Romp with the Principal


“But, Mr. Deutsch is so hot! I would do anything for him to suspend me…” “Girls, can you get to class and not talk about me that way in school?” Lakewind High School is the epitome of diversity. We have rowdy farmers from Scottoline and even preppy rich kids from Eloquence Township. Out of the seven high schools in our district, I’d say I’m the most proud to work at Lakewind. Not because I’m a vice principal that makes good money, but also because the faculty is fantastic. I’m one of three vice principals who are then led by the main principal, Mrs. Alice Swivel. A veteran principal of 15 years, Mrs. Swivel was such a sexy, older woman. Healthy curves defined her larger figure even though she was in her sixties. She would flirt playfully with me sometimes, probably because I’m the youngest male in the administration department. But, she had a distinct elegance about her. The way she walked, the way she spoke, all drove me wild… While she was in her early sixties, eryaman escort I was thirty six years old and unmarried. I had nothing to lose if something were to happen with a faculty member. Probably a slap on the wrist and “keep it on the down low.” Alice wasn’t one for keeping secrets, but if it was necessary, even the FBI wouldn’t be able to uncover the details. My job was still safe, thankfully. I am the famous Mr. Deutsch among the female students. I knew I was handsome, but not worthy of being lusted after by two thousand teenage girls. Being 6’3, clean shaven, and fit, it makes it difficult for some of the girls to take me seriously. Although, I have a sharp, serious stare that weakens them to their knees. “His eyes are so blue, they’re like the shiny water in Barbados…” “I think he’s gigantic under those dress pants.” “If he has a wife, she needs a plaque for the ‘Luckiest Woman in the World.'” It was sincan escort a Tuesday morning when Mrs. Swivel popped into my office, about an hour before school started. I was getting a head start with my paperwork while sipping on some coffee as I heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” I called out, keeping my eyes on my computer screen. The office door creaked open and Alice poked her head in. “Ah, Michael, you’re here! Just the man I wanted to see!” she greeted, cheerfully. “Mrs. Swivel,” I began, shoving my paperwork aside. “Please take a seat. What brings you by so early? There’s no morning meeting today, is there?” “No, no, no!” she laughed with an unusually wide smile. “I just came by to chat.” “Is that so?” I leaned forward onto my desk. “About what?” “Well, it seems that I’ve gotten from the female students. Apparently, you were standing outside of the women’s locker room and gawking at the girls after etlik escort practices last week.” I was taken aback and feigned to my anger. “I most certainly did not do such a thing!” She started to plead with me not to get defensive. My voice escalated with volume as I grew irritated. I treated all of our students, especially the girls, with the utmost professional respect. Never would I stoop to a level so vile… “You’re asking me to not get defensive? ARE YOU INSANE?!” I shouted at my boss, seething with anger. “Do tell me who stirred up those vicious lies!” Under the desk, something was toying with my cock through my slacks. It was Alice’s foot… When I glared up at her, a wicked smile cascaded over her face. I was hard as a boulder as she teased me, but I was painfully confused in the moment. “Look at you, all wound up…” Alice cooed, leaning into me closer. Her mature brown eyes sparked rage in my erection as I struggled to hide it. “You really love this school, don’t you?” I choked out a genuine answer. “Yes.” “So,” she trembled, pulling at my silk tie. “You can do me a little favor? I was just kidding about what I said before.” “A favor like what?” I scowled, trying to maintain some sort of professional integrity. “Well, you’re a big, strong man,” Alice giggled, lowering her voice.

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