Backdoor Babysitter Temptress Ch. 01


The following story contains cheating. Specifically, a married man cheating with a nineteen-year-old girl. If that’s not your thing, we understand. We recommend you skip this story.

“Would you like a lift home Rachel?” My wife asked our babysitter. Ellen turned to me before Rachel had a chance to answer. “Is that OK Tom?”

Great. It had been my turn to drive this evening, so not only had I stayed sober as I watched Ellen drink with our meal, now she was volunteering me to take our babysitter home. I was dead tired. I’d had a rough day at work. A rough week at work. I just wanted to hop in the shower and go to bed. I absolutely did not want to head out in the car again.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” I lied. “If that’s OK with you Rachel?” I hoped it wouldn’t be fine. I hoped she wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing a car with a guy twenty years older who she barely knew. Rachel had babysat for us for a couple of years now, but we’d barely ever said more than a handful of words to each other. I’d never driven her home before. Ellen usually did that. Or Rachel rode her bike.

“Is it still raining out?” Rachel asked.

Fuck. It was. It was pouring down. A typical English summer’s evening. “Yep,” I said weakly. “Although it might have stopped by now.”

“I doubt it,” Ellen said. “It was tipping it down. The wind was howling a gale too. Don’t worry about being polite Rachel, Tom doesn’t mind.”

Rachel smiled a broad, warm, friendly smile at my wife. She looked down at her feet as she glanced over at me. “Thanks Mr Evans. That’d be great.”

Wonderful. Fucking wonderful. I felt a headache coming on already. Ellen paid Rachel, she asked questions about the kids, she kept talking to our babysitter as I stood and waited and grew more impatient with each passing second.

“Ellen. Enough. I need to take Rachel home. We can’t keep her here all night.” I’d meant it to sound casual, light-hearted, but I couldn’t hide the irritation in my voice. Ellen glared at me as Rachel put her jacket on.

I found the weather had turned even fouler as I opened the front door to take a look outside. The rain was hammering down, the wind blowing it into sheets that fell diagonally, that bounced off the road. Brilliant. The car’s headlights flashed as I unlocked the doors from the safety of the house.

“We’d better run,” I said to Rachel as she joined me at the door. “You ready?”

She flashed a shy smile at me as she nodded. She looked down again, the vision of teenage shyness.

“OK. One, two, three, go!” I ran out the door first but I heard Rachel close behind me. It was a five-meter dash to the car on the driveway, but the rain was so heavy it was blinding. It soaked me in seconds. I heard Rachel scream as she ran, but she was laughing by the time she reached the car. We hauled the doors open and leapt in to the front seats together.

My shirt was sticking to my chest it was so wet. Rachel’s blonde hair clung to the sides of her head. “Sorry about that,” I said as I started the car.

“No worries, that was fun.” She was breathing hard, her eyes were wide, a grin on her face.

“You’ll have to show me where to take you,” I said to Rachel as I pulled out into the road.

“You don’t know where I live?” She sounded surprised. “You’ve known me for years.”

Not really, I thought. I didn’t even know her second name. I’d seen her face every few weeks for years, but Ellen always dealt with her. I didn’t know a thing about this girl. “Sorry. Guess I should, huh?”

“I won’t take it personally,” Rachel said, relaxing as she spoke now. “And don’t worry, I can show you the way. I can take control. Take a left at the bottom of the road please.”

The rain was falling so hard I couldn’t see far in front of us in the dark. I had to focus on driving more than usual. I didn’t speak at first and neither did Rachel. We shared a moment of silence than gained weight with each passing second, the soon felt oppressive. Even though I was staring ahead intently, I wracked my brains for something to say to dispel the quiet. But what the hell does a forty-year-old guy have to say to a teenage girl? I didn’t even know how old she was.

“How old are you Rachel?” I winced at myself as I said it. I couldn’t have picked a more old-person question.


“And what do you do?” Another terrible, unimaginative old-man question. God, was I going to talk to her about pensions next?

Rachel didn’t seem to mind though. She didn’t roll her eyes, not that I could see. “I’m at uni. Up in York. I just finished my first year. I’m back home for the summer.”

“Cool. What are you studying?” Another uninspired, old-person classic.

“Archaeology and ancient history,” Rachel replied.

For the first time that evening, I sounded genuinely interested. “Wow. Good choice. I always wished I’d studied that at uni. I love history.”

“Why didn’t you?”

