get my own back I shot a nice dollop of spunk into the cake mix . It suddenly dawned on me that her gorgeous friend had a quarter of that cake and my jizz with it . I felt my cock nudge the sink cupboard as I tingled and thought of my cum being swallowed by that lovely 17 year old . Dee was a regular visitor to the house from that point on . She would call for Jenny every weekday morning so they could walk down the street together and get the bus to college and on an evening she would be there doing coursework . As always made the tea and kept out of the way, admiring Dee from a distance . One Friday morning Dee turned up as Jenny was getting ready and as usual we had a quick conversation before bitch bag came downstairs . Jenny finally dragged her fat arse from upstairs still half asleep “Come on wheres my breakfast wheres my cup of tea” she bellowed . Dee looked uncomfortable …. I got what she asked for and she started talking the usual crap with Dee. Jenny droned on and Dee nodded as usual . Then Jenny realised it was 8:15am . “We are late and it is all your fault ,why did you not tell me the time?” Dee looked at Jenny like WTF? . Jenny grabbed her college bag which she had stuffed her weekend clothes for her mums . I didn’t care what Jenny said as she was off to her mums as she did every weekend from Friday until Monday . I was just looking forward to the peace and quiet and evening or two on xhamster looking at good porn and enjoying a good wank .. Later that evening Jenny phoned and asked me if I could do another birthday cake as it was Dee’s birthday on the 10th October I agreed and to have it made by the 9th “Make it a good one and get one of those fancy cake boxes from work ” I knew that Dee’s favourite cake was Chocolate so I made a nice chocolate cake with orange flavoured icing with my secret ingredient 2 spurts of thick sperm . I could not resist putting my sperm into that soon to be 18 year old’s belly . A sort of payback as Dee never told Jenny she was out of order talking to me like that and just went along with things . I thought she was just as bad and deserved it. Of course I did as Jenny said and asked the head chef at work if I could have a cake box .Jenny took the cake without so much as a thankyou for her friend.Late October came and on a Saturday morning at 7:15am the doorbell went . I jumped out of bed and threw on an old t-shirt and baggy jeans I had laying around . I ran downstairs and opened the door expecting the postman who always comes early on a Saturday . “Hi Dave , is the kettle on I’m freezing ” said Dee as she walked in . I was still half dazed and foggy eyed with my hair looking like I had just been plugged in somewhere . I flicked the kettle on and grunted that I would be back as soon as I had sorted myself out . I went upstairs and had a quick shower…literally 2 mins !. put a fresh t shirt on combed my hair and went downstairs. Dee was stood near the kettle pouring the water into the Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort cups . I scanned her body up and down and wished I could have a go on her. ” Oh, Sit yourself down Dave ,I will sort the drinks “,…..WOW! I thought that’s nice of her . When she brought the drinks over I remembered it was a Saturday . “Hey, its Saturday today , Jenny is at her mums ,there’s no college today Dee ” I said . She made out as though she got her days mixed up but I knew there was something more to it . We talked for a while and I realised that she was a really nice person . I told her I was looking forward to a nice lay in bed without having to run around after Jenny but she had disturbed that , She said she was sorry and asked if I wanted her to go . I told her no and she was welcome to stay as it was good to have a nice woman to talk to for a change. Dee said ” Yeah….Jenny really treats you bad and I don’t like that . Your a nice fella and its not true what she says about you ” . …EH? I thought . “What do you mean ? ” I said . She ummed and arred for a bit and I coaxed her to spill the beans . “Well, she tells other girls that you lock her in the house and beat her and stuff ” ……….. “WHAAAT” I said . Dee Said ” Oh, I know its not true cos she says it happens on weekends and shes not here and she said you did it to her one day and it wasn’t true because she was with me all day and stayed over at my house on my birthday . Oh , by the way thank you ever so much for the birthday cake you made. I know you made it even though Jenny told me and my mum that she had bought it and it was expensive” I could not believe what I was hearing . She said” I gotta tell you cos its not right or fair, She has been sexting with a guy in class but he has a