The Welcome Wagon – Chapter One


Elise had been awake for over an hour before she finally decided to leave the confines of her bedroom. She had her own personal bathroom in this unfamiliar new home which made such a maneuver easier to execute.As she wandered through the house, she grumbled about the piles of unpacked boxes that littered the house.“I don’t know who he expects to unpack all of this shit. It sure as fuck won’t be him.” She gave several of the boxes a soft kick before adding, “The cleaning lady can unpack it, I guess. There is no way that she can clean the house with all of this shit in the way.”She was referring to her father, who had already returned to work even though they had just arrived at the new house two days prior.Elise wandered through the first story of the house as well as the basement. Everything felt so foreign to her. It was a feeling that she was not completely unfamiliar with.This was the fourth time that they had relocated in the last seven years. She had convinced herself that the previous move would be her last before she headed off to college, but much to her chagrin she had to move with one year left in high school.The quiet of the house felt almost as eerie as it was depressing. Elise started to cry on several occasions but choked back the tears each time. A few random items were either kicked or thrown as she made her way through the house.She wondered to herself why she and her father would possibly need to live in this small mansion. It was a beautiful house, no doubt, but she was usually the only person at home. A six-bedroom, five-bathroom house seemed to be a bit more space than they needed.Her father had a high-paying job as an EVP of a logistics company. He was one of the people that went to start up a new division as the company expanded.He rarely came home during the week as he had his own mini-apartment at the office. He was usually around on Sundays and he occasionally checked in briefly once or twice throughout the week.Unfortunately for Elise, her father was the only person that she knew in Phoenix and he had already returned to work, leaving her completely alone.Elise tried to decide Eryaman Escort what to do with her day. She considered going out and getting something to eat or shop. Sitting by herself at a restaurant seemed like it would make her feel even more alone, though. She gazed out into the backyard and decided to just spend the day hanging out at the pool.She headed to her bedroom and stripped down to change into her bikini. Elise was petite in every way. She was 5’2” and ninety-five pounds. Her sandy, blonde hair rested just below shoulder level and she usually sported a modest tan, particularly since she had just moved from Sacramento.As she undressed, she realized that she was overdue to shave. A quick shower and shave later, Elise felt a bit better and was ready to head outside. She put her bikini on, tied her wet hair back in a ponytail, and headed out to the pool.There was a large deck in the backyard that connected the house to the pool. A large privacy fence enveloped the entire backyard. She thought to herself that it would at least keep any pervy old men from bothering her.Elise walked around the pool and briefly considered jumping into the water. Instead, she circled back and dragged a lounge chair to a sunny spot that looked to be clear of any obstructions.She sunbathed for about fifteen minutes, during which time she either drifted to sleep or almost did so. She wasn’t particularly sure which one that it was. All that she knew was that she was a bit groggy.She heard a female voice shout, “Hey, Ponytail!” a couple of times. Elise was thoroughly confused. She wondered what was going on and who was shouting at whom.As she scanned around, she saw a hand waving over the top of the fence. It would rise occasionally as if the person were jumping up in the air.Elise got up from her chair and slowly walked toward the young woman.“Can I help you?” Elise asked.“I am from the Welcome Wagon.”The girl laughed.“Yeah, I don’t know what that means. It’s just something that I have heard old people say,” she followed. “Anyway, I’m Justice. I live at the Sincan Escort blue house on the other side of the block. I saw that you guys were moving in the other day. This is the nicest house in the neighborhood. You must love it here.”“Uh, yeah, I…” was all that Elise managed to get out before she was completely overwhelmed. She immediately broke down and started to cry.“Oh, shit! I’m sorry. Did I say something wrong? I do that a lot. I have a big mouth and all. Please don’t be upset, I didn’t mean to…”Elise gathered herself and interrupted, “No, it’s not your fault. It’s just that my life isn’t going very well right now, and now I have to go to a new school, and try to make friends in my senior year, and I don’t know a single person here.”Justice perked up, “Hey, I will be a senior next year too. So, we should be classmates and all. I guess that you know one person here, now.”Elise asked, “So, what are you doing now? I mean, are you busy? If you want, you can hang out here for a while.”Justice chuckled, “I never have much going on. I would love to hang out with you Ponytail.”“Oh, my name is Elise,” Elise added.“That’s cool! Can I still call you Ponytail?”“Uh, yeah…sure.”The two girls met at the gate. Justice was slightly taller than Elise and had long, straight, black hair. She was rather fairly complected and her dark hair made her seem even more so. She was very thin but quite attractive in a “girl next door” way.Elise asked Justice if she wanted to sunbathe with her for a while. Justice agreed enthusiastically. Then Elise suggested that she run home and put her swimsuit on, to which Justice asked if there was anybody else around.When Elise confirmed that she was alone, Justice started to kick off her shoes.“Well, as long as it’s just us girls, I can just sunbathe in my underwear…if that’s okay with you?” Justice asked.“Uh, yeah. Yeah, that’s okay with me,” Elise responded.Justice continued to remove her clothes until she was stripped down to her bra and panties. They were matching black, cotton underwear, the panties being of the thong Etlik Escort variety. Elise could not help but notice that Justice seemed even more fair-complected now that she had additional bare skin exposed. Her black underwear only accentuated that fact.The girls pulled up lounge chairs next to each other and had a slow, casual conversation as they sunned themselves. They discussed the local restaurants, shops, and hangouts that Elise needed to visit.After roughly an hour had passed, Elise was in the process of turning back over and noticed that Justice’s bare bottom was getting rather pink in color.Elise pointed it out to Justice and suggested that she should probably get out of the sun for the day. As the two girls got out of their chairs, Justice mentioned that she was quite thirsty. She asked Elise if she had anything to drink. Elise confirmed that they did and she invited Justice inside the house. She led Justice to the separate “drink fridge” and told her to take whatever she wanted.Justice brought her clothes into the house and placed them on the countertop. Elise found it slightly unusual that she was standing in the kitchen in just her underwear, but Elise was still just wearing her bikini so it didn’t seem completely inappropriate.The two girls leaned against the kitchen counter gulping down their drinks as Justice scanned the house.“This place is awesome! Your dad must be rich. I totally want to live here.”Elise chuckled, “Well, there are four empty bedrooms, so I guess that you can have your choice.”Justice followed, “So, did you have a boyfriend back in California?”Elise shrugged her shoulders, “There was a guy, but no. Not really. It was pretty casual.”“Clearly that was his loss. I would give my left tit to have a girlfriend like you.”Elise’s face immediately went bright red.“Um, just so you know, I am not a lez…uh, I mean, I’m not into girls,” Elise retorted.“That’s too bad. I mean, we can still be friends, right?”“Yeah, yeah sure,” Elise responded nervously. “I can’t even imagine being with a girl. It just seems…I don’t know, weird.”Justice let out a low chuckle.“I have always been with girls. I had a boyfriend a few years back and we did some stuff together, but I have never actually had sex with a guy.”Elise retorted, “I have been with a couple of them. Most of them weren’t very good at that…or anything for that matter. I do like penetration, though. I mean, that’s what we are sexually designed for, right?”

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