My Perfect Weekend Turns Into My Nightmare


My Perfect Weekend Turns Into My NightmareMy Perfect Weekend Turns Into My NightmareI nervously approached the door. Pause before knocking. I know as soon as I knockedI was committed to a weekend of humiliation and pain.Still I go ahead and knock timidly on the door, a few seconds go by, and I consideredturning and running. The door swung open, too late to run now.In front of me is a man, slightly shorter than me, slim build with a head of receding short black hair. He looked in his fifties but is probably about forty.“Yes” he said abruptly. As arranged I replied “I’m here to serve my master”. He grinned“Good, come in”.Without any more words spoken, I was led into a pleasant front room light coloured carpet with a fresh looking cream leather 3 piece suite, “Stand there” the man orders. As he sits, he takes a moment to look me over. “You know what you are here for?”, “Yes sir” I reply, “You know what I expect?” “Yes sir, my complete obedience, sir.” He stands and walks around me as I stand there.“From now on, until tomorrow night you are not a person, you are an object! You will do whatever I want, you will be my object.” He whispered softly to me.Before I had a chance to reply, He continued “Right, 1st thing first, strip off and give me all your clothes and possessions. You won’t be needing them again until I’ve done with you, tomorrow night.” I strip naked and hand him everything I was wearing. He takes my clothing and leaves the room. A few moments later he returned, holding a studded dxg collar and leash in one hand and a CB6000 cock cage in the other. “You will wear these at all times this weekend. Bitch!” I nodded slightly in approval.First he fitted the collar around my neck and attached the leash. Then he fitted the cock cage. He did this so quickly, he must have done this many times before. That’s it, I was totally his now.He took me a walk around, pulling me by my leash. “Right Slut” he says, “you will wear your collar and cock cage at all times this weekend, but there will be a few others items you will wear from time to time, at my pleasure of course.”He led me over to the settee. He sat down and said “Right you fucking Whore, my bollocks are full of spunk and I want them emptied into your mouth.” “Suck me and make me cum.” “It’s about time I got some seed into you.”As he sat there, I knelt between his legs and unzipped his trousers. His cock was already semi hard it’s not long after I slip my mouth over it, it became rock hard. Surprisingly, this 1st blowjob is very gentle. He squirmed on the settee letting out the occasional mmmm and “Yes Bitch.” Until after about 5 minutes he explodes a hot stream of spunk down my throat. He was very creamy and delicious. Once he had stopped cumming, I made sure his cock is cleaned. He pushed my head away and said “Nice Whore.” He dressed himself and sat back satisfied.I doubt none of the cock I would get from now on will be as gentle as that.“Right, lie on the floor.” He demanded. I do as he ordered and my leash was tied to the leg of the coffee table. As I lay there, he left the room. I could hear he’s on the telephone in the hallway but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. When he returned, he said “I hope you like pizza, Scum Bag. I’ve ordered you lunch…” About 30 minutes later, I heard the door bell ring. “Stay Slut.” I’m ordered. He left the room. I heard his muffled voice in the hallway. As he re-entered the room. He said” This is the Faggot.” I looked up and see a young scruffy looking guy with him. It’s the pizza delivery guy. “I offered him £20 to wank over your half of the pizza but he said he’d do it for free if he can fuck you.” He said. “So get on all fours, Faggot, and save me £20.”Before I had chance to get into position as ordered, I saw the Pizza guy has his cock out and is wanking it. It’s already hard but not huge. Now on all fours I heard master say “No, fuck the slag bareback.” I felt him get between my legs then the head of his cock nuzzle my arsehole. Pop, he entered me, fucking me hard. “Scream Bitch scream.” The guy shouts. So I start screaming like he is tearing my arse apart. Though in reality it was not hurting me that much but did feel good. While he is still fucking me I looked down and saw half the pizza on the floor next to me. Suddenly the motion in my arse stops and he withdraws. I watched the Pizza guy finish himself off, cumming all over the pizza. His fresh spunk mixing with the toppings.I looked around to my master, to see him eating his pizza and enjoying the show. “You never leave a dirty cock, Bitch, clean him up.” Master says. Of course I took the Pizza guys cock into my mouth and cleaned it up. Once finished the Pizza guy thanked my Master and left.After seeing the guy out, my Master said “Right Cunt, eat your Pizza.” I picked up a slice of the pizza with most spunk