The Making of a Sissy (Part 3: The Obsession)


The Making of a Sissy (Part 3: The Obsession)As I laid in bed the next morning, I was overcome by the painful soreness and tingling sensations emanating from my tight freshly used hole. I could still feel his seed dripping out and leaking down the sides of my ass cheeks. I was lying there naked in bed, my long feminine legs spread out underneath the sheets. I felt like I had been hit by a train, but the previous night was the most satisfying experience I had ever had in my life. As I rolled near the edge of the bed, my eyes caught a glimpse of the panties I had been wearing. They were still laying on the floor by the side of my bed. My heart started racing as my eyes wandered around the room as if I were checking to see if anyone, like my mom, was around. Hopefully she hadn’t come in before I woke up and seen them laying there. Surely she would have picked them up or said something to me. Suddenly I was completely awake and a bit nervous. I picked up the cute little pink and black lace bikini off of the floor and walked over to my closet where I shoved them inside of the pocket of one of my coats. As I walked across the room my little clit sized cock bounced around above my balls. Standing in front of the mirror, I examined myself again. Looking up and down at my feminine figure, I knew that I was changing and that there would be no going back. Sam had buried his seed deep inside me, but with it he had also buried (or perhaps uncovered) a secret that was much deeper. As I felt his man juice lingering inside me, I began to wonder where all this would be headed. What did we have between us, and what did this make us? Was I gay? Suddenly I heard footsteps from upstairs, so I headed into the bathroom. I turned on the shower to let it warm up, and then I sat down to use the bathroom. As I looked down at my little cock and my long skinny legs I felt so feminine. My tight little swollen hole was still sore, reminding me of the big black cock that had exploded inside of me. It was happening again. I couldn’t stop thinking about his massive cock, his muscular manly body, and how he took control of me and made me his sissy. Nothing had ever turned me on this much, and as I stepped into the warm shower my little cock was getting hard again. As the shampoo and soap suds dripped and started sliding down my body, I gently rubbed on my cock. My eyes were closed as I was thinking about Sam, the way he made me feel, and how much I was attracted to him. When he laid his cock on top of mine, it looked easily twice the size. I couldn’t stop picturing that and thinking about how much it made me feel like I was his girl. My fingers slipped around my thin little erection, and around my little balls. Before I knew it they were sliding even further down, and I pressed one of my soapy fingers between my ass. Circling around my tight swollen hole, I bit my lip and pressed firmly against it. My finger suddenly slipped inside my warm cum-stained boy pussy. There was that feeling again! My cock kind of went from being fully erect to semi hard. I started fingering myself harder, letting out girlish moans as my little cock flopped up and down as I rode my hand. With my other hand I reached down and started rubbing my little clit with my thumb and a couple of fingers. Just gently massaging the tip while I focused on moving my other fingers into my ass. I had two fingers inside of myself, working on the third, but it was just too tight. Before I knew it I started to climax. My cock stiffened up and let out a couple of little spurts of cum. My hand was cupped around the tip, so I managed to catch every little drop. With two fingers still inside myself, I pressed my other hand up to my lips and started licking up my girly little load. It tasted nothing like Sam’s. His cum had a much stronger taste, and was much thicker and abundant. As my fingers slid out of my tight hole, I wrapped my lips around them trying to hopefully taste some of the remains of his seed. It tasted so yummy, and I felt like such a dirty slut.After I got dressed and began my day, I walked upstairs to find an empty house. I wandered into my mom’s room, and my nose was sniffing the air trying to catch a whiff of the sex smell Demetevler Escort that Sam had left behind. She had made up her bed, and her room was very tidy as usual. Curiosity started getting the best of me again as I made my way to her dresser. Opening up the top drawer my eyes were lit up by a huge assortment of panties. Nervously I tried to look around without disturbing the order in which they had been put away. Then I spotted a pair that I couldn’t leave without. It was a silky purple thong with little bows mounted up around the hips. The tiny piece of string that connected the back side would certainly make my ass look good for Sam. I stuffed them into my pocked and went downstairs to try them on. I couldn’t wait to slide my pants off and check myself out in these. As I slid my legs inside, and pulled this new skimpy sexy thong up my thighs I felt the tiny little string wedge inside of the crack of my ass. The front piece was so thin it barely covered my little clit. My small little cock was pressed tightly against them, and it was well defined through the fabric. The cute little bows made a nice touch. Happy with the way they looked, I slid my pants on and decided to wear them all day.Later that evening, Sam and my mom came home after a night out together. I suddenly realized how happy I was that they had hooked up and that things were working out between them. Then I wondered if maybe I was the reason he kept coming back. Certainly that was wishful