Sexual Heaven in the Woods


About me

In my early twenties, I wanted to do something naughty, maybe erotic, even pornographic shooting, but I didn’t have the courage. I don’t know where I got it from, but it has always stuck with me. Maybe it was my upbringing, perhaps a good portion of prudence, that made me more or less shy all my life. I lived a life according to my parent’s rules, but over the years, and especially when I turned forty, my attitude changed. That day I asked myself, what am I waiting for? If I wish to expand my sexual horizon, and that’s what I certainly want to, I should do it now. It all started three years ago.

Paul, my husband and conjurer, made me discover the hidden pleasure of my soul. He sharped my senses, made me realize my exceptional physical and genetic predisposition. It was him who recognized my passion and closeness to eroticism, my deepest, hottest wishes, and encouraged me to live them out. My satisfying pleasure of stripping naked in front of others (no family, except my cousin) and watching their reactions. My passion is seducing people, making them smile, hot and horny when they look at my body and can’t think straight anymore. I will always be grateful to Paul for its consequence: my unbridled lust for sex now and again!

As with all travel, I started with the first steps, testing the waters. Revealing my bare breasts on the beach is not worth mentioning, but my first step in the new direction – like the story I’m about to tell you – inspired me to write down the events and emotions. I did it for several reasons, three of which I’d like to mention.

First and foremost, it is my gift to Paul for his encouragement and generosity. He is a man of words and enjoys reading what we did over and over again. There were also moments when I had adventures outside the bedroom without him. Needless to say, I told him about it right away. Still, he couldn’t wait until I entrusted the story to writing. Another reason is me. Even hot adventurers fade into the distance. Hence, I have the opportunity to look up what I’ve done. And by the nature of record-keeping, I will be able to see if I am still on the right track or not.

Sexual heaven in the woods – May 2017

In Dikmen Escort early summer, we took a hike in the nearby woods. After making sure no one else was around, I doffed the top and bra. It was a breezy day. The warm wind felt great on my naked body. Paul took pics, and I got into many poses, nothing professional but great.

Back home, after a good lovemaking session with Paul, I felt something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but as much as I enjoyed it outside, I had a lingering feeling a vital piece was missing. The next day I knew it: people. I was too shy the day before, so we went to a secluded spot, but part of me wished a couple, for example, would’ve passed by, stopped, looked at me, and, if charming, might touch my tits.

My brilliant husband said, let’s do it again. Let’s hike to a fancied watchtower. I wore a tight white top only, no bra, areolas faintly visible. We stopped a couple of times on the trail when Paul felt the urge to suck my tits. You’ve to know, the older I get, the more I love having my tits caressed, kissed, and sucked or just looked at. I’ve to confess, especially by strangers. Finally, we entered the tower and found a deserted platform. Topless again, Paul was about to get the camera ready when we heard voices, a group of hikers. They climbed up the stairs quickly, came closer and closer. I picked up my top, a reflex, dropped it, turned aside, wanted them to see me in profile, took a deep breath, made my breasts look as big as possible, and waited till the first ones showed up. Frankly, I had to fight the need to cover my tits. Then they saw me, a group of guys in their early forties. They stopped, fell silent, and stared at me. A smart one noticed Paul, the camera, and asked if they might take pics too? Before Paul could answer, I said YES!

At that moment, I got goosebumps in excitement. The hikers fumbled with their cameras, started taking photos. I thought me or at least Paul was in control of the situation. Guess I was distracted for a second or so when one guy grabbed my tits with his big hands, bend forward, and started to lick my nipples, which got rock Eryaman Escort hard in a split of a second. It felt like my boobs would burst any second. I was utterly taken aback and should have stopped him immediately, but a tingling sensation rushed through my body. It was far too good to stop. I leaned back and wanted him to continue. He knew what this horny wife was longing for. His long warm tongue played around my nipples. His hands squeezed my tits, pressed them together, and he licked the nipples simultaneously. Awesome! Cameras were clicking. Playfully he bit and pinched the nipples. Then his mouth almost wholly cupped one tit. He sucked. I felt his teeth gently, which made me completely crazy. He released the tit, wet as it was, and licked it off slowly, like a boy a Popsicle. Spasms shook my lower body.

He wasn’t the type of man I wanted to be with at all, but his lips and tongue made him a brilliant wizard for my breasts. Paul enjoyed the show too. He even forgot to take pics!! I moaned with pleasure. Paul noticed it, of course. He knew I was very horny and only too willing for more and gave me a thumb up.

It was a situation with all ingredients Paul and I had talked about and wished for more often; strangers, spontaneous, topless, a kind of outdoor sex for beginners. I was all too willing to give myself to this guy with relish. He got more courageous and stroked my stomach and back with one hand while the other one massaged the tits alternately. His hand slid deeper and deeper until he touched the waistband. It was so horny, in a reflex, I sucked in the stomach and made him understood, please go further down. Before I knew it, his fingertips touched my pussy, moved deeper, and pressed a finger between the labia. I was so horny that I would have fucked him on the spot and moaned ecstatically.

A brief look at Paul. He had a pretty good idea of what his wife was about to do. He smiled and nodded. I love him!

Luckily my head and pussy didn’t get in each other’s way. He continued to explore the top of my womanly slit, noting the warmth and moisture forming at my lips. He sucked my hard nipples. His Esat Escort fingers gently pried my labia open, and he experienced the slippery heat of my arousal, tracing some of my juice around the clit. I took a deep breath, and he tracked down my slippery path to the warm, welcoming entrance of my body. I was entirely wet and horny. Then two fingers entered my body. My pussy swallowed his fingers, and he explored the soft, moist insides. My arousal built towards a climax. He curled his fingers up inside and stimulated the front wall of my vagina. That moment I went to orgasmic heaven. The wizard waited a moment, pulled his fingers out, licked the juice off, kissed my tits goodbye, raised the arms like a champion, and made for his friends. The other guys looked just as puzzled as I was. One suggested they should move on now and asked me if he could kiss my tits goodbye. Of course, I said yes and realized that the reality was much better than talking about it.

Minutes later, they were gone, chatting lively and laughing heartily. The sky had clouded up, and it started to drizzle. Soon the laughter faded out in the distance, and we were the sole people within sight. Paul’s eyes spoke of pure lust. I doffed utterly, and he fucked me like a rabbit. We picked up our stuff, and Paul got dressed. Again a brief look, the drizzle had cleared the area. I left the tower naked, wearing hiking shoes only. Even with people around, I would’ve gone naked. A passionate fire burned inside of me beyond description; I felt neither warmth nor cold. The opposite, the rain on my bare skin, drops running down the tits, made me horny in a strange way. After half a mile or so, we left the path. Paul lifted me and fucked the hell out of me again. I put on the jeans but walked back to the car topless. A personal wish of the man of my life.

I still feel the guy’s hands and tongues on my tits and pussy. Looking back, with Paul at my side, I should have dropped my pants and made him eat me out. And the others too. Just the mere thought of a guy between my legs and another sucking my tits drives me crazy. It was the first time in my life that six strangers photographed, stroked, and eagerly grabbed and cuddled my tits; a long-time erotic dream that came true. It was outstanding, and I would do it again. Later I realized, I was everything but prudent. My boss likes to hike too. Just the thought he would have been on the tower isn’t arousing. He’s a gentleman, but I don’t want him to suck my tits. However, this hot experience made me addicted.

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