girlfriend and she flirts with him but he’s not interested , Oh, but don’t worry because they have not done anything , I promise” Dee got frightened at this point as she just realised she was blurting everything out and pleaded with me not to tell Jenny. I agreed..I felt really bad what I had done to her cake now and having a conscience I decided to come clean. I told her what I had done to her cake . Her eyes went as big as saucers and she gasped and put her hand over her mouth and in a giggly manner blurted out “Oh my god , Oh my god …….you dirty bastard ” She was giggling like she was shocked but found it funny … I explained the reasons why I did that and she just sat and listened . She giggled again and clasped both her hands to her mouth and said “oh fuck… mum ate some of that cake ” and burst out laughing … I could not believe it !… We got back onto the subject of Jenny and Dee said ” Yeah, she is really selfish she doesn’t pay for her bus fare just walks on and expects me to pay, same when we go out for coffee or McDonalds ,she will make me pay.”… I apologised for Jenny’s behaviour and offered to give her some money to cover it . She refused … “Well , you could pay me another way….stand up ” I could see her chest pounding through her skimpy crop top . She moved off the kitchen chair onto her knees right infront of me and with both hands started to pull my baggy jeans down . I always go commando so she got the full view of my cock as she pulled down . “Lying bitch” she said “What ” I said …” Jenny said you were small ” Dee took my cock in her hand and started pulling it back and forth wanking me off , my cock got stiffer and she watched my face as she slowly put me into her mouth . Her mouth felt lovely and warm and inviting she sucked me slowly and worked her way up faster and faster . After about 5 mins of her muffled moans she pulled my cock from her mouth and continued to wank it . I could see spit running down her chin into a string that rested on her tits she looked at me and said ” Let me taste you properly , cum in my mouth ” she bobbed back onto my cock moaning sucking and slurping after a short while I said ” Oh fuck , I’m gonna cum in your gob” she moaned louder and bobbed quicker on my nob . I felt the rise out of my balls , I felt my cock thud and the warm feeling of sperm around my cock . Dee slowed down and then slowly took me out of her mouth . my knees had gone to jelly and my body was quaking all over …She opened her mouth and lapped her tongue so I could see the strings of my sperm in her mouth and with one gulp it was gone . She smiled “That was nice , I like the taste of your sperm , ” She went to sit down and said “Oh, Fuck ” She jumped off the kitchen chair and pulled her jeans down she had come herself and left her knickers soaking wet. There was a damp patch on her jeans too. She stepped out of her trousers and I grabbed them and put them on the radiator to dry . She stood there giggling as my boner was still waggling in mid air . She stopped giggling and bit her bottom lip …I can’t resist that.. I spun her round onto the table and laid her on it . I rubbed at her wet knickers and could feel her mound underneath . She just panted “hmmm, yes” lots of times .I pulled her knickers off and caught my first glimpse of her wet fanny nicely shaven with a little landing strip above her slit . I fully parted her Yenimahalle Rus Escort legs and buried my head into her pussy . I licked her and sucked on her clitty , I stuck my tongue up her hole and could feel little ridges ..I just sucked harder and twizzled my tongue around her clitty until she came , this time she oozed her nice warm cum onto my mouth..I liked her sweet creamy mess . I stood up and looked at her, she looked gorgeous laid there with her legs open and her feet perched on the edge of the table , a body any man would kill for . I parted her pussy lips with the thumb and index finger on my left hand and with my throbbing cock in my right I pushed my cock into her pussy . I pushed my cock all the way in up to the hilt where I could feel her cervix with my nob end .I left it there enjoying the feeling and the moment that this was the first time I had gone balls deep inside Dee . She moaned and wriggled and moaned “Fuck me ” . I started slowly and worked my way up like she had done when sucking my cock . Her pussy was tight and I could feel her ridges in her fanny tube ,she was sweating and so was I ,she had gone a crimson colour in the cheeks and her eyes were turned upwards so the blue was nearly gone and all I could see was white . She Pleaded ” Give me your cum cum …..ahhhhh….Cum in me please ” ..With several more deep thrusts I felt my