thinking. I giggled to myself and began to blush. As I walked around with panties underneath my pants, pressed into my ass and around my little cock, every step made me feel like a woman. My mom caught me in the kitchen, and she told me she wanted me to go out tonight.”Honey, Sam and I need some alone time tonight. Can you maybe go out to the movies with a friend tonight or something? It’s just that we would like a night to ourselves” she said.So many feelings immediately went through my mind. I’m sure the expressions on my face were changing rapidly, and my face was probably turning red. I was actually furious! Before I could open my mouth, Sam came around the corner. “Ummm…Okay, I suppose” I responded. I couldn’t tell if I was sad, mad, or just plain jealous. She just thanked me and smiled.Shortly afterward, I called up my best friend, Eric, and told him I needed to get out of the house. After these past few days I had totally forgotten about my guy friends. There was no way I could tell him what had been happening. We agreed to hang out and go to a movie. As I walked upstairs to say my goodbyes, my mom said “Okay thanks honey, let me get you some money.”When she had left the room, Sam and I exchanged eye contact. I was studying his face to see if I could read anything out of him. He just sort of plainly looked at me. Then I thought of something! I reached down and grabbed the waistline of my pants and slid them down around my backside, exposing my new purple thong to him. His eyes kind of lit up, and he smiled back at me and gently nodded. The sense of approval in the way he looked at me had made me feel so much better about the whole situation. My mom came back with some cash and sent me on my way.On the way to the theater, and throughout the whole night I couldn’t help but imagine all the things he was going to be doing to her. She was so lucky! Then I started questioning things and wondering if it was his idea to have me leave the house. Either way he knew I was still wearing panties for him, and surely he planned on getting back inside them. During the movie I barely paid attention, and afterwards my conversations with Eric were limited. It was like I wasn’t even there, my mind was in a totally different place. The evening dragged on, and it felt like forever.I ended up making it back home at about a quarter til midnight. As I walked into the kitchen I noticed quite a few empty glasses, and several empty beer bottles. Either they had thrown some sort of party or they had gotten hammered. I didn’t think much of it, but disappointed that I had missed out on the fun, I walked downstairs to my room. The house was completely silent. As I gently Otele Gelen Escort pushed my bedroom door open I gasped in shock as I spotted someone laying in my bed. It was Sam, and he was looking right at me. He smiled and said, “I’ve been waiting on you baby.”Tears of joy almost came to my eyes as I rushed over to him. He wrapped his arms around me, and his hand gently caressed my face. Pulling me closer into him, I could feel his massive bulge pressed up against me. He leaned in and gently kissed my lips, then moved his lips to my neck. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. By this point his hands were working my pants undone, and I helped him wriggle them off my hips. As they lid down to my ankles, his big warm hands were climbing underneath my shirt. I lifted my arms up so the could pull it off. Suddenly there I was, standing in front of the man I couldn’t get off my mind, wearing nothing but a tiny little thong.He admired my body as he unbuttoned his pants. As he slid them off, his huge cock was set free, bouncing and swinging before me. Without missing a beat, I suddenly fell to my knees. I knew this was my place, kneeling before a strong black man. He pressed the big mushroom shaped head up against my lips, and I wrapped my mouth around his thick manhood. As I took each inch deeper into my mouth I could feel his cock getting harder and harder. I also felt my little clit pressing against my tight thong, and the string between my ass made me feel like such a girl for him. I looked up and caught him admiring my booty as I arched my back to show it off. He put his hands around my head and pulled me into him deeper and harder. Then he pulled it out and let me catch my breath while a mixture of his juices and my slobber rolled down my chin onto my chest. Before I knew it he slammed his cock back into my mouth and held it there with his hands pulling the back of my head. I began to gag and choke as everything dripped down his balls and my chin. He gave me a firm slap across the face with his hand.”Take it bitch!” he ordered. As I caught my breath, he pushed it right back into my mouth. Tears were welling up in my eyes as he reached the back of my throat.”Good girl,” he said while I struggled to manage his cock. “You love Daddy’s dick don’t you baby girl?””Mhmmm” I mumbled with my mouth full of his cock. He slapped me again. “What did you say?” he demanded.”Y..Yes Sir!” I responded with my voice muffled by his cock. “You goin’ to let Daddy breed that little pussy again?” he asked as he pulled his cock away from my mouth.”Yes Daddy!” I said as I caught my breath.He grabbed my hands and pulled me up from my knees and got behind me. His hands wrapped around my body, working their way around my waist and my tummy. He slid his fingers between my thong moving them back and forth around the waistline as his hands passed over the cute little bows. His warm hand slid down around my throbbing cock. It felt so amazing when he touched it, like it and everything else of mine belonged to him.”You’re always horny for this