I hadn’t expected Rachel to ask me a question back. I’d assumed this would be a one-sided conversation, as was usually the case with adıyaman seks hikayeleri teenagers. “I was advised against it,” I said. “I was told it wasn’t a safe, sensible choice. I studied business and accountancy instead. I’ve always wondered if that was the first big mistake I made in life.”

“That’s sad to hear.” Rachel sounded genuine. “I think the world would be a much happier place if people followed their passions. Don’t you?”

The simplicity of that struck me. The truth of it. “That’s a pretty wise thing for a nineteen-year-old to say. I can see you’ve got your head screwed on properly. More so than me at your age, anyway.”

She laughed. “Thanks. You seem to be doing pretty well though, judging by your house and your wife and your kids. Maybe business and accountancy wasn’t such a bad choice?”

Rachel grew in confidence with each word and I forgot I was talking to our teenage babysitter. I found I was talking to an intelligent, precocious, young woman instead. I relaxed too. “Yeah, I guess. Although I always wonder what I missed out on by taking the safer path. How different life could have been. I guess that’s natural though.”

“I guess so. You don’t have to always stay on the safer path though Tom. You can go crazy once in a while. You can always go back to uni part-time, do the degree you always wanted to.”

“I’d never thought of that,” I said, feeling more than a little foolish. I changed the direction of our conversation though, getting life coached by a teenage girl was starting to feel unsettling. “And how are you finding student life? You’ve settled in? You’re having fun?”

“I love it,” Rachel said with enthusiasm. “I can’t wait to get back. I’ve never had so much fun, so much freedom.”

I remembered how it was to return home from uni during the summer months. How much of a shock is was from feeling like a young adult to reverting to a coddled child again. “Tough being back home?”

“You have no idea. I’ve had nine months of being able to do whatever I want. I could stay out till late, stay out all night, do what I wanted, sleep with whomever. Now, suddenly, I’m back home and my Mum’s constantly in my business. Oh, take the next right up here please.”

OK, that was a little more information than I’d expected. A little more candid. I looked over at Rachel and she was smiling at me. Her smile spread wider as our eyes met. She stretched in her seat and I glanced at her body without meaning to. I looked back at the road.

Fuck me, she really was stunning though. The thought popped into my head before I could stop it. It was impossible not to notice it about her though. Rachel was beautiful, she was achingly pretty. Her eyes were incredible, she had high cheek bones, her blonde hair was thick and luscious. Her body lithe and supple. She radiated youth and vitality.

I’d always tried to suppress those thoughts though, each time I’d seen Rachel, they were far from appropriate. But dear god, Rachel looked even better than usual as she sat next to me in the car. She was distractingly pretty. I got a hint of her perfume too as she sat close to me, light and fresh and summery. I knew it was wrong, she was nineteen years old, twenty-one years younger than me, but dear god, I was only human. I tried my best to ignore the feel of my cock hardening against my thigh. I looked across at Rachel a second time. She caught my eye, she smiled again.

“Trust me,” I said. “I remember what that was like. I used to be nineteen too you know. I remember the freedom of uni, then how frustrating it was to come home and have my parents treat me like a kid again. To smother me.”

“Exactly.” Rachel said. I felt her staring at me. It felt her looking me up and down, like she was appraising me.

“I can picture you my age,” Rachel said. “I bet you had loads of fun at uni, even if you were studying business and accountancy.” She laughed again, more of a giggle this time. “I bet you stayed out all night and slept with anyone you wanted to, right?”

I felt the heat of a blush spreading over my face. Fuck, I was more than twenty years this girl’s senior. I shouldn’t be reacting like this. “Maybe.”

“I knew you’d understand,” Rachel said. “I could tell. You’re the type. You’re cool. My parents don’t get it though. They’d freak out if they found out about ten percent of what I’ve done this year.”

“They’re your parents. That’s only natural. But what they don’t know, they can’t worry about. My advice is to do what you want, as long as you stay safe, and make sure your parents remain clueless.”

“That’s good advice. For life in general.” Rachel reached out and patted my arm. “Can you turn right up here?”

I felt hot where she’d touched me. My heart was beating faster. My dick throbbed in my trousers. She was getting to me. Rachel was talking to me like an equal, with such confidence now, it made me see her in a whole new light. It was going to my head. I found I was enjoying myself with her though. I found I wanted to flirt with Rachel, I wanted to make her laugh, as wrong as that was.