balls tighten and my cock burst inside of her . I felt my sperm quite hot inside her already hot hole slipping about . I gently pulled out and she sat herself up and watched as she fanny farted and saw my baby juice ooze out of her soaking pussy onto the kitchen table . I laughed as that was the side Jenny liked to sit at. We cleaned ourselves up and I sat back at the table while Dee went and put the kettle on . I said I would do it but she said ” It’s O.K , I like doing things for you” . Wow …I thought Why couldn’t Jenny do that for me ? I felt really bad at what had just happened .. Dee brought the drinks over and said ” Jenny is lucky, she doesn’t know what she has got” … I thanked her for her compliment ..I could see she was thinking about something and eventually she plucked up the courage and said ” If, you and Jenny split up in future would you be interested in me ” …. I was dumb struck ! Here was a fit 17 year old with a tight fanny with nice ridges with perfect pert tits nice ass and perfect in every way asking a 31 year old chubby average looking bloke to be with her . I nearly choked on my tea . “Um, yeah ……….. Dee, d’you wanna go out with me ?” a bit shocked she said “REALLY ? are you sure ” . I said “Dee , you have been working upto this and I really do like you ” . We agreed to be officially a couple and then it dawned on us both we had to deal with Jenny . I said we would talk about it as soon as I had got a shower . Then Dee went for a shower and she dried off with Jenny’s clean towel and put her jeans on . “Hey, Dave …I thought of a plan for Jenny ” she said She told me her plan which I thought was a good payback and we decided as it was only 1pm Saturday to put it into action there and then as we had loads of to do before she got back on Monday .We got all of Jenny’s things and put them in boxes and bin liners and cleared out my spare room that Jenny had helped herself to and its MY house ! we completely emptied it apart from my furniture . I went round to see Paul, this was Jenny’s dad who was also treat like shit by Jenny and her mum…. another long sufferer like me. I asked if I could put Jenny’s things in his garage and explained the situation to him knowing full well he would not say anything . As he passed me the garage key he smirked and chuckled and said ” It’s nowt to do with me , all I know is you are putting something in there as a surprise for Jenny” I agreed and said ” Oh eye, That’s right Paul ” . He looked at Dee and than at me and said ” This your new girlfriend then? ” Dee looked sheepish and down at the floor …”Yes” I proudly announced . Paul said ” My god its a huge improvement on the last one ” As he chuckled away . See..Paul was his ex wifes punchbag and Jenny was just the same. So, when they divorced he did whatever just to annoy them . He came over to Dee and lifted her chin and said ” hes a good guy, look after him and he will look after you love” Dee said she would and said she loved me .. That was the first time she said that. Made me feel 100 time better about what I was doing . We dumped all her gear in the garage and I could hear bottles of her perfume smash and other things ….we didn’t care !. We got back in my car and headed back to discuss the rest of the plan .Monday evening came and the front door opened . My heart banged, missed a beat and started normally again . Abit like a car with a misfire !. I could not back out now , Dee had put all her faith in me and I could not let her down and If I did at worse I would end up being punished for it by Jenny forever. So, on with the plan… being a chef I made a beautiful meal which was nicely keeping warm in the oven, the table nicely laid with candles and flowers ..the full works! . I greeted Jenny with a big (Fake!) smile and she said “ooh …something smells nice” . She dropped her coat (as always expecting me to put it away) and her bags . She saw the table and said ” Ooo what’s all this in aid of then.. I might just order a pizza ” in a sassy voice looking at me to see if she had hurt me . I ignored that comment and that bothered her. “You going to pour me a glass then?” Even though the wine was open I just took her by the hand and lead her upstairs . I started to kiss her neck from behind while fondling her boobs ,this is irresistable to her and she started to pant and undid her jeans . I whipped her jumper off and she dropped her jeans and knickers and kicked them off . I pushed her onto the armchair so she was facing the wall wardrobe and was kneeling on the chair . I didn’t gently get inside her, I was quite brutal , I rammed my cock up her pussy and I could feel her folds opening up her fanny tube “Ouch, GO FUCKING