I have watched you from afarYou were amazing, so bright, refreshing, unlike othersThe only thing that surpassed your beauty wasYour wit, it was quick, funny and always made me smileYou were so well-liked and lovedWe Keçiören Escort became friends one daySoon after, lovers, one rememberable nightThe delight of Etimesgut Escort our lovemakingLike it was made in heavenEach time better than the last timeMy Demetevler Escort mind was filled with you all day longMy wanting and tingles uncontrollableWaiting for the night to fallSo, we again could be as oneYour kiss, your touchSending waves of love through meThe magical orgasms left me wanting moreThese were the best days and nights of my lifeAs quickly as we became friends then loversYou were goneWhere did you go, my dream friend?Where did you go, my dream lover?Will you return one day?Was it real or a dream?I ask these questions as I open my eyes each day

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