on it. I must say it didn’t add anything to the taste. But it was so erotic being so filthy.My Master then informed me he must go out for a while. I would stay there and wear a butt plug, which he handed to me, until he returned. So there I am naked, locked up in a stranger’s house alone.After about one hour I heard the front door being unlocked. My Master came in and tells me he’s arranged for a few friends to come around later, and I was to be their entertainment. But before they arrived he wanted his entertainment first.Out of his pocket he produced a Gimp Mask made of leather. “Put it on Slut, you’re going on cam.” I did as I’m told and put the mask over my head. It had holes for me to see and a zip over my mouth. As it tied at the back of my head, my master tied it for me, very tightly indeed. As I stood there for his approval. He decided on a couple of additions. Leaving the room he returned with a marker pen and some hold up stockings. “Put these on Bitch,” he says throwing me the hold ups, I did feel such a slut in them. Ands as if he could read my mind he says “Yes very slutty.” “Lets tell everyone what you are.” he says taking the marker and writing “COCK SLUT” in big letters across my chest. “See what a pathetic Twat you look like.” And he moved me in front of a full length mirror in the hallway. He’s right I do look like a right Twat, but God it’s making me felt so horny dressed like that.With a firm tug on my leash I was taken back into the front room and made to kneel by his side while he fired up his computer and logged onto Fabswingers web site. Once in the chat room, I was quickly put on cam showing my masked head and chest displaying “COCK SLUT” on my chest.It wasn’t long before I heard him say “That’s not me, that’s my Fuck Toy.” Then obviously he was getting requests for me to do all sorts of things. Some he declined, I don’t know what as I couldn’t see the screen. But some he would read out to me and order me to do them. Such as “Show xxxx your pathetic cock” so I stood so my cock cage was in view to them. “Turn and bend Faggot.” Obeying I showed them my plugged arsehole. “xxxx wants to see you suck your Masters cock.” He said, “On your knees.” As I did so he unzipped my mouth, grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth down onto his hard cock. Still holding my head tight he started to give me a good face fucking, forcing his cock deep down my throat until I started gagging, at which time he lifted my Beşevler Rus Escort head back up. This was how I wanted hi to treat me. However, this only lasted a few minutes before he shoved me away and said “Fuck off.”From his replies to the people in the chatroom, i.e. “Thank you.” They must have enjoyed the brief show so far. Whilst we were on the web cam, I was spanked, made to lick his arse and he fingered my arse. All very briefly, because as he told one watcher “It’s going to be well fucked and filled with cum later.” “Fantastic.” I thought to myself.After shutting down his PC he looked at his watch “mmmm, only two hours to go.” Two hours to go to what? I didn’t dare ask. “Are you thirsty, Wanker?” He asked me. I nodded carefully. “Right, into the bathroom, I need a piss.” I’m led into the bathroom, the Gimp Mask is removed and I take my hold ups off. “Get into the bath and kneel.” I did as he says “If you want a drink you’d better open your mouth and swallow, cos you’re getting fuck all else to drink this weekend.” He moved towards me until his crotch was inches away from my face. I watched intently as he unzipped and withdrew his cock. Pointing it roughly towards my now open mouth. After a few moments he started to piss, covering my face in a stream of hot liquid until he was filling my mouth with his piss. I gulped down as much as I could, but there was so much it spilled down my front.When he had finished he said “Well? Clean the bastard up.” I did so immediately licking every last drop from the end of his cock. “May I wash myself Master?” I asked. “Fuck off Gay Boy.” He said “I want you to smell of piss for later.” “Now stay where you are and dry off, I have a few things to do.” He said and left me kneeling in his bath. While in there, and without moving I allowed myself to have a piss. Wonderful I was kneeling in a mixture of his and my own piss.I was left alone there for about half an hour, when he came back for me. I was exactly as he had left me. “Good.” He said “For that I’ve made you a sandwich.” I was lead out of the bathroom and back into the front room, there on the coffee table were tow plates of sandwiches, I was taken to one of the plates and made to kneel. “Right Bitch, same as before.” He said “You only eat food covered in spunk.” “Wank me off.” I take hold of his cock and start wanking him. It’s not long before he’s nearly there so he took over. As he wanked harder and faster he lifted the top off my sandwich picked up the plate and covered the contents with his creamy white spunk. He cums a lot more than the Pizza guy did. My sandwich was soaking in his spunk. “Eat it Whore.” He demandedSo I did. As I bit into it, the spunk oozed from the sides and dripped onto the plate. I finished off the meal. “Don’t miss any Twat! Lick up the drops you missed.” he says, meaning the spunk on the plate. “Yes Master” I replied.