The third dogging experience


The third dogging experienceThe third dogging experience with Bret and Fred is the Initiation ceremony into our Dogging and Back road blowjob group. My husband invited Debbie and Kyle plus Bret and Fred and the two other couples that that we started with in are original dogging group for the past two years. Bret’s and Fred’s initiation into our Dogging group also allows them to join in for “Back Road Blow Jobs”..“ Back Road Blow Jobs”They are spontaneous fun adventures, I will call, text, post on Twitter or e-mail where I will be parked on a back road. You pull up in front of my Van and park you don’t know if my husband is hiding in the Van, I get out naked you drop your pants. I suck your cock until you blow your load down my throat. You pull your pants up zip up get in your car and you leave wondering was my husband hiding and watching. That is a “Back Road Blow Job”This time we met everybody in a more private area off to the side from the boat ramp at Choke Canyon Lake . We got there early and when Bret and Fred pulled up my husband went to talk to them for at least 15 minutes until when Debbie and Kyle showed up they all wandered over close to the Van. Kyle said you will not need this for their initiation and removed my blue dress ( I spent a hour getting all prettied up and nobody even said anything) Kyle started playing with my tits then sucking them, showing off for the guys spreading my legs apart and slipping his Eryaman Rus Escort fingers into my wet pussy. Kyle pushed me down and fed me his nice large Titan Missile cock. My husband told Bret and Fred they could get ready for the “Best Cock Sucker in Texas” telling them they could play with my tits and pussy while I was sucking cock and they wasted no time dropping there pants.The two other cars pulled up headlights shinning on us as I sucked Kyle’s cock. With some light shinning on us I felt like I was on a stage with a crowd watching (flashback to when I was a Stripper). I reached for Kyle’s Titan Missile cock wrapping my hand around as he started pumping his cock down my throat holding onto my hair as I deep throated him. Debbie was kneeling and sucking my husbands cock, my husband told me that it was time for me to initiate Bret and Fred’s cocks and welcome them to the Dogging group. Now it is time for the Initiation ceremony.Kyle turned me around so I was naked facing both of the guys as I looked at there cocks. Kyle announced to everyone…..Bret and Fred for your initiation ceremony prepare your cocks for “The Best Cock sucker in Texas ”. Kyle sat down in the van to watch the initiation.Bret’s cock is gorgeous 9 inches and I could not wrap my hands around it and have my fingers touch. Very symmetrical a bit darker than the rest of his body the head Sincan Rus Escort is shiny with a nice crown, the shaft has big veins and is super hard and stiff points up to the sky, his balls are up tight with wrinkles the pubic hair trimmed real short.Fred’s cock is 8+ inches and has a huge cockhead “the knob” that is much lighter than the shaft, the shaft is wider than it is thick and super stiff leans a bit to the left, his balls are clean and hairless and hang a bit.I took turns sucking Bret and Fred’s cocks at first showing them both I could deep throat them. I was stroking them as I wrapped my lips around the head of there cocks and licked the shafts. I wanted this to be the best cock sucking they have ever had. I worked both cocks as they played with my tits twisting and pull as I moaned.Bret was about to cum so I focused on Fred’s cock sucking and stroking his cock as my first orgasm started slow. Everyone was watching me and Bret was encouraging his friend to fuck my mouth. I took his cock all the way down my throat and his knees started shaking grabbing my head making me devour his knobby headed cock, that made me started shaking in orgasm. Fred was surprised I was having an orgasm from sucking his cock and could not hold back moaning as I deep throated his Aussie cock and exploded his cock’s juices shooting down the back of my throat. His cock Etlik Rus Escort throbbed as I kept his knobby headed cock down my throat draining his cum from his balls.Bret had been stroking his big cock and quickly made me start sucking on his large cock grabbing my tits. Bret was a little more aggressive and I love a man who takes control he had both his hands entwined in my hair pumping his cock down my throat and then he would grab my nipple twisting and pulling. As soon as Bret started to ejaculate I had a huge orgasm. I worked my magic and drained Bret’s cock using my hand to milk his cum as I swallowed every drop from his large cock. He was in total surprise I swallowed all of his 9 inch cock.I was still shaking and feeling my pussy get all warm and wet from my orgasms. Kyle stood up teasing my pussy with his cock slipping the head of his cock in my pussy then deeper into my hot pussy inch by inch my hot pussy juices covering his cock before grabbing my hips and thrusting that Titan Missile deeply into me. Debbie was sitting on my husbands lap bouncing up and down on his hard cock. Kyle had hold of my hips and was fucking me deeply thrusting his big cock fucking my soaking wet pussy. My husband was telling Kyle to fuck me with his Titan Missile cock. Kyle was pacing himself ramming deep pulling back slowly.My husband explained to both Bret and Fred that I am Multi-Orgasmic and Kyle and my husband were going to show them how extreme my orgasm are (this was all in my husband plan). I absolutely love Double penetration having 2 cocks fucking me is the absolute ultimate in orgasms. I love having my husbands cock buried deep in my ass as another man is fucking me. I love my husband holding my legs spread apart telling the guy to fuck me, I orgasm when I hear my husband say “FUCK MY WIFE”.

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