The Temptress of Texas


You came to me on a clear cool Texas summer nightFull moon lit the skiesYour long blonde hair shining like golden wheat in moonlightYour beauty unmatchedSitting atop your black stallion  Stunning is what came to mindDevil or Angel, I wonderedA Sincan Escort voice through the moonlight spoke,”No, I am your temptressI am here to show the ways of the worldMy ways Etlik Escort to be exact.”You slowly moved towards meSliding off your clothes as you nearedI was stuck in placeI was standing Çankaya Escort in quicksandYou began kissing me as your hands moved over my breastsI was powerless you had cast your spell on meMy clothes fell off me as you commanded meYou pushed me down to my knees right in front on your wetnessI looked at your eyes and somehow knew what to doYour scent filled the night airI licked at your petalsYour head arched back as you moanedSoon filling me with your cumGrabbing my hands, you helped me to my feetI will now teach you the art of a woman’s touch I am the Temptress   

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