“Now, get ready.” He said “Lie on the floor and pay with your arse until I get back.” With that he left me obeying his command.When he later re-entered, he’s showered, shaved and changed. Carrying a small cardboard box, which he placed by the settee. He sat down after pouring himself a whiskey and watched me lying there fingering my arsehole.Soon, there was a knock at the front door. Rising, he said “Let the fun begin.”In the hallway I could hear the voices of at least three men. When they entered, there was an older man, of about 60 years, a quite fat black guy four and a very young man.The older men said “Hello, what’s all this? My Master told him that this is the entertainment for the night. “Who is he?” asked the black guy. Quickly my Master corrected him. “It’s not a he or a him, it’s just it.” “Its name s whatever you want to call it. Whore Slut Faggot Cunt, whatever.” “Oh I see.” Says the older man. “What’s its limits?” My Master tells them “It has no limits, just don’t damage it.”The older man smiled “Ah, a good one this time then?”Pouring them a drink each, my Master told them “It hasn’t had any spunk in its arse yet, I hope we are all up for putting that right, tonight.” The black guy grins “Oh yes, we’ll fill the sissy till spunk comes out of its mouth.” They all laughed.“Here Bitch.” My Master called. I got up off the floor and go over to him. “You can still smell the piss on it from this afternoon.” he said grinning. There’s another knock on the front door. Another young man has joined us, in his early twenties. My Master introduced everyone but me.From how he’s acting it seems he hasn’t been here before. My Master told him what’s what. “This is my pet it’s here for our amusement, it has no limits, but please don’t damage it.” The young man smiled and was obviously rubbing his cock. “No limits? Bet it wouldn’t suck a dxg’s cock.”As I’m sat by my Master, he pulled on my leash to make me look at him. “Would you suck a dxg’s cock Faggot?” he asks me. “Yes Master, if you tell me to.” I reply.The older man laughed, “You dirty bastards. I like it.” He says.“That’s for another time.” Says my Master.The younger man, still rubbing his crutch, says “I’m gagging.” My Master tells him “Well in that case, you’d better get started, This Cock Whore hasn’t had any spunk in its arse yet.”The young man quickly loses his jeans and his boxers to reveal a quite impressive cock, not thick but about 9 inches long. “Can you take this you Cunt? Not that I care if you can or not, you’re going to have to take it.”My Master took me to the centre of the room and forced me onto all fours. The young man positions himself behind me and I felt the tip of his cock against my arse. Then he pushed himself slowing into me, Oh my God, he is so deep inside me. Then he started fucking me, pulling a long way out then shoving hard back in, “Scream you fucking Bitch.” he says. So I make some protesting noises, like Arggghhh and No please don’t.The other men encouraged him until after a few minutes he became faster and harder with shorter strokes.With one last violent push he screamed out and stops. I could feel him spunking deep inside me, a warm wave filling me up.He fell on top of me then withdraws. My Master applauds him, “How old are you?” he asks him. “22 “he replies. My Master laughs “The slut you just fucked is old enough to be your father haha.” The young man that has just fucked me spanked my ass and said “Thank you Dad ha-ha.”After I regained a few of my senses, I looked around to see that all the men were now naked, and were sitting around sipping whiskey and enjoying the show.The young man flops back into a chair exhausted but still supporting an erection to be proud of. “Do you know it smells of piss?” he asked my master, “yes that’s my piss from earlier.” My master tells him, “Feel free to piss on it whenever you like.”Still kneeling there, I had not been told to move. I look around and noticed my Master had retrieved the box he brought in earlier. He now removed its contents. Which included some rope, handcuffs, a ballgag, a rather large cock shaped dildo and some nipple clamps connected by a silver chain. “Here are some toys for you boys to amuse yourselves with.” He says.The black guy stands and takes the rope, he gets a high back chair from the corner of the room, placing it in the centre. Cebeci Rus Escort “Get your fucking ass here, you piece of fucking white shit.” He tells me. I look to my Master who nods. So I got up and go over to the