Strange Trail


Strange TrailIt was a strange trail that Tod began that night. It was to take him in a direction that, while he may have fanaticized about, he would never have thought possible. His mother, Kitty, had been much in need of a vacation, after having worked the last two years without a day off. His father’s death had left her with a small computer repair facility to run with little personal knowledge of the business. After finally getting it to the point where it would run with a manager, she had sent Tod to stay with his father’s sister, Nora, for two weeks, while she went on a cruise with a cousin. Tod didn’t mind, because Nora was his favorite aunt. Although she was only a year younger than his mother, she had no c***dren of her own and therefore always treated Tod as someone really special, clowning around with him as though she were little more than his age. Also, next door to his Aunt Nora’s, was a girl his own age that had a face like a movie star and a body made in a fantasy artists dream. Lisa was a 12 on anyone’s scale of 1 to 10. However, his Aunt Nora had warned him, that playing around with girls at his age of a ripe old 18 was a sure way to marriage and early fatherhood. On the night in question, Tod had been left alone while Nora went out with her girlfriends for an evening that had been planned before she knew of his arrival. After the late show, Tod shut off the TV and was just getting ready to go up to his room, when he heard the car pull into the drive, a second later a second car followed. He stood in the kitchen waiting for Nora to come in, but time passed and she didn’t show. Curious, he went to the side hall and looked out the window into the interior of the car parked there. Light from the neighbors outside light illuminated the rear seat of the large Buick below.There in plain view was Aunt Nora, lying on her back, legs spread, panties d****d around one ankle, with eyes closed, and arms clutching the man shoving his rigid shaft in and out of her pussy. She hunched her body upward to receive him. Her heels were clamped tightly around his legs, but did not restrict the view of the fluid dripping from her hot slit and running down across her puckered dark nether ring and onto the seat below. Her teeth were biting her lower lip, and as Tod watched, her mouth flew open then set in a hard grimace, as she arched her back as though trying to get more, but just then the man pulled his semi-hard, rubber encased cock from her pussy and flopped down halfway across her body. Although he had never seen or heard a girl have an orgasm, he had no doubt he had just seen his Aunt Nora come to the brink of one, but she didn’t appear to be too thrilled with the results. The lack of sound carrying into the house gave the whole thing a surreal effect. The thing that puzzled Tod the most, however, was; who was the man fucking her? Nora’s husband, his uncle Tim, was on a construction job in South America and wasn’t due to return for another three months. Then he noticed that the man and Nora seemed to be in some sort of argument. Nora got out of the car, slamming the door and the man backed out and pulled away. She glanced toward the house, and came face to face with Tod. For a moment she stood in shocked surprise, then, with a painful look on her face she rounded the corner and entered the rear door.“Tod, Tod, how long have you been standing there?” “I wasn’t spying, I was on my way to bed when I heard the car pull in and decided to wait for you. When you didn’t come in I went to see what was wrong.”“What did you see? I mean…”“I guess pretty much everything. I saw the two of you…ah you know, and him get off of you, and…”Nora covered her face with her hands. “Oh, god. You saw me lying there with my legs spread…everything?”Tod nodded.“Oh, Tod you mustn’t tell your Uncle Tim. I don’t want to ruin my marriage and lose him. It’s just that I’m a person who needs a lot of sex, and he’s been gone for almost a year. It just got the better of me. This is only the second time I’ve done anything like this, and neither time was it satisfactory. You’ve got to promise not to tell, Tod, please?”Tod suddenly saw he was holding a handful of high cards, but he didn’t truly understand how good the cards were until a few minutes later.“Okay, Aunt Nora, I promise never to tell anyone, but on one condition…that I get to do the same thing when I want to.” Tod was talking about being allowed to fuck Lisa, the little honey next door, but Nora took the proposal an entirely different way.“Tod! My, god, I’m your Aunt.” She stood staring at him, judging the firmness of his resolve. Tod stood with a blank Demetevler Rus Escort look, trying to fathom her words, to put them in context with his request. Nora took the look as a sign that he was unwavering in his demands.