“I’m not one for advice,” I said. “I’m normally terrible at it. But if I could go back and be your age again, go back to uni, I’d definitely make more of it. You’re only young once. I wish I’d understood that at that age. I wish I’d done more. When you leave uni, when you get a job, you settle down. You get swamped in responsibilities. You lose your sense of adventure.”

“That’s sad. You should keep having adventures.”

“Not so easy when you’ve got a job and a mortgage and a wife and kids.”

“Please, you can still have adventures when you’re married Tom.” Rachel’s voice lowered when she spoke next, it was almost a whisper. She sounded conspiratorial. “What would you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you were young again now. If you could go back?”

I was having fun with her. I felt wide awake now. My impending headache had vanished. I felt a little reckless, but just a little. “Oh god, I shouldn’t say this. It’s not appropriate.”

Rachel laughed at me. “Go on, I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret.”

I gave into the pressure of her gaze, of her pretty smile. “Well, I wish I’d had a lot more sex at uni, that’s for sure.”

Rachel giggled. “Tom. You absolute cad.”

I kept talking. I couldn’t seem to stop. I was enjoying having this young, beautiful woman’s attention. I wasn’t thinking of her as a girl anymore at all. “I was good looking at that age Rachel. I played a ton of sport, I was in great shape from it. And I turned down so much sex. I can’t believe it now. I was way too picky. I was a fucking idiot.”

“You’re still good looking now Tom. You’re in great shape. You’re hot.” She patted my arm again.

I tried my best to ignore that. My mouth kept moving though, it was running a couple of seconds faster than my brain. “My advice to you Rachel is don’t settle down too fast. Enjoy yourself and have lots of fun. Loads of sex. Be careful with it, but fuck, a lot. Because one day you’re going to end up married.”

“Noted. Will do,” Rachel said. “And trust me, this last year I’ve been working on it.”

I laughed this time. “Good for you. And make sure… god, I can’t believe I’m saying this.”

“Saying what? Make sure I what Tom? Don’t hold out on me now.”

“Make sure you try stuff out. Experiment. Find out what you like. Because if you find someone who likes the same stuff as you, then, wow. That’s all I’m going to say.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve made some headway in that area you,” Rachel said. “Trust me.”

She looked across at me for a moment. I felt Rachel’s eyes on me again. “What do you like?”

That was a step too far. “I’m not answering that question Rachel. I don’t even know you. Hell, I’m twice your age. More. This conversation is already inappropriate enough.”

“Fine. Got it.” Rachel went quite again before she spoke again. “You still have plenty of sex when you’re married though, right?”

That was crossing a line too, but I didn’t want to shut the conversation down completely. I knew I shouldn’t, but I answered her question. “Yeah, we do. But it’s not the same. I love Ellen, and she’s gorgeous, but I miss the excitement of being with someone new.” God, I couldn’t believe I’d just said that.

Rachel shrugged. “But you can still do that through too, can’t you? Fuck new people. Can you take the next left up here?”

I took a moment to look across at Rachel as I turned the car, to see if she was being serious or fucking with me. She looked serious. “What? No. You can’t. If you’re married, that’s it, you’re married. We don’t have an open relationship. We’re not like that.”

“Please, that’s so old fashioned,” Rachel said. “Fidelity destroys marriages, that’s what I read. Too much of the same thing is bad for you. You need the occasional adventure Tom. It keeps you fresh, keeps you committed to your partner.”

“No. Absolutely not. That’s not how marriage works.”

“That’s not what I’ve heard. I’ve heard marriage is like a diet. That if you’re too strict with yourself, that if you deny yourself all that temptation, you’ll never stick to the diet. You need a little leeway. You need to give in to temptation every now and then if you’re going to last the distance. You need the occasional cheat meal. Turn right up here please.”

“That’s absolutely not how marriage works. Besides, Ellen would never go for that. I don’t like the idea of it either.”

Rachel laughed like she couldn’t believe how naive I was. She punched my shoulder. “You don’t let them find out dickhead. You keep it a secret. That’s very important. That’s the key to a happy marriage. People don’t get upset about what they don’t know about. Isn’t that what you said about me and my parents?”

“No. That’s not me,” I said.

“What? Never?” Rachel sounded incredulous. “You’ve never played away?”

I shook my head. “Never. Not once.”

“How long have you been married?” Rachel asked.

“Twelve years. We’ve been together for fifteen.”

“Wow. You’ve not fucked anyone else for fifteen years?”