chair.” Kneel!!” shouted the black guy, so I kneel next to the chair. The black guy ties my thighs to the legs of the chair. The ropes are tied expertly so I can’t move my legs.But not so tight they hurt me. He pushes my head forward so I am d****d over and ready for use.The other younger gut jumps up and says, “My turn now.” Right Bitch this is going to hurt.” As he roughly shoved his cock up my arse and then started ramming into me like he was trying to really hurt me. He wasn’t greatly endowed but was very well proportioned, and with every rough trust I was made to whimper and groan. The older guy came round to my head and said “I hate to hear sluts moaning.” With that he shoved his cock deeply into my mouth, and then he shoved deeper until his pubic hairs were up in my face. He held it there until I was nearly out of breath. Before removing it. I gasped for air before he shoved it back down my throat. Then began fucking my throat trying to time it with the thrusts of the young man fucking my arse.With every stroke it felt like they were trying to get their cocks to meet inside me.After a few minutes of this the younger guy behind me started to cum, the sounds he was making must have set the old guy off because he began shooting down my throat.As they both withdrew, the black guy replaced the other guy at my head He didn’t want to put his cock into my mouth. He must have been wanking watching me be spit roasted. As his cock came level with my face he started to cum covering me with his spunk.My Master had been sat back enjoying watching his pet perform. But then he stood and stated “He wanted a piss, anyone else?The two young men and the black guy all said that they did too. But the old guy elected to just watch.With a pull on my leash my Master led me to the bathroom and over to the bath. “Lie down in it” my Master demanded as I lay in the bath I watched the 4 guys standing over me with their cocks in their hands. They started pissing all over me from head to toe. My Master was at my head seemly trying to wash off all the spunk deposited there by the black guy.I felt so horny having all that piss over me, I must have looked like I was enjoying myself too much. The young man said “Look! The bitch loves it” and spit on my chest. So I rubbed it into my skin.Once they had all finished I could feel the piss running underneath me. My Master turned on the shower and washed me down. “Now get up and dry yourself” he said throwing me a towel. I did as ordered.I had just about dried myself off. When one of the young men, still not happy that I seemed to enjoy being pissed on so much, grabbed my collar and forced my head down the toilet. Saying “Lick the fucking bowel Cunt, see if you like that as much”Not being able to see my Master, I started licking as much of the bowel as I could reach. any way.Still gripping my collar, the young man started spanking me while I slurped at the bowel.When he let go, I looked around to see if my Master had disapproved at my actions without his approval. He was smiling, so obviously not and was enjoying watching me perform.Back in the front room, the 2nd young guy asked my Master if he could have 5 minutes with me. “As long as you do whatever in front of us all,” my Master replied.So they young guy takes my leash and takes me to the centre of the room.The rest sit back with a fresh drink ready to watch,The young man yells at me “Lie Down Faggot” As I lie on my back he stands over my with a foot each side of me head. He then lowers himself so his arsehole is rubbing my lips. “Lick it Bitch” he demands as he agitates his bum in my face. I stick my tongue up his hole and lick as much as I can. He keeps making cooing noises and as I did this for what seems like ages. He gets up and replaces his arse with his cock, which he had obviously been wanking furiously. As soon as his cock entered my mouth he exploded. There wasn’t a lot of it but it tasted very nice.He got off me and sat down satisfied, leaving me lying there. While the other guys discussed me and other Faggots they had had.The old guy came over to, still chatting, grabbed my face and squeezed forcing me to open my mouth. He brought his face close to mine. I thought he was going to kiss me.But as soon as his moth was close to mine, he let out a stream of saliva which dribbled into my mouth and I was forced to swallow it.