“Oh, shit. I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” She said. “Alright, but you must swear that you’ll never tell a soul that we’re lovers, that this will be our secret forever, and we have to be very careful that others don’t find out. Agreed?”Tod was in shock as the full implications of what she was saying came rushing home. He nodded in agreement, unable to speak.Nora grinned. “One good thing,” she said, “I never went off the pill, so you won’t have to use a rubber.” Her glance locked on the large bulge in the front of Tod’s jeans. She walked across the room and rising on her toes, kissed his cheek, allowing her body to press against his. “You look pretty big, are you?” she whispered.He blushed. “Eight inches and a little bit.”“Really? Are you serious?” When he nodded. “Oh my, I’ve never had one that big, and I can’t believe it’s my nephew that’s got it.” She stepped back and again looked at the bulge that was showing in his jeans. u*********sly she licked her lips. “Go get in my bed, and I’ll hurry and get a shower.”“Can I leave the lamp on in the bedroom?” he asked.“Why?”“Because I think you’re beautiful with clothes on, I can’t even imagine how good you’d look without them.”“Tod, thank you, honey. That was really sweet of you. If you want the light on, I guess it will be okay.” The truth was, she would have been disappointed if he hadn’t wanted to see her naked. She didn’t want to admit it even to herself, but she suddenly found herself as excited about the situation as he was. Nora turned and fled to the bathroom.Tod went to her bedroom and quickly undressed, but he was still not sure that this thing was really going to come off as planned, as he climbed into bed.. His rigid cock made a tent pole under the light covers; he turned on his side to hide the stiffness. He propped his head with his arm, and waited.Nora closed the bathroom door and leaned against it. She was shaking like a school girl on her first date. She couldn’t believe she was actually going to allow her nephew to fuck her. She was well aware that if anyone ever found out, she would face disgrace, the loss of her family and of her husband. On the other hand, she could lose most of that if Tod ever told what he had seen from the hall window. The up side to all this was, that ass-hole Frank had left her even more horny than she had been when he had asked to see her home, and like the last time, he had left her hanging on the verge of an orgasm that never materialized. Here, in her own bed, was a ready made hard cock that could bring her the relief she needed. Just the thought of being fucked by an eighteen year old, and her nephew no less, was enough to give her an orgasm…well almost enough. She stripped off her clothes and slid into the shower. She scrubbed all traces of the other man away and exited with her skin pink and tingling. Nora’s pussy lips were enlarged from the earlier fuck, and were open enough to reveal her clit and the enlarged entrance to her channel. Her breasts were still swollen from the sex play with Frank, and her nipples were so hard and tender, she could barely touch them. God, she thought, I hope he sucks them. She reached for her robe, then grinned and hung it back on the hook. Nora flicked out the light and padded barefoot down the hall to her bedroom. She felt her thighs rub together, her breasts swing just a little from the weight, and felt the nipples stiffen in the cooler breeze of the hall. The thought of her nephew waiting for her in her bed, with his eight inch cock raised like a flag pole in anticipation, and with the knowledge that he was about to thrust that hard member into her, was the greatest thrill she had ever experienced. It caused the moisture droplets to collect on her pink inner and outer lips. She hadn’t been this excited on her wedding night. Nora waited for a moment then slowly opened the door and stepped into the room. She walked a few feet and stopped. She stood with legs slightly spread. With her long auburn hair; high pointed C cup breasts, white against her summer tan; small waist flaring into beautiful round womanly hips; punctuated by a bronze triangle at the apex of her long tapered legs, she was a goddess bathed in the glow of the lamp.