“You’re crazy,” Rachel said. “And you think your wife has never been unfaithful either, in all that time? In fifteen years? You’re confident she’s not had the odd adventure here and there?”

“Ellen wouldn’t do that.”

Rachel laughed in delight at what I assumed she considered was my unbelievable gullibility. “I bet she has Tom. Take the next left over there.”

We’d been driving out of the suburbs for the last few minutes, into the countryside beyond, heading out towards the forest that bordered the western edge of the town. “Your parents live out here?”

Rachel shook her head. “Nope. We’re taking the scenic route.”

That was the first moment when something felt off. When something in my gut tightened. “What? I’m supposed to be taking you home Rachel. It’s late.”

She shrugged. “It’s not that late. What’s the rush?”

“I need to get back to my family,” I said.

“No you don’t. Your kids are asleep. Your wife said she was going to bed too. Why not enjoy the evening a bit? Can you turn left just there?” Rachel pointed to a gap in the trees I could only just see through the pouring rain.

Like an idiot, I turned where Rachel had directed. The sound under the car’s wheels changed from smooth to gritty, like we’d left the road and driven onto a dirt track. A track that wound deeper into the trees. I felt a stab of irritation that Rachel was playing with me like this, that she was wasting my time.

I pulled the car over and put it into neutral. “OK. This has been fun,” I said. “But I’m going to turn the car around and I’m going to take you home now Rachel. OK?”

“Oh, don’t be so boring,” Rachel said. She sounded petulant now. “I thought you were different. I thought you were fun.”

“I guess not.”

“Don’t you want to feel like you’re young again Tom?” Rachel said. “I can make that happen.” And then before I realised what she was doing, Rachel reached over and plucked my keys from the ignition.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Something you clearly need Tom.” She moved fast then. Too fast for me. Rachel clicked her seatbelt open, she turned in her seat, she sprang at me.

I froze in shock as Rachel leapt on top of me. I was stunned, surprised, I didn’t know what to do. She moved with speed and resolve though. Within heartbeats, she was straddling me, her legs across mine, her hands on my shoulders, her face inches from my face. The smell of her flowery perfume hit me again. I smelled her hair too, the scent of her warm skin.

“Woah, Rachel, what the fuck?” I got my hands on her shoulders, I tried to push Rachel off me, but in the confines of the car, with the steering wheel behind her, there was nowhere for her to go. She was trapped above me. Against me.

Rachel grabbed hold of my shirt and did her best to wrap her thighs around me in my seat. She clung to me. “Don’t you want some adventure Tom? Don’t you want to fuck me?”

I tried to press Rachel away from me again, but it was useless. “I can’t. I’m married, you know that.” I sounded like I was pleading with her. I was. I was panicking. What if someone passed by and saw us? I felt supremely guilty after only seconds of her being on top of me. But I could feel her body against mine too, feel the heat of her. I was hard, my dick was trapped between my thigh and hers. I prayed she hadn’t felt it.

“Of course you can,” Rachel said. “You can do whatever you want Tom. Whatever you want to me. It’ll be our little secret.” And then Rachel dropped her face to mine and kissed me.

Her lips were so soft and full, her breath tasted sweet, her hair felt like silk as it fell across my face. Rachel’s lips came open, her tongue slid into my mouth. I froze again, at first. And I don’t know if it was instinct or weakness or panic, but I moved. I kissed her back. My lips came open too, my tongue met hers.

I felt guilt and fear, but a surge of excitement too, a surge I’d not felt in so many years, the thrill of kissing someone new, someone so achingly beautiful. Then I came to my senses and I pushed Rachel away from me with my hands on her shoulders.

“We can’t.”

“Don’t you want me?”

“Of course I do Rachel. I’m flattered, believe me, more than you could know. But I can’t.”

“You can,” Rachel said with a purr in her voice. “And I can feel you want to.” She rubbed her thigh against my rigid cock. She squirmed above me as she unzipped her hoodie and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. “Just let yourself Tom. Let me. I want you.” She shrugged out of her top, and then before I could say anything, Rachel reached down and took hold of her t-shirt and whipped it up and off over her head.

I caught the sight of slender shoulders, flawless skin in the moonlight, full breasts held in a black bra, then Rachel’s face was against mine again, her lips on me, her tongue snaking back into my mouth.

Heat and need coursed inside me. I realised my hands were on Rachel’s back, stroking her hot skin, running up and down her. She felt so firm, so smooth, so healthy and young. I was kissing her again, kissing her back, matching her enthusiasm.

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