CAREFUL ” she shouted… I slapped her arse really hard so it left a handprint and in an authoritative voice I bellowed “I’m in charge for once ” As I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy she was moaning and turned to look at me like …What? What’s happening …I pushed her back so I didn’t have to look at that face and just fucked her really hard. A short while later I felt my balls tingle and within a second I splashed my load up her cunt . I pulled out hard and she just stayed there I felt fantastic …all this power and control … I was still rock hard .. she slowly moved and I screamed “stay where you are…not finished with you yet” she let out a whimper and I positioned myself behind her again. My cock was still sopping wet with my cum and her fanny juice .. I nudged my cock up against her arsehole and pushed hard . She let out a yelp and flinched when my swollen bell end went *Pop* into her arsehole . She never let me do anal apart from when she was drunk so this was a first. It hurt when I rammed it in her and her tight ring piece was really stretched over my shaft. I pushed it really deep and felt a nugget of turd ticking my bell end I fucked her hard she was moaning and whimpering . I felt great fucking her ass and I was in control . I felt myself cumming , I grabbed hold of her bra strap and pulled really tight and I let go inside of her ass . I stayed there for a moment or two knowing this was the last time I get to fuck her arse and it was hurting her. I pulled out and still holding onto her bra pulled her off the chair and commanded her onto her knees. I looked at her and her makeup had ran with the tears ,she looked like Alice Cooper . I felt sorry for her for a split second then remembered all the shit she had done to me . I shoved my cock into her mouth and said ” Suck , .. suck it ” she did as she was told . I held her hair and skull fucked her good, all I could hear was gagging coughing and choking , I did let her get her breath . All I knew was 4 years of shit was bottled up in me and I was letting her have the fucker back. I said ” You no longer control me , My cock nudged your shit up your ass , and I can see streaks of brown in the juices on my cock ” I couldn’t hold it anymore ..I let go a huge dump of sperm in her mouth , I told her to swallow it ….She reluctantly swallowed the lot ,coffee coloured streaks… the lot . I said “That’s the last time I fuck you and I got a load in each hole and for once you took your own shit ..So, Get dressed and get the fuck out of my house ” …. Bewildered she said “wh..what..d’you mean” . I said I took all your shit to your dads , I cleared out MY spare room and dumped it all in his garage ..” she quickly looked in the spare room ..” What the ” she said … She ran back into the bedroom and stood there with cum dribbling out between her legs . I had just slipped my dressing gown on and said “Get your clothes on and get out ” She started to get dressed really quickly ..I started to sing “You don’t live here anymore …” In the style of Rose Royce – Love don’t live here anymore … I herd a giggle and so did Jenny , Jenny had just pulled her jeans up and was fastening the button when she had heard it and looked in the direction of the giggle . Dee came out of the built in wall cupboard where she had been hiding holding her camcorder . Jenny’s eyes were on stalks and for once she was speechless . Dee still had the camcorder on her and she said “Jenny,…. Dave is not your boyfriend anymore” just like I did with the rose royce song.. We both sniggered . “You see Jenny, you have lost a nice man me ” …. Jenny just twigged what was going on , she looked at me and I said “Since Saturday”… Jenny finished getting her top on and her shoes “Pair of bastards ” she moaned and ran downstairs … we quickly followed and she got her bags . “I hate you Dee, and you Dave ” … as she cried. I opened the door for her and said “If you hurry you can catch the last bus to your mums” . Her mums house being right on the east coast and 21 miles from my front door. I shut the front door and Dee held my hand as we walked into the kitchen I sat there and got my tea handed to me . Dee was happy and so was I . Jenny dare not blacken my name again at college or anywhere else as Dee got hold of her in the ladies the next day and told her if she stirrs up any crap she will show everyone the DVD she had taken . Apparently , Jenny left college the next day ….Me and Dee are still together , she sucks me off whenever I like and lets me fuck her sweet little arse whenever I want , She cooks and cleans …Never shouts and balls at me …..what more do I want …..

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