big black dick aren’t you Brianna?” he whispered into my ear.”Oooh yes Daddy,” I moaned. “Too bad you missed our little party earlier,” he said in laughter.I still wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but he pushed me down onto the bed. He was still behind me, and I was down on all fours. My tight sexy little ass was exposed with only a thin piece of thong hiding my hole. He pulled my panties around my hips and down between my knees. I heard him spit, lubricating his fingers, and he rubbed them between my ass around my tight reluctant little hole. One finger then penetrated my boy pussy as I let out a soft moan. Looking back I saw him with his other hand stroking his hard cock. Then I closed my eyes as I felt the head of his massive cock press up against my hole, begging to be let inside. I was still a little sore from the night before, but with persistence his cock managed to convince the muscles to relax and take it. As the head of his huge penis popped inside of me, I felt my cock oozing out with girly pre-cum, dripping out onto the bed.He started humping me harder and harder with Balgat Escort each thrust while my little cock was swinging back and forth. With this position he was able to reach deeper inside me. His cock filled my hole completely. As I let out moans that began to grow louder and louder, he pressed my face down into the pillow to keep me quiet. His cock felt so amazing, and his hands were sliding around my back, my hips, moving around my tummy all while he kept making me take him deeper and deeper. I loved the way he touched me. Then he slapped my ass firmly a few times, leaving his hand prints behind and calling me his little slut. It felt amazing, being taken and talked to like this. He completed me!Eventually he was ready for another position, so he slid his throbbing cock out of me. My hole tightened up as his head exited my boy pussy. Then he laid down on his back and motioned with his hands for me to come to him. I slid my panties off completely and climbed on top of him and moved closer. As he held his cock up in front of me, his erection reached up and pressed against my tummy. His hand grabbed my little rock hard boy clit, and he pressed his massive manly cock up against mine. Holding our cocks together he stroked up and down with his hand. My body started shaking as I was growing close to orgasm. Right before I climaxed he let go, denying my orgasm. My little balls had to be turning several shades of blue by this point. He pulled my hips closer toward him, and I lifted myself up, mounting his huge cock. I reached down and guided his long hard dick into position as I sat down on it, feeling my hole relax again. His cock pushed up inside me as I rode him. His hands were around my waist as I gently rocked the bed back and forth, trying to let each inch of his cock get deeper inside me. More pre-cum was oozing off my cock, and drops were landing right above his dick onto his pelvis. As he grabbed me, he started humping harder and harder. Meanwhile I was riding him as hard as I could. His cock was buried so far deep inside me I could feel it in my tummy filling up my sissy womb. I looked down and my little cock was flopping up and down as I rode his massive shaft. His balls were slapping against my ass as he pushed deeper and harder. He put his hands on my tummy as I was playing with my nipples, then he pulled me closer to him and started going faster and harder. I felt his huge manhood grow rock hard as it stiffened up. We were both about to climax at the same time. My little cock was sliding and rubbing against his pelvis, under his stomach all covered in pre-cum. He firmly gripped my hips and let out the most intense orgasm, moaning loudly as he buried his cock inside me. While I felt his load flooding my pussy, my cock exploded letting out a couple of spurts that climbed half way across his stomach. He continued to let out loud moans, while he pumped more and more of his sperm deeper into me, breeding my little ass pussy. We laid there for a minute while we tried to slow down our movement. As I climbed off of his big pole, gobs of cum leaked out of my tight little hole, which now felt like it was gaping. Thick white seed oozed down around his shaft and his balls. “You know what to do,” he said looking down at his soaked cock.I gently nodded and got my face down there where it belonged. I began licking the cum off of his long dick as it laid there semi erect extending up to his stomach. I could taste his potent seed, and my ass as I took his cock into my mouth, sucking it all clean. My tongue moved back and forth on the shaft and I even sucked up the little load that I had blown on his stomach as well. He held my head there, and as his cock had started getting cleaned up, and he moved my mouth down to his balls. I had each of his balls in my mouth, one at a time, licking them clean as well. Then he kept moving me lower, until my tongue reached his asshole. “That’s it baby,” he moaned.Obediently, I kept licking up all the juices as my tongue circled around his ass. It was so humiliating, but I loved serving him so much. Once I had finished, I went to the bathroom to clean up before bed. When I stepped back out, my room was empty, but on my bed I noticed something laying there, but couldn’t tell what it was. As I approached the bed, I noticed it was a pair of black thigh high stockings, and another pair of matching panties. As I picked them up, I could tell that they had a strong sexual odor lingering on them. “You don’t even have to tell me…I know what to do with these!” I smiled to myself.TO BE CONTINUED!

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