“Is that that the best you can do” said the black guy. As he came over to me. And pushed the old man out of the way. “Open up Gay Boy” he tells me. I open my mouth as he spit a big ball of phlegm into my mouth. I swallowed immediately wanting to please them“The filthy Slut likes it” he laughed.At this my Master rises to announced “Well lads it’s getting late, if anyone has any spunk left now’s the time to fuck it”The second young man stands playing with his cock and moves towards me. “Roll over and spread you cunt” he says. I did and he mounted me, fucking me so hard I nearly cried out “oh you bastard” then finally with one hard push he shoots his seed up my arse.Well that’s the party over and they all dress and leave. I ‘m still lying there I could feel the spunk oozing from my arse. When my Master returned he picks up the butt plug and inserts it into my sore hole. “Let’s keep that spunk inside you for as long as possible.”He returned to his seat and turns on the TV “Come here slut.” He demands. I crawled over to him, trying not to let the plug slip out of my well lubricated arsehole.“I want a gentle Blow job and don’t forget my balls.” he said to me. I nuzzled my face into his crotch and gently began to suck his cock from its tip to his balls, licking up and down his shaft, playing the tip of my tongue on the eye of his cock. All the time I’m pleasuring his cock he’s changing the TV channels until he finds something he wants to watch. The with one hand he guides my head to where he wants me to be while he sips his whiskey with the other hand,We stayed like that for nearly an hour until I felt his balls tighten and he filled my mouth with his creamy spunk.With that my Master closed his eyes and it’s not long before I can tell he’s asleep. Hopefully, well satisfied.The next morning I’m awoken by a hard cock slapping me around my face. “Wake up you useless fucking Wanker” my Master shouted, “Deal with this fucking Morning Glory” I took it in my hand and slowly wank it for him. After a while he pushes my hand away and starts to wank himself furiously. When it obvious he’s about to cum he yells “Open wide you pathetic piece of shit” “He’s your Breakfast” I have my mouth open near but not on his cock so he can see his spunk fill my mouth. And I swallowed it all greedily.I was then allowed to go to the bathroom to do what is needed. I was to douche thoroughly before emerging. After all, it would be me that has to suck my shit off their cocks later if I don’t.Back in the Front Room I’m re-attached to my leash and made to sit and watch my Master eat his breakfast. Coffee, Yoghurt and Croissants. When he had finished Kolej Rus Escort he turns to me and says “I have a young friend coming today, when he arrives you will answer the door and will be very obliging to him” “He’s only 19 and never had a shag before” Yes Master” I reply.Not long after the front door bell rings. I’m let off my leash and I go to answer the door. I pause for a moment and look at myself in the Hall mirror. I’m still naked apart “from my cock cage and dog collar. I opened the door and before me is not what I had imagined. When I was told about this 19 year old, I had pictured a skinny youth dressed in a hoody etc. But I’m confronted be an enormously fat ugly youth, dressed in ill fitting jeans and a dirty T-shirt that was well overdue a wash.“Welcome to my Masters Home” I say and stand aside to let the youth in. I followed him into the front room. They greeted each other warmly; obvious they knew each other well. “Well the xxxx, this is going to be your first fuck” my Master tells him whilst re-attaching my leash. “Oh Yeah” exclaimed the youth dropping his jeans to reveal a pair of dirty boxers. He would have looked hilarious had I not been so disgusted.“Suck my cock Bitch” he said excitedly. I looked over to my Master maybe in hope of a reprieve. Who was sat with a massive grin on his face, taking obvious delight knowing how disgusted I was. He gestured towards the youth. So I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. God he smelled. But none the least I began to suck him off as my Master wanted. But gladly just a few seconds of me bobbing my mouth on his cock had him cumming into my mouth. I felt sick. I was just about to swallow, when my Master said “Wait! Open your mouth Faggot, I want to see it.” So I do and open my mouth to show him the spunk on my tongue.Thank God that’s over I think to myself. But as if to prove my wrong, my Master tells me to bend over the arm of the settee. “Play with its arse till you get hard again axe” Oh shit he’s still going to fuck me; I was hoping a blowjob would have been enough. As I bend over I can feel his fingers probing my arsehole. Finger fucking me roughly. No doubt he was wanking himself at the same time too.I next feel him pushing my legs apart and getting between them. I could feel his huge gut on my arse. Then he lifted me so he could comfortably enter me.There it is, his cock against me bud. After a short fast fuck he cums inside me then collapsed on top of me. Nearly crushing me. I can feel him sweating and smell him too.When he at last got off me I could hear my Master laughing. Then asked me “You really enjoyed that, didn’t you, you Twat?” having to lie to him I replied “Yes Master I loved it” “Good, now to show him your appreciation you can clean his cock and rim him”. He knows how horrible that would be and is now showing me how bad he can be to me.The youth sit back on a chair and lifts his legs, showing off his big fat arse cheeks. It’s clear that he hasn’t wiped or washed himself properly after his last shit.I force myself to put my face into his arse and began to lick, I could smell his rank odour and feel his sweat on my face. But still I was determined to do it well, just to please my Master.