I was asleep in our bed when I heard the lock turn. Sleepy eyes, I slipped out of bed, and pulled on my robe to peek into the living room. Erin had come through the door, dragging her suitcases, laptop slung over her shoulder. She saw me and grinned and we skipped across the room to embrace.Erin is Mistress Salome’s other sub. In many ways, we are different. I work in a local office as a junior executive. I am home every night. My sister sub is a globe hopper who spends most of her life on the road. I am petite with olive skin and dark brown curls, full lips, and a defined, taut body. Erin is full-bodied, tall, and blonde with fair skin and freckles, with curves to burn. Her skin is smooth as cream and so soft but she is strong as we hold each other, and our lips meet for the soft, passionate kiss of long parted lovers. Our kiss broke, and I asked her about Indonesia.“I can’t talk about it,” Çankaya Escort she said with a sad smile. “But I brought you something and something for Mistress. Where is Salome?”“On the West Coast, on business, like you,” I said sadly. Erin never talked about her work. “It’s a secret. She was supposed to get back today, but there was a problem with the plane, and the flight was overbooked, so She may stay an extra day. It’s all up in the air, while She is not.”Erin’s brow furrowed, she is so pretty, her hair reddish-blonde and almost to her waist. “I was hoping to see Her, but I get it. I have three full days though,” she added with a grin. “Plenty of time for us to get reacquainted.” And her hand slid under the taffeta of my robe to stroke my bottom, fingertips wandering. “No large welts,” she said. “Mistress has been good to you.”“Are Keçiören Escort there any on yours,” I asked with a grin. Our Owner does not restrict her girls.“No,” she said. “I only play in Western Europe. It’s dangerous enough there, though there’s a club in Vienna I really want to take you both to.”“A club,” I said, eyebrows raised in curiosity.“It’s a bar in front,” she said, unbuttoning her blouse. “In the back, a full-featured dungeon. People go there to play and to watch.”“Did you play while you were there?”“No. But I watched. I most certainly did that. And a met a lovely young artist, very expressive work. I bought a watercolor,” she said. “I need to go to the frame shop while I’m there,” and she wriggled out of her blouse, revealing a pale blue bra holding up her full, soft breasts.”I knelt beside her, unzipping her skirt, Etimesgut Escort sliding it over her hips, and then undid the garters of her stockings. I marveled at her curves but resisted the temptation to kiss her soft thighs. Instead, she set her left foot on a chair so I could peel down her stockings. And I gave in and ran my tongue along her thigh.“You’re insatiable, sis,” she said with a giggle. “And if I weren’t so whipped I’d be tempted to show you what I brought for Mistress.”“Oh, you got her something . . . intimate?” I batted my eyes at her as I moved to help her out of her other stocking.“Let’s just say she’ll really like it. In fact, I’m certain we all really enjoy it.”I lay her stockings over the back of the chair and gathered up her skirt while she tossed her blouse into the hamper. Off came her pale blue panties and them too. Mistress wants Her property to sleep nude unless otherwise instructed. I hung up my robe and we headed for our bed together. She lifted the soft sheets and slid into bed, and I came in right behind her after putting out the light. She lay on her back and I wrapped myself around her on my side, my head resting on her shoulder, my fingertips softly stroking the underside of her so full breasts.

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