The Cowboy and the College Girl Chapter 10 and 11.


The Cowboy and the College Girl Chapter 10 and 11.Chapter 10.The Ghost of a Girl friend Past. When I wake up the next morning the sun is shining brightly and I can hear a noise in the house. I am still not fully awake so the sound of the clothes washer startles me a little. Then my mind clears and the events of last night calm my spirit. I crawl out of bed. I notice the pain of a few pulled muscles in my back. “Wow, I am really stiff and hurting” I say to my self as I stretch my back to relieve the pain. After a quick trip the bathroom, I dress and start looking for Vanessa.My search ends when I find her sitting at my kitchen table drinking a glass of orange juice and eating a bowl of cereal. “Good morning” she says as she sees me enter the room. “Good morning to you. Sorry I don’t have much food around here. If you feel like it later today we will drive to the store and stock up some food so you won’t starve this weekend.” I tell her as I pour a cup of coffee. She stands up and gives me a hug and tells me “I would love to go the store with you and buy some food.” I open the refrigerator and grab a slice of left over pizza. “ Food of the Gods” I say as I eat it. Vanessa walks through the house looking at the photos on the wall. She sees a picture of my Grandfather and asks “Who is this?” I smile and answer with pride “That is my Grandfatherback when he was young. The picture next to it is my Father and Mother when they were young.”She looks at the second picture and says “You look like your Mother. You have her eyes.” I walk over to where Vanessa is standing and say “Yes, everyone always told me I looked like her. Do you look like your Mother?” She smiles an says “Not as much as I do my Father, I have his chin.” We continue our walk through the house and I show her pictures of my cousins Büyükesat Escort and uncles and brothers. We walk to a dark corner of the room and she sees a picture, off to itself on a table. “Who is this girl in the picture, with you?” I look at the picture and take it off the table. “That is Cassandra, she is not with my me any longer. I need to take this picture and throw it away.” Vanessa looks at me with very kind eyes and says “Did she die.” I shake my head no and say “Much worse, she left because she wanted to leave. Death would have been easier to accept.” Vanessa looks at the picture again and says “She is beautiful, you both look so happy in the picture, what happened?” With a frown and disgusted sigh I say “I was not what she wanted. I had become a farmer, not a professional baseball player like she wanted me to be. We met in College and I was playing baseball. I was scouted by several professional teams and she thought we would travel the country and be rich. When my Grandfather died and I quit school she told me she did not want the farm life. She left me because I honored my Grandfathers wishes.” I take the picture and toss it in the trash can. Vanessa is still looking at me with a very concerned look on her face and says “Are you okay? I mean are you over her and are you okay with her being gone?” I answer quickly, “Yes, I am over her completely. It took a few years but the hurt went away and life got back to normal. I am fine now.” Vanessa still has a very concerned look on her face and walks back into the kitchen. I follow her and offer one last remark. “Vanessa my life was just cows and horses until last week when I saw you. Up until then I was just a cowboy trying to survive and keep this farm. The second Beşevler Escort I saw you, this farm was no longer the focus of my life. You became the focus. Winning you became my goal in life. Chapter 11Something special about her.Vanessa walks in to the laundry room and takes her clothes out of the washer and places them inthe dryer. She places the remainder of her dirty clothes in the washer. She asks “Do you have any dark colors that need to be washed? I don’t want waste your water on this small of a load.” I walk back to the bedroom and pick up some jeans and the torn shirt from last night. She smiles and takes the jeans and places them in the washer. She looks at the shirt and and says “Sorry about the shirt. I just got a little emotional and ripped it off of you. I don’t think this needs to be washed it needs to be thrown away.” My phone rings and I answer it. It is my friend Kenny telling me he is back from vacation and I can bring his horses back. “Kenny I am sort of busy right now I might be able to bring them back later today I will call you and let you know.” Kenny is confused and says “What? You are never too busy to make a few dollars. What is up?” I whisper in the phone “The girl I told you about, she is here.” Kenny laughs and says “Call me later Romeo.” I tell him I will and end the call. Vanessa is looks at me a smiles “you whisper too loud.” I apologize “I am sorry I was just trying to let him know you were here. Later today I need to take his horses back to his farm and I want you to go with me.” Vanessa accepts my invitation. Vanessa works on her laundry and I go about my farm chores. I have been out with the horses and cattle for a couple of hours. I see Vanessa walking toward the barn carrying a glass Cebeci Escort of water. She walks up and hands it to me. “You look thirsty. You need to take a break and rest for a few minutes.” She says in a very caring way. I am touched by her gesture and can’t find any words that adequately capture my gratitude. I drink the water and say “Thank you. That was very nice of you to bring me the water.” She smiles and rubs the nose of one of the horses I was brushing. She looks around at the other horses and says “I love it here. The horses, cows, dogs and even your chickens.” I am still standing in the barn stall brushing the horse when she decides to walk down to the pond. I interrupt her trip “I need to tell you about one resident you need to always watch carefully. See that big goose over there? That is Thor. He will bite you if he does not like you.”I point at the pond and show her which one is Thor.Vanessa starts walking toward the pond. “Hey Vanessa, you should not walk down there. He is not very friendly.” Vanessa says “I will be fine” and walks down to where Thor is standing. Thor sees her coming and walks up to her. I jump over the short wall of the stall. I am expecting the worst and I start running toward her. Thor walks up to her and just stands there. She reaches down and touches his head and he does not react. I stop running and carefully approach the two of them. Thor honks at me and walks back to the pond and swims off. Vanessa says “I told you I would be fine.” There is something special about this girl, even Thor senses it. “Vanessa I will be ready to haul the horses back to Kenny’s in about an hour. Will that work for you?” I ask her politely. Vanessa smiles and says “Yes it will, I will go take a bath and change clothes. We walk back to the house and she goes inside. I walk down to the barn and hook up the horse trailer to the truck and load the horses. I walk back in the house I see Vanessa with a piece of paper making a grocery list as she looks through my pantry. She is dressed only in a black tee shirt and socks. The sun shines through the kitchen window and illuminates her curves. She is simply beautiful!

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