“Is this what you wanted to see?” she said softly.Tod stared, shocked at the beauty standing before him, naked and Otele Gelen Rus Escort exposed. His cock jumped and turned from simple iron to rigid steel. He knew he had never been bigger or harder. He nodded. “I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful. You should have been a movie star.” Nora moved closer to the bed and suddenly her pussy was in front of him only inches away. He could see the slit nestled in her bronze colored hair and her inner lips protruding. The lamp light struck the puffy lips; he saw beads of moisture on the pink surface.Purely by instinct, Tod leaned forward and ran his tongue along the moistened split, tasting the sweet dew. His tongue triggered Nora’s unfulfilled orgasm.“Oh, Tod! Oh my god, Tod. Ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhh.” Nora clutched his head for balance as the orgasm raged through her. She pulled his mouth into her. “Uh, uh, don’t quit, oh, please don’t quit.” She thrust her hips forward spreading her pussy, as his mouth sucked the nectar from her passage. Guiding him as his tongue lapped up and down, flicking time after time against the hard nub of her clitty The intensity of the orgasm surprised and weakened her and she sagged slowly on to the bed next to Tod. She lay unmoving for a few minutes then gradually became aware of the hard shaft pressed against her hip. She slid her hand down between them and took hold of Tod’s rigid flesh.“Are you okay?” Tod asked. “Okay? Oh, Honey, I’m just great. That was fantastic. I was all ready to run, and your tongue flicked the switch.” Nora sighed. ”God, you’re as hard as a steel bar, I think I’m going to get the best part of this bargain.” She pulled her hand up his shaft collecting some of the pre-cum forming there and then pushed it down until her fingers rested against his massive balls. The movement coated his length with a light film of juice. Without a word, she slid down in the bed and rolling to her side, engulfed the swelling head of his cock between her lipstick coated lips. Tod gurgled deep in his throat.“Oh, Aunt Nora, that feels so good. I think I’m going to explode.”Nora raised her head from his dripping cock. “When you get ready to explode, tell me, but just go ahead and shoot your load.”“It may go in your mouth,” Tod said.“I hope so,” Nora said.Tod felt a thrill go through him as he realized she was going to let him shoot his cum in her mouth. The whole situation was his wildest fantasy come true, and the thought ignited his balls to release their stored juice.“Aunt Nora, Nora, oh fuck, it’s coming, it’s coming.”“Uh huh, uh huh,” Nora locked her lips around Tod’s cock head and pumped his shaft with her closed fist as the first hard stream of cum struck the back of her throat, then another, and another, and still another. She struggled to swallow, and felt intense pride when she knew she had lost only a few drops that had squirted out around her lips and dribbled down her chin. Nora was carried to another high when she realized that this was the first time she had ever really wanted to swallow a man’s cum. She had swallowed her husbands when they had been on their honeymoon at his insistence, but hadn’t liked the idea or the feel of it. She had not only wanted to suck Tod, but looked forward to tasting the white fluid. She was not disappointed, in fact, she was hoping for future loads of the sweet tasting protein.Nora inched her way back up until they were again face to face. Tentatively she pushed her face forward. Tod immediately clamped his lips to hers. With open mouth, their tongues thrusting and entwining, they kissed. Tod could taste his cum on her lips, but the thought that she could taste her pussy on his mouth caused his cock to harden again. Nora was excited by the kiss. Her husband had never kissed her after she sucked his cock. Not only that, but the thrusting tongue was causing her pussy to respond and she felt her channel flood again. Against her belly she felt Tod’s cock begin to stiffen. Oh the joys of an eighteen year old, she thought, hard all the time and quick to return after being drained of juice.“Aunt Nora, ahh could we . . . ahh you know, could we do it?”“Tod, I think under the circumstances, you could drop the “aunt’ part.”“I like calling you aunt, it reminds me of who I’m doing it with and is more exciting, that is if you don’t mind me calling you aunt. And can we . . . ah . . . you know, do it.”“I never thought of it, but you’re right it is sexier when you call me aunt. By ‘doing it,’ do you mean you want to stick your hard cock in your aunt’s pussy?”“Ah, yeah, I thought that was what we agreed Balgat Rus Escort on, that I could stick . . . ah you know.”Nora smiled. “Tod honey, I’m only teasing you. If you don’t fuck me pretty soon, I’m going to go crazy. I’m on fire just thinking about you putting that hard cock in my raging pussy. Or would you like me on top, that way you can lick and play with my tits while we fuck.”Tod began to feel the heat that Nora had been consumed with since she had walked into the house.