“Bathroom Whore!” my Master calls out. I stopped and went off to the Bathroom. A few minutes later Master joined me and told me to shower. He didn’t want me smelling for later.Whilst I was in the shower, my Master came in and said “Well my Nephew can say honestly that he’s fucked a good Whore now” “He just won’t have to tell them it was a Sissy Faggot with a cock” He chuckledNow, tell your Master honestly would you rather me let my Nephew fuck you again or would you prefer a dxg to fuck you? He asked. “Any dxg Master” I replied He laughed loudly and left. After I had finished my shower I dried off and went looking for my Master. He was in the Kitchen apparently preparing lunch.Chicken Salad. I already know from before what dressing would be on mine. Once finished He poured himself a glass of Coke and half a glass for me. Thank God I think, at last a proper drink. I should have known better.He picks up the half full tumbler and takes me back into the Bathroom, standing over the toilet he gets his cock out “Hold this” he said indicating his cock. I held and was instructed to fill the glass when he started to pee. “Thought you had got away with it, didn’t you Piss Slut?” “Yes Master” I said.We went back to the Kitchen and my Master bent himself over the table, “Rim me slut” he told me “I need a wank”, like the good little pet I had become I put my lips to his arsehole and began licking. Soon he was wanking himself then turned to pick up my salad. I watched closely as spurts of spunk covered my food. And as to make sure he has covered it in as much spunk as possible, he put his cock into it to stir it for me. Given a fork I began to eat.“Right, that’s enough for this weekend.” My Master said to me after I had finished. “Go and get showered and I will get your stuff for you” he added.When I came When I came back he started talking to me as another person, not an object.He gave me my clothes and things and I began to get dressed.He told me his name was Alan; He was widowed and had lived alone for some time.Once comfortable again he handed me a mug of hot coffee, “Don’t worry, no piss in it this time” he smiled,I accepted it gratefully.We spent the next half hour chatting pleasantly. I really thought he was a nice guy actually.But then he said, “I have something I think you might be interested in here “he said. Picking up his Laptop, he turned the screen towards me and hit the Return key.To my horror, I watch a video of me being fucked by the Pizza guy. “There’s more” he says. Hitting another key the video jumps to the scene of me being spit roasted during the Gang Bang. You can clearly see both my face and the words COCK SLUT across my chest. He was amused by the expression on my face. And point out the two cameras fixed to the walls, “And there’s more in every room of the house, all full HD and with sound” hitting another key the video jumps to the scene of him asking me if I would prefer his Nephew fucking me or would I prefer to be fucked by a dxg, Clearly you can hear me say “Any Dxg Master” I was cringing.“You see, I have everything I need over you” he smiled, “Yes, but you don’t know anything about me other than what I told you in the messages I sent you” I said thinking I had got out of it.“On the contrary, he replied with a smug grin. Clicking another key on the laptop. I saw a list of everyone I know. Names, phone numbers and email addresses.“How?” I gaspedStill grinning like a Cheshire cat, “You’ve been a bit of a Twat” “When you gave me your clothes, you also gave me your mobile phone and your wallet. I copied your sim card”. He told me. Jesus!! I’m fucked I thought.He continued, “I also went through your wallet, took copies of all your credit and debit cards. Don’t worry I don’t need any of your money, I have more than enough of my own” He paused before going on “Oh and nice photo of your wife, I copied that too”“But but but” I stuttered, “ But nothing you cunt, I own you now, What you did last night you will do for me forever and whenever I want from now on” he explained, “ And I’m really looking forward to fucking your Slut wife” “you can’t” I cry.“And what you going to do to stop me” He asked, Going on to say “ If you refuse complain or cause me any trouble in any way, All your family, friends and work mates will get emails of you being fucked and telling me you want to be fucked by dxgs for me” “UNDERSTAND!!!!” I looked down defeated and nod “Yes I understand Master”

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