Uma Aunty’s Valentine’s Day Fuck


Uma Aunty’s Valentine’s Day FuckHi all I am back with my another encounter with my darling love who does anything for me this lovers day was so special for us I just loved it. She had bought some gifts for me and so did I for her and we were making out and slept after making out and I was woken up by my Uma darling with a gentle kiss and hug and she wished me for valentines day and I too wished her valentines day for her.She gave me my gift and I opened it and I saw to my surprise she had kept my favorite stud for me and she made me put it and I gave her gift which contained a transparent top for her and she loved it soon we both took bath and had our breakfast and as it was sex day for us we wanted our session from there itself. She stood up and went towards the window panes and leaned towards it calling me near her and kissed me passionately and turned towards the windows holding on to the panes asking me to enter her dry from back without any lubrication.I entered her from back and she started shouting as there was no lubrication my 8 inch dick entered her and started giving her pain I couldn’t see her face turning red and tears started flowing immediately and I started to lick it and she was shouting and moaning.We finished our love making session and slept for a while and we wanted to go out for partying so we left in the evening and I was wearing a jean and a t-shirt with no inners and she was just wearing a midi which was covering till her thigh and It was a sleeveless and she put on no inners and we reached the pub and she ordered her drink and some smoke soon I felt she was getting high and reached the dance floor and Kolej Escort the people there were staring at us and we were dancing soon some drunk guys were dancing along with us and I was watching all this one guy was inserting his hands in her dress and she was closing her eyes and enjoying another guy was inserting his hands inside her pussy and in sometime we went to our respective table back and started, the guys came to us and asked us to be there for some time and she turned to ask my permission, and I just told lets us go to the parking lot and told them no fucking just nude show.Soon we went to the parking lot and before reaching the parking lot she got nude all the guys were switching on the music in their mobiles and she was dancing with all of them we then told that we need to leave and left the place till we reached home she was sitting nude in the car and I was fingering her and she was sitting on my lap and smooching me. She was getting high now and i turned on the heater in the car and made her and me sweat and we were licking each other and we reached home.As our road is dark I carried her nude inside the home and locked the doors and smooched her madly and never let her make me nude.She then started begging me baby baby remove your cloths pls pls and she herself came and made me nude then she was all over me and kissing and hugging me tightly and never let me go anywhere by holding me tight and biting me here and there she now sat on my face and made me lick her cunt and started to moan like aaahhh aaaaahn hhhhh hhhhh hhhhh hhhh hhhh hhhh hh hhh hh yyyyyy Rus Escort yyy yyyyyy yyyyy yyyyyaa aaaaaa aaaaa aaa yyyyyy yyyyyyy yyyyyyy yyyyyy yyyyy yyyy aaaaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaa fuckerrrr fuckeerrrr fuck me fuck me and she got down and gave me a blowjob and made me cum in her mouth and drank it. she then got up and made a drink for herself and came and sat next to me and finished her drink.She was now giving me another blowjob and made me erect once again and sat on my dick inserting it on my dick and she asked me to carry her to the bed room i was holding in my arms and carrying her to the bedroom while she was getting fucked by me. She was biting me now and putting her long hair on my face and we reached our bedroom and she was riding hard now leaning on me and making me lick her armpits and she was reaching her orgasm and she shouted sssss sssss sssss sssss sssss ssss ssss sssss sssss ssss ssss ssss sssss ssssss sss ssss ssssss ssss ssss ssss sssss sssss sss and she reached her orgasm and I was not done yet and I pinned her down and spread her fucked her for almost 30 mins and she was licking all my sweat moaning yyyy yyyyaa aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa yaaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa aaa darling darling fuck me harderrr harderr and she had another orgasm and I cummed in her pussy loads flowing on her thighs she immediately got up and licked all my cum and kissed me. She now pissed inside my mouth and I drank it all and she made me piss in her mouth and drank it all.She then got up and went to the wardrobe and put on all her jewels with no cloths on and Yenimahalle Escort came and lied next to me and started talking to me……U: baby how do I look.R: what a question baby you are always my beautiful uma.U: shall I remove all the jewels and keep it inside.R: ya darling do it.U: darling what ever you say.she then went and locked all her jewels and came next to meU: baby shall we go out again.R: baby already the time is 12:00 in the night.U: baby baby pls pls take me out.I had no other choice than satisfying my love and I took her out she never wanted to wear any kind of dress and she wanted to walk and we walked in our road holding our hands and immediately I wanted I told let us go home back and we came back.She was kissing me again at home and started to lick my balls and asshole in the balcony and mad me lick her asshole and she wanted me to fuck her asshole and I slowly entered her asshole and kept humping her fast fast and she was like aaaaaa aaaa aaaaa aaaa aaaaii iiiiiii iiiiiiii aaaaaiii baaabbyyy babbbyyy she made me maul her boobs we went inside and I never removed my dick from her ass and kept fucking her hard till I come she lighted her cigarette and was leaving the smoke on my face and mad me cum in her ass.We both fell exhausted on the bed and cuddling each other and I was pressing biting pinching licking her boobs she then gave me another blowjob and started to fuck me from the top and I was hugging her tightly and we went for another 35 mins and we both came and fell on each other and slept.When she woke me up it was already morning and we kissed and went to take bath and cleaned ourselves in bath and had a fuck there and came and lied down on the bed hugging each other and again she cooked nude for me just putting on an apron and fed me and we hugged each other making out till the time we were exhausted all the while she was drinking. She made me fuck her once again like there’s no tomorrow and we fell on each other kissing.

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