“You get on top, aunt Nora, so I can see my cock going into my aunt’s hot cunt and so I can suck your hard nipples while you ride my rigid cock. I want you to ride my eight inch shaft and bury it all the way up your slippery channel so I can shoot you full of cum.”Nora clambered up to her knees and straddling Tod’s hips she slowly lowered herself down on the rigid, red, swollen meat standing before her.” She felt her pussy forced open as the large head nuzzled its way between her drenched lips. She thrilled with the size of his cock while it stretched her channel and disappeared into her throbbing sex. She had never ridden such a massive instrument and wiggled constantly to adjust as it filled her passage. All the while, Tod stared entranced at his cock sliding into his aunt’s pussy. And watched her perfect tits bob and jiggle as she lowered and raised, lowered and raised, until the last inch of meat slipped into her now dripping pussy.“Unngh,” Nora grunted as her round molded ass settled against his hips and the huge shaft bottomed against her womb. His hips forced her legs farther apart and she felt like she was being permanently fitted against his cock and balls. She loved the feeling. She hesitated only a moment. She was too hot not to keep moving. She raised her ass up the shaft until the bottom ridge of Tod’s purple cock head was pulling from her channel, then thrust her ass hard down and drove his cock deep into her foaming slit. Quickly she followed this by another rise and thrust and then they were fucking. Hard fast and furious they drove against each other, Tod trying his best to drive his cock clear to her heart, and Nora helping him to achieve his desires. Their bodies became coated in glistening drops of perspiration. Tod pulled her down and took her left nipple into his hot mouth. His tongue washed around it and Nora fed him more of her tit as he sucked half of her breast into his mouth. Her tit gave up some of its stored fluid. His fingers played with her right nipple and she was sure she was squirting droplets of milk from the rigid nubbin sticking out that Tod was tweaking.The first cum had taken the edge off their mind numbing desire, and now they had time to enjoy the fucking. Tod felt every inch of Nora’s sex channel. Each ridge rubbed his cock and increased his desire. Nora felt the massive head open the passage on each incoming thrust. Time lost all meaning. There was only cock and cunt and hot moisture between the two lubricating the union. Then Nora felt the massive head swell even more and knew Tod was going to pour his load into her hammering pussy.“Aunt Nora, Aunt Nora, I’m going to cum in your pussy. I’m fucking you and I’m going to fill you up with my juice.”“Yes, honey, shoot in me, in my pussy, fill my insides, oh, god, I’m coming too, oh god, Tod shoot in your aunt’s pussy, shoot, shoot, ohhhhhh Toddd, I’ve never cum from fucking. Ohhh god.” The orgasm washed though her like lava from a volcano, searing her mind and her pussy, and burning in the feeling of Tod’s cock in her passage. She bent over and clamped her mouth to his. Finally they broke the kiss, both of them gasping for air. Nora collapsed against Tod’s chest, as his prick softened inside her. A moment later she rolled off him to land on her side on the bed. She quickly cuddled up with her back next to his hot body. Tod d****d his arm over her, his hand cupping her heaving breast.“Truly, you never came with a man doing it to you?”“No, honey. He always had to bring me off with his fingers, or I had to do it myself afterward.”“I’m glad I made you cum,” he said.“You’re glad? How do you think I feel? But you had better go to sleep and quit talking about it or you’re going to have to do it again.”“You mean I can sleep with you tonight?”“No, every night. Unless you don’t want to feel my ass tight up against you. Besides, how are you going to fuck me during the night if you’re in a different bed.”“Ah, fuck you during the night?”“Uh huh. Don’t you get horny during the night and get a hard-on?”“Yeah, all the time.”“Well when that happens wake me, or slip it in my pussy, then wake me, or start fucking me and I guarantee I’ll wake on my own. You get the picture, be sure to fuck me. We only have two weeks before your mother gets home. I don’t want to miss out on any of that cock in the meantime.”Tod turned toward her and she felt his rigid cock press against her suddenly trembling ass. “Aunt Nora, how about now? Would you like to fuck again?”“Oh, Tod, honey, I thought you’d never ask.”To Be Continued…

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