The Serendipitous Hook-up


Dan was close to six-foot-four and was strikingly handsome for a middle-aged guy. He was also very married and so I was relegated to wishful thinking when it came to getting to really know Dan. I had been divorced for several years and while I did manage to find a boyfriend, who kept me happy most of the time, our relationship was tenuous at best. Still, I could never really get Dan out of my mind.Dan was the husband of my sister’s best friend. We all lived in a small community, so I was constantly running into either Dan or his wife or the entire family in our community. I never let on about my secret desires and did my best to maintain my distance.Dan was an affable guy and seemingly, well liked in the community. I am, by nature, a hugger, so every time I see someone, I approach with my hands extended and arms open, for the obligatory hug. With Dan, I wanted to latch on to him and not let go, but I didn’t dare do so.Then, something happened at a holiday gathering last year that gave me cause to rethink how I was approaching things. I was seated at my sister’s dining room table, which was a tight fit in the small dining area she had carved out in her two-bedroom house. I was there with some friends and my teenage daughters, along with Dan and his wife and their teenage son.I had forgotten to place a special salad on the table and asked that my sister beşevler escort fetched it from the refrigerator. You’d have to know my sister, to understand, but she said we already had enough food on the table. But I wanted everyone to taste my special salad. My sister wasn’t going to budge, so, being hemmed in and not wanting to ask anyone to move, I ducked under the table and crawled to the far side.As I crawled under the table, Dan lifted his foot to block my progress. I grabbed his calf and attempted to move his leg, but Dan simply held his leg in place.“Move your leg,” I called out.“What in the world is going on?” someone called out.“Wendolin is under the table,” someone declared.Dan lowered his leg and I managed to squeeze by him and poke my head out from under the table cloth. I’m sure I was pretty red-faced.“I’m going for the salad,” I replied. I tried to crawl forward, but someone had pinned me against a table leg support. It was Dan.“Can you let me up?” I begged.Dan smiled.“Tight fit?” he asked looking down at me.“Yes,” I replied, as I peered up at him. Dan shifted and I was able to scramble to my feet.I fetched the salad from the refrigerator and room was made for me to make my way back to my side of the table. As I squeezed past my girls and my friends, Dan remarked that perhaps cebeci escort I should go back the way I came. I simply ignored his request an settled back into my seat. The rest of the dinner was uneventful.After dinner, we all retreated to the living for a gift exchange. I hadn’t gotten Dan and his family anything because I didn’t know they were going to be attending the holiday meal and gathering. Dan accepted my apologies and said that I’d have to make it up later.I smiled and said, “I’d be more than happy to make amends on another day.”Little did I know, that my innocuous comment would open a door of opportunity.We took a break and I headed to the restroom to relive some serious bladder buildup. As I exited the restroom, I walked right into Dan, who was standing outside the restroom door, waiting his turn to use the facility. My open palm instinctively found its way to his chest as I apologized for bumping into him.Dan replied, “That’s OK, I know you’re just trying to make amends.”My heart skipped a beat as I took in the aroma of his body wash.“Maybe on another day,” I said. ‘What was I doing?’ Dan was a married man.Dan slipped into the restroom as I quickly retreated back to the family and the living room crowd. My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour. I was a nervous wreck. Fortunately, kolej escort no one noticed. As Dan and his family left that day, I told him he should call me one day. He smiled and said he would be happy to do so.I put Dan out of my mind because I knew he would never call me. He was very married and I knew it. Then, last week, serendipitously, we met up at an art show in town. Dan was his usual affable self as we exchanged hugs and greetings.“Where is the wife?” I asked.“She is working late,” Dan said. “You know how that goes, right?”Since I am a self-employed person, I fully understood working late hours. I was feeling emboldened by a glass of wine I had just downed, so I asked Dan if he wanted to share a glass of wine with me. To my surprise, he agreed.Dan walked with me to the corner bar. I was more than a little nervous.“So what do you think about the art show?” I asked.“It’s pretty cool,” Dan replied. “It’s interesting that in our small conservative town that someone was able to sneak in a few nudes.”I laughed.“Yeah.” I replied, “We can be quite prudish when it comes to nudity.”“I think it shows character when the human experience is captured in its natural state,” Dan replied.I was thinking, ‘Screw the human experience, just woo me.’“You know,” I said, placing my hand casually on Dan’s arm, “The nudes are actually mine.”Dan looked shocked.“No way!” he exclaimed.“Let’s just keep it my secret,” I said. “They are done under a pen name. If folks found out, they’d run me out of town.”Dan was inquisitive.“Do folks model for you?” He asked.“Sometimes,” I replied. “It depends on the person. Not everyone is comfortable getting naked and sitting around in the buff.”Dan laughed.

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